Everything Wrong With Megamind In 15 Minutes Or Less

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Avenjedi - Day ago
CinemaSins: Everything wrong with Megamind
Me: Why are gay?
Spuddie_Buddie_22 On Fortnite
This Movie is rated M on my Mysky Yes i'm New Zealander
Itz_YaGirlOlympia From Roblox
I’m glad movie characters could make their own cinema sins but called lol.
Character sins.
PiranhaZilla - 2 days ago
In mega mind’s base those were crocodiles not alligators
Drontes Makor
Drontes Makor - 2 days ago
You're going straight to Cinema Hell for that Discount Despicable Me comment
golden smile
golden smile - 2 days ago
Apple - 3 days ago
I farted in a jara
pointless rants
pointless rants - 4 days ago
megamind is a subersive masterpeice.
Joe raas
Joe raas - 4 days ago
Add an extra son for the fact That the blast that obliterates all the flesh of metromans body doesn't do a thing to his costume or skeleton
Cabbage Boi
Cabbage Boi - 4 days ago
Pennies are made out of zinc, not copper
Cult of MegaMind
Cult of MegaMind - 5 days ago
Needs more dislikes
Charley Vox
Charley Vox - 5 days ago
Megamind is one of my favorite films. Bad Cinema Sins, bad bad.
Super Wahoo Studios
Super Wahoo Studios - 5 days ago
I’ve seen many cinema sins videos.
And I can tell without a doubt, this the worst video you have ever made.
Most of your "sins" are stupid nitpicks or pop culture references that aren’t even a sin in the movie or you don’t like something/don’t get a joke and that automatically makes it a sin
x-Ee - 6 days ago
Add 10 sins for everyone being racist to megamind
IceTubeDoesStuff - 6 days ago
Nothing at all is wrong with this masterpeice
Cat Splat
Cat Splat - 6 days ago
“Alligators” look much more like crocodiles, or even gharials. _Ding_
Cute00Vampi - 6 days ago
Honestly I LOVE Megamind, I think it's a masterpiece, but there WERE several plot holes and things that didn't make sense that I'm glad you also noticed and pointed out, like the windows thing or everyone just forgetting that he "murdered" Metro Man, among others. Lemme point out another one: When Bernard rehydrates in the washer machine, he was his glasses on, yet Megamind took them when he dehydrated him :'D
Still a great movie though
Adele Aslan
Adele Aslan - 7 days ago
Weird, I didn’t think you needed 16 minutes to say nothing
Black Heart
Black Heart - 7 days ago
Its Blank!
Maeve Mackie
Maeve Mackie - 7 days ago
There are WAYYYYYYY more lakes than that but the cold comment is pretty on point!
TheoryGamer2018 - 8 days ago
Cinemasins: "Discounted despicable me"
Everyone: *Listen here, you little shi-*
Dank Memes
Dank Memes - 8 days ago
13:45 But... the debris is revealing the car... sir
Goldy - 8 days ago
imagine being cinemasins and not even replying to a comment that tells cinemasins how bad they are despite the video being over a year long(or two. nobody cares that you reuploaded this video)
TheRedController - 9 days ago
Actually the first video I’ve ever disliked. Sorry CinemaSins, you’ve gone too far
The man Behind the slaughter
Cinema sins: explains everything wrong with mega mind
Me: if mega mind has blue balls will they turn skin color
Tango Down
Tango Down - 9 days ago
movie makers should use cinema sins as a guide
twistedGam3R 113mIg
twistedGam3R 113mIg - 9 days ago
You forgot about all the memes that came from this film
Brian L
Brian L - 9 days ago
Imagine being CinemaSins and calling Megamind a childrens movie, then admitting that you can't keep up with a childrens movie, and thinking that you have the capability to critique movies despite that fact.
LetiMusic - 9 days ago
Dude. Youre milking your sins videos. The first 5 are all not even sins tbh. Like, why did u do megamind like that
Future Memes
Future Memes - 10 days ago
¥◎ʊ β℮††℮ґ ﹩Ѧ¥ sike ґη 🔫🔫🔫🔫
Agent Meowscles In the default army
Am I just getting wooshed or are people actually mad that somebody is criticizing a movie?
And also he has good points when he criticizes it.
I just criticized people criticizing a critic criticizing a movie that deserves criticism
A kid on the internet
A kid on the internet - 10 days ago
HYPA_II_VYPA - 10 days ago
There are zero things wrong with Megamind
i am a loaf made from bread
You can say this movie is good, a masterpiece, but *no* movie goes without sin.
Omni - 10 days ago
Fuck you
Medic Tf2
Medic Tf2 - 10 days ago
How to lose subscribers in under 10 seconds 101
Iqra wraich
Iqra wraich - 10 days ago
Did he just say micromind!
Iqra wraich
Iqra wraich - 10 days ago
Did he just say micromind!
bubliichaii - 10 days ago
Megamind is the most beautifuly and perfectly crafted movie lathered in movie butter. dont you dare shame it.
Harley Bunch
Harley Bunch - 11 days ago
Melon Dog
Melon Dog - 11 days ago
Wow you're way too mad,also you are super mad about a channel that critics movies,also also he cusses a lot so why are you here? and you're parents are terrible for not letting you get USa-video kids on your amazon phone
The Pizza man
The Pizza man - 11 days ago
Mega mind is the best movie you can't do a cinema sins
The Pizza man
The Pizza man - 10 days ago
@Melon Dog not this one tho
Melon Dog
Melon Dog - 11 days ago
Every movie has some sins
Bon :D
Bon :D - 11 days ago
There's actually nothing bad **reverse 106 dings**
Corryn Hockney
Corryn Hockney - 11 days ago
I agree with a majority of the comments below, except one thing. Despicable me has a different motivation for Gru's acts, wanting to impress his mother and then realizing that he can start a new with raising a family of his own, Megamind's been raised in a prison and picked on, he thinks he is destined for evil and learns that he can choose his path and have things get better. Yes cliché but still, a captivating idea.
the zombified gamer
the zombified gamer - 12 days ago
Remember when this channel was actually funny oh, wait
Promise Hope
Promise Hope - 12 days ago
There is NOTHING wrong with Megamind
Melon Dog
Melon Dog - 11 days ago
there are things wrong with every movie :)
Cheeki Breeki
Cheeki Breeki - 13 days ago
Mr Blue mind....
