Tom Scott & L.A. Express ☆ Live [1999]

iamareplicant - 2 months ago
For drum fans, listen to John Guerin playing with Tom Scott and LA Express in the early '70's. Nothing else, no other things Guerin played on (which are epic and went on for years and are countless), just that. He is one of the greatest modern drummers ever if for just what he did with Tom Scott.
daniel oswald
daniel oswald - 4 months ago
klaus doldinger/david sanborn smoothjazz wicki? jazz-rock/jazz-fank /the best of sanborn/grover`w. next exit
Gevorg Rostomyan
Gevorg Rostomyan - 6 months ago
What a solid Band...
Thanks for sharing
김레오 - 6 months ago
Paul's solo 29:00 31:25 46:38
Mike Troupe
Mike Troupe - 11 months ago
Wasn't that the original drummer John Guerin applauding at 34:15?
Steve Rose
Steve Rose - 5 months ago
That's not John, he would've been 60 in 1999. Looks a little like him though. Surely Tom Scott would've introduced him if it was him.
Stefanie Kronberger
Stefanie Kronberger - 11 months ago
Beautiful !!!!
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