VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 3

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Probe Dragon H
Probe Dragon H - 5 hours ago
People getting mad at the Mattrix fail are like getting mad at a small ant crawling on their food smh
Drudge Reaver
Drudge Reaver - 5 hours ago
That toilet baby tho 😂🤣
91fAux - 6 hours ago
Fuckin a...who ever did the superman cgi needs to be fired
Jordan Mai
Jordan Mai - 9 hours ago
Can we do a review of the greatest showman for the small man?
GamerSalt - 11 hours ago
Not sure if this was already said, but the resident evil clip where the guy falls to pieces. I think the first piece stopped because it's supposed to have landed on his shoulder
Preston Davis
Preston Davis - 16 hours ago
Can quote whole movie but can’t pronounce “The Matrix” right
Santhosh SA
Santhosh SA - 19 hours ago
FIX cavils's moustache from justice league!!!!!!!!!!!! PLS!!!!!
bolly wog
bolly wog - 19 hours ago
The resident evil laser scenes were actually practical,
Look up Resident Evil: Making of the infamous "laser dicing" scene.
Kilian Rayleigh
Kilian Rayleigh - 22 hours ago
With Superman's mustache, I wonder if they tried glueing it down, and then with makeup colour correcting it and concealing it. You know, like some drag queens do with their eyebrows. Would that work? I mean, they would probably have to make it less noticeable with VFX, but they probably wouldn't have had as many issues with the muscles around the mouth.
Maurice Kay
Maurice Kay - Day ago
The eye melting like an egg might be a reference to 1929's "Un chien andalou
" by Luis Bunuel. Just sayin'
Benjamin Barley
Benjamin Barley - Day ago
Arthur: ledgend of the sword, you guys gotta do the scenes where he has the sword
Menstrel - Day ago
3:22 There is no such thing as a cool moustache.
Yojinma - 5 hours ago
But there is a bad moustache smh
Cryogenic Toast
Cryogenic Toast - Day ago
I got dragged to see that twilight movie with my now wife, and when that scene came up, a guy yells “OH GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!” And the entire audiences loses their shit. 12/10 would never want to see again
Anish Pansare
Anish Pansare - Day ago
I can see the bridge it's coming 😂😂😂😂8:52
Menstrel - Day ago
Corridor Crew - VFX Artists React to CGi
tuzori18sage - Day ago
You guys can't be serious! I loved the Pacific Rim sequel MORE than the first!
MASOL - Day ago
Resct to kickass
Mann Made
Mann Made - Day ago
That fucking Soyboy on the far left. How in the fuck can you do FX work for movies and you never watch any movies? Jesus that's fucked up. He's always saying :I've never seen that" Does live on desert island?
Joel William
Joel William - 2 days ago
That chunk of his face in Resident Evil you talked about, you said it should've tumbled down simply and not take a pause. You're wrong there I think, it landed on his shoulder first so the pause was needed there and then it continued.
The JayShray Way
The JayShray Way - 2 days ago
“i nEvER SaW iT”
Pete Miffle
Pete Miffle - 2 days ago
Loooootta stupid people in the comments who didn't get that his pronunciation of "Matrix" was purposely wrong.
R.Shankara shrish sujay
The criss cross shot , the guy got sliced by the lasers , he could have walked back a couple of steps , he might have been alive. It's just stupid .
Generic - 3 days ago
look at the baby from son of the mask please
Melody McKane
Melody McKane - 3 days ago
Dude in the middle is a true nerd 🙂😍
Dakota Tipton
Dakota Tipton - 3 days ago
After watching a few episodes I’m starting to wonder why this dude with the glasses is even in it??
Mann Made
Mann Made - Day ago
Exactly! Fucking Soyboy has no passion for movies or movie making. The other 2 clearly do.
