Film Theory: Why Scar is the RIGHTFUL King! (Disney Lion King)

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Han Lee
Han Lee - 9 hours ago
I do not believe lions in the wild would have enlisted the help of hyenas in their "duels." That was just cowardly, anything but what a 'rightful king' would do. In fact, it was more like treason.
HT 7
HT 7 - 12 hours ago
Thank you for ruining my childhood
Galactic Empire
Galactic Empire - 13 hours ago
i used to live in minnesnowta nobody says don cha kno
JayJay PandaGirl
JayJay PandaGirl - 15 hours ago
It's a children's movie... CHILL.
BrandedSaiyan - 18 hours ago
Dude your're over analyzing it. Lions also can't speak English soooo what's your point?
Sophie - 18 hours ago
Mufasa: *can’t catch himself on all fours*
Gloria: Man, what kinda cat are you?
McKensi Raab
McKensi Raab - 19 hours ago
How can you explain scar ending up as a rug in beauty and the beast?
ChronoFlation - 21 hour ago
You've been on the woke thing somewhat frequently since MK11. Better watch where you tread MatPat, by the time you realize you've gone too far with something it'll be too late
Curtis Schultz
Curtis Schultz - 21 hour ago
Interesting take on the film.
Ink Squiddo!
Ink Squiddo! - 22 hours ago
They making a life action splatoon movie maybe
ryudragon7 - 22 hours ago
"Live action" Lion King.
It's just CG animation.
Ana Morales
Ana Morales - 23 hours ago
A theory that is wrong
Latoom - 23 hours ago
I can't wait to hear simbas little roar
Scare sus
Scare sus - Day ago
My dislike sence is tingling
HOODED LIK - Day ago
Wow, now hate this movie🥳🥳fcking Mat always speaking facts 🤦🏾‍♂️🔥🔥
happynuggets459 ___
Just as a heads up, Disney re-made some movies because they want the newer generations of kids so that they can enjoy the stories too (you probably already knew this, but I just wanted to say . _.)
Haseo Ravana
Haseo Ravana - Day ago
606 MC
606 MC - Day ago
Ya but who was nala's dad?
Dr.Rajasaurus and Uncle Bonecrack
If scar was alive and human, I'd want him to date my daughter
Eric Sanders
Eric Sanders - Day ago
Hey mat pat sir I was rewatching timeforce power rangers and it made me think about the power ranger time line and I was wondering if that whatever happens with the power ranger universe between the year 2001 and 3000 I was wondering if every event that was in the first episode of time force still plays out no matter what happens between the two time periods and your the only person that I could think of that could possibly come up a theory or something
Shawndale Jackson
Shawndale Jackson - Day ago
U kinda ruined the movie nobody was tryna think about that
StickBot Stop motion
Hell I have four cats I thought they had nine lives moofasa Should have survived
Jada Burgos
Jada Burgos - Day ago
Ahadi, Mufasa's father, probably took over the pride, when he already mated with Mufasa's mother, and didn't kill off the children, or mated with the other lionesses. Same with Mufasa. That's probably what happened.
dark wolf zilla
dark wolf zilla - Day ago
Deliah Correction
Deliah Correction - Day ago
Me: *watches toy story theory at night*
Also Me: I’m not going to be able to sleep after this...
Chloe - Day ago
me: laughs when Mufasa dies, cries when scar dies
Joshua A
Joshua A - Day ago
Sorry matpat. This movies plot is nearly identical. I still like the classic wayyy more. (i didn't buy the ticket don't hate me)
Jad Kazan
Jad Kazan - 2 days ago
Worst. Video ever
Dead Guy
Dead Guy - 2 days ago
Mufasa has hair in his feet maybe they watched film theory and corrected it. Im watching lion king right now
Best sketches
Best sketches - 2 days ago
Do a theory for black butler
Tarun The wizard
Tarun The wizard - 2 days ago
For any British viewers Serengeti explains it all
Tarun The wizard
Tarun The wizard - 2 days ago
Everyone in the comments come at me I know every lion king song by heart

Try me female canines
Dark Antos
Dark Antos - 2 days ago
Why they are no other lions only lioness
Elizabeth webb
Elizabeth webb - 2 days ago
I've watched the live action lion King. One note I have about it, THEY HAVE NO BALLS!!!! seriously take a closer look
LiStEn bOi yOu gOt nO jAmS
Why would you even focus on that😂🤣😂
Arlynn the Writer
Arlynn the Writer - 2 days ago
"Nobody wants their kids to die an early death" *The Anti-vaxxers beg to differ*
Dirty Dps
Dirty Dps - 2 days ago
Why is scar is not the king
Because he is a lion guard
Boogie Thug Rose
Boogie Thug Rose - 2 days ago
Im from Minnesota and its true!! Im a strong black man and all the white women cant get enough of me!!!
ParaEwie - 2 days ago
The Lionesses would be massacred by the Human legions of the Scar World empire! Hail scar!
KinPin. EXE
KinPin. EXE - 2 days ago
What if scar is a rouge lion
Johanna Fernandez
Johanna Fernandez - 2 days ago
The lion king song ranking prepared(scar’s song)
2.hakuna matata(timón and pumba song)
3.i just can’t wait to be king(young Simba and young nala song)
4.can you feel the love tonight(grownup simba and grownup nala song)
Ben Serpick
Ben Serpick - 3 days ago
Cool vid
Bryan Ralph
Bryan Ralph - 3 days ago
We can say the same thing for us humans. Black people are genetically superior and dominant when it comes to genetics. All other ethnic groups are recessive basically genetic off shoots. Any animal with higher concentration of melanin is considered dominant.. The ones with lighter skin tone have a lesser chance of survival. These are the laws of nature..
Fawaz Peleowo
Fawaz Peleowo - 3 days ago
Wait a sec man but Simba did defeated Scar so now Simba becomes king right?
Bilal Khares
Bilal Khares - 3 days ago
In nature there is no rightful ruler, they fight for dominance but there is no right or wrong.
Logan Stemler
Logan Stemler - 3 days ago
I think Panthera is Pantera Mk II
Imma HoneyBee7
Imma HoneyBee7 - 3 days ago

