iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR: Don’t Make A Mistake

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Jon Rettinger
Jon Rettinger - 8 months ago
iPhone XR v iPhone 11 is the difference worth it for you? Which if any did you go for?
Luxid Soar Playz
Luxid Soar Playz - Day ago
I got the 11
Alexia Theodorou
Alexia Theodorou - 7 days ago
iphone XR has the pixels of iphone 4.. big let down
Meghan Rains
Meghan Rains - 10 days ago
Blue angel what color
Blue angel
Blue angel - 10 days ago
I have the xr and I think it's good I got it as a gift I use it alot
Meghan Rains
Meghan Rains - 10 days ago
Maria Gulshan mine is at 100% after a month of having this green iPhone 11
YNFxFMTx187 - 8 hours ago
2:55 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ahad Luxe
Ahad Luxe - Day ago
Just upgraded from the XR to the 11. Also off topic but you are such a handsome man
Shelia Law
Shelia Law - Day ago
People having iPhone 6 or 8, then there’s me with iPhone 7 :’)
Yuvraj Saiyam
Yuvraj Saiyam - Day ago
Watching on my i phone 5c
Aman Negi
Aman Negi - Day ago
In India difference is more than 200 us dollars
Andrew Cox
Andrew Cox - Day ago
Iphone xr or iPhone 11 or iPhone se im not sure which one to buy im watching this on. Lg stylo 5 im kinda old school i need to upgrade to iphone soon
Kimberly Equestrian
Kimberly Equestrian - 3 days ago
I believe the camera on the iPhone 8 was easily the best camera they’ve made. It focuses more on contrast and has a very rich warm tone to all of its pictures and makes every picture look beyond professional.
Christoffer Myrdal
Christoffer Myrdal - 4 days ago
This video has the most awesome intro!
Anna Warwick
Anna Warwick - 6 days ago
When you have a Samsung and just upgraded to iPhone after 8 years of wanting an iPhone
ODOGVLOGS - 7 days ago
I hate it how every reviewer makes the 11 look so much better, they have the same display, same main camera, barley better battery life which is definitely not an hour longer which has been shown in tests, and the differences to most people don’t even matter so someone explain to me wtf reviews can’t give a fair comparison!
Juzt D4n
Juzt D4n - 7 days ago
Here I am thinking of buying an iphone 11 just because the cam is good and tired of using android , welp time to save 😂
Pineda, Christien Dizon
Is it me or is all of us who upgrade our phones are upgrading from the iPhone 6 or 6s
Fishy fish
Fishy fish - 9 days ago
Honestly if Android just made colorful phones i feel a large percentage of iPhone users would switch like me lol..
Nice and I have both the iPhone XR and 11
steph - 8 days ago
Sahbri Ferguson
Sahbri Ferguson - 12 days ago
iPhone 6s check 😁
Rabi Taher
Rabi Taher - 12 days ago
Hey i wanted to know if i should choose new iphone xr or a refurbished iphone 11. Plz help
Lil G
Lil G - 12 days ago
Which one has longer lasting battery
Mallory Northbutt
Mallory Northbutt - 12 days ago
I got an iPhone 5 a year ago for graduation (family kinda broke). The comments ain't makin me feel so bad but thankfully, I've been able to save up to get the 11.
Jenisa Smith
Jenisa Smith - 15 days ago
I just getting one jsut to not update for a while
Jaxson Smith
Jaxson Smith - 17 days ago
I went from a 7 to a 11 and Im so happy I chose the 11
Perunamuusi On hyvää
Perunamuusi On hyvää - 20 days ago
i just wanna know if the xr is better than the 6s
Brandon Walker
Brandon Walker - 21 day ago
Nobody cares how old your phones are
Steve Finesse
Steve Finesse - 21 day ago
I have an IPhone 11 in red , it’s so good I love it beautiful camera quality perfect size
XxJess_GachaxX - 21 day ago
I wanna get one of them but only have £30 😂guess I gotta stick wi my iPhone 5😔✌🏻
THE NOOBS - 22 days ago
Iponi 6s gang
XxCursemarkGodxX - 23 days ago
i'm coming from an iphone 7 and idk if its going tolast another year with all the updates
aMcConghie16 _
aMcConghie16 _ - 23 days ago
Just upgraded from iPhone 6splus to the 11.
heartmurmur creamydip
heartmurmur creamydip - 23 days ago
this is a cinematic masterpiece
Angelica Cuevas
Angelica Cuevas - 25 days ago
I have a pre-owned iphone 6, so anything would be better, but when I saw it was only $100 extra for the 11, it really got me thinking, but after watching this video I think I've made my choice.
