Top 20 RuPaul’s Drag Race Werk Room Entrances

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MsMojo - Month ago
WERK! Are you watching this season of RPDR? Check out our recap here: of the latest episode!
Ryan Stewart
Ryan Stewart - Month ago
Are you Stans clueless to reality or stupid or just blind? PEOPLE ARE *SO* *INCREDIBLY* *ANGRY* THAT PREDATOR PIE AND THE COSTUME QUEEN / WHITE TWINK #179 GOT INTO THE FINALE, *NEVER* EVER EVER HAVING TO LIPSYNC FOR THEIR LIVES!!!!! The producers knew good and damn well that both of them would have IMMEDIATELY been sent home by anyone they were up against. Which is why Gigi got saved from having to lip THREE WEEKS IN A ROW and THE PREDATOR got saved one time, as well. To think that they get the same title of never having to lip as someone like Bianca and the other few impeccable queens that never had to lip........ And THAT is why the fans with COMMON SENSE are extremely upset.
Benny _Gealai
Benny _Gealai - Month ago
Do something about Drag Race Thailand please. It's soooo good and should be wider known!!!
Gabriel Delgado
Gabriel Delgado - Month ago
Omg I remember commneting on a vide that asked at the end which has the iconic entrance and i said Laganja
LBDLord - Month ago
Y’all forgetting about Ms Monique heart and monet x change in the comments
sneakers _
sneakers _ - 30 minutes ago
What about "Hey fake ladies" by Pandora Boxx? That was the first catchphrase ever said when entering the room so it should've been on here.
Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson - 18 hours ago
Bianca's look was boring and she makes NOTHING funny
Audrey Bilodeau
Audrey Bilodeau - 18 hours ago
The fact that raja's entrance isn't on it is straight up homophobic
Dark Paradise
Dark Paradise - Day ago
Ant John
Ant John - 3 days ago
No Acid Betty? I call crap.
homorocker bloguero
homorocker bloguero - 3 days ago
Wtf Ms mojo where's Sharon Needles that's probably the most iconic entrance in herstory... this list is so random CHOICES
mat_so_funny - 4 days ago
Raven was robbed yet again, her one-eyed monster look wasn't even and honorable mention...
Becca Veber
Becca Veber - 4 days ago
This one needs to be redone because alot of these are not that awesome.
Magda Zajęcka
Magda Zajęcka - 4 days ago
Jeremy .Scott
Jeremy .Scott - 5 days ago
Vangie’s reaction to Mercedes gets me every time
Yasmin S
Yasmin S - 8 days ago
MISS Mercedes IMAN Diamond
Brett Shulenburg
Brett Shulenburg - 8 days ago
Elevengendary still makes me cackle. God I love Nina
NewShaunCity - 9 days ago
So you’re just going to cut what makes Pearl’s entrance so great??
Gabriela Mallo
Gabriela Mallo - 9 days ago
Kim Chi, Shea Coulee, and Heidi should've been on here
Alethia Dalí
Alethia Dalí - 9 days ago
really? no Valentina?
Skatergirl 123
Skatergirl 123 - 9 days ago
You have Cynthia and not raja really
Hunter Wolfe
Hunter Wolfe - 10 days ago
Where is trixie mattels iconic all stars entrance
Kennyojlaw Crazyeyes
Kennyojlaw Crazyeyes - 10 days ago
Ew dislike just because of the first pic anyone but her!
Chloe Holt
Chloe Holt - 11 days ago
Kim chi?
Poncho Sarabia
Poncho Sarabia - 11 days ago
Already know Without seen
Laganga’s entrance is in firts place ICONIC
DjMaGiC07 - 12 days ago
Cynthia?! Bianca?!
And miss Tilapia is only 12th?!
Where TH are Raja and Acid Betty?!
Annie Ryan
Annie Ryan - 12 days ago
I come to this video to see Yvie and it’s no. 20....I disagree 😂 I do agree with no. 1 though 👏🏽
I love Pearl, Yvie, Cracker, Latrice, Katya, Sasha, Alaska 😍 (and a whole bunch more 😉)
Sean Parkis
Sean Parkis - 12 days ago
Imo most of this list is just wrong but hey everyone makes choices. And this list was a choice 👀
Moody Man
Moody Man - 12 days ago
Mercedes *Iman* Diamond
Santa - 12 days ago
Umm where is willam
NozzyFN - 13 days ago
EXO -L - 14 days ago
i knew laganja was no.1 lmao
AmandaPleaseme - 14 days ago
miss mojo remains drag race's biggest fan
Marco Ar
Marco Ar - 14 days ago
I watched till the end just to make sure number one was the number one I was expecting, and Ms Mojo did not disappoint me, loved it!! ❤️
wafflesMcGee7 - 14 days ago
it was a shock to see out-of-drag trixie with hair again
Jacobbartz - 14 days ago
It’s Mercedes Iman who dafuq is Imam?
Lugh On The Loo
Lugh On The Loo - 15 days ago
Gia Gunn? Really?
Kimberly Casi
Kimberly Casi - 15 days ago
I’ll have to admit that I underestimated Nina when she walked in as a mouse, I always predict who will go home first and picked her and I was soooooo wrong lol
Felipe Narusevicius
Felipe Narusevicius - 15 days ago
Where’s Gaga?
Allison Linner
Allison Linner - 15 days ago
Where in the name of Gay God is *Shea Coulée’s* entrance? 🥺
Rhianna Plays Roblox x
Rhianna Plays Roblox x - 16 days ago
Agne Kur
Agne Kur - 16 days ago
My all time favourite was Raja! Can't believe she wasn't even mentioned 😭😭😭
sans - 17 days ago
AngeliseValenya - 18 days ago
This is the weirdest list ever. I agree with a lot of these, but overall, there are a set a very iconic entrances that were missed... I know drag is subjective, but dang...
