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hilda amelia fahriza
hilda amelia fahriza - 2 hours ago
You should try focallure make up from china. Yeah, it's from china but it amazing cheap and good quality
Graceyyyy - 3 hours ago
Honestly you are beige
JN’s Covers
JN’s Covers - 4 hours ago
E C - 10 hours ago
So do Miss A makeup tutorial
1-800- GET SHCWIFFTY - 18 hours ago
I think she needs a new microphone
Alba Garcia
Alba Garcia - Day ago
ok im very late to this and im a new subscriber even though ive been watching your videos for a while it takes me a long time to subscribe to someone because im very picky on who I like LMAO but what I wanted to ask was what brushes are you using or own
frankf198 - Day ago
Ya got mad talent 👄💄 looks flawless 👍🏻😉
Sarah Puhk
Sarah Puhk - Day ago
You should review make up from Claire’s, the accessory store! Lmao
Crazy Gyrl with Locs
Buying low-priced Make-up...I love it!!!❤️
Tiana Foster
Tiana Foster - Day ago
When I was learning how to use makeup I certainly used the heck out of the dollar tree makeup and I wasn't completely mad about it either
That Thing
That Thing - Day ago
Okay but what this video need 4 whole ads for
logan steidley
logan steidley - 2 days ago
Why did you eat the eyeshadow at 14:41
Shannon Cuffman
Shannon Cuffman - Day ago
. I think she was wetting the brush so she could get more color payoff.
Jolie Mead
Jolie Mead - 2 days ago
You’d look so good with your hair shoulder length
vSteIIa - 2 days ago
you used elf concealer but then you brought out the contour and said its the same brand as a different concealer?
HighSchoolMusical46 - 2 days ago
I use dollar store makeup and I agree to splurge on foundation
Cristina Steezee
Cristina Steezee - 2 days ago
Girl you slayed this look✨ s/o to you for trying your best. A lot of “gurus” do this challenge and stay complaining about every product and even make it seem like they’re too bougie for it but you, you make it seem like you found some gems & it’s okay to buy makeup from the dollar sto! Yerrr
Thoussaint Evens
Thoussaint Evens - 2 days ago
Feeling Brave? Click on one of these links. I dare you.
Casandra A
Casandra A - 2 days ago
Contour / bronzer ??
Casandra A
Casandra A - 2 days ago
Blush ??
andygirl333 - 2 days ago
Wow you can make any makeup look good, your amazing at everything! I love you haha
Aaron Gallo
Aaron Gallo - 2 days ago
Danny & Raven Holeman
Danny & Raven Holeman - 2 days ago
Not gonna lie, I’ve bought a black liquid eyeliner from the Dollar Tree and it’s the best one I’ve ever had 😭😭😭
Danny & Raven Holeman
Danny & Raven Holeman - 2 days ago
(She used the eyeliner)
Jillian Sierra
Jillian Sierra - 3 days ago
14:42 that fact that she actually licked it...like what
Jazzy B
Jazzy B - 3 days ago
Her screaming "what is new" while eating ice cream is honestly such a big mood
JdKoms - 3 days ago
Its actually Mariposa just though you'd want to know. The M is surrounded by a black circle
hailey white
hailey white - 3 days ago
Please do a "I spent video" for oh polly!!!!!!
Audreyelle Gymnastics
Audreyelle Gymnastics - 3 days ago
U should do a beach look out fit haul front Romwe
moonlily1 - 3 days ago
LA Colors products are absolutely terrible. $1 is 99 cents too much for them. But E.L.F. and Wet N Wild are not bad.
_saramahoney - 3 days ago
Eclat is French for glow lol
Me Myself And I
Me Myself And I - 3 days ago
Wet and Wild eyeliner is the bomb
Valentina Estrada B
Valentina Estrada B - 3 days ago
Miaaa!!, looove ur nails!, u should make "a day going to making ur nails!" ... blesses from Chile
hei hei
hei hei - 3 days ago
Why did she eat the eyeshadow?
Savannah Harlow
Savannah Harlow - 3 days ago
When she used a different beauty sponge for her nose😂
Jada Jean
Jada Jean - 3 days ago
Hi Mia! 👋🏼 New subscriber here. 👻😆 Been here for probably a month. 😁 I just wanted to say, I LOVE watching your videos. ❤️ I LOVE your energy you put on these videos. 🤣 It is always hard (for me anyways) to find a YouTuber that I really enjoy watching and continues to watch their videos. But you, YOU ARE AMAZING. YOU KEEP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING GIRL!!!
