iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR: Don’t Make A Mistake

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Jon Rettinger
Jon Rettinger - 28 days ago
iPhone XR v iPhone 11 is the difference worth it for you? Which if any did you go for?
Dr Reform
Dr Reform - Day ago
I’d rather put up with Pixel.
Cutie Bun
Cutie Bun - 2 days ago
Jon Rettinger I just got the 11
Sfkid94 - 5 days ago
Im coming from the iphone x 64gb to iphone 11 128gb
fabio mineiro
fabio mineiro - 5 days ago
Got the 10 r right now
fabio mineiro
fabio mineiro - 5 days ago
@Stefan i think xr its só good
-Btw-my-name -is-carl-
-Btw-my-name -is-carl- - 20 minutes ago
Every single tech Youtuber: I wilL nEvER sAy sLoFieS aGaiN
Big D
Big D - Hour ago
I have the XR upgraded from the iPhone 6S 😁The XR is like a Ferrari to me. The cameras on the 11 doesn’t matter to me. I love my XR and it was affordable ✊💎
Sigkeeper1 - 7 hours ago
I am still using a Samsung Galaxy S 5 and today negotiated a deal with my carrier for some major discounts for several reasons. I essentially got an I Phone XR for 50% off of the current price. I have had this android for close to 5 years and the only reason I am making the move is because the android's battery life is almost over. This nonsense about visual clarity using a magnifying glass to use on a lesser mega pixel camera is garbage. I keep what I buy to use it to the point where there is no life in it
Brent Collins
Brent Collins - 8 hours ago
Geez Apple. I get no 5G. No integrated fingerprint and still that awful notch? No thanks, I'll keep my 8 whose only big downfall is the weak camera.
Name1000 - 8 hours ago
I just got a iphone 8 beacuse of the touch id and the home button
BlackAdder - 9 hours ago
I’m rlly self conscious cos people are saying there 6s are old when I’m still watching this on a 3GS
Malacaius Ω
Malacaius Ω - 10 hours ago
ı'ṃ ȏṅ ѧ 5ṡ ıƿһȏṅє ʟȏʟ
sean B
sean B - 14 hours ago
I'm coming from a 6. Should I get the XR or the 11?
Torie 684
Torie 684 - 15 hours ago
I’m upgrading from a 6plus to a XR right now, waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I’ll upgrade again in the next...... 5 years lol.
Kiderino X
Kiderino X - 18 hours ago
I went from an iPhone5s to iPhone 11
Bradford A. Ciecko
Bradford A. Ciecko - 18 hours ago
I had the XS Max but hated it. The notch and how it doesn't work well with apple apps, it cuts off information and I'd expect that in a lesser, third party, app but not an apple native app. The battery life eh, no headphone.... The camera was great though and I loved that. I actually got good quality 8x10 prints from it. Like really good and that was the first time from a phone the prints were actually usable let alone good. I went back to Android and I love it here. Thing is I have an Apple watch and Apple doesn't let it play by itself; let alone with an Android phone. Samsung does with their watch, it can be started up for the first time and set up in total stand alone mode. I thought the Apple watch could too, that's when I got rid of the XS Max. Now I have to go back to the iPhone because of the watch, which I can't justify paying almost $50 a month for device and service and not use it. Back to iPhone and it'll be the 11. I'm glad to see upgrades and the inclusion of the second camera, I liked the DOF effect in wide angle on the Xr and I liked the DOF on non people the XS Max offered so seeing those 2 featured combined on the lesser 11 is welcome to me. I don't like going back to that stupid notch, it's routinely in my way but whatever.
RamiTrolleyRider - 20 hours ago
When that iPhone 11 box kicked the XR out of the way lol
Francesco Reda
Francesco Reda - 20 hours ago
Just went from an iPhone 6s up to a iPhone XR. So far it has been an awesome experience, couldn’t ask for anything better🤷🏻‍♂️
Minecraftor - 23 hours ago
I previously had 5s
Ligma balls fagot
Ligma balls fagot - 23 hours ago
When A 11 year old kid in your gym class starts asking everyone what phone they got because he got the 11 the day before and you have an se :(
Harel Dotan
Harel Dotan - Day ago
Just for the slofies part, you got a like
Sunshine In your eyes
I’m using iphone 8+, is it necessary to upgrade to 11? 😬
Sam Evert
Sam Evert - Day ago
Xr i would carry the XR more lol
Aubrey Welch
Aubrey Welch - Day ago
Well I have the xr and it’s pretty good
José Polanco
José Polanco - Day ago
Coming from a Samsung S10e, amazing phone overall, best I've ever owned.
But I just bought a Macbook Pro 2 weeks ago, I have an iPad already so I wanna go back to the full Apple ecosystem,
I've been trying to decide between the iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and iPhone XS. Only drawback of the XS for me is the price, I don't wanna pay that much for a phone, but also reconsidering, whatever I get, I want to have it for 3 years, so the investment could be worthy.
Any advice that could help me with my decision? Thanks!
