FOX IN SOX | Dr. Seuss Raps over Dr. Dre Beats

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Shelley - 2 hours ago
wow its so good I should try that haha
Wing Shing Li
Wing Shing Li - 5 hours ago
N. Zhiv
N. Zhiv - 7 hours ago
Never subscribed so fast.
tonycornflakes - 10 hours ago
Anyone here because of “3rd Rock From the Sun”?
This man’s a GENIUS! 😂
Wes Tank
Wes Tank - 10 hours ago
wait, why?
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace - 11 hours ago
Can you do Mr. Brown can moo, how about you? Please!!
Mark Momper
Mark Momper - 12 hours ago
You, Sir ,are amazing
Mark JW
Mark JW - 14 hours ago
This is still amazing, 2 months later
Waddles World
Waddles World - 15 hours ago
I don't know how to do tongue twisters but you're good at it
X Caliber Productions
X Caliber Productions - 15 hours ago
I used to do this as a kid..! I still rap out one fish two fish!
J. Reid
J. Reid - 19 hours ago
Now..."that is real smooth", love it.👍💯
Unboxing Pineapple Reviews
Lol (no words to explain)
guzzy620 - Day ago
If the Covid-19 pandemic was the price we had to pay for this gem then it was all worth it.
Pamela Hulton
Pamela Hulton - Day ago
Jack Black is kicking himself for not thinking of this first.
Sybs SaysHi
Sybs SaysHi - Day ago
I've never been more impressed by anything lol tried just reading this to my niece a few weeks ago and got tongue tied on like page 4 😂👅
Life Upgrade TV
Life Upgrade TV - Day ago
Love it! Thanks. :)
Paul Hedges
Paul Hedges - Day ago
I love your renditions of Suess' words so much; they reach me on a level written word never could.
Luciano Simmons
Luciano Simmons - 2 days ago
This is gorgeous. Just beautiful. You've mixed my 3 loves. Poetry, linguistics and beats. This makes life worth living! Ty!
PandaPenClub - 2 days ago
I can't stop watching this - wonderful!!
Adam Cahalan
Adam Cahalan - 2 days ago
You should rap the raven by Edgar Allen Poe
Himanshu - 2 days ago
I love your video make up to 1,000 video!
Alison Miri
Alison Miri - 2 days ago
Thank you!! My littlest humans now ask for “Hi, I’m Wes” every night for their bedtime story. 5.45 of sanity restoring amazingness that is just so much more brilliant that you will ever realise. This single parent in lockdown would like to send a heartfelt thanks for making me-time in bedtime story form. Now my sons, are you sure you don’t want to watch this again.... 💙
Bruce Lloyd
Bruce Lloyd - 2 days ago
I'm not a fan of rap or Dr Seuss. I don't like the weird looking characters. I do admire someone's ability to say those words very fast.
Monteen McCord
Monteen McCord - 3 days ago
That was awesome! My eyes are rolling around like BB's in a boxcar!
S A - 3 days ago
Your magnum opus
GrumpleslamAlabaster - 3 days ago
Anybody know what the beat is from at the end?
Troy O'Brien
Troy O'Brien - 3 days ago
Back when SEUSS was rollin' with Lorenzo in a Benzo I was bangin' with a gang of instrumentals
May Bhank
May Bhank - 3 days ago
this is fucking genius
A. Resa Jones
A. Resa Jones - 3 days ago
Who would down vote this...
Aries McDougall-Ross
Aries McDougall-Ross - 3 days ago
Grzegorz lollla
Grzegorz lollla - 3 days ago
Good morning, i am a student of Mrs Natali. Regarts
Nate Parnwell
Nate Parnwell - 4 days ago
give av like if you could help screaming
Kelsey Adam
Kelsey Adam - 4 days ago
Dr Seuss was an undercover rapper lmao
Jason Amrhein
Jason Amrhein - 4 days ago
E Z - 4 days ago
First of all can we get this guy a grammy
Second , where can i get that sweater lol
Keep killin it homie!
Ignacio Dominguez
Ignacio Dominguez - 4 days ago
Kelly Lindsey
Kelly Lindsey - 4 days ago
Tank , thanks for making these videos. This is just the right duration I need to set my pace on my tredmill to 3.....I'm working my way back to healthy and feeding my mind :) - The Teacher in me Loves it!!!
Rabix - 5 days ago
I just found this channel by accident, this is nice.
Victor Laster
Victor Laster - 5 days ago
This shit is fire LOL!!!!
Cammie Day
Cammie Day - 5 days ago
Go on tour! Go on tour! #packedhouse
Sam Blades
Sam Blades - 5 days ago
Love it! I always read Bill Peet’s The Caboose Who got Loose with Charli 2Na’s voice in my head! You should do that story next.
Lucille Anderson
Lucille Anderson - 5 days ago
This is so awesome!!!
Suzann Erickson
Suzann Erickson - 5 days ago
Great job!
Christopher Carr
Christopher Carr - 6 days ago
Can you please do the Grinch who Stole Christmas.... it is May, and my daughter still wants to watch it every day. And I am like "It's nearly summer! and your going to be late for Driver's Ed". Ok, I am not kidding anymore, do the Grich.
carlosares - 6 days ago