Jessica D
Jessica D - 18 days ago
There are so many amazing exits and I love them all. Butt for some reason the one that still cracks me up to this day is Dusty Ray Bottoms, ‘Whaps 🤷’
Annie McEnaney
Annie McEnaney - 18 days ago
nina should’ve been ranked higher
lip - 18 days ago
ahem ahem... Raja? ... ahem
Jupiter - 19 days ago
Don’t care for Laganga. But I can’t deny it, that’s how you enter RDR.
Amanda Mullen
Amanda Mullen - 19 days ago
It is so awesome seeing these gorgeous girls and then seeing how hot they are out of drag
ellie Trash
ellie Trash - 19 days ago
I'm literally going to unsubscribe... No coco.. Adore.. Aquara... Really Tempest?? What was you smoking when you made this video? I'm done..
onim26 - 19 days ago
Raja not being on this list is homophobic
LPS Art Lights
LPS Art Lights - 19 days ago
How you gonna add in Mercedes, but not Heidi N Closet???
sheeppusher - 19 days ago
7:52 "wearing a green amoeba patterned-" girl that's paisley pattern get it right.
Tiona St.Hilaire
Tiona St.Hilaire - 20 days ago
Where is silky nutmeg ganache 🤔
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith - 20 days ago
Did they misspell and mispronounce Mercedes Iman diamonds name? Did they say Mercedes Imam Diamond
Mouse The
Mouse The - 21 day ago
I'm trying to find highlight clips and these fucking ms mojo top 10 lists are littering my search feed bruh how do I block a youtube channel
potato_tot - 21 day ago
Me: Sees title
Alex Thornhill
Alex Thornhill - 21 day ago
I hated laganga but I have to admit her entrance was killer
Gie B.
Gie B. - 22 days ago
Pearl is so damn hot.
Sam Apps
Sam Apps - 24 days ago
Where the hell is “I just came to sweep up the competition” by Monét X Change in Season 10???
Felicity Dacombe
Felicity Dacombe - 24 days ago
A fun viewing experience:_``I FEEL VERY ATTACKED!!``
Painter's brush 16
Painter's brush 16 - 24 days ago
The music Yvie entered to still thrills and creeps me out to this day!
Lauren Hose
Lauren Hose - 25 days ago
stop cutting out the best parts of the entrances
Emily Clark
Emily Clark - 25 days ago
Ummm... Heidi N Closet? Crystal Methyd? Coco Montrese? I mean... come ON! Also I dont know if this should be on the list but my personal favourite is Jinkx. So cute.
israel - 26 days ago
This video could’ve been made without mentioning the placement of every queen 🙄
Hugh Theobald
Hugh Theobald - 26 days ago
This list is almost as ill-conceived as MsMojo's spelling and pronunciation of Mercedes IMAN Diamond... if you're going to milk other people's images for views and ad revenue, at least take the time to do the research...
No_ Drawlzzz
No_ Drawlzzz - 26 days ago
I always die of laughter when they show the cutaway of Vanjie's reaction to Mercedes' entrance 🤣🤣🤣
Nikolija Vorkapić
Nikolija Vorkapić - 26 days ago
Ok girl lets talk about these: Ivy Winters, Acid Betty, Shea, Monique, Vixen, Monet, Vanjie (10), Kameron, Yuhua, Aquaria, Akeria, Heidi
Also some of these people may are great drag queens but their entrances were not that great: Detox, Dela, Bianca, Vivacious, Milk, Trixie...
And the level of racism, far too much
Jayde Balfour
Jayde Balfour - 26 days ago
Trixie’s Entrance on Celebrity DR was hilarious. “Enter Workroom, Shift Weight, Catchphrase, Pose”. I know it’s from a special but still 😂
the3spirit - 27 days ago
Random, not top. Also, shut the fu*k up so we can actually HEAR their entrances! XOXO ;)
Claire Phillips
Claire Phillips - 27 days ago
Amoeba pattern? I guess we've never heard of paisley
João Pedro Ignatios
João Pedro Ignatios - 27 days ago
Waiting for the all stars version!
Jax Waggytail
Jax Waggytail - 27 days ago
Am I the only one who could hear Eurika saying “oh wow” when she mouthed it over the talking
Jax Waggytail
Jax Waggytail - 27 days ago
“Who could forget Ornacia”
Me: Bebe
Ralph Dalumpines
Ralph Dalumpines - 28 days ago
WTF is this list. Ms Mojo being lazy again. Yaawnnnn.
Britney Love
Britney Love - 28 days ago
That’s Iman with an “n”, not Imam with an “m”.
zoepoulides - 28 days ago
when she said “serving body-ody-ody” like a newsanchor I had to stop lmao
KOFASH 123 - 29 days ago
Gigi? Seriously? She just said ahoy. How is that iconic?
Osiris López Ramírez
Osiris López Ramírez - 29 days ago
Sakura? Comman!
k*don* - 29 days ago
2:17 hmm I don't think so
LittleAlii ASMR
LittleAlii ASMR - 29 days ago
Don't let this distract you from the fact that Nina Bo'nina Brown should have been Blac Chyna
Fjorgyn - 29 days ago
Trixie's allstars entrance was much better.
Fjorgyn - 29 days ago
Fernando Caetano Rocha Júnior
Missed Aquaria's
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