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Brent Rivera
Brent Rivera - 8 months ago
like this video if you feel bad for me...😩😢
and comment what grade you would go back to! 😂
Rebecca Gallagher
Rebecca Gallagher - 27 days ago
Brent Rivera I would go back to pre school
Matilda Mcneilly
Matilda Mcneilly - Month ago
Grade 4
Ashlee Escobar
Ashlee Escobar - Month ago
I would have chosen brent because he was getting no attention
XxGalaxy WolfXx
XxGalaxy WolfXx - 2 months ago
I feel bad for Brent 😞
george mansour
george mansour - 2 months ago
7 th grade
Alrx gaming !
Alrx gaming ! - 2 minutes ago
This is hilarious
Willow Schaaf-Naepi
Willow Schaaf-Naepi - 6 minutes ago
i do not like this vid
Willow Schaaf-Naepi
Willow Schaaf-Naepi - 9 minutes ago
Txname you in 2020 your going to have a crush on somebody that is a youtuber :) :3
Willow Schaaf-Naepi
Willow Schaaf-Naepi - 13 minutes ago
Willow Schaaf-Naepi
Willow Schaaf-Naepi - 13 minutes ago
Willow Schaaf-Naepi
Willow Schaaf-Naepi - 14 minutes ago
Ben this is from me >:( brent should me the good one :) because if you just brought heap of apple that doesn't mean you have to be the favorite and when brent said 34x then say yes and also you are not allowed to copy the other person answer
Ataysha Sutherland
Ataysha Sutherland - 56 minutes ago
Brent they are famous 😁😉
Arkadiusz Maksymowicz
i am Gavins girl friend now and coco you suck
Abbi Duval
Abbi Duval - Hour ago
I am pretty sure none of these students are even in 5th grade
Abbi Duval
Abbi Duval - Hour ago
I would like to go back to preschool because you get to do everything your way basicly
Isabella Alvarado
Isabella Alvarado - 2 hours ago
i dont feel bad because bens better and you always bug bexi [ lexi and ben ]
Alexa Mancinez
Alexa Mancinez - 2 hours ago
I’m feeling bad for you I’m crying 😭 and feeling sad 😢 and Ben he is your friend
Sarah Situ
Sarah Situ - 2 hours ago
Mandy Norman
Mandy Norman - 2 hours ago
poor brent
Hadley Fortenberry
Hadley Fortenberry - 2 hours ago
ellie from dance moms in in ther
Hofmann Kenzie
Hofmann Kenzie - 2 hours ago
I would go back to kindagarden
Lexie Davies
Lexie Davies - 3 hours ago
Verina Shala
Verina Shala - 3 hours ago
I fell bad
Helena Grieco
Helena Grieco - 3 hours ago
Love you
T W - 4 hours ago
Love your videos funny especially go back
T W - 4 hours ago
To kindergarten
Erica Russell
Erica Russell - 5 hours ago
Hi I am a big fan
Trenton Tollison
Trenton Tollison - 5 hours ago
Hi br
Payton Moormeier
Payton Moormeier - 5 hours ago
Ben was a king
Shevan Flakes
Shevan Flakes - 6 hours ago
Grade 5
sisters forever atkinson
sisters forever atkinson - 7 hours ago
I will go back to kiddagarten bc you gte new frends
Soha asif Soha asif
Soha asif Soha asif - 7 hours ago
Honestly I don’t like Ben
NABIL RAHMAN - 7 hours ago
Omg did you see tsunami in the back ground from familia diamond
Shelby Herald
Shelby Herald - 7 hours ago
I want to go back to kinder
Yusef KingXD
Yusef KingXD - 9 hours ago
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Dave Cohen
Dave Cohen - 10 hours ago
WOW I don’t want to
ROBLOXBROPRO - 10 hours ago
i hate the mom shes a jerk
GamerKim 2018
GamerKim 2018 - 11 hours ago
Really Ben don’t do that Brent Before I come in there
arianagrande_. p
arianagrande_. p - 12 hours ago
this vid not very funny
Jashanjot Saini
Jashanjot Saini - 13 hours ago
I feel aa
Courtney Shiku
