The Oscars Jokes Kevin Hart Would Have Told

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vonner707 - 22 hours ago
Stephen Colbert sucks. Dont know why he still has a show
Siyabonga Maphanga
Siyabonga Maphanga - 5 days ago
Is it me or was that song in the background weird and funny asf😂😂😭💯
Jerry Casseus
Jerry Casseus - 7 days ago
I don't like him
kickbuttme - 11 days ago
How is this Stephen Colbert guy still in business?
a.vishnu Tejaskar
a.vishnu Tejaskar - 18 days ago
Bro.. your show is too serious gotta chill out. People watch shows to have a fun time.
Libby Bautista
Libby Bautista - 22 days ago
Dr.Alexander - 25 days ago
“I found that it’s not over until the audience is over it, not when I’m over it”
“That’s difficult for an entertainer because part of the job is to please”
So based on those two statements, Stephen just told the world how insecure he really is as a person.
erebusl - Month ago
Not going to talk about it, then spend 10 minutes talking about it. Fake ass hollywierd.
Johann Dino
Johann Dino - Month ago
Suck it up and move on, everybody isn't responsible for how you feel. People are such snowflakes nowadays. Physical assault, that's a thing, but being offended because of words? Pfft.
matt henderson
matt henderson - Month ago
Shouldn’t have apologized
Mystery Mogul
Mystery Mogul - Month ago
Damn I thought he was talking about sex
Jerome Le banner
Jerome Le banner - Month ago
Hello everybody, any Body nows the Brand of Kevins Jacket. Thx
Amar Fawwas
Amar Fawwas - Month ago
The Upside Down*
shaelovebeyonce - Month ago
He only apologized once btw after refusing to apologize in the first place 10 years ago. Weird how he becomes the victim and only why most people don't care is because most is homophobic especially the Black community.
Charles Bubba Bagsby
Charles Bubba Bagsby - Month ago
Maybe the host is gay so he is truly offended so he just had to talk about again...... Kevin keep doing you!!! Your obviously doing something right!
Dig Facts
Dig Facts - Month ago
This is awesome dude. So funny heh Kevin Hart nailed it.
Fizz Hussain
Fizz Hussain - Month ago
Stephen is kinda cold to kevin here
Chris Young
Chris Young - Month ago
woulda, coulda, SHOULDA!
Isaac Wu
Isaac Wu - Month ago
That's powerful little man
david turner
david turner - Month ago
What really offends is political correctness. On a good day, it's blatant hypocrisy and double standards. On a bad day, it's censorship over outrage at the truth, and on a worse day, somebody is smeared and their career gets destroyed because they didn't suck up enough to a special class of tyrants... It's forbidden to use the "f" word, but it's socially acceptable to use the "n" word??? In the culture I was raised in, neither word was acceptable... That example is the least of America's psychcopathy.
There is far worse that is extremely violent that Americans are either indifferent about, or actually enjoy. Like "bombing the sh-t out of brown people" in these perpetual foreign wars... Where is the outrage over that?
Isn't mass murder at least as offensive as certain words?.. This is how completely twisted this country has become. I am old enough to remember when Americans were more consistently offended. I can remember when there were huge civil rights and anti-war movements that happened during the same time period.
Can't we say as Americans that our foreign policy is at least as bigoted as the use of the "f" word?..
Shouldn't we as Americans be at least equally disturbed about both?
I would settle for that much right now as an anti-war activist. If only other people in the world were respected as much.
Just as much, that would be huge help.
We wouldn't tolerate our government and its allies bombing the sh-t out of gay people, would we?
How is it in any way acceptable for our government to engage in the wholesale slaughter of anybody else?
Just some perspective coming from someone in their 50s... If I was younger, would I give a damn?.. Do any of you?
jennifer emmert
jennifer emmert - Month ago
The difference between Hart and colbert potentially hosting the oscars??? Hart is funny. Colbert never is.
CP Lucci
CP Lucci - Month ago
Kevin not on Conan's...
That's a low blow
Sonny Managbanag
Sonny Managbanag - Month ago
Its a joke. Just get over it sensitive farts.
T J - Month ago
People just want you to grovel.
Paul Gitonga
Paul Gitonga - Month ago
ffs -
ffs - - Month ago
Okay, is it just me or was Stephen being really hard on Kevin?? It was like he was stirring shit, acting like Kevin didn't apologise at all or something, like his past apologies weren't genuine. I'm sorry, but he has not only apologised, but reflected on his past comments and has made it so that he never makes the same mistake again, how tf is that not enough?? ffs.
David Leach
David Leach - Month ago
I thought it was funny
NimbusKhan NK
NimbusKhan NK - Month ago
It is the very first time I've seen Stephen Colbert being a jerk.
Candyman - Month ago
To all gays it's not natural haha
Forrest R Oney
Forrest R Oney - Month ago
Another FTM Baphomet tranny like his buddy The Rock . Go look at the Rocks "Daughter" Simone . That is a freakish tranny MAN .
Elvis Van
Elvis Van - 2 months ago
_🌌11PM May 24 2019~_
Jayanth arawa
Jayanth arawa - 2 months ago
Stephen Colbert is the worst host ever
Kookachulu - 2 months ago
Daddy Paddy
Daddy Paddy - 2 months ago
Pc ideals are s9 convoluted it makes me sick and it's just not working.
Ffs if Kevin heart was gay himself his jokes would have been loved by all walks of life. PC society =hypocrisy!
What The Dude
What The Dude - 2 months ago
What did he do ?
Gianni Brown
Gianni Brown - 2 months ago
I don't get this. He's acknowledged what he said was wrong and apologized for saying it YEARS ago. Then he apologized again. Seriously, what else can he do? Unless he has a DeLorean with a working Flux Capacitor, what more can he do?
Gianni Brown
Gianni Brown - 2 months ago
"You've been on a lot of new shows lately, but you actually appeared on this one." Such a great joke. Lmfao
janet jackson
janet jackson - 2 months ago
YOU OK WITH over it? but you are still an onion.
janet jackson
janet jackson - 2 months ago
Gina Cable
Gina Cable - 2 months ago
What did he do?
SwtorBro - 2 months ago
kevin and dwayne should host the oscars xD
Saran Hassan
Saran Hassan - 2 months ago
Dude you are legend,period.
chrisguy98TM - 2 months ago
what the actual fuck is wrong with stephen
Marino Buneta
Marino Buneta - 2 months ago
he say we come back but the video is ower
Mauri QHD
Mauri QHD - 2 months ago
i get his point, but it comes off as another thing, plus the wording isnt right
Marcelo Dinucci
Marcelo Dinucci - 2 months ago
You have nothing to apologize for, well done.
Higher World
Higher World - 2 months ago
This is why the lgbq doesn’t want equality they wan to censor you and use governments with guns to do so. So fuck them.
Fighter Man
Fighter Man - 2 months ago
I hate Stephen Colbert
Alejandro Gomez
Alejandro Gomez - 2 months ago
Backstage we KNOW Kevin Hart is saying, people are such pussies these days
Travis Gillespie
Travis Gillespie - 2 months ago
I think the mistake he made was apologizing. He's a comedian, their job is to tell jokes about people. If he tells a fat joke does he then need to apologize to all the fat people, it's just silly. Get over yourself people
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