Why I Stopped Shaving My Legs • Ladylike

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Faerie Floss
Faerie Floss - 13 hours ago
I shave occasionally, in the winter I barely bother. I have light hair but it grows really long, I like having smooth legs but I’m too lazy to be doing that weekly.
Frankie Lorett
Frankie Lorett - 16 hours ago
i have light colored hair on my legs and it’s weird so i don’t have to shave them very often lol
Jorjet - 16 hours ago
If you get a laser or keep waxing your hair will show less and stuff, that’s what my mom did when she was 15 and on and you could BARELY see the hairs
Kayleigh Veach
Kayleigh Veach - 21 hour ago
Yeety Hotel
Yeety Hotel - Day ago
Ive never shaved and im a teen, I for one just dont want to, plus I like who I am and I am basically the most masculine woman you will ever meet.
Daph Tahquette
Daph Tahquette - Day ago
I never had hair on my legs. I get 6 or so hairs above each ankle and a random hair on my legs, but never full hair. I have never shaved more then once a yr all my adult life and only do if the hair tickle my leg in the wind.
Xaforn - Day ago
I haven’t shaved in over 1.5 years and this is my second summer, I love it! So much less stress, less time spent removing it, no more infected ingrown hairs, and once you stop shaving the hair becomes soft and stops being coarse. I only shaved because of other kids in middle school teasing, but I would always cut myself or it scrubbed my skin raw ect. I find it interesting my mom tried to talk me out of it then but now she begs me to shave.......
Catlady_ Cadence
Catlady_ Cadence - 2 days ago
Is it weird that I like to have silky smooth legs and armpits?
CarlyA - 2 days ago
Yes queen, preach
Revy 11906
Revy 11906 - 2 days ago
Anyone feel they had to shave... When no one in SECOND GRADE was shaving and I have dark hair so I was scared and it took 90 minutes for each leg. And I still shave because I feel scratchy when I don't and I hate that
Memey Avocado
Memey Avocado - 2 days ago
Did anybody stare at her legs the whole video?
Carolina Morales
Carolina Morales - 2 days ago
I love this video yet I keep waxing because I like it. My hair has regrow thinner every time and the hair on my armpits is half way gone
Naveli Khaitan
Naveli Khaitan - 3 days ago
India is lucky in this aspect. We don't put importance to body hair so much.
Gelila Eyasu
Gelila Eyasu - 4 days ago
My mother told me not shave. But wht I really dont get is why it is expected from the girl? And if she does not wish to do so, she is ashamed and belittled?!
ThrowMeToTheNewWorld :
ThrowMeToTheNewWorld : - 4 days ago
I dont shave, just dont see the point. And I wear shorts without a care 🤷🏻‍♀️I shave my underarms only because the sweat can get trapped between the hair and cause body odour
Ashly - 6 days ago
Dude I literally shave everything off. Idk how ppl don’t shave
I'm still alive so hi
I'm still alive so hi - 4 days ago
Timberly Eyssen
Timberly Eyssen - 6 days ago
But.. she still takes care of her mustache so she decides which hair stays and which goes.
Samantha Burns
Samantha Burns - 6 days ago
Hannah Dietrich
Hannah Dietrich - 6 days ago
Zagubiony Kot
Zagubiony Kot - 6 days ago
I just feel it's important to point out that the statement "women have less hair than men do" is actually not correct. It depends on your genetics. Like, both of my parents are dark-haired, but my dad has very little body hair, it's almost invisible. But I got genes from my mom. And I don't shave. And I look like a bear compared to him. I just felt it's important for people to realise that the statement "men=more hair, women=less hair" is basically bulls**t, and it leads to misconceptions, and judgements, for BOTH men and women. If a guy has less body hair than average men do, it doesn't make him any less masculine! Remember that, people! We are all awesome just the way we are
Zagubiony Kot
Zagubiony Kot - 6 days ago
And i just want to add that I actually enjoyed the process of shaving. It was satisfying. So I get all the people saying that they like to shave, and they don't do it for other people. But I made the decision I did because i have very sensitive skin and shaving made my skin itch a lot and it was annoying and uncomfortable. But ir makes me feel distanced from people a lot. So I kind of wish more people made the same decision as I did, because it would make me feel less alien in this world. You get what I'm trying to convey?
