I Sold My G Wagon *Emotional*

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Ryland Adams
Ryland Adams - 4 months ago
I hope you guys enjoy this video! Thanks to Arthur for getting me another car! follow him on snapchat @Art_m323 and thank you Catie Turner for letting me use your song at the end of this video to say goodbye to Daddy G --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9Kh3Clashw
Lastly, any name suggestions for the new car would be greatly appreciated! have a good week :)
katelynn wood
katelynn wood - Month ago
Ryland Adams the rash looks like poison ivy
Daddy's Little Princess 666
Vegas Kelly
Vegas Kelly - Month ago
Arthur is a rockstar for trekking from West Covina to Calabassas 🙏🏻💙⭐️
Kayleen Logue
Kayleen Logue - 2 months ago
Hunter Roberts
Hunter Roberts - 2 months ago
Mama G
Hannah Vick
Hannah Vick - 8 hours ago
Youre allergic to grass. I get it too
Anne Dubois
Anne Dubois - 14 hours ago
“They don’t care” ....... ❤️❤️❤️.
So liloquy
So liloquy - 17 hours ago
11:54 LMAOO i love this scene. That's the shane we knew that was fired from Jenny Craig.
Roberto Lerma
Roberto Lerma - Day ago
The effect Shane and rylands videos have on us... I’m tearing up to a montage of a freaking car 🚙 😭😂
fia lodato
fia lodato - Day ago
You already know the concept of the video at the beginning, if you don't like it then click off? The comments complaining make me upset me. Ryland is known for being bougie and playing that up for youtube. It was a big deal to him that's why he made the video.
esme bateesa
esme bateesa - 2 days ago
Arthur is fineee 😍
Sammy G
Sammy G - 2 days ago
That was the first car Molly Burke drove
Ashleigh Mumford
Ashleigh Mumford - 3 days ago
We need a skincare routine from Shane. His skin looks so glowy rn.
Jennifer Nicole Schroeder
Yeah they copied the light projection from the mirror from my car that did it years ago.
Clara Svendsen
Clara Svendsen - 6 days ago
your rash looks and sounds like scabies. you could have gotten it from her clothes
xXPotato_Queen Xx
xXPotato_Queen Xx - 6 days ago
It’s funny because this video was made on my birthday 😂 ( that’s the day Ryland got his new G... )
XOXOXXXOOO - 7 days ago
Shane is so self absorbed sometimes. Ughhhh
Hazel Dorn
Hazel Dorn - 8 days ago
shane is so glowy
Life of a Mom
Life of a Mom - 8 days ago
And here it is, I so badly want a Jeep Wrangler (Sahara)..lol.
Kevin Clavijo
Kevin Clavijo - 8 days ago
Lmaooo Ryland you are literally me with with decision making and letting go 😂😳😂👌🏼
Kimberly - 9 days ago
Why not just lease a different car every two years? That way you can get the new g wagon and then the new one again in two years
Vanesa Astigarraga
Vanesa Astigarraga - 9 days ago
Here bc I only want to see Shane!!! 🙃
Aadya Nishtha
Aadya Nishtha - 10 days ago
Why am I crying over a car?
Da BOII With Da bling
Da BOII With Da bling - 11 days ago
Why am I crying?
Jackie - 11 days ago
Omg fuck AW diet rootbeer. I was gonna get some but if no promo for shane then no money for AW
miabug00 - 12 days ago
Have you talked about your rash? Shane keeping Ryland humble
ZapZee - 13 days ago
when you could see ryland was on the phone and he said "im coming out. im coming out right now. i was like, we know you are gay ryland. *confused danish noises.*
Aina Mardeia
Aina Mardeia - 13 days ago
He missed the clips of molly driving the car, the squad journey to queen mary (although then they changed to jeep bcs the car ws toooo nice) *sigh
It's sad to see daddy G go...
Nathan Couture
Nathan Couture - 14 days ago
I don't know why I teared up
Lauren Chaney
Lauren Chaney - 14 days ago
Just realized the stuff blurred out is probably from Shane’s new makeup collection
serenity gates
serenity gates - 15 days ago
Shanes skin in the beginning of the video is glowing !!!!!
Kassi Penrod
Kassi Penrod - 17 days ago
Natalie Staroschak
Natalie Staroschak - 17 days ago
Lydia Treasure
Lydia Treasure - 21 day ago
"Are you gonna wear long sleeves so you dont spread your rash in the car" bahahaha
valentin o
valentin o - 21 day ago
Arthur is GORGEOUS
Pop Chan
Pop Chan - 21 day ago
Ok but like Arthur is kinda cute
Jenna S
Jenna S - 21 day ago
3:29 that’s literally me but like with iPhones 😭
thatshitcrayable - 21 day ago
now that i am watching this i can't help to guess all of the blurred out stuff in the video now that it's all out for sale
Travis Abraham
Travis Abraham - 22 days ago
Those are scabies
Theres the characteristic raised line which is the mite burrowing through the skin. It itches at night, because thats when they are most active.
Sabrina Mangaoang
Sabrina Mangaoang - 23 days ago
It’s a fucking car. Why am I crying 😭
Milly . Rue
Milly . Rue - 23 days ago
Looks like poison ivy.. next time you get it COVER IT immediately.. when you itch poison ivy the oils in the bumps spreads the rash.. I use vaginal yeast cream on poison ivy and bandage it until gone. The vaginal cream dries it up very quickly!
Poison ivy oil doesnt wash out of clothes, if it gets on fabric it can be spread years later!!
Janice Alvarez
Janice Alvarez - 24 days ago
Morgan sooo pretty at 20:50 you have nothing to ever feel insecure about
Chloe Loveday
Chloe Loveday - 27 days ago
Please tell me that he called his new white one 'mummy G' 😂...just makes sense.
Lorraine Bollin
Lorraine Bollin - 27 days ago
Omg Tana had ring worm she probably gave it to u
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