Irish People Try Lindt Chocolate Truffles

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Stanneta Prospere
Stanneta Prospere - Day ago
The first time I had a lindor truffle, I cried. Literally cried.
joel curty
joel curty - Day ago
As reviewer that I have reviewed Lindt Chocolatres they are one of the most saught after durring the christmas holiday and they one of the most high selling brand of chocolates in stores and In specialty stores here in the United States .And I would I would have to give this product line a 10+ .
jerry millett
jerry millett - Day ago
I’m a truffle, Mad Season, least when you want me to be...
brandon c
brandon c - Day ago
Where the fuck did you get the blueberry and cream? Omg. I've never seen those!!
Ronny Börjesson
Ronny Börjesson - 2 days ago
What happened to ”-If They got this right, I’m gonna ...”???
Braun30 - 3 days ago
Years ago the company I worked for had a sales office in New York.
I decided to build their chocolate culture up to the best.
These were stage 4, two steps from the best stuff.
Had I offered these immediately, most probably the scale of improvement would not have been appreciated fully.
I think nobody ever ate Hershey's any more in that office.
Walter K Bauer
Walter K Bauer - 4 days ago
Lindy Christmas Commercial,
A family in a open sleigh with snow falling and lovely music playing.
SCRATCH of a record!!!
If you care about someone who's maybe had a hard year?
Cut to scenes of the gang dieing from deeper nuts and chocolate, to.....
The girls purring, and the boys with their eyes all a glow!
Cut to music....
Isn't this grand!!
LINDT for the Holidays!
May God bless you all!
Mars Bar
Mars Bar - 4 days ago
Of all the wild flavors they chose the most boring ones lol
Christopher Miller
Christopher Miller - 4 days ago
I fucking love Ciara's shirt. PNW grunge forever.
LM v 2.7
LM v 2.7 - 5 days ago
How do some of the people bite them in half ... psychopaths
Stanneta Prospere
Stanneta Prospere - Day ago
Ikr, put it in your mouth and let it melt!
Marc Osborne
Marc Osborne - 5 days ago
I'm an American with Irish descent and now I know where I get my keen sense of humor 😅🤣😂.
Prophet of Greyism
Prophet of Greyism - 5 days ago
Ciara is clearly a grunge/rock music lover. Alice In Chains in one video, and now Mad Season???
Handles alcohol like a titan.
Loves spicy food.
And is adorable when it comes to sweets and caffeine. Such a multidimensional person.
As sweet as she is though, I bet anything that she knows her way around a knife. I could see her with a butterfly knife or a stiletto.
And her pairing with Éadaoin is always priceless.
Mikala Hawkins
Mikala Hawkins - 5 days ago
white chocolate is so gross😩
ungratefulmetalpansy - 5 days ago
i'd keep that ciara knee-deep in all the chocolate she wants
Frankie Sherman
Frankie Sherman - 6 days ago
Irish people "try" lindt chocolate truffles.... lmao 😂😂😂
sageaps - 7 days ago
I know someone who hates Lindor chocolate.
LastJOK3R - 7 days ago
also ich find die gar nid so geil isch mir z mästig das züg, die meiste kollege/ine rolle mit de auge wennd die bringsch
das sind eher so die "billige" trüffel
zombie mom
zombie mom - 7 days ago
Thomas San Francisco
Thomas San Francisco - 8 days ago
Going to Costco right now to stock up on Lindt right this minute. Bonus they have coupon through Thanksgiving.
Danielle28796 - 8 days ago
“Irish People getting high off Lindt Chocolate Truffles”
amon weratschnig
amon weratschnig - 9 days ago
white ones are nasty
steve buczek
steve buczek - 9 days ago
I only clicked because I saw Ciara in the thumbnail.
Tyler Peacock
Tyler Peacock - 9 days ago
Mint. Mint. Always mint. I love peppermint
Lilli Mathias
Lilli Mathias - 9 days ago
When your lactose intolerant and have to watch others taste chocolate.. 😂
majsterV - 9 days ago
OOOH what a relief. Imagine if Jesus would not like a chocolate. We would be all doomed. Thak you Lindt for saving the world
Just Another Fish
Just Another Fish - 10 days ago
This is the closest we're ever going to get to seeing Ciara in a porno.
udor nyc
udor nyc - 8 days ago
Let's hope she leaks a "home movie" soon! The stuff she tolerates in her mouth and the beautiful face would make her an instant sensation! Definitely one of the most awesome team members!!!
Feride Dogan
Feride Dogan - 10 days ago
The Red ones are my favourit chocolat . Because its taste Like non Other one. U wont find any familiar taste
KatSK Brown
KatSK Brown - 10 days ago
We won life!
Monnette Mullenix
Monnette Mullenix - 11 days ago
Dermot is my favorite.
Ciara: So, we'll probably just have one each then...
Get that negative bullshit away from me.
