iPhone 11 Pro Max - Unboxing and First Impressions

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Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter - Month ago
#Squad Roll Call
Adriana Sparkles
Adriana Sparkles - Day ago
Flossy Carter the way your adorable ketty went for the normal box smell 4:06. I’m sorry but I was paying way more attention to your beautiful adorable cute cat.
Ron Kirkland
Ron Kirkland - 10 days ago
Love this guys reviews and I will not watch anyone else!!!!!!
4 gauge
4 gauge - 22 days ago
Flossy,I'd like to see a comparison of the iPhone Pro-Max and the Sony Experia-1(one).
quest - 23 days ago
are you selling any of you iphones?
young boyh15
young boyh15 - 26 days ago
Flossy Carter damn gift me a 64gb silver pro max cause u know I am broke and I know y’all can do a give oway
Simran TKG
Simran TKG - 4 hours ago
im crying lmao 5:40
Unboxing Things
Unboxing Things - 5 hours ago
How are we supposed to hear the speakers and the display if our phones are giving out the sound and our phones screen display
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter - Hour ago
I really hope you're just joking
raquel astrid belarmino
MrTfuzz - 2 days ago
$1450!!!??? Wtf
Robin - 2 days ago
LOL, I’m doing a movie and win an Oscar :D
None Ya
None Ya - 3 days ago
Flossy whats up
Jell’s Aventuras
Jell’s Aventuras - 3 days ago
Great explanation, not boring & your funny. I will buy the 3rd case.. 😂 “Ghostek nautical2”
poop poop
poop poop - 4 days ago
Your cat should have done the review
Kharan Frison
Kharan Frison - 5 days ago
Patiently waiting for the iPhone 11 pro max "real review" 👌🏾👍🏾
nycsfo9 - 5 days ago
Does anyone know which brand/model wireless charge is pictured in this video?
Pj Williams
Pj Williams - 5 days ago
George Jefferson hairline don't do George like that the show was the bomb next time use Trump
Unboxing Things
Unboxing Things - 3 days ago
An - 5 days ago
bruh moment was iphone 7 matte?
Shawn Micheals
Shawn Micheals - 6 days ago
We are waiting for your iphone movie you said
F AL - 6 days ago
Did he do the review yet ??
Seth Sim
Seth Sim - 6 days ago
Still. Love the 6s. Might just might. Upgrade 😆
Joshua Miller
Joshua Miller - 6 days ago
Who watchin on their 6s they can finally afford? 😂
You have the big gay
You have the big gay - 6 days ago
White shoes: (does literally nothing)
Flossy Carter: White Shoes, *CALM DOWN!*
Will Doug
Will Doug - 7 days ago
23k emails on bottom good lord 8:31 XD
TheTrucker Ed Show
TheTrucker Ed Show - 7 days ago
For 1500 bucks apple better provide a maid and room service
BeautifulK - 7 days ago
I have the XS Max!! Should I upgrade to 11 Pro Max?
BeautifulK - 4 days ago
Kharan Frison Thanks 😊
Kharan Frison
Kharan Frison - 5 days ago
Hell no lol. Pretty much the same phone
BeautifulK - 6 days ago
Flossy Carter I will wait until 2020! Thanks😘
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter - 7 days ago
Only for the Camera
PositiviTea Spill
PositiviTea Spill - 7 days ago
Hey Flossy, I currently own an iPhone 7 and it's starting to get old since it was given to me used and I'm on the lookout for a new phone what phone do you think I should go with? What I look for in a phone are
-very good camera
-very good battery
PositiviTea Spill
PositiviTea Spill - 4 days ago
Flossy Carter Just ordered the Note 10 Plus! Thank you Flossy :)
PositiviTea Spill
PositiviTea Spill - 7 days ago
Flossy Carter Thank you, I appreciate it!
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter - 7 days ago
Note 10 or this one
bbowers797 - 7 days ago
Kinda disappointed it’s taken so long to get the real review
bbowers797 - 7 days ago
Flossy Carter I’m not trying to be a dick sorry if it came off that way just really like listening to the real reviews
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter - 7 days ago
I have a job bro lol
mmp5959 - 8 days ago
Can anyone tell me if the iPhone pro max has picture in picture option for YouTube .. where you can have a YouTube video playing over other apps..
mmp5959 - 7 days ago
@Flossy Carter noooooo I love that feature
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter - 7 days ago
Definitely NOT
Saketh Sadhanala
Saketh Sadhanala - 8 days ago
Why does it look like a 11 pro in your hands??
