VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 3

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Kernelhazzard1 - Day ago
I want to see a mustache Superman
Kyle Gregory
Kyle Gregory - 2 days ago
So for them twilight why didn’t they just use a real child instead of CG?
FaRouk Khidi
FaRouk Khidi - 2 days ago
You should react robocop 😂😂the oldest version
Emanuel Morales
Emanuel Morales - 4 days ago
You guys should deep fake the baby with Nicolas Cage
#OUTLANDISH - 4 days ago
Twilight baby looks like a Shenmue 1 character hahaha
Prakhar Khemka
Prakhar Khemka - 5 days ago
Robert Warren
Robert Warren - 6 days ago
Studio Exec: You have exactly two hours to get rid of that mustache!
VFX Artist: I don't think that's enough time to...
Studio Exec: One hour and fifty-nine minutes. Don't make me count the seconds.
Swan Creates
Swan Creates - 6 days ago
I'm new to this channel, but do they have merch that says "I JUST REALIZED THAT!" Lol
Mr.Ducksir - 6 days ago
the resident evil mans chunks looked like water melons
Alex OPMR - 8 days ago
I think the baby front twilight doesnt look too bad
The dark knight
The dark knight - 8 days ago
I am happy that real JL movie is coming without CGI superman
HorusHeresy1982 - 9 days ago
I never noticed the CGI lip on Justice League. I knew something was off but I never placed it. Now re-watching this movie I can safely say, you fuckers have ruined it for me. Congratulations.
Nico DehnhaRdt
Nico DehnhaRdt - 9 days ago
i never noticed, that it was no mostach thereee
Basic Boy
Basic Boy - 9 days ago
Why the producers don't hired these guys in their movies?
Clément - 10 days ago
One of my Engineering professors created the matrix shot! He's got an Oscar to show for it
SURAJ SOLANKI - 11 days ago
react on Battleship
Maria Kramer
Maria Kramer - 11 days ago
What I don't get about Justice League... Why open with that terrible fake lip shot? Why let that be the first thing we see about Superman?
Tuan Nguyen
Tuan Nguyen - 12 days ago
The American sniper baby dool
Ligya M.
Ligya M. - 12 days ago
I never saw any twilight movie. Anybody can tell me why they opted for a fake baby?
Drunken Assassin
Drunken Assassin - 13 days ago
btw that resident evil bit was actually mostly practical effects they just used cgi to touch things up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILdz_SOeSLo
mmk mmk
mmk mmk - 16 days ago
In latin, we pronounce Matrix like that. And in France, we pronounce it like that too.
Christian Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez - 16 days ago
Please do the water scene from the movie avatar
Brain Grip Animation
Brain Grip Animation - 16 days ago
Oh, the Matrix is my favorite movie of all time, too. I started to buy figures and items related to the movie. I even made a long and boring presentation of those items.
Cheile Nerei Info
Cheile Nerei Info - 16 days ago
Just toys or some of those miniature scenes from the movie? The Matrix is a great movie
Retro Crumbs
Retro Crumbs - 16 days ago
Good luck
Harshit R Dass
Harshit R Dass - 16 days ago
Movie - Underworld
maamaloa peini
maamaloa peini - 18 days ago
I don't know if he said mattress or matrix
John Seymour
John Seymour - 18 days ago
The guy in the middle has such an annoying voice... it was at that point that I thought I had entered the Matrix...
Molotov_6844 - 18 days ago
I would buy a sound pack with middle dudes robot sound effects for 30 dollars, make it happen
Lupașcu Mihnea
Lupașcu Mihnea - 18 days ago
That sounded like Something straight up from star wars
Jai Rogers
Jai Rogers - 18 days ago
He really said, "The MATT-TRIX". 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
BoxCrossed - 19 days ago
Babies in medieval art are ugly.
9:15 : hold my beer.
Ibrahim Khalil
Ibrahim Khalil - 19 days ago
odd thomas
Fredrik - 19 days ago
The Mattrix? What did he just say??
Meme IsMe-Me
Meme IsMe-Me - 20 days ago
Pacific Rim uprising was very disappointing first of all the first movie was entirely adults piloting the Jaegers now it's teenagers making it feel more kid friendly and like the Power Rangers sorta drops the fact that they're robots taller than buildings
cent0r - 20 days ago
Why didn' the resident evil guy just back up against the door instead of standing in the middle of the room?
ZOE WILSON - 22 days ago
Please react to Godzilla king of the monsters
Specifically the battle in Antarctica and Ghidorah’s left head regenerating
VideoPine - 22 days ago
Wasnt resident evil a practical effect? They had a puppet cut into pieces, in the behind the scenes.
Troian Argon
Troian Argon - 22 days ago
Please react to game of thrones season 8. Ya'll dew it
Ferrallezz - 22 days ago
5:17 Someone else who actually likes Pacific Rim?? YESSSSS
Akov Jayan Kukum Video all kinds of video
U must react to krrish 3
UltRraRageous - 24 days ago
So I decided a couple days ago to watch all the resident evil movies.