Ps. You're also really BEAUTIFUL 💞😍👋🏼
Bolette Gylling
Bolette Gylling - 3 days ago
What about your house? I wanna know! Mia what's up with that!?
SimplyNicole - 3 days ago
Full face essence cosmetics !!
Khushi Singh
Khushi Singh - 3 days ago
Mia I think ur foundation was pretty good ur face first time matched with ur neck
liberty may
liberty may - 3 days ago
can you do a full face of HUSH makeup!!!!
Jordan rakes
Jordan rakes - 3 days ago
Haven't watched yet, hope it looks decent cause that's all I can afford right now 😂
Valerie Olivares
Valerie Olivares - 3 days ago
It’s funny bc a few months back I went to the dollar tree in my town and notiythat they had a bigger selection on makeup and nail polish but I was scared to get anything other than elf bc I wasn’t sure how the products would work😂 now I know which to go to and which to avoid
Emma Jackson
Emma Jackson - 4 days ago
Can you do a review of Shop Miss A please
TAHIRAH Tee - 4 days ago
I like it it's beauty on a budget I do it all the time...when strap for money
Le froq sportif
Le froq sportif - 4 days ago
2:29 was scary for a second
R Campana
R Campana - 4 days ago
Cosmetics cause burns. Tested on animals. Ebonics. Cruelty free
wendy - 4 days ago
You should do a full face using Beauty Creation make up, i saw that it was cruelty free and the packages are super cuteee!!!
Presely McDonald
Presely McDonald - 4 days ago
Mia is so pretty and amazing at makeup
Orlane Ndeugueu Medzam
Orlane Ndeugueu Medzam - 4 days ago
the corrector and contour is MARIPOSA (Butterfly en Espanol)
Carolina Inocencio
Carolina Inocencio - 5 days ago
It looks like your normal makeup for me 😀
Arisha Suraya
Arisha Suraya - 5 days ago
You really looks a bit different than usual.. Still pretty though.
Jennifer Monroe
Jennifer Monroe - 5 days ago
It's not ''Ariposa'' The logo is an ''M'' and together stands for ''Mariposa'' it's butterfly in spanish hahaha :P
Ka'i's Mom
Ka'i's Mom - 5 days ago
My cat is watching this with me right meow 😸
L.E_ happy
L.E_ happy - 5 days ago
buy something from israel
Gabrielle Schmidt
Gabrielle Schmidt - 5 days ago
Always love me a Mia video! Gorgeous! But did anybody else mind throw a gutter ball when she was talking about that beauty sponge?!!???!! I lol'd 😂😂😂
beast mode muscle
beast mode muscle - 5 days ago
Beautiful snowbunny
Alyssa Flowers
Alyssa Flowers - 5 days ago
6:20 😂 I’m screamingggggg
Lilly Anderson
Lilly Anderson - 5 days ago
I thought u were sylvia gani😂😂👍🏼
K. Anderson
K. Anderson - 5 days ago
I think its Mariposa- butterfly in Spamish
Adrianna Edlund
Adrianna Edlund - 5 days ago
can you try on amour fab? they have what looks like amazingly comfy pants.
God Is My Judge
God Is My Judge - 5 days ago
Do you ever clean your room ?
Divyani Srivastava
Divyani Srivastava - 5 days ago
Please try indian dresses toooo... ❤️ Ethnic dress❤️
marisol escobedo
marisol escobedo - 5 days ago
shes a cheeto
SNOW Y - 5 days ago
Hi Mia,I have sent you an e-mail called FURTALK Brand Partnership Cooperation offer.If you read it and have interest in it,pls contact me.
Aubrey Olson
Aubrey Olson - 5 days ago
You should try a candy subscription box and eat all the candy is asmr
Mridula Kore
Mridula Kore - 5 days ago
I wish she experimented a little more with the eyes and lips, using the brighter colors
This was just too safe
• Soupie •
• Soupie • - 5 days ago
Holy spirit she ate DOLLAR TREE makeup or just makeup wtf
Carlos Sebastian necrotic goth
You look like Karlie kloss
Rain Cakes
Rain Cakes - 6 days ago
so your saying dollar tree is poor.......Hmmmm.........🤔😶😠
Destiny Yoho
Destiny Yoho - 6 days ago
okay I'm new here and I've literally been binge watching all of her vids for 3 days straight
zombae z
zombae z - 6 days ago
On the foundation it's an airless pump.
