My Boyfriend Does My Voiceover Challenge | ft. TheOdd1sOut

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Mikayla Snow
Mikayla Snow - 2 years ago
Fun fact: the 1st time I watched a "TheOdd1sOut" video
was when James played one for me on his phone
backstage at vidcon waiting for CaptainSparklez to finish his meet and greet!
just katherine
just katherine - Year ago
Mikayla Snow That's where I know you from!!!!
Vadah Buchanan
Vadah Buchanan - Year ago
Aw that’s cute😂
Brianna The potato
Brianna The potato - Year ago
Awww 😍
Keegan Wise
Keegan Wise - Year ago
Mikayla Snow , J
Itz _lèna7
Itz _lèna7 - Year ago
Mikayla Snow hi
Lolita Chai
Lolita Chai - Month ago
My name is Jessica 😂😂
iDontKnowWhatMyNameShouldBe hi :D
The video ends at 4:20
iDontKnowWhatMyNameShouldBe hi :D
*very sharp rock*
Angel Llama
Angel Llama - 3 months ago
What was th song at the end?
(Het outtro)
Katie Schroeder
Katie Schroeder - 3 months ago
Oh the UPPER EYE!!!!!
THE BULL - 3 months ago
Here comes the best part NAKED
Velvo kitten
Velvo kitten - 3 months ago
GO James 😂
BTS /BLINK - 3 months ago
?!???!??!?!? He did a good job!
NaibPlays - 3 months ago
A *bRoUsh*
Therese Delos reyes
Therese Delos reyes - 3 months ago
lol this was so funny
introvert gone wild
introvert gone wild - 3 months ago
A brush,a brush. ~James
Gacha FunGamez
Gacha FunGamez - 3 months ago
A+ for funny and creative work XD
Monika _Memes
Monika _Memes - 3 months ago
:V leee wut
Xhepico X
Xhepico X - 3 months ago
Every comment has a few K likes. *w* *u* *t*
Sarada TheHolyPatata
Sarada TheHolyPatata - 3 months ago
Ball point pen wtf xD
Katie Morales
Katie Morales - 3 months ago
I like your makeup
Katie Morales
Katie Morales - 3 months ago
He’s my favorite youtuber
anime fan sss
anime fan sss - 3 months ago
if every video is like this i would watch it
Krystal Panda JoJo
Krystal Panda JoJo - 3 months ago
Oh look an OREO!!!
Alfredo Talavera
Alfredo Talavera - 3 months ago
JAME'S I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS I LOVE U YOUR VIDEOS I LOVE U😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😮😮😮😮😯😯😯😯😯😯🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀❤🧡💛💚💙💜❤🧡💛💚💙💜❤🧡💛💚💙💜
PandaFun! - 3 months ago
This was hilarious 😂
Troy Boy
Troy Boy - 3 months ago
I'm the 70,378 subsriber
*Unicorn_ Gacha*
*Unicorn_ Gacha* - 3 months ago
I cracked up 🤣 like 83773628929292992929999292992929864646378829292 times!
Katiya Nygarrd
Katiya Nygarrd - 3 months ago
James, you did perfect
Cora Dawson
Cora Dawson - 3 months ago
Cringe Cousins 2018
Cringe Cousins 2018 - 3 months ago
bff SQAUD unicornss
bff SQAUD unicornss - 3 months ago
The rock is called the sponge. Make up brush
bff SQAUD unicornss
bff SQAUD unicornss - 3 months ago
Mikaylaaa yayy
bff SQAUD unicornss
bff SQAUD unicornss - 3 months ago
Oddd yayy :D
Olivia Alverio
Olivia Alverio - 3 months ago
*Maddie powerless 😂*
kerryberry panda
kerryberry panda - 3 months ago
4:21 lol
muffin time
muffin time - 3 months ago
My pet fish ran away
Cool demon boss
Cool demon boss - 3 months ago
Perry Hannah
Perry Hannah - 3 months ago
Decidu Ty
Decidu Ty - 3 months ago
CallaizStories - 3 months ago
Omg lmao 😂😂😂😂🌸
Pat Holmes
Pat Holmes - 3 months ago
I loved this! it was the laugh of my day! 😂
Melody’s Altamirano
Melody’s Altamirano - 3 months ago
I don’t why but I cringe at this
Gacha Ash
Gacha Ash - 3 months ago
How did I not know that
Inky Wolf
Inky Wolf - 3 months ago
Melted butter XDD
pink lemon
pink lemon - 3 months ago
I did not do the makeup I just listen
Goal Slayin Darlin
Goal Slayin Darlin - 3 months ago
Just on your upper eye 😂😭😂😭
Turk the Jerk StoryTime
Turk the Jerk StoryTime - 3 months ago
it takes her 4 minutes and 19 seconds when it takes me 5 minutes to do my hair
Anabelle Labrin
Anabelle Labrin - 3 months ago
I call this one Jessica, and this one ryan.
Jeff Williams
Jeff Williams - 3 months ago
*Very sharp rock*
Leahna Chavez
Leahna Chavez - 3 months ago
Jeffree star pallet!!!!