That- That was a great joke...
Chocolate Alpaca
Chocolate Alpaca - 3 days ago
good job bruh
Elfie In Angel City
Elfie In Angel City - 3 days ago
Those are not knee joints. They are elbow joints. Sorry, but as an artist who has studied some animal anatomy, that was buggin' me.
awesomepaws352 - 3 days ago
I have already seen the new lion king and it is AWESOME
The Poke'Saurus
The Poke'Saurus - 3 days ago
I knew about lion main science before it was cool.
Pbakernyc - 3 days ago
That’s actually incorrect Scar and Mustafa would have been a coalition so they both would have been sleeping with the Lionesses and technically wouldn’t know if Simba was his or Mustafas.
Jack Wallace Photography
08:30 or a metal band
capofgames 7
capofgames 7 - 3 days ago
Why did u have to ruin the movies
Kiwile3 - 3 days ago
Ok but I’d be down to see the live action Lion King if it was like this
Eliy M-Brown
Eliy M-Brown - 3 days ago
Nature is cruel
Xian Ricafort
Xian Ricafort - 3 days ago
Score is not the right King he is a villain
T-man - 3 days ago
Seriously? Everyone is ... it’s a cartoon designed in a board room to make a rich company even richer.😒
Sam The Gamer
Sam The Gamer - 4 days ago
A Theory Youtuber Said "its just a theory"
BAMGaming - 4 days ago
When are more JoJo’s theories coming?
Cutetiger13 - 4 days ago
I saw the remake yesterday and The Lion King(origanal) is my FAVORITE movie!! I heard it wasnt the best ,so I didn't have hope. So when Disney messed up my favorite scenes I was don't. I don't thibk Disney should have touched The Lion King to remake.
Ray Parkin
Ray Parkin - 4 days ago
Nasty bunch of lions.  Y'all need Jesus, or Budda, or somethin'!
Ellerion3 - 4 days ago
Oh, boo hoo 4 U.
It has exactly ZERO importance for Disney.
Shay Animates
Shay Animates - 4 days ago
If simba and nala are siblings, explain this line from nala when simba wants to go to the elephant graveyard
“Nala: mom can I go with simba?”
Nala said MOM.
bubblewrapstargirl - Day ago
Dumbass they have the same father and different mothers
lol its a penguin and it's izan
To be honest there is a better explanation:

So in the lion guard series,since scar (Idk his real name btw) is the leader of the lion guard his duty is to protect the pride lands.yhen he met a mysterious lion that tricked home,a snake scratched his eye and scar wins the fight with the lion.he explained to his Bro what happened and mufasa nicknamed him scar,even if he just saved pride rock from terrorism of a totally different lion,I feel bad :(
LunaLemon Cecelia
LunaLemon Cecelia - 4 days ago
3:30 " after talking to some clouds "

Harl L
Harl L - 4 days ago
Problem in the theory scar exiled Simba right but he planned for him being killed by the hyenas what failed so he would still be alive
Janelle G
Janelle G - 4 days ago
this movie is a bit animaited the lions have no balls
the Prince of Awesomeness
although it's not realistic i would say that scar raigned so long becouse he had (let's use a conservative number that is still fake) x4 as many hyenas on his side as there were female lions
PeanutButter Jelly
PeanutButter Jelly - 4 days ago
Isn’t scar already a sexy beast
Darth vader
Darth vader - 4 days ago
Umm mufasa is not a dominant lion hes father ahdi chose him to be the next king
Lola Hernandez
Lola Hernandez - 4 days ago
This is how much he says “end quote”
Maddox makesvideos
Maddox makesvideos - 4 days ago
At 8:28 i saw tigra from marvel. But the problem is that shes not a villain. She actualy served as an avenger in the 1980s. I am a nerd. I know.
Xx SiemonYT xX
Xx SiemonYT xX - 4 days ago
Why would Scar be the RIGHTFUL KING if he allowed the hyenas to kill other animals like Elephants, Zebras and Giraffes?
Billy MCFC
Billy MCFC - 4 days ago
It makes me so sad how excited you were for the remake :(
child of gaia
child of gaia - 4 days ago
Not fully true what if simba had just been forced to leave and only female cubs where killed. I mean it looked as if simba was the only male at the time.
Birch_ thetree
Birch_ thetree - 4 days ago
In the Lion King 2, Kovu, son of Scar, cousin of Simba, mates with Kiara, his cousin's daughter

TheIsle GamingSavage
TheIsle GamingSavage - 4 days ago
U see James saying the live action lion king will be more accurate to real
lions life is funny because they didn’t do that.
Infinity Plays
Infinity Plays - 4 days ago
More epic and brutal ending?!?!?

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