Linda Dorsey
Linda Dorsey - 11 days ago
Best...absolutely best candy...all flavors!!
7thSmurf - 11 days ago
WHY is the one dude always getting the cracked items?..CAUSE YOU ALL HANDLE THE FOOD LIKE fkn CAVEMEN !! all the tossign around, all the NOT catching it.. just stop .. or keep emberassing yourselves..
udor nyc
udor nyc - 11 days ago
Corrected title: "Irish People experience sugar induced Orgasms"
UsernamesForDummies - 11 days ago
Makes me proud to be Swiss. Forgot to mention, I don’t like Chocolate whatsoever...yeah, I know!
Clarissa Fray
Clarissa Fray - 12 days ago
When he dropped the chocolate I could feel hate rising up... wonder why
88KUNGFUMAN - 12 days ago
Woo-hoo!! Ciara O'Doherty sure is a hottie!! Very pretty! LOL
Shaney Zamora
Shaney Zamora - 12 days ago
I'm so broke, I didn't know most of these flavors existed. Why must the good chocolate be so expensive?
Eric Hute
Eric Hute - 12 days ago
"Why are mine always cracked?" (moments after repeatedly bouncing the candy on the table)
Tracy Tyler
Tracy Tyler - 13 days ago
Booo White chocolate is NOT chocolate. Zero cocoa in it, yuk. I happily pass.
I love those chunks of truffle chocolates that are dusted in the gross coco powder. They instantly melt to a silk texture in ya mouth!
land of Lincoln
land of Lincoln - 13 days ago
I only watch because of Ciara and Sarina
Nina - 13 days ago
Bro with the beanie has energy for days!!😂😂 aww just watching how excited he got for each kind of chocolate made me happy😂😂😂😂 this video makes me want to go and buy a pack of these
jsinprtn29 - 14 days ago
Ciara, that's a badass shirt you have on! River of deceit is one of my favorite songs!
Jim Wicinski
Jim Wicinski - 15 days ago
Ciara, huge bonus points for the Mad Season shirt.
Valerija Skrivanj
Valerija Skrivanj - 15 days ago
The fact that they didn't take the one that's milk chocolate- orange is blasphemy. That and the coconut one. Those 2 are the best!!
hi how are you
hi how are you - 15 days ago
Holy shit that chick has a mad season shirt on.
Aaron Hensley
Aaron Hensley - 15 days ago
Who's the dark brunette beauty?
I wish I was a Lindt chocolate!
Dear God, I'm in love!
The chocolates look good too.
StereoSpace - 15 days ago
Can we just do a whole video of the beautiful brunette with blue eyes doing..anything?
TheGreyEevee *
TheGreyEevee * - 16 days ago
Giving Irish Jesus lindt is the absolute best thing you can watch. He deserves all the best things.
BlueSpiritFire1 - 17 days ago
2:17 _Lindor wouldn't do peanut butter_ he says. HA! They have and do! And the packaging is nearly _identical_
Loreanna York
Loreanna York - 17 days ago
Try the green ones. They are the best@ buttercream slightly mint
Ben Prins
Ben Prins - 18 days ago
Wow, wow Ciara is beyond gorgeous. Perfect in my eyes. More videos with her please.
Anyways always entertaining stuff, love the content😀
Raver Magik
Raver Magik - 19 days ago
Lidnt needs to hire Ciara as the spokes person... and just pay her in chocolate and film the reaction as the advertising video.
Kyle Tekaucic
Kyle Tekaucic - 19 days ago
No peanut butter truffle to destroy Dermot's mind. 2/10 git gud
HeyIts Lids
HeyIts Lids - 19 days ago
Honestly I don’t like Lindt chocolate but this is making me want to give it another try lol 😂
I’m picky when it comes to chocolate 🍫
parker maisterra
parker maisterra - 20 days ago
You haven't lived until you have eaten Dark Chocolate Lindt truffles
Jill t
Jill t - 20 days ago
I love Ireland. I've visited twice and would love to live there permanently. So, what, I'm surmising from this video is that I should be prepared to create white chocolate desserts for the masses (I'm a culinarian) while hoarding all the dark chocolate for myself since y'all don't like it anyway. ;)
Kuraushi - 21 day ago
Did anyone else see Dermott rub his nipples during the white chocolate? XD
#MrFretz - 21 day ago
Roelof Witmans
Roelof Witmans - 22 days ago
When a girl wears a Mad Season T shirt.... Marry her!!
ZJKimbley - 23 days ago
I just gotta say, after tasting the special Spring seasonal version of the Lindt truffles, the regular white chocolate ones taste like absolute shite in comparison. I dunno what the difference is, but the Spring ones are SO GOOD. I was addicted to 'em when I first found out about 'em several years back and I was so disappointed because they're limited time every year.
Nick B.
Nick B. - 23 days ago
I love how Dermot turns into Mrs. Doubtfire when he is excited 😂😂🤣
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