Cargo | Finalist of Tropfest Australia 2013

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Lauren Oblitey
Lauren Oblitey - 2 hours ago
anybody seen cargo on netflix? looks pretty similar...
gizzard2025 - 3 days ago
Still better than he movie itself. These people in it make it amazing
Meita Kristiani
Meita Kristiani - 7 days ago
Always crying after watch this movie.. 😭😭
alvaro475 - 8 days ago
like si vienes por luis dewitt
Archi - 8 days ago
Хоть и старое но прям доводит до слез
Сляв НУ-Сляв
Сляв НУ-Сляв - 9 days ago
wahyu dianto
wahyu dianto - 10 days ago
its funny,...i used to cry from the side of rosie point of view,but this year i can feel it from the rosie father point of view, and it bring me more u mum and dad,love u my wife (sri) and my dearest son and daughter, i'll do anything to protect you guys..
Bo-jivan Parker
Bo-jivan Parker - 11 days ago
this was made into a full film on netflix. if you liked this I suggest you watch the full thing
Wajid Ali
Wajid Ali - 11 days ago
Great love so beautiful dedication of father ,,,,great human values,,,but strong sad😖😖😖😖😖🤧🤧👨👨👴👴👶👶👶
nicol ARMY
nicol ARMY - 12 days ago
Love Britney
Love Britney - 12 days ago
It has already a full movie ? Please send us link , thanks
jia jia
jia jia - 13 days ago
Watch in 2019. And i'm crying 😭😭😭
jia jia
jia jia - 10 days ago
@Bo-jivan Parker OMG 😱. With same title cargo? I'm going to check it~~~
Bo-jivan Parker
Bo-jivan Parker - 11 days ago
this was made into a full length movie on netflix. suggest you watch the full thing
David Penescu
David Penescu - 13 days ago
:((((((((( tis dad is a best thx bad i love u
David Penescu
David Penescu - 13 days ago
Afis Ta
Afis Ta - 13 days ago
Ерлан Cheshire Даубаев
LBJ king
LBJ king - 14 days ago
Only peaple with love can relate.
Pure_Valentino - 15 days ago
From Dad:
p.s. I love you in life and in death
SAS GAMER - 15 days ago
Is a poor man
Leao De juda
Leao De juda - 16 days ago
Muito triste
arturo lopez
arturo lopez - 17 days ago
Sin palabras pura interpretacion😪
Wulan Novianti
Wulan Novianti - 18 days ago
If I in that situation.. I will do the same thing ..
Brian x Mamani
Brian x Mamani - 18 days ago
fue muy triste verdad fue increible gana 5 estrellas
Gamer and NerfYT
Gamer and NerfYT - 20 days ago
It insane with the walking dead but it's so sad
DiscretelyContinuous - 21 day ago
Spectacular, this remains one of my favourite short films
Abubaker - 21 day ago
Name of moves
ANNA - 21 day ago
Perjuangan seorang ayah 💞
Pharisaios - 22 days ago
Человек человеку волк, а зомби зомби зомби.
bgnvd usdmo
bgnvd usdmo - 22 days ago
Alex Mykhailenko
Alex Mykhailenko - 23 days ago
Khayaphat Dechayod
Khayaphat Dechayod - 23 days ago
Yuli Ana
Yuli Ana - 23 days ago
father is the best😭😭
AlphaCentauri24 - 23 days ago
This film (wont call it short film) gets me everytime. So beautiful.
Attia Imran
Attia Imran - 24 days ago
Dad knows how to protect his children.💓💓💓💓
Баха Абдырахманов
Liliane Arizmendi
Liliane Arizmendi - 25 days ago
Dh Sjs
Dh Sjs - 25 days ago
Aditya Prawira
Aditya Prawira - 26 days ago
As a Dad im crying when see the ending..
mawar jingga
mawar jingga - 26 days ago
Omg.....I love this movie 👍👍👍
اماني العمر
اماني العمر - 26 days ago
حزينه بكل ماتحمل الاحزان من حزن 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Mini World
Mini World - 27 days ago
I im crying
Елена Хоружая
Что бы дочь не 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Елена Хоружая
Не сожрать
Елена Хоружая
Сейчас лежу и реву 😭😭😭 настоящий отец всё придусмотрел
Rizki Rizki
Rizki Rizki - Month ago
Kasihan banget
A PAİNTER - Month ago
Oooo cute baby😍
Tanija Nawrin
Tanija Nawrin - Month ago
Most tear jerking zombie film ever
Alex Cerda
Alex Cerda - Month ago
Nakakaiyak :(
kiwii - Month ago
this cover netflix movie
aLLyn 19
aLLyn 19 - Month ago
Full movie pLsss..😄😁
Hidden America
Hidden America - Month ago
Well done. Yes, my eyes did water a bit at the end. Mission accomplished.
Team System
Team System - Month ago
Kurnia Adinda Putri
Kurnia Adinda Putri - Month ago
what is the movie name
David Radcliffe
David Radcliffe - Month ago
I love how they made this into an official movie with Martin Freeman
Bethphidaka Chyne
Bethphidaka Chyne - Month ago
So Deep emotional i felt
YJ B - Month ago
다시봐도 눈물 나네ㅠㅠ
Tiffany Jackson
Tiffany Jackson - Month ago
Bruh for anyone excited like I am they finally made a movie and it's on Netflix called Cargo.
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Anin Silitonga
Anin Silitonga - Month ago
daniel Callosani
daniel Callosani - Month ago
Meda pena al ver morir asu papà para salvar asu hija😢😢😢😭😭
Elis Sandera
Elis Sandera - Month ago
best dad
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