Courtney Shiku - 13 hours ago
I saw txunamy
Daniel Reigoza
Daniel Reigoza - 16 hours ago
I hate Gavin he be mean to peoples in my dream put glass in my head
Claudia Ruiz
Claudia Ruiz - 17 hours ago
Preschool because they let you sleep and I’m always tired in the morning in the night I don’t even want to go to sleep
Light 1026
Light 1026 - 18 hours ago
Haha Brent is so mad it's so funny 😂😂😂
Ryan Sean
Ryan Sean - 19 hours ago
Bekkah Huggins
Bekkah Huggins - 19 hours ago
This is how mini time Brent got picked on

Sucko_ Pizza
Sucko_ Pizza - 19 hours ago
I finished fifth grade this year 😂
Circe Coss
Circe Coss - 19 hours ago
I feel so bad of you brent 😮😥
Joy Tariman
Joy Tariman - 20 hours ago
Oh sorry that brent oh omg felling bad for😯😯
Jesus javier Valle
Jesus javier Valle - 20 hours ago
I don't like coc🤢🤮 and Gavín🤢🤮 and zunami🤢🤮🌊
Olivia Marissa
Olivia Marissa - 20 hours ago
so... basically just brent being bullied by his mom, his best friend, and kids for 7:12 mins straight
yan chen
yan chen - 21 hour ago
Was Eliana Walmsley there l’m a huge fan of her and l am also a huge fan of Brent! Like if you are a fan too!
yan chen
yan chen - 21 hour ago
I’m sorry Brent better luck next time ♡
Cindy Jagmohan
Cindy Jagmohan - 21 hour ago
Brent i felt sorry for u i even cry😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Emily does Random stuff
Emily does Random stuff - 22 hours ago
I loved how coco was drinking a Capri sun all afternoon like if you noticed it to
Derek Martin
Derek Martin - 22 hours ago
I do not feel bad for you you deserve it shouldn’t be that way
Autumn Mitchell
Autumn Mitchell - 22 hours ago
I would go back to preschool
puppylover 0520
puppylover 0520 - 22 hours ago
Im going to 5th grade
Marcela Malisab
Marcela Malisab - 23 hours ago
I don’t feel bad for you y feel good for ben
Maria Dobre
Maria Dobre - Day ago
Boo boo boo ben
bontu piazza
bontu piazza - Day ago
i wuld go back to pre-school
Dylan Fei
Dylan Fei - Day ago
Isabel fun
Isabel fun - Day ago
poor brent
Nina Rizk
Nina Rizk - Day ago
I’d definitely go back to 5th Grade. It was just the best year ever!
Owen Tam
Owen Tam - Day ago
Grad 5
Kaitlan Salandy
Kaitlan Salandy - Day ago
Bruh but Brent said 34×
SIRI YT - Day ago
Loli Morales
Loli Morales - Day ago
I would go to 2 grade
im araceli Fuentes
im araceli Fuentes - Day ago
Who else noticed that gabin magnus was the Olny boy there until ben and brent showed up
3 th grade
Atasha Simpson
Atasha Simpson - Day ago
IS that tx
Olivia Wadington
Olivia Wadington - Day ago
Ps I LUV ur vids
Olivia Wadington
Olivia Wadington - Day ago
I’m in 5th grade and guess what in quarantine so......
Black Mind
Black Mind - Day ago
This is funny 😂😂😂😂
Gareth Mc Brearty
Gareth Mc Brearty - Day ago
I did
DonnaPlays Roblox
DonnaPlays Roblox - Day ago
I liked :)
Emma Sor
Emma Sor - Day ago
5 grade
Sadie Moss
Sadie Moss - Day ago
Melanie Morales
Melanie Morales - Day ago
# familia Diamond
liu dan
liu dan - Day ago
I do not like your mother
Lucillia’s World
Lucillia’s World - Day ago
Is that Txamy
Isla Carter
Isla Carter - Day ago
Done fifth-grade
mia Pretty
mia Pretty - Day ago
Brent I Feel bat voor yu
monty - Day ago
You’re both going to the same age how old are you YouTube YouTube
Sarah Situ
Sarah Situ - 2 hours ago
monty hahahahaha
Faith pullins
Faith pullins - Day ago
5 grade
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