Ngl the first and second ones where good.
The. Then that's when the story just lost me
Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry - 25 days ago
1:14 what if this was an Ang Lee movie like Gemini man and you had to have way more frames....would you have needed more cameras? This is so interesting to me.
sarwan mohabir
sarwan mohabir - 25 days ago
Did you do transformers yet if u DIDNT then you should.
OneWordNoSpaces - 26 days ago
I would love to see someone put baby yoga instead of that deformed baby. That noise he made put it in my head
op3l - 27 days ago
Isn't the guy on the left also in Linus's videos?
FLY EAGLES FLY - 27 days ago
It's pretty clear in the Criss-Cross shot that that chunk that first fell hit his shoulder
fauxtawgrahfur - 27 days ago
Please do one on Reboot the TV show!
Ale Zuvic
Ale Zuvic - 27 days ago
According to Henry Cavil in one interview he wasn't obligated to keep the mustache but he didn't really want to shave it because he felt it was part of his Mission Impissible character. He went to the producers of Justice League and they were "yeah wathever, we CGI'll it" without asking the FX people.
Mr Swollentip
Mr Swollentip - 28 days ago
I think he meant the mattress
Oysik Ahmed
Oysik Ahmed - 28 days ago
please react on kriss 3
J’s Plush
J’s Plush - 28 days ago
This was all around awesome, good upload
Normally animated
Normally animated - 28 days ago
Not the matrix
Mohamad khalife
Mohamad khalife - 29 days ago
Please do "A series of unfortunate events" TV series
Hi I’m a cat
Hi I’m a cat - 29 days ago
Resident evil the games are awesome the movies suck
Vhan Chua
Vhan Chua - 29 days ago
To be fair, the Jaegers are created to be better than the old Jaegers and that's probably why it is faster. Though understand what he's saying, those Jaegers doesn't seem air resistant at all to reduce air friction. But it never really bothered me when I was watching it. That's just probably the curse of being a vfx expert, you'll notice all unrealistic things. xD
Win090949 - 29 days ago
The Mattress
Lirio Hardy
Lirio Hardy - Month ago
oh man i can't believe they didn't talk about the fact that the cgi twilight baby was because it was covering up an even more horrifying animatronic baby!!!!
Jeronimo Torres
Jeronimo Torres - 28 days ago
why the hell did they not just used a real baby?
Motion HD
Motion HD - Month ago
3:07 superman goes to the dentist
Stitch underground
Stitch underground - Month ago
Can you look at Thomas and the magic railroad and the spider man movies 1 2 and 3?
8-Pains And 4ever
8-Pains And 4ever - Month ago
He said the Matt Trix not matrix
BinarySecond - Month ago
Sasuke vs Orochimaru in the forest of death contains perfect examples of animation/effects being "spoilt" when watched frame by frame.
-- - Month ago
12:45 it hits hit shoulder
Paul Caridi
Paul Caridi - Month ago
When they talk about the physics of how things work, and the math for the camera spacing, makes me wish I paid more attention in school. But then again, we're not taught it in an interesting way like this.
Nerdly Reviews
Nerdly Reviews - Month ago
I love Pacific Rim like a lot a lot but the Newton’s Cradle felt like the final *Fuck you physics* from this film
M H - Month ago
LOL the mattrice
fil11ind john
fil11ind john - Month ago
10:47 oh look, it's my favorite pg chris paul!
manu as
manu as - Month ago
make a review 24 Tamil movie
Charles Xavier
Charles Xavier - Month ago
damn no lord of the rings comments?
Bad Content
Bad Content - Month ago
The Matt Ricks? *Rick from the Matt dimension
Fogboundmule - Month ago
The mattress
Siddhesh Gawali
Siddhesh Gawali - Month ago
11:45 even the blood stops as soon as the camera stops moving ... lol
braveheartbob - Month ago
12:43 i think it 'bounces' off the shoulder before falling straight to the floor
Fresh 5hundred
Fresh 5hundred - Month ago
The chunk of head falling off is hitting his shoulder, that's why it bounced. ❤
Saprogeist - Month ago
I honestly really like the little morph artifacts in Keanu Reeves' jacket in the bullet time scene, because it makes thematic sense if you think about it. Humans are not supposed to be able to move like that in the matrix.
Asher Novotny
Asher Novotny - Month ago
I usually agree with you guys, did you sense the butt? But, that dude getting chopped up in resident evil is way better!
KillerMousy - Month ago
honestly, pacific rim is one of my favorite movie just because of how accurate it is.
The Three Of Us
The Three Of Us - Month ago
Hey everyone i have an editing question what happens if you shoot in 60 frames but you export in 24 and vice verse. This for some reason really just bugs me when i think about it and i just dont know what it us. If you can give me a thorough explanation. I would love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Terence A
Terence A - Month ago
Any films these guys have worked on?
milk - Month ago
no way this man just said matrix
Tivis7 - Month ago
That baby be look'n like a 50 year old man
Rin - Month ago
12:43 would it have perhaps have bounced off his shoulder?
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