2019 Italian Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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NANA OSEI BOATENG - 9 hours ago
Where will you be.
[TN] Strikeman
[TN] Strikeman - 10 hours ago
They should introduce a joker like race tyres that has better performance than the standard ones and there should be a limited amount of these special tyres per season.
blockedtt - 11 hours ago
OsuScyan - 13 hours ago
Leclerc didnt deserve that
cruz munguia
cruz munguia - 15 hours ago
Me quedo aki....si esta chingon
Lysasya Hamimin
Lysasya Hamimin - Day ago
Leclec tak bole pakai la main tipu
OBEY - Day ago
Leclair nearly kill Hamilton and everyone applauded! Disgusting and not a race, Daniil Kvyat would have been destroyed for this (
Cheah Xi Le
Cheah Xi Le - Day ago
Vettel: penalty
Stroll: no penalty
Chevrohn McBean
Chevrohn McBean - Day ago
Stroll did get a penalty
mia haskurti
mia haskurti - Day ago
If Lewis Hamilton Cant Get Past Charles Leclere Mercedes Will Allow Valltri Bottas To Get Past Lewis Hamilton
Barnabàs - 2 days ago
Charles Leclerc the best!🇮🇩
Alex Alvim
Alex Alvim - 2 days ago
Vettel is perfect idiot
Baraktuuobama - 2 days ago
Sembra di guardare una raduno di principianti
jean-héder verdilus
jean-héder verdilus - 2 days ago
poor Vettel pushed by Riccardo and now Leclerc
LostGeburah - 3 days ago
not only i did enjoy ferrari/leclerc winning, but it tasted so much better for also watching hamilton fucking up as much as he did.

need more of both please and thank you!
Job Mensink
Job Mensink - 3 days ago
Boring! since when this clowns at FIA call lawnmowers Formula 1 racing cars? what a joke, I miss the old days when Formula 1 was a real sport.
Krabbenwulst - 4 days ago
Radio: Charles u've won
Charles: pulls out blowtorch
jou wanog
jou wanog - 4 days ago
Pretorius Sarel
Pretorius Sarel - 4 days ago
Congrats to Leclerc....forcing Hamilton into errors..! Happy Hunting Hamilton..!
Same old, Same old Hamilton under pressure again complaining every time he can't get pass a Racer that is out racing him....! And I quote Hamilton: nice tactics by Ferrari, not letting us pass"...
Gee Gee
Gee Gee - 4 days ago
Vettel 2019 win: 0 (he should win Canada, but maFIA robbed it)
Leclerc 2019 win: 2 (he should win Bahrain make it 3, but ferrari ruined it. neglect austria because verstappen had the great strategy)
Arno Winge
Arno Winge - 5 days ago
Funny! Lap 36 Léclerc did exactly the same as Vettel in Montreal...
Hugo Daniel Zamorano Gil
Roberto Costa
Roberto Costa - 5 days ago
Esse narrador coloca uma emoção a mais na transmissão , muito bom !
Stefano Marano
Stefano Marano - 5 days ago
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi - 5 days ago
"He Won In Spa!" "HE WINS IN MONZA!!!" Great Reaction From David Cr
paulina benitez
paulina benitez - 5 days ago
Vojtěch Böhm
Vojtěch Böhm - 5 days ago
Very nice job charles
Juan Núñez
Juan Núñez - 5 days ago
Gasly descended to Toro Rosso.
Gasly: Uh! Why always me?
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi - 5 days ago
races. But nonetheless, keep this momentum up, sports are better where there is competition and controversy. Congrats to Ferrari
Juan Núñez
Juan Núñez - 5 days ago
Vettel must have been disqualified from the grand prix for that recklessness, especially after seeing the consequences of crashing with a stopped car in Spa. And Stroll got rid because he didn't touch Gasly, but same recklessness
Paper Boy
Paper Boy - 5 days ago
How can you celebrate the win when you stoped someone faster than you getting past..
gigi - 3 days ago
Isn't that the whole point of racing? If you are leading a Race and a Faster car is right behind you, you Will By instinct defend that position no matter what
Car Review Bulgaria
Car Review Bulgaria - 5 days ago
https://youtu.be/32ZAtE065uE this is how we saw the race weekend, hope you'd like to get a different view... drop a thumbs up if you liked it 😊
alex bolton
alex bolton - 6 days ago
Why do the casters pronounce Leclerc’s name “CHOWN LE CLAIR”
Ahmad Fadlan
Ahmad Fadlan - Day ago
Because thats how u pronounce it
Brian Nougatschnitte
Brian Nougatschnitte - 4 days ago
It’s French it’s joe you pronounce it properly
blockedtt - 6 days ago
OK 1
OK 1 - 6 days ago
vettel IDIOT
doliio volay
doliio volay - 6 days ago
Did you know there are four mercedes and the two of them are painted yellow 😶😶😶
xOcto - 6 days ago
DRS enabled
Kamil C.
Kamil C. - 7 days ago
I strongly disagree with hypothesis that Stroll did the same as Vettel did.

Vettel lost it on his own and could have either let the car roll back a bit further on the grass before he stopped dead or just reverse a bit to make space for himself to rotate car. He hit another car.
Stroll was taken out by Vettel and ended up sideways on the gravel, there was no way he could return to track other way. He didn't hit any car.