Abby Entwistle
Abby Entwistle - 6 days ago
Please please please !!! Do a testing lulu’s dresses! I’ve ordered two from there and both took over a month to get to me so I’m wondering if you have the same experience, as a fellow Canadian gal ❤️
Lydia Darling
Lydia Darling - 6 days ago
Your awesome 😜 if I could subscribe twice I would
Cass - 6 days ago
I love your vids!!
Christa Du Plessis
Christa Du Plessis - 6 days ago
Hi Mia thank you for being inspiration to all of us, I love your vedios and your ideas..🌺😜 I wanted to ask if you could try the mystery boxes, thank you for everything❤
Mary Kirk Allen
Mary Kirk Allen - 6 days ago
The random inserts kill me hahaha
Alexis Broderick
Alexis Broderick - 6 days ago
You should do a full face of Limelife By Alcone! http://www.limelifebyalcone.com/AlexisKelso
Hannah Hapke
Hannah Hapke - 6 days ago
There is a mascara called "Silk Fiber Mascara" and it is supposed to make your eyelashes like unbelievably long, like creepy long I think it would be cool to see someone try it
Hannah Hapke
Hannah Hapke - 6 days ago
Also, I love your nails in this video!!! :)
Dead Cat Seeker
Dead Cat Seeker - 6 days ago
I've just been looking through Victorian dresses and outfits and I automatically thought of you, you should definitely try out Victorian dresses.
Inebriated Gaming
Inebriated Gaming - 6 days ago
That stuff is gonna mess your skin uppppppp
Solimar Perez
Solimar Perez - 6 days ago
Hi Mia! Great video! I was wondering if you could do a 21 Button haul???
Elizabeth Hughes
Elizabeth Hughes - 6 days ago
I love that you gave it a chance and you didn’t hate on everything because it was cheap.. you actually made it work!
PlanetRileyyy - 6 days ago
Congrats on trending!🥳🎉
Riya Chowdhury
Riya Chowdhury - 6 days ago
I really like your videos, love from India
paulina miranda
paulina miranda - 6 days ago
love the editing mia
05candyman - 7 days ago
It looks like shit lol
Camille Sloan
Camille Sloan - 7 days ago
Can you do a Fashion Nova sweater haul? There are so many I like and 17 pages 😬😂 Would love to know what the texture on them is like and you’re my favorite youtuber who does hauls. 😊
Audrey Deweese
Audrey Deweese - 7 days ago
why does the music in your intro sound backwards?
Katelyn McGee
Katelyn McGee - 7 days ago
A close dupe for the beauty blender by the look would probably be the beauty blender from Mary Kay
Tanya Xo
Tanya Xo - 7 days ago
You should do a clothing haul from The Pulse Boutique =)
Mo B
Mo B - 7 days ago
Pretty sure this is why a lot of girls have skin that looks like the surface of the moon
Leah Nicole
Leah Nicole - 7 days ago
Girl you’re on trending!!!
Nan - 7 days ago
I have the lipstick and gloss duo (the pink one) but mine is coral and I got it from shop miss a :) it’s really good and I suggest it
Alexis Underwood
Alexis Underwood - 7 days ago
You should try *HipDotShop.com* ! It’s a makeup website kind of like hush.
Angela Adams
Angela Adams - 7 days ago
You are awesome #47 on trending .I would say #1 but 47 is good enough.🤗😀
Denise Uhlry
Denise Uhlry - 7 days ago
Is this supposed to be something new or different?I have NEVER paid more then 2 dollars for ANY makeup.
baby girl
baby girl - 7 days ago
I can't use makeup with beewax in it so I use Dollar tree makeup because I only ever find beewax free there
Calee Febes
Calee Febes - 7 days ago
Please do a Christmas ASMR!!!
zøe smith
zøe smith - 7 days ago
Ohmygod I have the eyeliner, it’s legit my favourite eyeliner!!!😂😂
Joselyn Perez
Joselyn Perez - 7 days ago
On trending!
Chayse Felt
Chayse Felt - 7 days ago
Idk what you did or when you did it but at the end of the video you don't even look like you lol what happened
Melissa Guevara
Melissa Guevara - 7 days ago
Can you please do asmr winter theme
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