Breanna Windham
Breanna Windham - 28 days ago
I'm getting the 11
Rob Bowman
Rob Bowman - 29 days ago
I need to replace my iPhone 6S soon, and I'm unsure whether to get the XR or 11. Here in Canada, the 11 is about $ 200 CDN more than the XR. Not sure if it's worth it.
Jesus Quezada
Jesus Quezada - Month ago
I have the XR red product now.
Yasin I.
Yasin I. - Month ago
The iPhone 11 mint green and lavender looks beautiful. The XR colours are kind of ugly except the red
Tyler Hamilton
Tyler Hamilton - Month ago
Thank you I was struggling if I was going to get the xr or 11 but know I know I getting the 11 thank you for helping
Ndumiso Lushaba
Ndumiso Lushaba - Month ago
great video! love the edit at the beginning
yarçın - Month ago
Just buy the iPhone XR i have it and it is the best phone ever!
Ellaa - Month ago
My Xr looks zoomed in on snap chat camera
Mikeyy12 C.Lennz
Mikeyy12 C.Lennz - Month ago
Yea just copped the XR had the 6 for like almost 5 years. You all are out of your minds it’s just a phone. I gotta say the XR is dope. And the the 11 se whatever are all rips as usual. Your paying for the same thing.
Carlos KJ
Carlos KJ - Month ago
Between iphone 8 plus 401ppi & iphone 11 326ppi which is better? Am using i8+ but planning an upgrade soon. Thinking about XR but the 11 is good too
Femke :3
Femke :3 - Month ago
if i had a 7 and needed a new one, id buy an 11, now that i already have an xr, no way
Dajour Livingston22
Dajour Livingston22 - Month ago
Just ordered my RED XR can’t wait till comes!😍❤️
random dude
random dude - 5 days ago
@Dajour Livingston22 it was pretty hard to get one because of Corona virus thing i actually bought an i phone 11 pro max but i always loved xr looks kinda good to use daily without worrying about scratches wanted black or white unfortunately only orange was available
Dajour Livingston22
Dajour Livingston22 - 5 days ago
random dude I’m glad u like it.
random dude
random dude - 6 days ago
@Dajour Livingston22 yeah i did in orange color absolutely love it
Dajour Livingston22
Dajour Livingston22 - 6 days ago
random dude did you get the XR?
Dajour Livingston22
Dajour Livingston22 - Month ago
random dude it just came and I love it. the red one is sooo sexy.
Honey bear Xox
Honey bear Xox - Month ago
Anyone else here just to look at the photo differences?
Sophie Emma
Sophie Emma - Month ago
Man I got the 8 two days till 11
Rotariu Giorgiana
Rotariu Giorgiana - Month ago
bruh everyone in the comments be like "I'm upgrading from a 6s" while I'm here with my glitching android
Juzt D4n
Juzt D4n - 6 days ago
Can i get 50k subs if u hate jake paul
I changed my 6s a week ago and got the 11
Juzt D4n
Juzt D4n - 7 days ago
Imma get an iphone 11 fed up from using Samsung haha
Jeremai - 14 days ago
everybody is upgrading from 6s, android, while i’m here upgrading from no phone
Cam - 28 days ago
Rotariu Giorgiana Android has unnecessary hate. -IPhone user
Yuhuu Yuhuu
Yuhuu Yuhuu - Month ago
Man i love your slowfie, you’re super cool
Drew C.
Drew C. - Month ago
Hi Jon, which is which for 2020? Thanks in advance!
Soumyadip Roy
Soumyadip Roy - Month ago
I still use my iphone 5s, it was really a good phone back then but now it kinda lags behind everything the battery is the most weakest aspect now it hardly lasts 6 to 7hrs after normal usage, still being a apple fan with limited cash waiting to upgrade to iphone 11.
mark mr mark_mpro
mark mr mark_mpro - Month ago
Tbone Squad
Tbone Squad - Month ago
I have the iPhone 6 so believe me it’s worth it rn especially when I’m qualified to get a new phone
Jonathan Christen
Jonathan Christen - Month ago
He called the iPhone 8 old when all I have is a landline.