Still quite a bad timing, but way lesser offence compared to Vettel.
Tyler Ayala
Tyler Ayala - 7 days ago
Can Mercedes sign me plzzz???
doliio volay
doliio volay - 6 days ago
There's no way Bottas was going to go past Leclerc. He's one of those driver's that don't pocess the required daring. He's good at winning race's when he get's pole and
Artur Kubiński
Artur Kubiński - 7 days ago
fatal comment. so loud that you can't hear the cars
Leandro De souza rosa
Leandro De souza rosa - 7 days ago
Charles Lerclerc. 💙⌚🖥
ForceMaximus84 - 7 days ago
Is it just me or is that first turn just really awkward?
mixio hili
mixio hili - 7 days ago
I was there. Unbelievable race and an amazing day!
Antonio_11 - 7 days ago
I really wish Ferrari won in Bahrain, Azerbaijan, and Canada. The races are getting better and better, but it would be better to see a championship fight to go with these great races. But nonetheless, keep this momentum up, sports are better where there is competition and controversy. Congrats to Ferrari
mixio hili
mixio hili - 7 days ago
Complimenti a tv8 x lo spettacolo..1h 30m di continua pubblicità.
Bryan Useche
Bryan Useche - 7 days ago
"I need more power mate"

Lewis Hamilton
Italian Grand Prix 2019
mixio hili
mixio hili - 7 days ago
focus again and not doubt in his abilities...great driving by leclerc
dublion7 - 7 days ago
Hey LeClerc, your headed down the same road as Vettel the way you are driving. You are disrespecting the other drivers, the sport, and the fans with your dangerous driving.
mixio hili
mixio hili - 7 days ago
What are the total points?
Bruder 42
Bruder 42 - 7 days ago
Gentlemen, a short view back to the past. Thirty years ago, Niki Lauda told us: "Take a trained monkey, place him into the cockpit and he is able to drive the car." Thirty years later Sebastian told us: "I had to start my car like a computer. It's very complicated." And Nico Rosbeg said, err, he pressed during the race, I don't remember what race, the wrong button on the wheel. Question for you to both. Is formula 1 driving today too complicated with 20 and more buttons on the wheel, are you too much under effort, under pressure? What are your wishes for the future, concerning technical program, errrm, during the race? Less buttons, more? Or less and more comunication with your engineers.
No Jihyo no life
No Jihyo no life - 7 days ago
The goddamn crowd oh man he has a bright future ahead
Neville - 7 days ago
why tf is this under the gaming section in trending
BriAme2011 - 8 days ago
Adrian Ferne
Adrian Ferne - 8 days ago
I start to hate F1 , it’s all about fake race , almost like football! I was in Austria Red Bull ring and there was a bunch of Nederland people , guess what ! Max Verstappen he is from Nederland he races for Red Bull and he wins at Red Bull Ring , now at Monza the home of Ferrari who did you thought it’s going to win? I bet that on Silverstone It will be Hamilton ! Oh wait !! He did win at Silverstone , what a coincidence! I didn’t thought that maybe because he’s British !
Ahmad Fadlan
Ahmad Fadlan - Day ago
Then why hamilton won at monza last year?
Adrian Ferne
Adrian Ferne - 5 days ago
excuse me what . I have my opinion , you have youre !
excuse me what
excuse me what - 6 days ago
Oh no, someone won at their home race so it must've been fixed! Let's just ignore Australia, Bahrain, China, Azerbaijan, Spain, Monaco, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary and Belgium. They don't matter. All races are fixed.
coogko moim
coogko moim - 8 days ago
that was the best strategy iv seen from ferrari this season so far.. hard tires do lasts.. congrats leclerc! winning streak activated.. :)
coogko moim
coogko moim - 7 days ago
Yeah Leclerc! You’ve won Belgium and Italy, Really good at holding people off!
boatman222345 - 8 days ago
I was deeply involved in sports car racing in the 1960s but from the early 70s on I switched focus to boats. Thanks to YouTube I have begun to follow Formula 1 racing again and I simply can not believe how much it has changed! Not only are the cars much faster and better handling the drivers are many times more aggressive than used to be the case. "Shutting the gate" to prevent a pass used to be frowned on, now it seems to be the rule rather than the exception. Contact between cars used to be uncommon ... these are after all very expensive machines...now drivers almost routinely damage one another's cars. Seems like our much more overpopulated and competitive world has had a notable effect upon Formula 1 racing as well as society at large...
coogko moim
coogko moim - 7 days ago
Non mi piace
Alma Dema
Alma Dema - 8 days ago
Bravo ferrarriiii
coogko moim
coogko moim - 8 days ago
Seems like Vettel his reign at Ferrari is over.
Mr Forevernever
Mr Forevernever - 8 days ago
There's no way Bottas was going to go past Leclerc. He's one of those driver's that don't pocess the required daring. He's good at winning race's when he get's pole and keeping the lead.
lanilm kopo
lanilm kopo - 8 days ago
so long. Well done..Bravo..Chales Leclerc have amazing f1 skills.
Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell - 8 days ago
Ferraris home circuit and doent get penalised for squeezing Hamilton plus goes off himself yet still stays ahead
Least we got some decent action
Ferrari where always going to be good here it Was predicted just by the cars design and down force
The big surprise was Renault fair play to them
Nice to see lando just in the points he needs a better seat wouldn't it be good get rid of vettel he's clearly lost the ability now and put the young brit in the ferrari
Paul Cooper
Paul Cooper - 8 days ago
What are the total points?
lanilm kopo
lanilm kopo - 8 days ago
Bottas just sucks balls.
Andrea Bertazzon
Andrea Bertazzon - 8 days ago
Complimenti a tv8 x lo spettacolo..1h 30m di continua pubblicità.
Wietze - 8 days ago
Wow. I couldnt see the race live but wow. Goosebumps. And I hate Ferrari. Wow
Nabil Fennia
Nabil Fennia - 8 days ago
What is happening to vettel..Leclerc is far the better Ferrari driver at the moment !! Vettel in mental trouble,not focusing at all and making lot of begginer mistakes !! He need to focus again and not doubt in his abilities...great driving by leclerc
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