Neil Patrick Harris Talks About His Kids' "Weird" Cameo in A Series of Unfortunate Events

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Anaid B
Anaid B - Month ago
What s his dog s instagram??😂
Emilie - 2 months ago
I've always loved NPH, and every time I see him talk about his family, I love him even more. He so obviously loves them so much.
NTE DANIEL - 2 months ago
This interview was lengen wait for it....... Dary
Cody Dirkson
Cody Dirkson - 2 months ago
Nicole - 2 months ago
nice suit stinson
akeya davis
akeya davis - 3 months ago
gui luy
gui luy - 3 months ago
Ohhh count olaf is gay
cathy smith
cathy smith - 3 months ago
God loves the sinner ...but hates the sin. We are not to judge anyone, for Salvation is our responsibility and God gives us all that choice. We choose either eternal life or eternal damnation.....Warning someone of eternal consequences is not judging them, its loving them....God doesn't send anyone to hell....we do it to ourselves when we choose to reject God. God doesn't want or need to punish people, sin in itself is its own form of punishment. Hell was not created for humans but for Satan and his demons. But for those who reject Christ will be cast into Hell for the life and choices they make.
wariolandgoldpiramid - 4 months ago
I didn't know NPH was gay.
daphneyew69 - 4 months ago
Mr Poe : that’s count Olaf ! I’ve had enough!
Violet Klaus and Sunny : that’s Neil Patrick Harris!
Nikkie J.
Nikkie J. - 5 months ago
Now after ASOUE I'm going to see him as Count Olaf in disguise. 😂
Liv x
Liv x - 5 months ago
i love his family so much. i hope i will be blessed with such beautiful people in my life.
Mallow Robey
Mallow Robey - 5 months ago
horse dairy punch... Neil, that sounds suspiciously homestuck
anoja31 - 5 months ago
Aww ;-;
Aleksandra Deblessem
Aleksandra Deblessem - 5 months ago
I willl always use this saying from now on 😂
KoalaSlimez - 5 months ago
My name is not... anything but Stephano! 😅
Noora Kayed
Noora Kayed - 5 months ago
I’ve recently started to watch how I met your mother, and now I’m so weirded out every time I see Neil in an interview! He’s not supposed to be a nice family man! He’s the ladies man who hates kids and marriage! 😅😂
Emily Grace
Emily Grace - 5 months ago
I feel bad for Neil his ugly twin brother Olaf died and they just left him on the beach darn Violet Claus and Sunny
Edward Scissorhands
Edward Scissorhands - 5 months ago
millie - anne
millie - anne - 5 months ago
someone check his ankle
Samuel Maurer
Samuel Maurer - 5 months ago
He loves puzzles huh?

The Alpha Male Robloxian
The Alpha Male Robloxian - 5 months ago
Your disguise won’t fool me Olaf.
caitlyn who r u
caitlyn who r u - 5 months ago
Anyone else fucking cried when Count Olaf died at the end knowing damn well that was gonna happen
caitlyn who r u
caitlyn who r u - 5 months ago
I'm gonna miss Count Olaf 😔
shampoosharky 35
shampoosharky 35 - 5 months ago
Wait he’s gay? I am confusion
TI Pilot
TI Pilot - 5 months ago
his teeth look weird
Raeally ?
Raeally ? - 5 months ago
Woah Lorenzo von Matterhorn!
kkk - 6 months ago
the faget with aids will brainwashed its future fagets kids
so so so sad thats what happens when you join the (cult of diseases) then you die ⚰️ 🤷🏻‍♂️ 😂👍🏼
ScionStorm - 6 months ago
Shaking my fist at all this cheesy horseing around.
Eric Smith
Eric Smith - 6 months ago
Homosexuality is a sin turn from evil and seek righteousness and Truth from The Lord your God Jesus Christ Savior of the World repentance is a must The Lord your God Jesus Christ did not make man to marry man or women marry women that is abomination in His eyes of The Lord it is worldly confusion that comes from the devil Lucifer and his demons
Wwe evolution 2019
Wwe evolution 2019 - 6 months ago
Sometimes when he talks he sounds like his acting still 🤔
Alliyah Rashid
Alliyah Rashid - 6 months ago
Can’t you see Mr Poe he’s Count Olaf in disguise
Vilja Peltokorpi
Vilja Peltokorpi - 6 months ago
I just realized that he plays count Olaf. Mindblown.
Cindy Jarvis
Cindy Jarvis - 6 months ago
Very Fascinating Disguise there 👁️
Samantha Montuoro
Samantha Montuoro - 6 months ago
Horse cheese fist
Samantha Montuoro
Samantha Montuoro - 6 months ago
Literally followed gidgetgrams.
Pearl Ashton
Pearl Ashton - 6 months ago
Oof now I have to go back and rewatch Carnivorous Carnival
Morgan Fall
Morgan Fall - 6 months ago
I need him and Andy samberg to star in a tv series
Rebecca Chen
Rebecca Chen - 6 months ago
Didnt know that the show was filmed in Vancouver!
Fercandy Justo
Fercandy Justo - 6 months ago
Ahh I knew they looked familiar!!
Adelina Blaise
Adelina Blaise - 6 months ago
All I want in life is to meet Neil.
(imma text this comment to my friend with no context and yeah that’s basically all I do with my life thnx bye)
Francesca - 6 months ago
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave you met Ted?
Annan paul
Annan paul - 6 months ago
is he gay ?
Jenny - 6 months ago
its better to have a fist in the cheese than a horse on top of it!
McPopGaming - 6 months ago
I think he is the peacock in the masked singer
jason mcclain
jason mcclain - 6 months ago
@Late Night with Seth Meyers
How can I block any content from this channel from showing up on my page? I have reported, thumbs down, and even ranked it as harmful and misleading. How can I permanently ban or block the channel from ever appearing in my suggestions ever again?
Steven Enno
Steven Enno - 6 months ago
.... this man should be a role model for the gays.
Take notes ya fairies
Danielle Julapong
Danielle Julapong - 6 months ago
Seth Myers is so awkward. It seems like he didn't even tried to research what the show is about. Uckkk
McKenna Wright
McKenna Wright - 6 months ago
Klaus, Sunny, and Violet RUN!
Siân Diêpiê
Siân Diêpiê - 6 months ago
He’s such a cake-sniffer!
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