Tamil vagayara
Tamil vagayara - 4 days ago
Pls tamil endhiran movie vfx fixed
JV - 5 days ago
Gran Moff Tarkin - Rogue One
lunayoshi - 5 days ago
These videos genuinely make me wish I hadn't dropped out of a Traditional Animation degree out of protest of the rise of 3D Animation. This is SO INTERESTING. Please do more!
Starseeker - 5 days ago
The one who did the effects on The Matrix and got an Oscar for them is Bulgarian
Camila Chamorro
Camila Chamorro - 5 days ago
THE Keanu tho. Mad respect for the chosen one
Charles Santa
Charles Santa - 5 days ago
do rim of the world
Vasi Patraucean
Vasi Patraucean - 5 days ago
Is a big hole betwen artist and specialist
Scott Kendall
Scott Kendall - 5 days ago
It's not the MATTRIX it's The MAYTRIX
jdmemes 46
jdmemes 46 - 3 days ago
Scott Kendall it’s right either way (in Latin it’s mattrix)
The Phoenix
The Phoenix - 5 days ago
The real reason bigger things move slowly is that mass and tensile strength scale at different rates. Mass scales with volume which scales exponentially to cross sectional area which is tied directly to tensile strength. The greater the ratio of mass to tensile strength the slower a being has to move to prevent its momentum ripping it apart when it stops. This is something that people inherently know even if they can't explain it so something big moving too fast looks more unrealistic.
V. Hefner
V. Hefner - 6 days ago
Okay... the twilight baby looking so ‘mature’ was part of the book- she was supposed to look more intelligent and aware of her world- but the lighting of the cgi was super bad and didn’t match the surroundings
Иван Шабалин
I just come to bring to you light of knowledge. Resident Evil effects were mostly practical. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsXAqaAHwOA
HarB_Games - 6 days ago
7:21 out here like Linkin Park New Divide
Sivakumar M
Sivakumar M - 7 days ago
At last there's someone who pronounces 'matrix' like I do.
Lord Cognus
Lord Cognus - 7 days ago
I'd love to turn these three loose on a Battletech movie. Perhaps when I become a billionaire I'll fund such a venture.
Cory Walker
Cory Walker - 7 days ago
Fix the moment in the Fifth Element where Aknot meets Zorg, and Aknot goes from human head to Mangalore.
Aditya Rao
Aditya Rao - 8 days ago
08:53 that was some good Arnold Schwarzenegger impression
Cpt. Rusty
Cpt. Rusty - 8 days ago
8:52 i was about to take a sip of my coffee... if that came up a second later, i would have to buy a new keyboard.
Ethan Tonna
Ethan Tonna - 8 days ago
Love, Death and Robots
YT EnZo - 8 days ago
Did they not see the reflection when the guy got cut up in resident evil
Will Young
Will Young - 8 days ago
4:24 I don't even care about the glitchy mouth. He's missing teeth.
MAGA MAN - 8 days ago
The worst part about that Henry Cavil scene in Justice league is that it was a throw away scene. If they had cut it, it would not have made any difference in the movie.
YongWoo Lee
YongWoo Lee - 9 days ago
Had to watch 5 ads for a 15 minute video.... WHAT?
OldMan_PJ - 9 days ago
For the best classic miniature explosions watch the climactic end to "Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun" (1969.) TRUST ME ;)
Help me
Help me - 9 days ago
Guy in the middle needs to calm the fuck down ffs. Hes really annoying.
Texas 31
Texas 31 - 9 days ago
The Mattrix
Rivansa Ariq
Rivansa Ariq - 10 days ago
Tom Holland??
Jeff the killer
Jeff the killer - 10 days ago
I’m sorry the what?
Nabeel Soofie
Nabeel Soofie - 10 days ago
now now boys
Lawrence Zrinzo
Lawrence Zrinzo - 10 days ago
Guys. These are the next Russo Brothers. They are producers, artists and actors. It's too easy to criticisms Oh please, CORRIDOR CREW , get a live.........
Cardiac Caniac
Cardiac Caniac - 10 days ago
Don't think I can watch another video of yours until you release an apology video for the way you said Matrix.
