Everything Wrong With Megamind In 15 Minutes Or Less

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C Storm
C Storm - Hour ago
pleasedpatrick - Hour ago
Brad Thomas
Brad Thomas - Hour ago
Do an EWW Footloose with Kevin bacon
LazyBunnyLyn - 7 hours ago
I thought i was the only one thinking this movie was better than despicable me...glad i wasnt
Herb - 18 hours ago
Has a Keyser soze reference but doesn’t have a everything wrong with The Usual Suspects.
NUGGET - 21 hour ago
The fact that you compare this master piece with dispicable me makes me mad....
Noy Tarroza
Noy Tarroza - 22 hours ago
Titan:There is no tooth fairy There is no easter bunny and There is no cave update
Anna Copeland
Anna Copeland - Day ago
Even though I'm fond of this movie, I agree with most of your sins. Not sure I'd call it a discount Despicable Me, but that's alright
Random Citizen Who Isn't the President
At least Metro Man loves me
Jackson Jens
Jackson Jens - Day ago
Honestly this was a great movie
[Thundeř Strike]
[Thundeř Strike] - Day ago
Excuse me, I think this video’s -sins- wins are supposed to be higher.
Harry Edwardson
Harry Edwardson - Day ago
^ ^ This is tighten.
\_/ Don't like but don't dislike either.
K byeeeeeeeee
Echryzion - Day ago
Everything wrong with everything
Kayla White
Kayla White - Day ago
I swear he’s done megamind before
Harry Edwardson
Harry Edwardson - Day ago
Yea he did. This is a re-upload.
Egg Army
Egg Army - Day ago
...It’s blank
Lukas Thomson
Lukas Thomson - Day ago
Maybe I don’t wanna be the bad guy anymore
Ana'ira Muirés
Ana'ira Muirés - Day ago
I said it on the original and I’ll say it again here
The reason it switches is because “Titan” and “Tighten” are simply different people. “Titan” is the hero that Megamind wanted to mold Hal into being and “Tighten” is the villain that Hal *chose* to become. “Titan” was the original goal and “Tighten” is what Hal became because he is a horrible person and a bad speller. That’s why it flops around at first and completely switches at the half point (when Hal fully embraces being bad).
benj8250 benj8250
benj8250 benj8250 - Day ago
How does the weather condition at the time at which they arrived at earth have to do with the weather condition later in the movie, which happens to be years, considering they are adults. Your looking to hard. Some things aren't sins, just bad opinions and lousy observations
Nameless 31
Nameless 31 - Day ago
"Everything wrong with Megamind."

Prepare the fireing squad.
Gotha 229a
Gotha 229a - Day ago
Narraration: *exists*
Cinema sins: it’s free real estate
Yunco Heart
Yunco Heart - Day ago
I remember I was nicknamed ‘Megamind’ by some girl in Elementary/Middle school. Ah. Good times.

I mean, I cringed every time.
Kaitlyn Winslow
Kaitlyn Winslow - Day ago
4:53 oh i believe you i live in Michigan lol
Maxerhex - Day ago
There is no easter bunny,
There is no tooth fairy,
And there is no movie without sin.
Wolfy Rock
Wolfy Rock - 2 days ago
Megamind is no longer big brain
Polski Polak
Polski Polak - 2 days ago
CinemaSins : 'Everything wrong with Megamind'
Me and Reddit : Brave words for someone in crusading DISTANCE!
Christopher Taylor
Christopher Taylor - 2 days ago
Do Spaceballs
ExiaBlade - 2 days ago
The anger in this comment section 😂😂😂😂😂
Bogdan's Gaming
Bogdan's Gaming - 2 days ago
Megamind actually says metrohmahn
Rainbow Kitten
Rainbow Kitten - 2 days ago
If this was in Michigan it makes me sad to live here
Mooseberger - 2 days ago
I've thought that every time I watch this movie...
Meme Review
Meme Review - 2 days ago
Real question… Why would ANY villain take over CLEVELAND
Lady Onikara
Lady Onikara - 2 days ago
The only REAL problem with Megamind is he's cute and blue and I don't know what to think! I like cute blue things!
FyreBal - 2 days ago
"everything wrong with megamind"
[cocks gun] say sike right now
quicksilver b
quicksilver b - 2 days ago
I don't get why all the comments are obsessed with this movie saying how good it is?
Dangermeter 1000
Dangermeter 1000 - 2 days ago
Didn’t we already see this
Alia vergara
Alia vergara - 2 days ago
I love the Music Man reference
Easy Breezy
Easy Breezy - 2 days ago
16 minutes of cinema sins not getting a single joke
sIyceth - 3 days ago
fxck lion caacnesre kinbg
sparkleshua - 3 days ago
first of all how dare you
sumsar01 - 3 days ago
Gravitational forces are larger on heavier objects. The escape pod would escape easier.
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