Break The iPhone, I'll Buy You A New One!

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Scrubzah - Month ago
Who Is Buying The iPhone 11?
planespotting vidioes
planespotting vidioes - 10 hours ago
I hate iphone
BOBMA GAMER - 15 hours ago
Not me
mohamed alnagar
mohamed alnagar - Day ago
Crazy_Cubing - 2 days ago
Is the iPhone 11 bigger than the 7+?
Victoria Yeung
Victoria Yeung - 3 days ago
Me...duh, like I have 100000 dollars
Adam Crandall
Adam Crandall - 4 hours ago
slide bruhh...
Temp - 5 hours ago
The first guy got a crack
Frogmaster - 8 hours ago
My gosh your worst than morgs
Connie Cepek
Connie Cepek - 9 hours ago
Poo poo head
Universe Cat
Universe Cat - 12 hours ago
Matthew A
Matthew A - 17 hours ago
Wow an iPhone 7 soooo exiting
Lego Maker
Lego Maker - Day ago
I scrubbed my ipad and I had to put it in rice
Lego Maker
Lego Maker - Day ago
It’s is distractible
Noah Cartagena
Noah Cartagena - Day ago
Dat not a iPhone 10 He didn’t buy a 11
Jayden Carrillo
Jayden Carrillo - Day ago
Taropafadzwa Chirochierwa
I love your iPhone can i have one
Caleb Lawson
Caleb Lawson - 2 days ago
When he had the phone in the house why didn't he slam the phone screen against the corner of the counter hmm 🤔
Cheryl Denton
Cheryl Denton - 2 days ago
Santino - 2 days ago
Gang member: gets out gun
Chompy Playz
Chompy Playz - 3 days ago
Bang the screen on a corner
KidFury01 - 4 days ago
This is how much brain cells I lost from watching this video.
Brittany Hellemn
Brittany Hellemn - 4 days ago
I like poo and smell like it to
planespotting vidioes
planespotting vidioes - 4 days ago
Yes the case is soo good when you throw it over grass idiots
planespotting vidioes
planespotting vidioes - 4 days ago
And sand and down slide
Ina Shriner
Ina Shriner - 4 days ago
Me please
diamondvolger 230
diamondvolger 230 - 4 days ago
Please give me a new iPhone 11 pro I only have a iPhone 4s
Sam L
Sam L - 6 days ago
What are you doing your crazy why chucking on sand omg
Sam L
Sam L - 6 days ago
Yeah definitely it’s going to break if you drop it on grass
Suzanne Westerhoff
Suzanne Westerhoff - 6 days ago
Stop seying let’s go its wetid
Damian Perez
Damian Perez - 7 days ago
This is how many times he said yo
yaser samara
yaser samara - 7 days ago
I have AirPods 2 iPhone 11 pro max Apple Pencil 2 and I pad pro
yaser samara
yaser samara - 5 days ago
How do you know
ii brendan RBLX
ii brendan RBLX - 5 days ago
yaser samara you have none of those
GamingWithChris Roblox
GamingWithChris Roblox - 7 days ago
Jeremy Francisco
Jeremy Francisco - 7 days ago
good vids i love them and i sub
Mr Ragner the rock
Mr Ragner the rock - 7 days ago
The case protect the phone look at it
Deadly Deadman
Deadly Deadman - 7 days ago
Why do they think grass and sand is going to break it 😒
LimeGamer2 - 7 days ago
Baby scrubs:sand
Osama Aldawod
Osama Aldawod - 8 days ago
Bad video is the challenge
X X - 8 days ago
That reaction when he got a new iPhone is so calm
Ziggy - 8 days ago
That's a otter case of course it's not gonna break
bbbgwlkn23 22
bbbgwlkn23 22 - 8 days ago
I thought it was going to be a iPhone X
AmandaThe Real
AmandaThe Real - 8 days ago
Scrub scrub scrub scrub scrub
Mr chicken Chip
Mr chicken Chip - 8 days ago
Get a gun and shoot the iphone
Team 1551
Team 1551 - 8 days ago
Jordan Animations ツ
Jordan Animations ツ - 8 days ago
Why he cut his hair?🤨😐
JoBo 610
JoBo 610 - 9 days ago
I subscribed and turn the ball on
Angel YT
Angel YT - 9 days ago
My dad is getting the iPhone 11 pro
Tech Guys
Tech Guys - 9 days ago
Break people legs, then giving them weelchairs
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez - 9 days ago
This is how many times scubzah said yo
Crazy_Cubing - 2 days ago
Carlos Martinez this is how many times this comment has been used ⬇️
Bruhboi - 9 days ago
I think they have -400 brain cells
Hala Hassan
Hala Hassan - 9 days ago
Please make sure you have the right
Elijah Proctor
Elijah Proctor - 9 days ago
scrub scrub im new and i subscribed and post notifications are on and i liked the video
Simone Thompson
Simone Thompson - 10 days ago
I haven’t watch this thing in long THIS DUDE GOT A BEARD
No like if the iPhone case cranked by throwing it up then do it again
Denise McDaniel
Denise McDaniel - 10 days ago
I would take a night and just sit Jabbet through the phone
thebeastboy 2010
thebeastboy 2010 - 11 days ago
He said if we if we break the iPhone we get the iPhone 11 so hand it over come on
thebeastboy 2010
thebeastboy 2010 - 11 days ago
Ayaan Ali
Ayaan Ali - 11 days ago
Is that the iPhone 7
Hector Vitti
Hector Vitti - 11 days ago
This is how many brain cells i lost

Hector Vitti
Hector Vitti - 9 days ago
Hala Hassan
Hala Hassan - 9 days ago
Mae Miller
Mae Miller - 11 days ago
The crack on the talk was there when the baby smashed on the cement
Brayden Certain
Brayden Certain - 11 days ago
this is how much they said yo. 👇🏻
Daran Cass
Daran Cass - 11 days ago
Oh my god
Dylan Yazhe
Dylan Yazhe - 11 days ago
Turn the phone on
Heriberto Laureano
Heriberto Laureano - 12 days ago
Can u Lego ur eggo XD
Solo Terzer YT
Solo Terzer YT - 12 days ago
It’s a dummy phone
Solo Terzer YT
Solo Terzer YT - 12 days ago
Why you’re trying not to break it
Lolita Ward
Lolita Ward - 12 days ago
I. Love you too much and I’m not going back
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