Logic - Aquarius III

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islandcowboyz GARAGE
Gospel of Thomas
Michael Harris
Michael Harris - Hour ago
god. damn. this is smooth
Ethan Moore
Ethan Moore - 2 hours ago
time lapses be like
Otniel Aponte
Otniel Aponte - 2 hours ago
That Leo Bear Bar was crazy
Savage T
Savage T - 3 hours ago
Really wish this track was longer or at least the instrumental was.
Grimistic Music
Grimistic Music - 3 hours ago
I remember hearing about this rapper named young sinatra back in 2011, been with the rattpack ever since🔥❤
William Nicholas
William Nicholas - 4 hours ago
Hell of a goodbye from one of the best lyricists
Adam Tracey
Adam Tracey - 4 hours ago
Oh shit
it's Terry
it's Terry - 5 hours ago
Chill rap is the best@
Rahmen - 5 hours ago
1.75 speed is pretty close to real time for how fast he had to mouth or rap this for the video like WHAT THE FUCK
Tyreek - 5 hours ago
Thank you for the 10 years of wonderful flows and deep cuts sir. You’ve gotten a lot of people through tough times. Myself included
When your wife’s boyfriend lets you have an Oreo before bed.
Dwoodz 2G
Dwoodz 2G - 6 hours ago
Adam Amaro
Adam Amaro - 6 hours ago
God bless you and your family Logic. May God light your path and give you courage everyday. Thank you for your music, blessed to be a witness. Praying for all your dreams and goals.
Favour Ehighelua
Favour Ehighelua - 6 hours ago
Thank you
Syntrix Productions
Syntrix Productions - 6 hours ago
When the video editor doesn't know how to sync video with audio.
Federico Frutos
Federico Frutos - 6 hours ago
how the fuck did they do this video?
mirco klein
mirco klein - 6 hours ago
When you watch this in 2x he Walks in normal pace but does this means he doubletime on set
Tetrafaze - 7 hours ago
I thought you quit dog
Edwin Campos
Edwin Campos - 7 hours ago
logic is wack
SKD_ Cascade
SKD_ Cascade - 3 hours ago
Edwin Campos and yet, here you are 🤦🏾‍♂️
Wwe Rollins
Wwe Rollins - 8 hours ago
IDGAF, Logic cold asf
MADD MANX - 8 hours ago
This is Logic's 4:44
MADD MANX - 8 hours ago
I like that up to this point everyone was on the Logic hate train, then when he drops his final project when retiring, now people all gonna miss him 😂😂
dulce Apod
dulce Apod - 8 hours ago
I miss old school hip hop being a thing. You made it a thing by bringing your own style to it. Love you forever + always.
Jasneet Singh
Jasneet Singh - 8 hours ago
Who else is after watching degi's video
Skamz BRIM
Skamz BRIM - 9 hours ago
Everytime I try to give him a chance or listen, it disappoints me. He just doesn’t do it for me.
Emmanuel Alexander
Emmanuel Alexander - 9 hours ago
H4NTA - 11 hours ago
Nobody talks about the fact that the video's in slow motion and they've calculated how fast he has to rap to get his lips to fit the song?
Matty Jurado
Matty Jurado - 11 hours ago
Oh man, I never heard a logic song before. This was not a good first impression, and there won't be a second.
Luke Anthony
Luke Anthony - 11 hours ago
x2 speed is normal O.o
ToxicBtw - 11 hours ago
Asif he has retired 😕 mad respect for the music tho ❤️
Mason Gourley
Mason Gourley - 11 hours ago
murder it, rip it up, no never givin up round the almanac
Yeah, I'm all of that, fall back, like September again
baskn like carol kill her husband again, like rogue, fucking with wolverine,
storms brewing next to Xavier, maybe just X all of that...kinda had to steal half the rap.
YELP all 5s, cause robins round 31 flavors to add destinations on all the maps.

had to do it one more time
Brandon Burgess
Brandon Burgess - 12 hours ago
Aquarius ||||
J. Talino
J. Talino - 13 hours ago
This Dope asf but too short wanted to hear more
Jioush - 13 hours ago
Rattpack till my pulse flat.
Joe - 14 hours ago
Nothing but love for Logic!
Price The Musician
Price The Musician - 14 hours ago
I feel there’s deeper meaning to his retirement than him not being able to take the hate....