The first one is: wtf i forgot!
Second: let me ride. Dr dre
azura Ran
azura Ran - 6 days ago
This book was not made for this
PinSuperboy 09
PinSuperboy 09 - 6 days ago
Your tongue is made out of metal XD
Mark Henry
Mark Henry - 6 days ago
Pretty sure he'll be signed to Death Row Records soon
Clevelandlndians - 6 days ago
Can we get this on Spotify please?
Maria Fernanda
Maria Fernanda - 6 days ago
Jamin Hunter Taylor
Jamin Hunter Taylor - 6 days ago
That was sick. Respect.
Mindful Laughter
Mindful Laughter - 6 days ago
This is GENIUS! Yeahhhhhhhhh, thanks Wes
Rhys Young
Rhys Young - 6 days ago
This keeps me bussy
Amit Dhawan
Amit Dhawan - 6 days ago
Too good!! Keep em coming man.
JP Mysczenko
JP Mysczenko - 7 days ago
I wish I could give more "likes" lol. I'm crankin' this at least 2 or 3 times a day. This is really a damned work of amazing. Wes, let's have a beer! lol
Jupiter Valentine
Jupiter Valentine - 7 days ago
Can't get enough, these are the one thing on YouTube to share with everyone!
James van Minnen
James van Minnen - 7 days ago
Love this so much! @Wes Tank, any chance of getting this released as audio on Spotify?
Downwardtrain 10
Downwardtrain 10 - 7 days ago
Dumbo woumbo. Find another game to play... bend the new old gold and drew brooms
Norkh - 7 days ago
gangsta shiat
Danielle Kutchko
Danielle Kutchko - 7 days ago
That was kind of dumb it was a book not a wrap and it sound like you were singing not wrapping
bluesgirl1980 - 7 days ago
Oh dear... I've had this on my brain for several weeks now, and I still return nearly every day to get my "fix"... 😋 😘
Iman Hassan
Iman Hassan - 7 days ago
The first time I walked in this video I’m like. This guys is like 40 years old I thought he was like rapping books for gifts Then when I saw him like rapping I’m like. …omg… XD
NYELLI SANTOS - 7 days ago
i think it was intended to be a rap book
Christina d'Alelio
Christina d'Alelio - 7 days ago
Your videos are great and my students LOVE them! Please make more!
Konson Conteh
Konson Conteh - 7 days ago
I love this
Jody S.
Jody S. - 8 days ago
Seuss wrote this with Dre beats in the background...
adrian robinson
adrian robinson - 8 days ago
This is how many people love him

Phuong Dinh
Phuong Dinh - 6 days ago
Only two people? Lemme just -sneaks in a lil like- Here ya go buddy
adrian robinson
adrian robinson - 8 days ago
I’m a giant fam
adrian robinson
adrian robinson - 8 days ago
I love this guy and then my music teacher found out about it I’m so happy
Ryan Linnick
Ryan Linnick - 8 days ago
My 10 month son loves your Dr Seuss raps. If he is upset, cranky and fussy and I play your videos, he immediately calms down and gets excited.
Zhaleh Almaee
Zhaleh Almaee - 8 days ago
From my six year old, "Awesome!" and from my two year old, "hello, dude. You are great."
viv does stuf
viv does stuf - 8 days ago
The only reason I came here is for the tweetle beetles
alpha blitz
alpha blitz - 9 days ago
This is better than half of the rap today
Natalia Zięba
Natalia Zięba - 9 days ago
I'm 31 baking pies in my kitchen and just dancing the hell out of this rap like it's the coolest thing on earth.
Franciszek Adolph
Franciszek Adolph - 4 days ago
Franciszek Adolph
Franciszek Adolph - 4 days ago
Franciszek Adolph
Franciszek Adolph - 4 days ago
Thien T. Tran
Thien T. Tran - 9 days ago
THIS IS AWESOME. I'm sharing this to my 1st graders to open Dr. Suess' birthday next year !
Liz Nauta
Liz Nauta - 9 days ago
I’ve been very inspired by your videos & have been making my own. I run a preschool & just trying to add some smiles during these crazy days. Check my channel out!
Alexander Mendoaza
Alexander Mendoaza - 9 days ago
My teacher sent this to me
Andrew Docherty
Andrew Docherty - 9 days ago
I may be ignorant, and you may already be famous..
but dude!
You just blew my mind!!
Fan of yours for life!
william trujillo
william trujillo - 9 days ago
Dre should bring this man on board to rap!!!!!
william trujillo
william trujillo - 9 days ago
This is so damn good! Lmao!
Matt Towanda
Matt Towanda - 9 days ago
Flat out dropped a Seuss.
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