$1 vs $500 COOKING challenge!

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PINK UNICORN - 9 hours ago
Emma Ballantini
Emma Ballantini - 22 hours ago
Hmmm I wonder why a pasta ad came on PAUL
Emma Ballantini
Emma Ballantini - 22 hours ago
Jeddah picks the most expensive stuff
LilWeirdCat :3
LilWeirdCat :3 - Day ago
While I was watching this I was cooking pasta
nia hawkes
nia hawkes - Day ago
you should do last to eat gluten.
Kimo Aly
Kimo Aly - Day ago
What did you say? Disgusting milk?!
Lady do you not know how important milk is?!
Milk is good for your skin!!
Chelsea The Roblox Gamer
Ameerah is prob the worst cook out of paul and jaddah. I never thought that
PurpleEnder08 Gamer
I just a kid and I cook way better then u guy can
Maria Crow
Maria Crow - 2 days ago
Didn't jeddah eat the pasta last time whin she cook a cake with gluten free mix
merelin cruz
merelin cruz - 2 days ago
im pretty sure paul is the only one that can actually cook
Angelika Smith
Angelika Smith - 2 days ago
Do a last to leave the snack closet win 10,000 dollars
Rudra Patel
Rudra Patel - 2 days ago
Joanne Brewer
Joanne Brewer - 2 days ago
I go team paul
Dwayne Guy
Dwayne Guy - 3 days ago
Ameerah cheated cause at dollar tree she got 5 things and she only had 5 dollars and it has tax on each item so she spent like$5.40
Sasa Golubovic
Sasa Golubovic - 3 days ago
Kostas Bizas
Kostas Bizas - 3 days ago
I love you guys so much keep doing these videos
YouTube is my life
YouTube is my life - 4 days ago
Do a last to use there hands
Yippies Slime Channel
Yippies Slime Channel - 4 days ago
Stop winging Jeddah
anna harley
anna harley - 4 days ago
you hate melck i love melck and i sub ilove your videos
Lovely Mikell
Lovely Mikell - 5 days ago
Jaedon Jessome
Jaedon Jessome - 5 days ago
The burrito doesn't look very nice I vote for jeddah
Ralsei Drawzz64
Ralsei Drawzz64 - 6 days ago
JENNAH milk is gluten
Rainbow Unicorn
Rainbow Unicorn - 6 days ago
Me me me I would want chips and chicin nuggets
Bordy Saculo
Bordy Saculo - 6 days ago
Unsubscribe to jeddah
Dikidukeelizabeth Favela
The. 🏆 is. Ameerah
Ok. Bye
Pancake Gamer Girl
Pancake Gamer Girl - 7 days ago
Who thinks jeddah is crazy for milk?
Briseyda Rosales
Briseyda Rosales - 7 days ago
Jays looks amazing yummy cake
Basoz Muhamad
Basoz Muhamad - 7 days ago
omg ammerah ur a pasta murder
blueish twinkie stars
blueish twinkie stars - 7 days ago
The mom wins at the cupcake
Chantal Cardinez
Chantal Cardinez - 8 days ago
Please stop using the gluten-free cake mix it is not good
Naun Flores
Naun Flores - 8 days ago
Your hair look good
Jessi Duron
Jessi Duron - 8 days ago
Is it me or is it possible jedah could be a good baker with practice
Tia Shillinglaw
Tia Shillinglaw - 9 days ago
This is so Funny lol and dramatic at first
ItzCarlos - 9 days ago
Everybody who uses tiktok: I SMELL VSDLE BOI
Giaani Taikato
Giaani Taikato - 9 days ago
Those cup cakes were store bought
Riki McLean
Riki McLean - 9 days ago
Your whole family sucks I'm gonna stop watching this channel😂😂😂😈
xxxtentaction og
xxxtentaction og - 10 days ago
18:25 did I hear it's all Gucci gang in there
Skitbot Studio
Skitbot Studio - 10 days ago
That’s gluten that’s gluten eats icing
Skitbot Studio
Skitbot Studio - 10 days ago
This kid eats to much noodles😳
ASMR UNICORNZ - 11 days ago
If jeddahs cake mix is gluten free then why does it need milk as one of the ingredients.
Liam Duarte
Liam Duarte - 11 days ago
The golden Amanda
The golden Amanda - 11 days ago
I love whenever u do guys do the food challenges I’m a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fan
Daniela Carrasco
Daniela Carrasco - 11 days ago
Omg is funny 🤣
Madison Carmack
Madison Carmack - 12 days ago
Just think of all the times Paul tried making noodles
Jariel's World
Jariel's World - 12 days ago
Uh Jeddah is not nice
Briana Williams
Briana Williams - 13 days ago
Jeddah ate the cupcakes with milk in it
Briana Williams
Briana Williams - 13 days ago
Paul u just murdered the noodles already when u was eating them
Cookie Monster229
Cookie Monster229 - 13 days ago
Michelle Joyce
Michelle Joyce - 13 days ago
Is it just me or i see paul's case is for iphone X but he have Iphone11 pro max
ashley mendez
ashley mendez - 13 days ago
I tried it at my house and it is good
ashley mendez
ashley mendez - 13 days ago
I really really like jeddah's cupcakes
Ryan Xie
Ryan Xie - 13 days ago
Are the eggs gluten-free
extremeヅ red
extremeヅ red - 14 days ago
0:34 oh come on I just want to make noodles :(
Kawaii Cutie!!
Kawaii Cutie!! - 14 days ago
Me and i opp
Me and i opp - 15 days ago
Paul you can use those noodles in a challenge
Yara Flores
Yara Flores - 15 days ago
She is a mom and has braces
Ikhlaq Arif
Ikhlaq Arif - 16 days ago
But I thought ammeerah had to get noodles not pasta!!!!!!???????!!!?????
Ocxaelitoo Perezz
Ocxaelitoo Perezz - 16 days ago
J is trash
DarkWolves PlaysEverything
HoW dArE yOu CaLl My FaVoRiTe DrInK (Milk) dIsGuStInG! Lol, I love y'all vids so much!!
Ròÿáłtÿ Love
Ròÿáłtÿ Love - 16 days ago
Paul : your murdering the pasta
Me:🤨😑 like when you eat them you murder them like 😑
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