Twin-Turbo Jet Boat Rips the Water! Finnegan's Garage Ep.96

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Cobra427 V8
Cobra427 V8 - 2 days ago
Cool , might need to add some sensitivity and clamp to the accelerator pump shot .
kala time
kala time - 3 days ago
Sound levels all over the place with this video
D R - 4 days ago
Александр Бетехтин
Какая скорость?
elkramo - 5 days ago
waiting to see ruth langmore on the bank
Jimmy Kirkpatrick
Jimmy Kirkpatrick - 8 days ago
Waqar Ghulam
Waqar Ghulam - 9 days ago
You were never not referring to cylinder 7, but 8, 7 was on the opposite side
Big Daddy
Big Daddy - 9 days ago
Is that a fucking Toyota pickup? What happened to you?
Big Daddy
Big Daddy - 9 days ago
You know what's great about Georgia? Fucking nothing! By the way, you should put a Honda VTech in that thing, that would be so tight, bro!
Max Savelev
Max Savelev - 10 days ago
Блесна работает при скорости в 2, 3 мили/ч
Max Savelev
Max Savelev - 10 days ago
Зачем ? Проглот . Паралельно лодкам обычным мотором 150hp .
dash8024 - 11 days ago
Just want people want to hear after they spent 500k for a property on the lake.
Jacob Nix
Jacob Nix - 12 days ago
Your multimeter was measuring that 230ohms was off the scale while set on 200ohms.
Kevin Oconnell
Kevin Oconnell - 12 days ago
You guys are dumb?
Google Sucks
Google Sucks - 14 days ago
I heard him say, "this filthy trash receptacle," and expected to see my ex-girlfriend in the shop.
Frans Badenhorst
Frans Badenhorst - 14 days ago
I will lay awake nights thinking what kind of ride that must be....
Scottie Johnson
Scottie Johnson - 20 days ago
Never thought about putting spark plugs in the ultrasonic cleaner. We have a smaller one we use for carb parts.
Brett Caldwell
Brett Caldwell - 22 days ago
Anyone else notice how close his ripcord came to snagging his throttle bracket?
Michaelktm - 22 days ago
I am surprised that you would put the kevlar underwear on given your usual disregard for your safety by your reluctance to use jack stands, safety glasses and hearing protection in all your videos i've seen over the years.
4x4chevy - 24 days ago
Send oil sample for testing to identify type of metallic particles
How to win. Facts.
How to win. Facts. - 26 days ago
That day could of made you 5 grand but instead your accounts not plus 5 and now minus than when you got up
Luca Nissoli
Luca Nissoli - 26 days ago
FJ80Coop - 27 days ago
Who thumbs upped Finnegans being stranded on the lake due to loose nut behind the wheel error ? 😂
Steven Bowles
Steven Bowles - 29 days ago
That damn boat does over a hundred without breaking a sweat
Chris Collum
Chris Collum - Month ago
Heighth isn't a word..... It's should be, but it isn't.
Duane Ross
Duane Ross - Month ago
Glad things are improving for you.
J Doyle
J Doyle - Month ago
Don't need 23 minutes to tell me to used NOS get to to the point buddy If you you want to paid bu y YouTube
RADIO FLITE RC - Month ago
After you get it all dialed in and go back and forth 20 0r 30 times ..then what? Sell it and next project ?
I bet that would be awesome for trolling for trout with my dog stumpy!
AceOspades - Month ago
My god....that thing was just skimming on the surface of the water. Daaaaaaamn.
James Smith
James Smith - Month ago
Next step: make it/make a hydrofoil like this so Finnegan sees it! 🤣👌🏻
Andrew Litchfield
Andrew Litchfield - Month ago
Just a quick tip, When using an Ultrasonic cleaner to clean up plugs, ensure that no moisture gets into Centres as they will pop them out the porcelain and leave the steel threads in your engine block lol!!
Nigel W
Nigel W - Month ago
Gday Finnegan,
Man! Now that’s my kind of “social isolating”. Great job on the setup and all the best with the ongoing tuning.
Just wondered what that “fat rooster tail” was at 21:26? Maybe a lowered pick up or trim tab etc?
Nothing beats hammering across a glass-off in a big block powered boat! 🤤
We see you guys are copping it bad up there at the moment. Hoping it’s all over sooner rather than later. Our thoughts are with you, stay safe and well,
Cheers from Oz 👍🍻
Dominic Gonzales
Dominic Gonzales - Month ago
Not a boat guy, but why is there carbon dioxide tanks?
Captain Nice
Captain Nice - Month ago
I was wondering just when he would run out of gas; man, power boats ain't cheap to run...⛽💰💸
Swell Machine!👍
Benzman500sl - Month ago
Such a beautiful area. What lake is that and where is it?
Dominic Mauro
Dominic Mauro - Month ago
can you call it a jet boat without a turbine engine?
bilinas mini
bilinas mini - Month ago
Holy Hell! I’ve been watching these videos for over 4 years? I remember game over going to SEMA. Where has my life gone?
Carolina Dreamer Automotive
Life jacket isn't going to do much at that speed. Stay safe Mike
Ramy Anthony
Ramy Anthony - Month ago
looks like it does a football field in 3sec flat
okow tina
okow tina - Month ago
When your such a hot rod guy that even your boat is a hot rod.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini - Month ago
Boat= big hole in the water in which you throw enormous sums of money!
