14 360
Alicia Navarrete
Alicia Navarrete - 3 months ago
Agan sexso
Edward Blends
Edward Blends - 3 months ago
jazz what is your sign?
Kendra Stanton
Kendra Stanton - 3 months ago
#teamtae and #teamjazz
Kornn Breeze
Kornn Breeze - 3 months ago
Yhu Actually Live Twice Twinn 🤦🏽‍♀️
Kornn Breeze
Kornn Breeze - 3 months ago
My Favorite Gay YouTube Kouple ♥️🥰 Imma Get There.
Sub To My Khannel.
Kornn Breeze
Kornn Breeze - 3 months ago
Jazz So Aggy Dawg🤣🤣🤣 “ Like Yo Booty Kheeks”🤣
legend Jahseh
legend Jahseh - 3 months ago
10:06 "why my cousin look like you are we relateddd" 😂😂😂 I'm dead
Alaina Henderson
Alaina Henderson - 3 months ago
Corey Mims
Corey Mims - 4 months ago
And here my music ok
Bessie Jackson
Bessie Jackson - 4 months ago
Who sanitize the 🛒 cart handle I know I do watching doctor oz will open your eyes so much germs 🦠 be on there please wipe them off
Imoni Davis
Imoni Davis - 4 months ago
when do we get a house tour !! 😫
Laura Touchstone
Laura Touchstone - 4 months ago
Team jazz and tae all day everyday forever 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
Azyriaa Cannon
Azyriaa Cannon - 4 months ago
when is the furniture going to be in house tour
GeNya Randolph
GeNya Randolph - 4 months ago
4:13 Jazz-it do look smackable tho like yo boot cheeks
nado & jess
nado & jess - 4 months ago
yall want money quick check this out https://youtu.be/vyo-oU-LGPw
Shantae Marshall
Shantae Marshall - 4 months ago
The Crutchfield Family
The Crutchfield Family - 4 months ago
Team jazz and Tae
Lisa Clark
Lisa Clark - 4 months ago
Did yall buy this house or are yall renting?
Du Nk
Du Nk - 4 months ago
Im on a cruise
Michelle Watkins
Michelle Watkins - 4 months ago
I have OCD every thing have to be right
Breanna Green
Breanna Green - 4 months ago
Do a car video👏🏽👏🏽
yepits_ nitaaa
yepits_ nitaaa - 4 months ago
I wan't to see tae real here
theyluv.raee: 101
theyluv.raee: 101 - 4 months ago
Who all gone get to the fact that tae is cute asfffff❤️
The Black Southern Belle
The Black Southern Belle - 4 months ago
Furniture shopping video!!
Damir Richardson
Damir Richardson - 4 months ago
Me and my feet stank
cami rose
cami rose - 4 months ago
this video is chill asf. i love jazz and tae🤣
Na’Dariyel Reed
Na’Dariyel Reed - 4 months ago
Omg same taeeee ! Like everything has to be organized or I’ll feel weird or like I’ll keep thinking about it & eventually fix it
zach arthur
zach arthur - 4 months ago
Yall amazing
Kiya Koala bears
Kiya Koala bears - 4 months ago
Adrienne Boddie
Adrienne Boddie - 4 months ago
New theme video for channel please 😩
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide - 4 months ago
Who watches garbage consistently enough for it to be trending ?
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - 4 months ago
Who watches garbage consistently enough for it to be trending ?
A N O N Y M O U S - 4 months ago
the guy is so noisy af, I DIDNT FINISH THE VIDEO! Anyone who knows how to block this account
Rock girl
Rock girl - 4 months ago
That was brilliant.. thank you!!!?
Sapphire Ali
Sapphire Ali - 4 months ago
im a big fan
Joanna - 4 months ago
OMG I love it so much?
Puppet lover
Puppet lover - 4 months ago
Having so much fun jazz
Ranekwa Powell
Ranekwa Powell - 4 months ago
I love y'all 🥰🥰🥰😝
Cassie - 4 months ago
Doreen Small
Doreen Small - 4 months ago
Can we do some food shopping
Alyvia Roberts
Alyvia Roberts - 4 months ago
Team jazz and tae
Leopard Bra Brado
Leopard Bra Brado - 4 months ago
looks so cool
Uduak Enyong
Uduak Enyong - 4 months ago
They are gay
Sharon Hall
Sharon Hall - 4 months ago
Y'all so funny
Tishas Cre8tive Cooking
Tishas Cre8tive Cooking - 4 months ago
What is up to the JT squadddddd . Love it every time 💖
Mammie Barry
Mammie Barry - 4 months ago
Tanvir Ahmed
Tanvir Ahmed - 4 months ago
what a cringe ..
Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone - 4 months ago
I wish I had a friend like you guys
David Shaffer
David Shaffer - 4 months ago
WTF. Stop
Lil Monsta
Lil Monsta - 4 months ago
She look like sol twin lol
CookieGod666 - 4 months ago
Who watches garbage consistently enough for it to be trending ?
Zepphire - 4 months ago
Seeings this reccomended ik she was gay af
ruben d
ruben d - 4 months ago
Zero taste.lool
Maria The Chosen One
Maria The Chosen One - 4 months ago
Having so much fun jazz
ShadowDemon17 - 4 months ago
DLoad This1
DLoad This1 - 4 months ago
Stephanie Rodriquez
Stephanie Rodriquez - 4 months ago
Ugly pedo and ugly thin tranny looking whore
Ana Moon
Ana Moon - 4 months ago
So awesome. One day!
KAYLA WAYLA_ - 4 months ago
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Sanaa Stewart
Sanaa Stewart - 4 months ago
I am at dance👧👧
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