Water Bottle Flip 3 | Dude Perfect

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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect - 9 days ago
Pumped y'all like the vid!!
Which shot was your favorite?
Y'all are the best.
Virginia Smith
Virginia Smith - 8 days ago
How you land it on a boling ball
Leo Burger
Leo Burger - 8 days ago
Dude Perfect WHAT happend of saying WHO’S PANDA ?🐼
Christopher Remy
Christopher Remy - 9 days ago
The number didn't work for me
Jamie Hay
Jamie Hay - 9 days ago
Domanick Georges
Domanick Georges - 2 hours ago
Lol I like how you guys put a bible verse for a quick second 👌🏾💯🤙🏾✨🔥
jason mcphee
jason mcphee - 2 hours ago
Patrick Rankine
Patrick Rankine - 3 hours ago
Can you do it
Anthony Doucette
Anthony Doucette - 3 hours ago
I have never seen someone that happy to get something stuck on the ceiling
Juan pablo Molinares benjumea
What happened to panda?
Mohammed Annas Quadri
Mohammed Annas Quadri - 3 hours ago
Song name......?
Yuvraj Sharma
Yuvraj Sharma - 3 hours ago
Anyone from INDIA-Like
Anyone from FOREIGN-Comment
Souls Tornado
Souls Tornado - 4 hours ago
The real legend is the person who filled the bottles with the correct and exact amount of liquid
zt v
zt v - 4 hours ago
Who said that dudeperfect are dead ?
Adam McCain
Adam McCain - 4 hours ago
you should do trick shots with zing zax
Soren Erickson-Cichon
Soren Erickson-Cichon - 4 hours ago
For your next overtime if you have game time play csr2
Maverick Okkerse
Maverick Okkerse - 4 hours ago
Maverick Okkerse
Maverick Okkerse - 4 hours ago
Go cartoons
Go cartoons - 4 hours ago
At 35 sec they edited it
huttio srreu
huttio srreu - 4 hours ago
3:48 10 часовую версию пожалуйста (10 hours version plase)
iPoshlas - 4 hours ago
Love em' or hate em', have to admit, all the views they get - well deserved.
iPoshlas - 4 hours ago
@huttio srreu disagreed
huttio srreu
huttio srreu - 4 hours ago
Its obviously in reverse.
Dey Sanchez
Dey Sanchez - 4 hours ago
Or energy 2037686236
LilRatFinkAZ Fin
LilRatFinkAZ Fin - 5 hours ago
Why did you lose their old phone
TC Hone
TC Hone - 5 hours ago
Dude perfect is so mean and they wont even let me join my there thing to add me. Its a joke
Tannar John
Tannar John - 5 hours ago
I love your videos they’re so cool
AdiTya P.sahu
AdiTya P.sahu - 5 hours ago
R they reversing the video??
Dragon Sin Meliodas ಥ_ಥ
Sloane Sandoval
Sloane Sandoval - 5 hours ago
Make an OT episode
Sam Watson
Sam Watson - 5 hours ago
I wish I could do it like you also go on a cruse for your next bucket list also your the best YouTubers ever
Darknight YouTube Official Channel
How many bloopers have?
CVS - 6 hours ago
My favorite shot was the last shot
CVS - 6 hours ago
Not going to lie my hands were sweating when Tim went up to that railing.
Moo Chiken
Moo Chiken - 6 hours ago
how expensive are the one-wheeled skateboard things you use. Also, where did you get them? I want one.
Chad’s Channel
Chad’s Channel - 7 hours ago
I like your videos and try to you get 1000 subscribers
Brendan Buckley
Brendan Buckley - 7 hours ago
Airsoft 2 is xoming
Max watchman
Max watchman - 7 hours ago
Build a boat 2
Myron Wotton
Myron Wotton - 7 hours ago
Its obviously in reverse.
MiFey - 7 hours ago
2016 me be like
《AK》 PUBG MOBILE - 7 hours ago
Please subscribe my channel and like
Wicked Dummy filter
Wicked Dummy filter - 8 hours ago
Question, how is Tim supposed to get down
There probably is a way
Christina's Doc & Makeup Corner
U know why hes getting it perfect there is salt in the water
BlooperSnooper - 8 hours ago
When will we see pandas face
Its Dante
Its Dante - 8 hours ago
Image I got 1000 subs by morning eu time lol I will never but I believe in this comment section ❤️
The Buurma Family
The Buurma Family - 8 hours ago
sooo short
GiveMeSomeOatmeal - 9 hours ago
Do aother airsoft battle
X3G - 9 hours ago
Ayeleey - 9 hours ago
Congrats for being the 10th mist subskribed chanel... 🥳
Rhonda Alderman
Rhonda Alderman - 9 hours ago
Do another Pringle’s trick shot
TheGlovesMade - 9 hours ago
Nice. Hey! Can I turn yours channel name into draw picture? I am tiny YT channel...
Romatshka - 9 hours ago
Некоторые броски постанова и монтаж.
Salvate Amoroso
Salvate Amoroso - 9 hours ago
Pedro Destru
Pedro Destru - 9 hours ago
Unico español?
Elite Ahmad
Elite Ahmad - 9 hours ago
How much Tries did you made for those clips?
Sammay Anwari
Sammay Anwari - 9 hours ago
Can we have next level things like overtime 14 you can add like a quiz and whoever wins can get the golden boy whoever loses can spin the wheel of unfortunate. The name could be the Quiz of Doom. I love your videos and I still love your Content its amazing you bring back the old with the new and I love the mixture. Please if you can bring back Stereotypes. I love those too. Can you add more challenges I love them as well.
Stetson Pacheco Studios
Stetson Pacheco Studios - 10 hours ago
Dude Perfect: Comment your favorite shot. Me: Every shot is my favorite!
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts - 10 hours ago
Five Fellas
Five Fellas - 10 hours ago
Definitely better than the other ones
Sukut-ı Hayâl
Sukut-ı Hayâl - 10 hours ago
hi everybody. if you join my channel, i will join your channel. let
Rajinder Gosal
Rajinder Gosal - 10 hours ago
Victor Tuffa
Victor Tuffa - 10 hours ago
Like me or you're dumb
Victor Tuffa
Victor Tuffa - 10 hours ago
Hey dude perfect! Play hide and seek in the warehouse
Тима леГоман
Тима леГоман - 10 hours ago
Randy Scott
Randy Scott - 11 hours ago
Yall need to come to Arkansas
Daniel Coleman
Daniel Coleman - 11 hours ago
Sohaib arif
Sohaib arif - 11 hours ago
"ENERGY" hi dude perfect team hope you take like these videos always and make us laugh or smile not bore i am from india love ya all bye please reply on my comment bye
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