Benjamin Cruces
Benjamin Cruces - 9 hours ago
Are you kidding me. He literally said he had to take care of his son. Not because of all the hate tf
Beast_BadgerBoi - 15 hours ago
If you play it at 1.5 speed it sounds good btw
Dasitha Samarasinghe
Dasitha Samarasinghe - 16 hours ago

just watch it in 1.75X speed..
Mason Howard
Mason Howard - 16 hours ago
It sucks that I like logic and he's now done. He's a walking God right there.
Don Josè
Don Josè - 16 hours ago
So fucking emotional that this dude is legit retiring. But eternally grateful for the years of great music you gave us. I and many others appreciate what you did, fuck the haters. Rattpack forever!
Don Josè
Don Josè - 16 hours ago
Those Yeezy's are nice! Nike slipped up by sleeping on Ye. Fumbled the bag big time
Bee Storm
Bee Storm - 17 hours ago
Dude if he gets into writing down the road shits gonna be over. This dude is talented.
BruTuSz89 - 18 hours ago
Damn, Bobby, why you do me like this, going out with a banger like that! Come back and make some music sometime again in the future. We'll be here waiting! Peace!
Luis Eric
Luis Eric - 18 hours ago
it’s been a good run, Logic, thank you for all the great music
Andrew Jun Ren
Andrew Jun Ren - 19 hours ago
Logic's flow is mad
박Samsonite - 19 hours ago
Do your thing Logic. Come back whenever you want to. We here for you, as you were here for us.
M B - 20 hours ago
Random people: i have a baby i have to work hard
Logic:bitch, im retireing
Nicolas Lopez
Nicolas Lopez - 21 hour ago
The People on here commenting their rating of logics songs and comparing him to other rappers, are also the same ones talking about what percentage he is of different races. Like do y’all not have a passion in life? Do you know what it takes to create and believe in yourself so you can make your dreams come true?No matter how insignificant you find his music, no matter how he had to make his bank on his journey, he made it and we’re the ones just commenting on his video that reached millions of people. Logics music resonates with such a wide audience because he touches on so much subject matter and remains positive through it and even discusses his lows right along side while being a excellent storyteller and lyricist. I would congratulate him on his new edition to his family and hope him the best in life. We all have our own path. Stop spreading hate and spread love, that’s that shit that’s real. I agree fuck rap fuck fame fuck feeling like I’m less, get off the fucking internet and find out what can really bring you happiness. This life isn’t a competition, it’s an experience and if you stop looking at everyone else, you’ll be able to care more about yourself and what you’re doing versus always checking what someone else is up to.
ああ - 21 hour ago
Ken-Jeeper - 23 hours ago
Mr. O
Mr. O - Day ago
Favorite black rapper 🔝
Shabiddly - Day ago
Ayy saving money on the music vid though... and its still good
Joeru - Day ago
This video is impressive. Logic would’ve had to rapped faster in real-time since the video is slowed down a bit. Nice little detail.
malcorm walker
malcorm walker - Day ago
i feel you bruv
life is beautiful especially when you shape your fate in your hands
Be Blessed
Be Blessed - Day ago
Love you Bobby!! 1 of the best rappers to ever do it. Peace and blessings
Snooop - Day ago
I don't like it
UrAvg Nigga
UrAvg Nigga - Day ago
Didn’t think he was going to make one last song before he left
Logic you inspire me big time man
Mo Music
Mo Music - Day ago
Strikes Three
Strikes Three - Day ago
楽園w 日本とアメリカの国旗をくっつけたようなワッペン良いね!w
LiL Banz
LiL Banz - Day ago
Glad he quit rap cuz he’s trash now it’s my turn 👌
Dally Alejandro Gonzalez Ramírez
Look bro you need to embrace the loneliness that is life when you do and understand what it is you have to do to be happy.
Veni Vidi Amavi
Veni Vidi Amavi - Day ago
*cute, and he deserves the rest!!*
PaulDerDon - Day ago
He's walking in slo no but rapping in real time
Kel Murphy
Kel Murphy - Day ago
Had to rap twice as fast just to take slow, now it's the end game where you play games with no where to go. No where to be - just chill - It's the feeling when you reach the peak, the top of the hill. Now you just coastin' taking a prime deal. The great switch...... but still killin' the game -pulling the trigger with a slight eye Twitch. GG Logic!
