Julian Newman Throws Ball Off Mikey Williams' Head, Then Mikey GOES OFF! Julian Challenges Kyree 😱

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Ty S
Ty S - 2 hours ago
why no bronny
20,000 subscribers without a video challenge
Dude chill it's basketball it's not boxing or UFC your not fightibg or getting hurt.
Olutomiwa Ajayi
Olutomiwa Ajayi - Day ago
Lil Tecca...Basketball Version😂
Eternal_ Jayx
Eternal_ Jayx - Day ago
1st team unfair they all gods
Itz Roman
Itz Roman - Day ago
Mikey williams is the best
Professor Finesser
Professor Finesser - Day ago
If Julian didn’t have such a shitty attitude he’d probably make it to the nba cause that’d make up for his lack of height
Merit Alfonz
Merit Alfonz - Day ago
Petite nigga
Jaylon Ward
Jaylon Ward - Day ago
What if Shaqs sons bronny and lamelo were there
Gosu Osus
Gosu Osus - 2 days ago
7:40 you see that mine right there? He's the beast than them all
Luque Jr
Luque Jr - 2 days ago
7:35 that’s the kid that Julian Newman fought on hello Newman’s
oh - 2 days ago
Golden state 🤣🤣🤣
Tyler Maynard
Tyler Maynard - 3 days ago
did julian mean to ryhme
Khoa Do
Khoa Do - 3 days ago
Julian is the biggest bum lol even his teammates were unhappy they got him
Khoa Do
Khoa Do - 3 days ago
got pumped af when i saw Wade's son
JMS - 4 days ago
I wanna punch the whole Newman family in the face
Elijah Morrow
Elijah Morrow - 4 days ago
They look like they’d be good friends
Brianna Versace
Brianna Versace - 4 days ago
jahzare is terrible. why is he so hyped
Xezx TV
Xezx TV - 5 days ago
This is 3x better than NBA
DripMasterDC 896
DripMasterDC 896 - 5 days ago
anybody know what that opening beat is called
Grand Master
Grand Master - 6 days ago
Zions like the black hulk
Nathan Johnston
Nathan Johnston - 6 days ago
Why was Julian invited to this??
xd CoCos
xd CoCos - 8 days ago
Whats the name of the song in the intro? hittin too hard
POKEMAN - 8 days ago
Julian Newman has small dog syndrome
Aaron Sullivan
Aaron Sullivan - 8 days ago
That intro went hard
Jeyser Medina
Jeyser Medina - 8 days ago
The edit music got me hyped up
SKRT SRKT - 9 days ago
yo can u guys tell me wuts the name of the song at the start of the vid
Cirineu Dias Jr
Cirineu Dias Jr - 10 days ago
If mikey bullied Julian than he's a JOKE😂
Trippietomi3600 - 11 days ago
Throwing balls of people’s head triggers them wtf do u think Julian
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed - 11 days ago
Julian: Breathes

People: DAng why is he breathing
CloutFace - 7 days ago
bruh bruh
bruh bruh - 11 days ago
Just been into basketball for a month love the game and all this shit
Touchdowns Only
Touchdowns Only - 11 days ago
Who else wants Julian to get his ass beat one day
Josh Plays
Josh Plays - 12 days ago
I think Julian's Nickname should be Fidget Spinner, because he moves a lot, but doesn't get anywhere!
JTO Videos
JTO Videos - 12 days ago
Anyone see Mikey go like this 🖕🏼
Joshua Chris
Joshua Chris - 13 days ago
2:37 Broooooo😂😂😂 look at how small Julian is compared to the other hoopers👀
Savage viper 111
Savage viper 111 - 14 days ago
how do you play in such a colorful place 🤯🤯🤯
Savage viper 111
Savage viper 111 - 14 days ago
People who just make a game fell like a battle field it's just takes the fun out of it
Bty Bobby
Bty Bobby - 14 days ago
Julian Newman pisses me of so fucking much, u ain’t gonna make the nba
YT Richy
YT Richy - 15 days ago
Imagine the rim breaking when slam dunking
Andrija Bilandžić
Andrija Bilandžić - 15 days ago
the music ??
David days
David days - 16 days ago
Lol his highlight was throwing ball at someone HAHAHA not gonna make the NBA
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