Ariana Grande - thank u, next

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Haseeba Syed
Haseeba Syed - 16 minutes ago
My queen!!
shareen arshad
shareen arshad - 18 minutes ago
Faizal Playz
Faizal Playz - 19 minutes ago
Is that your man 2:04 💕
ViVi 526
ViVi 526 - 41 minute ago
The start of the video is the tune from 7 rings
Belle Ng
Belle Ng - Hour ago
The lyrics from this song is really meaningful. Ari also taught me to be grateful in this song :) This is also why I love her so much
Anthony Martin
Anthony Martin - Hour ago
Here's to hoping Ari wins album of the year at the Grammys.
cha r
cha r - Hour ago
she legit looks like gabi when she has that pink outfit, and hairstyle
AnimalLover - 2 hours ago
She even got Kris Jenner into this
《Mikayla•Koch》 - 2 hours ago
Ariana is awesome she’s my favorite singer she makes me happy
N KIRANKUMAR - 2 hours ago
PS I love you
N KIRANKUMAR - 2 hours ago
PS I love you
reee mcgee
reee mcgee - 3 hours ago
Now whenever I listen to this, I always think the first line is “Thought I’d end up with Bowser”
Hanita Prety
Hanita Prety - 4 hours ago
How can she still be short after wearing hills lol
King Max
King Max - 4 hours ago
DAMN ARIANA IS PRETTY! i wish i was that pretty.
Rhea Lemons
Rhea Lemons - 4 hours ago
Miranda: aw she kissed the fat girl
Ruth Alfina
Ruth Alfina - 5 hours ago
the beginning of thank u next mv = the beginning of 7 rings 🤡🔫
fun stuff
fun stuff - 5 hours ago
Girl we totally relate thanks for slaying 2019 Ari. Now we Arianators have a lot more to brag about.
Angel of the dawn
Angel of the dawn - 5 hours ago
Jade aaa💜 e o menino do fantoche ^---^💜
Michu my cat 😘😸
Michu my cat 😘😸 - 5 hours ago
I wonder if her exes like to watch movies with her....
John B
John B - 5 hours ago
I’m your number one fan hi I love this song
Leonardito Juarez
Leonardito Juarez - 5 hours ago
larookat - 5 hours ago
The only Ariana Grande song I have ever liked.
Leo Nava rangel
Leo Nava rangel - 5 hours ago
Tank you next song ;)
Gacha_Galaxy_Cute Girl
Gacha_Galaxy_Cute Girl - 5 hours ago
I do not like when Ariana Grande Has short hair Ilike when He has Long hair its pretty good
Brandon Bonnew
Brandon Bonnew - 6 hours ago
Ariana Grande told me i had i hairline and i was screaming about it because my hairline is so perfect
Jeffy Paul
Jeffy Paul - 6 hours ago
Everytime i hear this song i always think of someone with bad breath and idk why
Night Fury
Night Fury - 6 hours ago
Lmao this was so random especially the big front tooth part 😂
Gail Mason
Gail Mason - 6 hours ago
Gabby was in it lol
Noah Kellar
Noah Kellar - 6 hours ago
Ariana went 👩🏻—>👩🏾
the sect
the sect - 6 hours ago
who is better?
ariana: like

miley: comment
Ab Cd
Ab Cd - 4 hours ago
the sect ok I prefer Ariana but y'all need to stop commenting this miley has nothing to do with this video This video is arianas not miley
Guadalupe Carrasco
Guadalupe Carrasco - 7 hours ago
Im a fan of you
Kayden English
Kayden English - 7 hours ago
I wish I was you kid cause people,say im poor but im just sad but when I listen to you and talk to my parents i feel so happy i live in a trailer and people make fun of quickly so i wish I was your kid so no more people bully me.
Veer Pandya
Veer Pandya - 7 hours ago
3:03 we arent gonna talk about how the license plate is 7 rings?
PrincessArmy - 7 hours ago
Baconnnn eggs, bacon eggs🤗😁
cookies _jungkookie
cookies _jungkookie - 7 hours ago
This hits me with a little nostalgia
Maia Laing
Maia Laing - 7 hours ago
This song is 1 year old...WHAT! I SWEAR IT WAS THIS YEAR
NA MikeyYT
NA MikeyYT - 7 hours ago
y u buwwy troy? :(
ScrapingWheels - 7 hours ago
This whole video is basically just Ariana flexing on us about how many relationships shes been in.
Aka Blank
Aka Blank - 8 hours ago
Gabi was in it!
Victoria Garner
Victoria Garner - 8 hours ago
1:39 social house?
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