Selena Gomez - Lose You To Love Me (Alternative Video)

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lol hi
lol hi - Day ago
i wonder what images were going through her head while filming this
Alonso Lopez
Alonso Lopez - 2 days ago
People are dumb she didn’t write this song it was line 36 people who wrote it 😂😂
Dayanne Rodrigues
Dayanne Rodrigues - 2 days ago
Vishal Gupta
Vishal Gupta - 2 days ago
2:46 best expression
Jana Banyeres
Jana Banyeres - 2 days ago
You make me cry🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jana Banyeres
Jana Banyeres - 2 days ago
Landa Derka
Landa Derka - 2 days ago
Dagmar Timková
Dagmar Timková - 2 days ago
lawon J
lawon J - 2 days ago
Don’t care about him anymore baby you’re the best ❤️👑
ishak hossain
ishak hossain - 2 days ago
thos eyes never lied
Helen Müller
Helen Müller - 2 days ago
you can see the pain in her face..I'm so proud of you
Toya Liggins Cardenas
Toya Liggins Cardenas - 2 days ago
Love her❤️❤️❤️
chio soberanes
chio soberanes - 2 days ago
Aunque lo niegue, aun se le ve la tristeza en sus ojos .
kim viola
kim viola - 2 days ago
• ڪآن جمـــآلها مهــلڪا 🌨.
Navaditya singh chauhan
People here talking about how Jb hurt her, but what about my boy Weeknd guys? Ever heard about "my dear melancholy"? Xo forever.
Ghazal Pathania
Ghazal Pathania - 2 days ago
God I want Selena and Justin together 😭🙏
Lostinmoonlight - 2 days ago
I love the way people reacting when she says “ two months to replace us “ this is hurting me different way.
Aaradhana Prabakaran
Aaradhana Prabakaran - 2 days ago
She is true to herself and to the world. She understands Justin wasn’t interested and that it was a toxic relationship for the last few days they had together. They’ve both moved on in life....
Sevim & Melih
Sevim & Melih - 2 days ago
Her hands
Kennedy Leal
Kennedy Leal - 2 days ago
I’m obsessed.
ProtubePT - 2 days ago
Epic song. 🖤
Vera Lucia
Vera Lucia - 2 days ago
Sel 😍
Elekberli Nurtac
Elekberli Nurtac - 2 days ago
...👍... "Selena Gomez " ❤ 🔚 👈 👀 "Azərbaycan 'dan "sevgilər..!
Florena Francis
Florena Francis - 2 days ago
Like seriously when I heard this song for the first time, it imagines me like I was in the 🌌 galaxy but on earth 🌍 at the same time 😍😪😪😪
Miss Lilis
Miss Lilis - 2 days ago
I stand for you selena ❤️
H3LLO STR4NGER! - 2 days ago
The thumbnails,she's very goergeuss :)))))
peached yeolmae
peached yeolmae - 2 days ago
no need to worry, momm😣😣 WE'RE ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU, WE FIGHT FOR YOU, WE'LL NEVER GONNA LEAVE YOU, we'll love you forever ✨💖 mark my words☑️
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Mathews Varughese
Mathews Varughese - 2 days ago
Scrolling through the comments...I was thinking of the girls who wasn't a celeb or a singer who is in the thick of pain...and we need to support them lk we do for Selena
Taylor - 2 days ago
“And now the chapter is closed and done, and now it’s goodbye for us.” 😢💔 These lyrics hit hard still to this day, I had to lose him and leave no matter how much I cared about and loved him because he could never give me the same and it wasn’t fair for me to stick around and wait for him to change. I’ve realized that people change for who they want to, and I deserve so much better than to be an option. I still miss him and care about him and think about the memories we had but sometimes the people you care about most are the ones you’re best living without.
wazif razali
wazif razali - 2 days ago
Iphone 11 huh
Shivanshi S Alakkadan Valiya
MrArcanum - 2 days ago
Yeah, this song is great and all.

But it's so obvious she's lip sinking in this vid.
Kadi Harden
Kadi Harden - 2 days ago
He went and found someone else.
She went and found herself.
She won.
Yashnelys Rivera
Yashnelys Rivera - 2 days ago
I love 😩😩😩
meli ibarra
meli ibarra - 2 days ago
Pinkett A
Pinkett A - 2 days ago
I’ve always admired her n watch here in movies as a kid. Looking at her now I can feel somethings missing. A part forever lost. It shows in her music, speeches, tv presence. I wish for her to find lost hippies but find a new kind of happiness. I guess it’s easier to tell the difference when you’ve not seen or heard someone in a long time
Daniel Almeida
Daniel Almeida - 2 days ago
Moral: without loving yourself you need someone to love you
viviana gaytan
viviana gaytan - 2 days ago
Her expressions made me cry⁵
Klaudia_pielegniarka - 3 days ago
I can feel your pain when I listen to it
Stop it Get some help
Stop it Get some help - 3 days ago
“He was my first love, my first kiss, and now my first heartbreak”
ZERO moniozo
ZERO moniozo - 3 days ago
kathryn thompson
kathryn thompson - 3 days ago
Am I the only one who actually cares about how Abel feels? Abel is probably sitting on the sidelines watching Selena go back to Justin.
Malec LightBane
Malec LightBane - 3 days ago
Can anyone answer why Selena is so talented and gorgeous??? And people say I look like her 🤨
M. Aden
M. Aden - 3 days ago
When this song plays:
Me: 😔🥺😪
Lizette Pitano
Lizette Pitano - 3 days ago
verga, eres una locaaaaaa😍😍😍😍😍
Dagmar Timková
Dagmar Timková - 3 days ago
Nice💜nice 💜for ever💜
Infal Foudeh
Infal Foudeh - 3 days ago
This is very beautiful 💓❤️🥰😍💘😘😘 kiss
Lily Sajdak
Lily Sajdak - 3 days ago
The most painful lines to me are the first ones “you promised the world and I fell for it. I put you first and you adored it...”
Lil Cute
Lil Cute - 3 days ago
“I gave him all and they all know it” YASSS WE DO QUEEN 😭
Lil Cute
Lil Cute - 3 days ago
“Saying off key on my chorus” i felt that 😂
Milya N
Milya N - 3 days ago
Волшебная ❤️
Romina blanca Garrido silva
Nevzat Yanalioglu
Nevzat Yanalioglu - 3 days ago
she is the best singer 😪
Daniela Lara
Daniela Lara - 3 days ago
I like the other video better but the song still be amazing
Daria z
Daria z - 3 days ago
Bear Beer
Bear Beer - 3 days ago
I will support you always,u r the best
marvelstan 2013
marvelstan 2013 - 3 days ago
"this dancing was killing me softly, " is such an underrated line! toxic relationships really do slowly take the life out of you
Samarasekara Karunarathne
This song is so beautiful , emotional and ....I don't know what to's so damn good..! I keep on listening to it..
karan singh
karan singh - 3 days ago
I know you can do it
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