Ibnu Masud
Ibnu Masud - Month ago
Is this mr beast when he's get older
Mr Nisqually
Mr Nisqually - Month ago
Where was the laptop?
alisuo toko
alisuo toko - Month ago
On engine breakin, did you use “mineral or conventional oil?” Not!!! Syncs. Oil!
okow tina
okow tina - Month ago
Crazy fast!
Mack Foster Sr.
Mack Foster Sr. - Month ago
That much money in that setup and your running royal purple you must be a gambling man....
Stephen Miller
Stephen Miller - Month ago
All i wanted was a boat to go fishing in
alisuo toko
alisuo toko - Month ago
Makes me think of the scene of the speed boat from “Walking Tall”... Buford Pusser.. 👍🏻
TM P - Month ago
Wind socks are your friends.
LOL old guy in the beginning hears this beast....then runs up to call the cops.
Bobby Tucker
Bobby Tucker - Month ago
This is the first time I've had time to watch this, I have really been looking forward to it. Gonna be a rooster tail about 50 feet high, or are you just going to "Part the Waters"? lol.
donald allen
donald allen - Month ago
I am surprise you just did not switch wires around it cheaper and faster to find out if it is your wires .........OK your guess was right this time
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy - Month ago
"Our fourth lake test was a success!" ...doesn't make it back in by end of video.
Bill Oklahoma
Bill Oklahoma - Month ago
As a matter of curiosity, when you were diagnosing the engines ills what were the compressions readings? Thanks!
Ectcetera Official Youtube
whats the hp
Steven H
Steven H - Month ago
So I got a couple questions one of the neighbors get upset because you're driving a drag boat out on the lake?
2. does that lake have a speed limit law I know up in Minnesota you can only go so fast out on the lake otherwise the DNR can give you a speeding ticket.
3. Could you build a motor like that for my pontoon boat? That would be exciting.
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy - Month ago
Is your jet not aiming a little high?
oldodger gray
oldodger gray - Month ago
My Dad told me years ago to install a strong magnet to your OIL filter (and pan) to hold any steel or iron particulates from going back out. (of the filter). I do it to this day....:) Change the oil and re-use your magnets !
Robert Hull
Robert Hull - Month ago
That's actually a great idea. But if your engine is shedding some metal isn't it on its way out anyway?
old magician
old magician - Month ago
Boat= big hole in the water in which you throw enormous sums of money!
Joshua S
Joshua S - Month ago
Lol not even a splash guard for the driver and passenger. Things just a huge engine mounted on a peace of wood.
REBELDAWG .308 - Month ago
ran out of gas really...... BECAUSE ROADKILL...... you cant get away from it Mike it just follows you everywhere.....I think it's because you and David created it??????
Maverick Lane
Maverick Lane - Month ago
Crazy fast!
cslimfu 33
cslimfu 33 - Month ago
At 21:55, what's with the roost out of nowhere and then it kinda shuts off?
Danny Curtis
Danny Curtis - Month ago
That's the pop-off valve releasing water pressure from the bowl.
Herbert Laughlin
Herbert Laughlin - Month ago
That's what's called, "Instant Acceleration!!".
monika laosi
monika laosi - Month ago
Makes me think of the scene of the speed boat from “Walking Tall”... Buford Pusser.. 👍🏻
Tom Glander
Tom Glander - Month ago
Super nice. Love it.
Mario Zapata
Mario Zapata - Month ago
Mike Izzano
Mike Izzano - Month ago
Sounds great,runs well from here,what scares me is how do you keep it glued to the lake surface ? Good luck.
monika laosi
monika laosi - Month ago
Looks like lake Lanier
Rhan Holbrook
Rhan Holbrook - Month ago
Labor of love....
peter d
peter d - Month ago
Good grif, it floats and goes! I haven't flowed the build in a while! cool 😁
chevydad83 - Month ago
Classic Finnegan, out of gas.
SynKronos - Month ago
Is your jet not aiming a little high?
Freddy Hernandez
Freddy Hernandez - Month ago
That's DopE
Young Ceezzz_
Young Ceezzz_ - Month ago
Is this lake lanier??
mick mccrory
mick mccrory - Month ago
The 2 happiest days in the life of a boat owner.....
The day he buys his boat.
The day he sells his boat.
BeachBow - Month ago
Lessons learned... Always have a chase boat! LOL!! And a paddle! LOL!!
Bdaddy - Month ago
nice boat mann
69NOMAN69 noman
69NOMAN69 noman - Month ago
joshvhsle05 - Month ago
I'm by no means a jet boat guy or boat guy, im a car guy and from Australia , but im curious what caused the massive flare of water at 21.24 .Is this a common jet powered thing with massive power on slightly down throttle. keeping in mind, this thing is INSANE.
Mountain Man
Mountain Man - Month ago
Awesome boat ,but are you holding back a bit? I have a 1968 Sanger 19' V-Drive with a considerably smaller N/A 410w small block Ford stroker and it runs alot stronger.
Love the boat, but let us see what she's really got!
Keep up the great work and videos👍
joshvhsle05 - Month ago
sound reminds me soo much of weekend at bernies. cant wait for this thing to be sorted. i remember when you and dave came to AUS for the 727 in a hsv. loved that vid, you still had to take the bloody bonnet off.
joshvhsle05 - Month ago
i wonder if haltech is cheaper than holley efi in total.
Tim Veilleux
Tim Veilleux - Month ago
Looks like lake Lanier
Anthony - Month ago
LOL, at a medium pace.
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