Customizing 8 Apple Watches⌚️💦Then Giving Them Away!!

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Hamza Mohd
Hamza Mohd - 3 minutes ago
Yoo I like your videos and you inspired me to painting and I subscribed and can I please win an apple watch
Silvia Hickey
Silvia Hickey - 16 minutes ago
Never won a giveaway but it would be so cool to win one of MARKO's. P.S. watermelon is my favorite fruit
Azeem Khan
Azeem Khan - 28 minutes ago
Can you gift me one ?😂😂 love from india🇮🇳
Brooke Pallen
Brooke Pallen - 28 minutes ago
you could have just bought 8 apple watch bands...............
Shantelle Desellems
Shantelle Desellems - 30 minutes ago
I subscribed to every one of your videos that I watch every one of your videos and I just really want what I never had one of them
GREAT_SALAD - 36 minutes ago
Those are sick. Save the turtles
Ariann YT
Ariann YT - 37 minutes ago
I never win anything. Like if we're same. Markoooooooo
MyungShin Yoon
MyungShin Yoon - 38 minutes ago
Liv Casserfelt
Liv Casserfelt - 51 minute ago
U are the BEST! U draw sooo pretty!!!!!♡♡♡♡ Btw how old are u?
Ayoub Elmansour
Ayoub Elmansour - 53 minutes ago
Ohh wow it looks better good
Jstn - 55 minutes ago
Tifany - 57 minutes ago
I just discoverd his channel and literally I LOVE HIM ALREADY?? please explain to me how you can be so talented...??
КРУТОЙ - Hour ago
Кто хоть что-то понял???
Glorianny Fernandez
Glorianny Fernandez - Hour ago
Glorianny Fernandez
Glorianny Fernandez - Hour ago
I would really love they pink one 💙
jürnas channel
jürnas channel - Hour ago
your so cool
Azrielll 16_
Azrielll 16_ - Hour ago
Hallo I'm a fan of you from Indonesia, and I really like your work
Luke Du toit
Luke Du toit - Hour ago
Pick me marko
FRC DGizelle
FRC DGizelle - Hour ago
اعطيني ساعه وحده بس
Manuel Caballero
Manuel Caballero - Hour ago
I’ve been. Wanting one to give for my mom for Christmas for doing so much for my sisters and my brother and me but mostly for my little sister it’s special needs
Toni Walrath
Toni Walrath - Hour ago
who likes the one with "random shapes"
Zxcvbnm Mnbvcxz
Zxcvbnm Mnbvcxz - Hour ago
Ты крутой
Zxcvbnm Mnbvcxz
Zxcvbnm Mnbvcxz - Hour ago
purusharth verma
purusharth verma - Hour ago
Cool kid Samxanthug
Cool kid Samxanthug - Hour ago
last time u had 500,000 subs now 3 mil how tfff
Christina Williams
Christina Williams - Hour ago
Person that never won a give away two letters

Me 🙃
Demetria Velazquez
Demetria Velazquez - Hour ago
Can u make me customizing shoe
kate lol
kate lol - Hour ago
apple watches = pretty cool
custom watches = really cool
custom watches by MARKO = i want one
Ty Boz
Ty Boz - Hour ago
I want to win something!
BrokenWaffles - Hour ago
Omg I love your art I want one so bad
Samurai - Hour ago
Sanket Goyal
Sanket Goyal - Hour ago
I loved the customization
Gaming for all
Gaming for all - Hour ago
This guy is coping zhc
SMD ALI - Hour ago
Marko u r awsmmm
Your mom Fat
Your mom Fat - 2 hours ago
My favorite ones gotta be the gray
Emery McAffee
Emery McAffee - 2 hours ago
Ayeeee I did it!! Yowwww
XxMochixX - 2 hours ago
When you get a Apple Watch but have an Android 😕
G N L - 2 hours ago
Copy zhc
月亭方正 - 2 hours ago
Ryane Buschman
Ryane Buschman - 2 hours ago
I loved this video I liked the very first one
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