Dairith Borquez
Dairith Borquez - Day ago
Who still has the iPhone4 ?..... ouch broken glass
jashid kunnamkulam
jashid kunnamkulam - Day ago
മലയാളികൾ ഉണ്ടെങ്കിൽ ഒരു ലികെ അടിക്കണേ,,,,,,,,,
Mo Huff
Mo Huff - Day ago
I wouldn’t refer to the 8 as old because Apple still sells them
Seinab Farhan
Seinab Farhan - Day ago
I have the xr in red
comment - Day ago
My only regret in getting the XR is that the color selection was not what i wanted. The white one was the only one i would consider and got, but would have loved the lilac color of the 11. Certainly not a reason to spend money on an upgrade though!
Leven Libanan
Leven Libanan - Day ago
Wish to have apple products this coming Christmas🙏🏻😇
69420 Subscribers with no video?
lol most people still have the 6s
Abhilash G
Abhilash G - Day ago
I am from the generation of I phone7.Please help this old man writing this comment buy a new phone
A - Day ago
I’ve got the iPhone 7+ from 2016 and I just ordered the iPhone 11 :) Can’t wait!
Woodrow Cook
Woodrow Cook - Day ago
Just upgraded from 6S to Red XR the battery life and screen is amazing
qwqky - Day ago
a day later i cracked my phone my grandma was to nice to get me another phone but idk if i should get the xr or 11
Alan - Day ago
Wouldn’t get the XR now. Purely for the camera.
Loads of people still using the 6s/7 and 8. Solid performance from these older devices. Watching these type of videos is fun but feeling like I’m kind of second class if I haven’t got the very latest. I’ve got a 7 which in all fairness runs without fault. Camera is my priority. That’s what would drive a change for me..
cd !!
cd !! - Day ago
i have an xsmax but idk if i should upgrade to the 11 or 11 pro!!
Aliens and pyramids and shit
With the pro it seems like the longest lasting battery life I’ve had for a phone lasted all day no charge unlike with my other Android I had
Prebb Emerald
Prebb Emerald - 2 days ago
I really just love my 7 tho
Black Lyfe
Black Lyfe - 2 days ago
I hate the camera and the fact that they removed the logo apple failed as a company
DNC Cookies
DNC Cookies - 2 days ago
So happy I got the iPhone 11 teal/mint!! Last
iPhone I had was an iPhone 4s and that was 4 years ago.
Gsfefsaf sfafsa
Gsfefsaf sfafsa - 2 days ago
Good video
Thank you
Virginia VanSickle
Virginia VanSickle - 2 days ago
I have the iPhone 11 pro Max. Midnight green
Wolfy Cake
Wolfy Cake - 2 days ago
I’ve never had a phone, my dad is a Samsung dude and usually buys us Samsung’s but last year my new school asked for an IPad. I’m at the age where my dad was planning to get me my first ever phone (everyone I know has had their phone for a couple years). He agreed that it would be more convenient since I have an iPad. I’m going to get the iPhone 11 which must be an amazing first phone. This was a last minute choice, I was going to get my dad’s Samsung s8 but he thought “might as well a phone for the whole family, they’re getting old”
Julian Saiz
Julian Saiz - 2 days ago
I’m willing to get rid of my xr for the 11 just for night mode
carla gaines
carla gaines - Day ago
im still just trying to get off of my six :(
Chloe Ventura
Chloe Ventura - 2 days ago
coming from the xr and wanted to see if it was worth it to update
Jupsta S
Jupsta S - 2 days ago
I have iPhone 6. I don’t wanna ask my parents for a newer phone, last time I brought it up they said, “It’s the same thing different year.”
GOODTAGO - 2 days ago
Phones were cool but that intro!
Got7Luvr piya
Got7Luvr piya - 2 days ago
After updating to ios 13,I m totally luving my XR more than lyk Anythn🔥🔥🔥 LIT AF #BopeXR💚
patty_12 - 2 days ago
It’s worth it A13 chip is so much faster than the A12
If I get 1000 subs I’ll Go back to my family
Lol iPhone got nothing on me

*sent from Luis Vuitton smart towel*
iamnotalbert - 2 days ago
Watching from an iPhone 7. I have plans to upgrade too, but to the 11 and not the alien 11 pro😬
Fred H
Fred H - 2 days ago
A review worth watching,
LaVerite124 - 2 days ago
No. Same phone, different camera
Rahul Patil
Rahul Patil - 2 days ago
My iPhone SE still rocking in 2019!
ツJacobFN - Day ago
Rahul Patil same lol
Sara Dridi
Sara Dridi - 2 days ago
i bought the iPhone XR two weeks ago and i think i made the best decision of my life. i love it
3rd DeathStar
3rd DeathStar - 2 days ago
What if you are coming from a iPhone 6?
blud work
blud work - 2 days ago
why is this 11mins of junk?
AfricanWar - 2 days ago
1:28 Yes there is a very different wallpaper on the one to the left, the phone has a different color, and the apps are organised differently. In conclusion, this guy is blind
•matt •
•matt • - 2 days ago
You know I think it’s funny that I’m watching this on a xr
Brooke Waye
Brooke Waye - 2 days ago
i has a 6 till last week lol
Dunny - 2 days ago
I mean I'm still rocking my iPhone 6.. Birthday in 3 months imma get the 11.
zoefrmhawaii - 2 days ago
tbh i'm starting to warm up to the iphone 11 camera design, i'm just not really a fan of the matte back. i like the frosted glass, i wish they kept it
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