Cody Ethan
Cody Ethan - 10 days ago
alan arman
alan arman - 11 days ago
deepfake is really revolutionary
The Tasty Turtle
The Tasty Turtle - 11 days ago
Ultimate cringe at :27
Help me
Help me - 9 days ago
The guy in the middle is the ultimate cringe
Ian Chio
Ian Chio - 11 days ago
Y'all remembered when they were LAN party?
fantasieanime - 11 days ago
I'm not saying I like twilight, I just read the books when I was much younger, and if you paid attention to the description in the book, the baby grows up really fast, therefore the "maturity" of the baby is accurate to the details of the book. However, it was still really badly animated so that it's obviously tinkered with using cg.
Cory Siler
Cory Siler - 11 days ago
The lazer scene seemed like they were trying to make that chunk bounce off of his shoulder, but obviously that isn't what it comes across as.
crawded who
crawded who - 11 days ago
Loved the tropic thunder references
Objection! - 12 days ago
The guy in the middle makes me hate humanity
The Banana Slug
The Banana Slug - 12 days ago
Wouldn’t it be easier for both studios to just have a fake mustache
Christian Grey
Christian Grey - 8 days ago
Jep but flexxing studios
slytherinfelton - 12 days ago
i never retain information from these videos, but they’re entertaining to watch.
randygelion - 12 days ago
Please react or fix the Arnie head in Terminator Salvation!!!!
Stefan Grangl
Stefan Grangl - 12 days ago
i would love if someone would do lasers right, the dont cut, they burn, imagine little flames coming out of the “cuts” you could add so much detail
Tim Gooding
Tim Gooding - 12 days ago
ummm, the cross shot in resident evil, the first piece is bouncing off his shoulder.
Francesco Navarro
Francesco Navarro - 12 days ago
I think that the slide off the crisscross cut is paused in midair by the shoulder. So it’s not really floating, probably just colliding with another crisscross chunk for a split second.
Archer - 12 days ago
The Resident Evil decapitation shot was actually practical effects. It was shown in one of the DVD featurettes.
Coffee Pasta
Coffee Pasta - 12 days ago
My question is why the heck didn’t the people on Justice League just have Henry grow a short BEARD, for cripe’s sake. I mean, Kal HAS has a beard at various points in the comics and he had one for a bit in Man of Steel. It would have let the Fallout team be as petty as they wanted regarding his mustache and he can just shave the rest of the scruff when he has to go back to them.
Lemon Royale
Lemon Royale - 12 days ago
The Mattress ?
Jacoby - 12 days ago
Children of Men is one of my all-time favorite movies but I can't believe I barely learned the baby during the birth scene was CGI!
themultifacetedone - 12 days ago
When it said "bad CGI" in the description, I was honestly expecting to see The Mummy Returns: The Scorpion King in this video. It really is the worst.
themultifacetedone - 8 days ago
@Littlebit31 I looked around on their USa-video main page and found it. I have computer games older than that movie with more life like visuals than TSK.
Littlebit31 - 12 days ago
They did one where the fix that, it’s great!
M Ridho
M Ridho - 13 days ago
React this vidio https://youtu.be/MqXL31eh8lI
NoESanity - 13 days ago
9:40 Ignroing the uncanny valley problem the twilight baby had, its suppose to be super mature for its age. She 11yo in only a month, so after a few days she was basicly a year old. Shes suppose to look like shes in a weird newborn/toddler limbo.
Mingyang Zhu
Mingyang Zhu - 14 days ago
If the robot can moves slowly, it can move quickly
ZERO Tuning
ZERO Tuning - 14 days ago
There is no reflection of the people in the windows of the building for the matrix scene.
Joseph R.
Joseph R. - 14 days ago
I had 5 ads for a 15 minutes video. That's a bit overkill, guys.
RENATO PINHEIRO - 14 days ago
Colocam o título em português mas não tem uma legenda em nosso idioma?...
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