The Trash Trio
The Trash Trio - Month ago
Do people actually have the like iPhone 5, 6 or are y’all just saying that to get likes????
Jani Bubbles
Jani Bubbles - Month ago
No were all actually that poor
Dominic González
Dominic González - Month ago
had my iPhone 6 for 4-5 years got the battery replaced and it’s at 72% again ...this april 11 I got the 11 AND BRO THE BATTERY HOW FAST IS AND CAMERA 😍😍😍
Astrid Tooki
Astrid Tooki - Month ago
I really want go upgrade my phone!! Too expensive. Been saving but end up buying medicine for my grandma. How i wish i can get this sooon!!!
Almost God
Almost God - Month ago
I am that dumbo who bought the XR just to save 100$
Penny wise pound foolish
And I regret it like hell
Jasmine kuwonu
Jasmine kuwonu - Month ago
Red Xr or Red or Purple 11?😩💀
Blaine Fiasco
Blaine Fiasco - Month ago
IDK, $100 is a lot of big Macs
Horace M
Horace M - Month ago
What camera did you use to make this video
Summer Dennison
Summer Dennison - Month ago
I have an iPhone 6s I’m thinking about upgrading.
steph - 8 days ago
same bc my birthday is coming up in nov and my dad told me to tell him what i wanted and i’m still deciding
Alexa Tavvy
Alexa Tavvy - Month ago
My iPhone 6+ 😌
로이스 - Month ago
my bro iphone really went to mitosis-
Abigail Borbon
Abigail Borbon - Month ago
everyone: excited about the iPhone 11 colors
Cordell Basnett 3003
Cordell Basnett 3003 - Month ago
Who else hates in when people call the iPhone XR, 10r just say XR
law cbn
law cbn - Month ago
Qhy apple dont have memory cards?
Danny Williams
Danny Williams - Month ago
why is he doing a whole review if he just got the phone today 💀
Karen - Month ago
*sweats in iPhone 12XY³*
Kaylee Suber
Kaylee Suber - Month ago
I literally didn't even see a difference in the cameras.
OhWhale - Month ago
I can't immediately think of any use for the slow mo front cam other than sending slow mo boob flashes
Tiana Billegas
Tiana Billegas - Month ago
Who’s watching with the iPhone Pro Max?
Ryan Bland
Ryan Bland - Month ago
I'm getting the special edition red 128GB I'm excited lmao
Tiana Billegas
Tiana Billegas - Month ago
Ryan Bland I’ve got the iPhone 11 Pro Max and its amazing
Ryan Bland
Ryan Bland - Month ago
Oops I meant XR red
Aayat Ayub
Aayat Ayub - Month ago
I’m switching from a 6s to an 11
avishikta dutta
avishikta dutta - Month ago
I love my XR and its complete waste upgrading to 11. Not much difference.
I called it different when I upgraded from my 6S to XR, thats called an upgrade. I think I am not going to upgrade for couple of years now!
Tiana Billegas
Tiana Billegas - Month ago
avishikta dutta I went from the iPhone XR to the IPhone Pro Max and it really is an upgrade
Domojoe - 2 months ago
First time iPhone buyer 11 or XR?
Mccnx - 2 months ago
Don’t come @ me but

I honestly don’t like the iPhone 11
Za'Koia Long
Za'Koia Long - 2 months ago
Other videos thumbnails: *iPhone XR not cracked*
This videos thumbnail: *cracked XR*
Sophia Shaw
Sophia Shaw - 2 months ago
Came from an Android A10e to an iPhone 11 and I definitely don’t regret anything.
Megan van K.
Megan van K. - 2 months ago
I have iphone 6s now and i think i am going for the 11 now
a - 2 months ago
i have a 7 thinking abt getting an xr or 11
Qissaqis Razhar
Qissaqis Razhar - 2 months ago
Why did i saw that iphone 11 is a little skinny than xr?🤣 im sorry for my english... i mean its like... 11 is a little bit skinny than xr...
UwU 123
UwU 123 - 2 months ago
Ok, watching this cuz i wanted that iphone 11 but it wont happen in my life getting an iphone🤷‍♂️☹
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