DriP Clan Official
DriP Clan Official - 13 days ago
Hal the simp
Derick_ D
Derick_ D - 13 days ago
Why is super man Elvis and lex Luther blue.?
wire 1029
wire 1029 - 13 days ago
1:24 when u gotta E A T F I R E
Chocolate Sugar-Lovage
Chocolate Sugar-Lovage - 14 days ago
The bigger the object, the faster it is pulled into a black hole! Don't you rememer Green Lantern?
Zachary Sison
Zachary Sison - 14 days ago
It’s blank
Slightly Distressed Slug
Slightly Distressed Slug - 14 days ago
The fact that this video was even made is a sinnable offense
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller - 13 days ago
Slightly Distressed Slug
Slightly Distressed Slug - 14 days ago
Say what you want about Megamind, but it is *_not_* discount Despicable Me.
Veronica Bruno
Veronica Bruno - 14 days ago
Him: mega mind is just discount despicable me
Me: so you have chosen death
I mean seriously this movie is a true masterpiece!
m0nstr - 14 days ago
"can you tell me the difference between "Megamind" and "Perfection"?"
me: "they are the same picture."
GoTi4No - 15 days ago
How could you call this as a discountable Despicable
Toilet Licker
Toilet Licker - 15 days ago
fuck you
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller - 13 days ago
@Toilet Licker But he doesn't now, so it's irrelevant.
Toilet Licker
Toilet Licker - 13 days ago
@Andrew Miller he will in 50 years
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller - 13 days ago
@Toilet Licker *dumb He does not hate on all movies.
Toilet Licker
Toilet Licker - 13 days ago
he is dum he hates on all movies
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller - 13 days ago
A dude
A dude - 15 days ago
This movie is underrated
TheRed Phoenix
TheRed Phoenix - 15 days ago
"why doesnt he know what a window is?" *he speant his entire life in a prison.*
MountainDog 24
MountainDog 24 - 15 days ago
The orange hair dude is literally the boy from Back at the Barnyard
Oof TvT
Oof TvT - 11 days ago
He became a simp after tipping male cows with udders
Nintendos Gamer
Nintendos Gamer - 16 days ago
Nothing is wrong with meganind
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller - 13 days ago
This video proves otherwise.
Adrian Lezama
Adrian Lezama - 16 days ago
Scp 106 lol
Kitox - 19 days ago
Omg i love how these comments defending this movie
denis blaster
denis blaster - 19 days ago
This video is a sin and i refuse to watch it hmph!
08HuskyBoyYT - 20 days ago
In 15 minutes or less
But its 16 minutes and 5 seconds
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller - 13 days ago
Yet still sinned in 15 minutes or less.
jpsuizers s
jpsuizers s - 20 days ago
Silver - 20 days ago
"Everything wrong with megamind"
Most people in the comments: This is worthless
The World’s only Clashes
Seriously just watched someone bash my favorite animated movie and make up s*it that wasn’t even a problem. Really, this video and sin counter could’ve been three times shorter.
Kek - 21 day ago
You've taken it too far, buddy..
Tel Vision
Tel Vision - 21 day ago
your words make god very unhappy.
Nathene Wendzel
Nathene Wendzel - 22 days ago
Response to the when did he add Metro Man to the watch. He likely returned to Metro Man's hideout to get it with his consent. It was the least he could do for refusing to help save the city.
Nathene Wendzel
Nathene Wendzel - 22 days ago
Why does everyone assume that animated movies = kids' movie? Guess what! Not all animated films are children's films and one's choice to take a child to watch it doesn't change that.
Kids are not the target market with this film.
Nathene Wendzel
Nathene Wendzel - 22 days ago
How does Roxanne get out of the lair and to the museum so quickly? Megamind didn't take her with him.
Nathene Wendzel
Nathene Wendzel - 22 days ago
The changing music was probably their way of making censorship entertaining.
Nathene Wendzel
Nathene Wendzel - 22 days ago
Response to the how they are capable of carrying out a conversation with the door question.
Maybe they can read lips.
Nathene Wendzel
Nathene Wendzel - 22 days ago
Who's crazy idea was it to let the baby remain in prison and get raised by criminals? Here's a thought. It you don't want the child to grow up into a villain, don't let him grow up in a prison! It's amazing that he doesn't go bad sooner.
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller - 22 days ago
Because six separate comments are totally necessary.
κατερίνα zητα
κατερίνα zητα - 23 days ago
came to comment section, most people defend his honor. great job internet.
ExterRocket - 23 days ago
I love cinemawins and cinemasins but half of the sins are actually for no reason but don’t get me wrong , You guys are my two fav YouTube channels
seizure cotne
seizure cotne - 24 days ago
I will recommend everyone to watch schaffrilas production video on megamind.
Wait Wot XD
Wait Wot XD - 24 days ago
this movie is immaculate there’s nothing wrong with it shush
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller - 22 days ago
@Wait Wot XD I'm not asking birdman, I'm asking you.
Wait Wot XD
Wait Wot XD - 22 days ago
Andrew Miller watch th3birdman’s video on it
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller - 22 days ago
Then where in the movie are the sins explained?
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