axeking3440 - 8 days ago
Hey Question is it worth the getting i was thinking about XS MAX or this i cant decided or should i wait next year
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter - 7 days ago
What do you have now
BLACK JACK - 9 days ago
Mr.blam3 - 9 days ago
Battery life
mmp5959 - 9 days ago
How do I enter the giveaway.. I didn't see it on the ig channel
mmp5959 - 9 days ago
@Flossy Carter 😥
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter - 9 days ago
It on my IG. It already ended tho
Dope Beats
Dope Beats - 9 days ago
i love that case with that build in card holder
EatandEat - 9 days ago
mmp5959 - 10 days ago
Floss.... galaxy s10 or iPhone 11 pro max... I'm bored with android and I want a brand new change. I have s10 right now contemplating iPhone family
mmp5959 - 9 days ago
@Flossy Carter tell me more.. why u think.. I need your expertise .. I'm on ig
mmp5959 - 9 days ago
@Flossy Carter but I'm gonna miss fingerprint sensor lol
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter - 10 days ago
Jump on the iPhone! You're gonna love the change
black169escalade - 10 days ago
That midnight green joint is crazy, I always get space gray joints but that midnight green? Oooohwee, I’m gettin that one damnit
curtis_browning - 10 days ago
And the peasant iPhone !!! Hahahahaha
Chris Brocklebank
Chris Brocklebank - 10 days ago
Just got my note 10 plus and loving it but after watching this I'm tempted to get the max pro which would you keep out the two? Thanks for the great vids as always
Chris Brocklebank
Chris Brocklebank - 9 days ago
@Flossy Carter thanks the missues has just ordered the pro max so might have a look but I'm a note fanboy so properly will stay with the 10 plus just fancied a change 🤪
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter - 10 days ago
I'd definitely keep the Note
gamingwith Josiah
gamingwith Josiah - 10 days ago
I wish apple could make a pen with the phones
Hulkamazing - 10 days ago
Now I can actually put my phone in my pocket without worrying about dusty getting in the phone and ruining it! YAY!
Hulkamazing - 10 days ago
I'm so glad I was able to finally buy one! I thought my friend would always outdo me and now I can outdo him he ain't got an iphone 11 pro max but its still shipping from amazon sadly didn't get it from Apple website. But its the Iphone 11 pro max so it is what it is Yay!
Tiger25NYC Brooklyn
Tiger25NYC Brooklyn - 10 days ago
Apple copyied Huawei back camera, but I have to say this is by far the best looking iPhone.
Unboxing Things
Unboxing Things - 10 days ago
Don't worry I'm broke too I got the same phone as your gold one
Adriana Sparkles
Adriana Sparkles - 11 days ago
I hate when people stack the phones together for comparison. Makes me cringe.
Adriana Sparkles
Adriana Sparkles - Day ago
ChillTechReviews you’re a moron. I’m sorry you hate yourself so much. 🖕🏼
ChillTechReviews - 11 days ago
Adriana Sparkles that's because you're a moron😂
Ni Cole
Ni Cole - 11 days ago
Do they have privacy screen protectors that fit the pro max? They said the ones for the XS Max fits but the one I got on my phone seems a little off 🙄 doesn’t quite cover the screen area edge to edge. I thought it wasn’t installed properly so I made them take another one off the shelf and reinstall it but it had the same outcome.
Kami Khan
Kami Khan - 11 days ago
Wow omg to iphones you got your money's worth apple you assed out 😂😂😂
Amanda Cappola
Amanda Cappola - 11 days ago
I have the first generation iPhone X. Is it worth upgrading to the iPhone 11 pro max? Yes or No?
Diganto Goswami
Diganto Goswami - 11 days ago
Why do all expensive iPhones have silly shiny China phone like sides? 11 has far better looks than pro/promax!
Eden Roth
Eden Roth - 11 days ago
TGH hahahaha Flossy, I learned something new.
Andre Staten
Andre Staten - 11 days ago
when he slides the phone across the table. I just think of scratches on the screen 😬
Paolo Rozo
Paolo Rozo - 9 days ago
I think the table cover is made out of cloth. It's why when he slams stuff on it, it doesn't hit it with a clack it's more like a soft dull noise
Silvers Rayleigh
Silvers Rayleigh - 12 days ago
4:32 animal abuse
Sabri Sánchez
Sabri Sánchez - 12 days ago
I'm in love with the cat 😭😭😭😭💖💖💖💖
ÇPT RÃGË - 12 days ago
Even the OnePlus 7 is better than this garbage. iPhone only good for pictures.
Wayne Zahra
Wayne Zahra - 12 days ago
Once again, another awesome video 💯👌🏻 from you !
matthew dent
matthew dent - 12 days ago
When is the full review floss.. am mean I’m getting the green pro max anyway but I like to know if your diggin it too..
Jarid Rudebusch
Jarid Rudebusch - 13 days ago
What’s your thoughts on screen protectors worth it or no?
Yoseph Rodrick
Yoseph Rodrick - 13 days ago
Good video, but please improve the way you speak!
Arabella Almeda
Arabella Almeda - 13 days ago
Which colour should I get? Space Grey, Gold, Silver or Midnight Green
Jh0001471 - 14 days ago
Do air pods come with the iPhone 11 pro max?
joola27 - 12 days ago
London Miyuki
London Miyuki - 14 days ago
iPhones are really cool. :)
Supercars Dreamer
Supercars Dreamer - 14 days ago
koler69 - 15 days ago
Called iPhone XR the peasant phone lol...
flyintdub1 - 15 days ago
@flossy carter
Smell test 😂😂😂 always gets e
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