Beezus Beez
Beezus Beez - Day ago
Can’t believe that’s it no more Young Sinatra! 😭😭
Tjasse Martins
Tjasse Martins - Day ago
Bobby Boy be back and it’ll hit harder than the chronic four.. enjoy yo mini retirement g see ya soon holla atchaboi
Momin A.
Momin A. - Day ago
Thx for 10 years of amazing music, been listening to u since I was 7. Ur a real GOAT and nobody should hate on you like a lot of people do for no reason. Byee, thx for the amazing music 👑👋🏾
Chris Howerton
Chris Howerton - Day ago
RIP biracial memes!
The Whiz Kid
The Whiz Kid - Day ago
Never disappoints
Christopher Riley
Christopher Riley - Day ago
Great track, shame the audio sync is out
Maurice Martin
Maurice Martin - Day ago
Ayo Logic!!! Really appreciate all your hard work!!! Dope Albums Always!!! One of the Best Live Shows Always!!! Everyone is a critic. I understand why you retired. I’ll miss you bro. I hope you find your way back one day like Little Brother. Peace. Love. Positivity. 🤙🏾
Nomad LS collectibles and more
17 seconds in the beat sucks harder than he does
Air Signs
Air Signs - Day ago
Yes Yes!!
Tamer Dahham
Tamer Dahham - Day ago
You just killed that shit man🤘
Shady 4Ever
Shady 4Ever - Day ago
I wish this song was longer man so dope
Khnem-Ra Pi-Ramesses
Ibn Logic
DavidTrueHero Aka D-TruE
logic would be dope on this beat!! https://youtu.be/Ru4x8GmDCaI
Zerk - Day ago
Its like slow mo
but fast
but slow mo
Kevin zone
Kevin zone - Day ago
Guys even if he retire please make him do something on yutubee,cuz i still respect him he deserves more 😭😘🙏🙏
Kevin zone
Kevin zone - Day ago
Love u sir 😘😘😘🙏😭
The Official Adam J
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ginger stuck on the replay button
Welbeloved Akulas
Welbeloved Akulas - Day ago
Logic's been doing his thang for years. I'm surprised his channel isn't bigger.
Nocxmp Rim
Nocxmp Rim - Day ago
The last song we get from Logic, thank you for all the music you put out along with the positivity Like 1-800 and One Day. You saved many lives and will forever be known as a musical legend.
Rahul Prasad
Rahul Prasad - Day ago
Why you all English rappers always use FUCK word
You guys don't get other words
Playing For Keeps Ent.
Much Respect from Australia bro, this hits home ♥💯✌
Who would give a thumb down. Oh I forgot, haters would
mehdi arjdal
mehdi arjdal - Day ago
i can tell that this is the first logic song i liked so far .
Skunk Forest
Skunk Forest - Day ago
Aarxn42 - Day ago
This high key one of the coldest beats of the year if not all time. The way the kicks and snares flow together and compliment the smooth piano melody alongside with the sample create one of the cleanest sounding beats ever. Really shows that the simplest of beats can be some of the best
logan Cook
logan Cook - Day ago
my guy walks in with solar reds on his feet, only worth 5-6 thousand
Kutlu Tortop
Kutlu Tortop - Day ago
I respect you Logic, even if I've been listening to you only for 6 months, you are the most realistic rapper I've ever met. You deserve this break, you've worked harder than any other well known rappers. I hope you come back when you feel ready with a song that slaps just like this one.
Badr Shafique
Badr Shafique - Day ago
Listen at 1.25× speed
deemaunik - Day ago
Run it at 1.75 speed and it's about how fast they shot it, then slowed it back. Trip that he can spit that fast.
Tony Macera
Tony Macera - Day ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥probably one of the best of all time at this
GJtheHhog - Day ago
Still hopin for a europe tour after some years, but like, europe, not just big western megacities, like, around, stockholm, athens, warsaw, prague,
Man it sucks to be young, every concert you wished for already happened
No mumbling, no adlips like “bobobo” “skrrrrrrr”, no luxury cars, no half naked woman dancing in the background, just real authentic rap skills and a guy walking while rapping 1.5x faster than the actual song💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
MyCommentsWillAngerYou - 10 hours ago
True talent
Übertriebenes Waffengelaber
Producer: how much occult u want, logic?
logic: yes.
Urban Neptune
Urban Neptune - Day ago
Lol can we talk about how the video shows him and his mouth moving at half speed, yet he's keeping up with the actual song.
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