SaraRose Tran
SaraRose Tran - 3 months ago
craig mcglashan
craig mcglashan - 3 months ago
Has someone followed this but what James says like using a rick or with the levers glue 😂
Richard Chen
Richard Chen - 3 months ago
My name is mikayla said the same wa
Richard Chen
Richard Chen - 3 months ago
Way sorry typo
WhySoMochi Gaming
WhySoMochi Gaming - 3 months ago
Kids cover your eyes
KyKy Playz
KyKy Playz - 3 months ago
“Today we are rubbing melted butter all over our face” OML I AM DYING OF LAUGHTER 😂😂😂
Twixer - 3 months ago
Okay First put melted butter on ur nose
Silver Oblivion
Silver Oblivion - 3 months ago
‘Oh look an Oreo!’ 😂
Kitty Universe
Kitty Universe - 3 months ago
Ok Somebody give me the sharpest rock
Random Stuff With Shittiness
Mikayla, I recommend using a Jenny on your upper eye
Aesthetic Arts
Aesthetic Arts - 3 months ago
Let’s put on some white powder in the upper eye

*is that ... cocaine*
Cristal's Slice Of Cake
Cristal's Slice Of Cake - 3 months ago
If the men find out we can shape shift, they're going to tell the church!😂
ShadøwDust. IsFåke
ShadøwDust. IsFåke - 3 months ago
“Oh! This looks so good I’ll have to smear it on my face!” ~Me: “Oh woooowwww...”
luna lover
luna lover - 3 months ago
newest guest
newest guest - 4 months ago
Katelyn Nguyen
Katelyn Nguyen - 4 months ago
Lol I am dying
DJTuberPlays - 4 months ago
This is so funny I am crying😂
Raered Doge
Raered Doge - 4 months ago
The video is 4:20 long. Was that intentional or...
Strong power thank you아비
Bark bark that’s what they do aheheah
Aaliyah Posada
Aaliyah Posada - 4 months ago
Hahahahahaha this is funny 😆
Gabriella Ligman
Gabriella Ligman - 4 months ago
E.J Gaming
E.J Gaming - 4 months ago
is this bad that i took this part seriously 0:36
Mafia Girl
Mafia Girl - 4 months ago
Im gonna put some melted butter on my face now😂
dj/ devante
dj/ devante - 4 months ago
Mm-mm here's the best part NAKED
Is mayonnaise an instrument?
and I LLLOOOOOOOVVEEE YOUUUUUUU idk who u are tho :,>
Two Bros Chillin In a hot tub
A *brush* , a *brush*
FlutterWing Glitch
FlutterWing Glitch - 4 months ago
Kayla 500
Kayla 500 - 4 months ago
😂 😂😂😂
Ishan Day
Ishan Day - 4 months ago
What the...
DepressedLittle Kitty cat
DepressedLittle Kitty cat - 4 months ago
Casa Diodati
Casa Diodati - 5 months ago
Tomato Stew
Tomato Stew - 5 months ago
You know what i wanna watch? The odd 1s- *My UpPeR eYe*
Izzy Speiran
Izzy Speiran - 5 months ago
Omg her foundation matches her skin soooooooo perfectly
Caminates - 5 months ago
“It’s ALL about the upper eye!” -James 2017
OoMyWorldOo - 5 months ago
James omg😂
Yas srn
Yas srn - 5 months ago
Haha I can t xD
CadenceCandy Gagnon
CadenceCandy Gagnon - 11 months ago
Haha lol😂😄
gaming bulbasaur
gaming bulbasaur - Year ago
I laughed so hard
D-Z Draws
D-Z Draws - Year ago
The most vauled and forgotrwn part....... You forgot......
To wear your seatbelts 😭
The Visitor
The Visitor - Year ago
Are you James. Maybe 😋😊
KB NB - Year ago
Paint brush😂
Kaylee WonkyWong
Kaylee WonkyWong - Year ago
I call this one Jessica and this one Ryan
Kaylee WonkyWong
Kaylee WonkyWong - Year ago
Get a close look at this rock folks
yoyooyasmin - Year ago
*D I P*
Ava Mations
Ava Mations - Year ago
I watched this video 5 times......
Bon Bon
Bon Bon - Year ago
“all right THIS is the important part so don’t mess it up ,put on some Elmer’s glue right here and blow on it” XD 😂
TBOP Isabelle
TBOP Isabelle - Year ago
Sharp rock 😂
Mossie Haywire
Mossie Haywire - Year ago
Now heres the best part *NAKED*
Mikayla Mari
Mikayla Mari - Year ago
Eyyy someone actually spelled my name right
sniffer squad
sniffer squad - Year ago
4:20 hmmmmm 🤔
Weeve - Year ago
Cinder_FallRWBY - Year ago
this was beautiful.....!!!!! xD (the upper eye)
Lps Creative Kitty
Lps Creative Kitty - Year ago
Your bf and gf????????
Sanarya Ameen
Sanarya Ameen - Year ago
Next videos