Iris - 6 days ago
waxing is always better for me
Andres Muniz
Andres Muniz - 7 days ago
Plis Not shaved arms pits plis plis never never plis un vídeo con tus axilas peludas plis coplaceme linda espero el vídeo tuyo plis con tus axilas peludas plis
Natalia Miranda Liñan
Natalia Miranda Liñan - 7 days ago
Eli Disco
Eli Disco - 7 days ago
The girl in the thumbnail is dry shaving.
Samantha Kessel
Samantha Kessel - 7 days ago
Hair removal has gone in and out of fashion through the centuries.
Abby Nicole
Abby Nicole - 7 days ago
i get that women shave their legs for approval and all that, but am i the only one who just really likes having silky smooth legs?😂
Tea Filled Tae
Tea Filled Tae - 7 days ago
I don't like shaving my legs and I esspecially hate it when my mom or dad point out when I haven't shaved in a while... like I get my hairy-ness from you dad but I have to shave and you don't have to, so chill it's not gross 😳
Laura Swihart
Laura Swihart - 7 days ago
I don't like Darwin anyhow!
jade williams
jade williams - 7 days ago
I don't rlly care...if I don't wanna shave I won't but I hate the feeling of hair expecially on my legs
Kim Scott
Kim Scott - 7 days ago
I use nair leg mask painless and it’s over in ten mins
I hate shaving mostly in the armpits but I have to cuz I dance ballet which shows lots of arms and back.
yellow's a good color dont you think so
I'm at my dads for 3 weeks and me and my 16 year old self cant wait to go back to my moms for 1 sol purpose, I want to shave my legs asap and I feel kinda awful about it
Angela Winrow
Angela Winrow - 8 days ago
I haven't. Even shaved my. Legs or my. Arm pits. In. Months. I always. Wear pants so people. Don't see the hair on my legs lol
Angela Winrow
Angela Winrow - 6 days ago
@Zagubiony Kot ok thank you
Zagubiony Kot
Zagubiony Kot - 6 days ago
Angela Winrow You should't feel like you have to cover it up with pants. You do you, and other people's opinion shouldn't matter
Tessa Pickett
Tessa Pickett - 8 days ago
i like her socks
Freelee The BananaGirl
Freelee The BananaGirl - 8 days ago
i never leave home without my fuckboi repellent. body hair rocks 🔥
Zill Patel
Zill Patel - 22 hours ago
Haha truuuuttthhhh
We Little Dumplings
We Little Dumplings - 4 days ago
Freelee The BananaGirl yaaas you go girl! 🏃‍♀️💪🙏
AMANDA EKPEYE - 8 days ago
I have never shaved my legs 😪😂😂I actually love my hair
Anna Bruhn Hartung
Anna Bruhn Hartung - 8 days ago
Tina English
Tina English - 9 days ago
Tina English
Tina English - 8 days ago
Ily ❤❤
Freelee The BananaGirl
Freelee The BananaGirl - 8 days ago
Tina English im here for this and just saw your comment 😂
very_interesting hmm
very_interesting hmm - 9 days ago
I first started shaving when I was 13. I thought that it was a thing that women had to do. then a year later I realized that if I want to shave Imma do it for myself. I still regularly shave my armpitsp because I hate the feeling of armpit hair and I feel like deodorant goes on better with out it but..... i dont shave my arms and I shave my legs for myself . fuck u if u think lower of me
jigglemonkey15 - 9 days ago
❤❤❤❤ I stopped shaving regularly after I had my son & it is the most freeing thing ever! I finally realized the social construct of shaving was bullsh*t. Who gives a flip if I have body hair! If you're really that damn concerned then by all means fuggin shave it for me! 😂
A Court of Books and Nerds
Honestly I love shaving 😂 I just get in the shower and shave my legs and pits without cream or anything. It’s oddly relaxing and meditative for me because it’s so repetitive. I shave every time I shower (my hair grows really fast and I shower every couple of days) and it just feels amazing. My hair is blonde too so if I don’t shave, I don’t feel insecure because even I can’t see it.
İrem Su Yılmaz
İrem Su Yılmaz - 9 days ago
I shave because I like how it looks and feels. Not because of anything else. To be clear I don't like when men have hairy legs either but i dont care if anyone prefers it. That's just my preference.
GamerGirl38 - 10 days ago
All I was seeing was here awesome shark socks.
GamerGirl38 - 10 days ago
All I was seeing was here awesome shark socks.
Leif Pinkish head
Leif Pinkish head - 10 days ago
I stopped shaving for a while because of these things but I started again because ssoffttttt also my little brother started to make fun of it. My mom yelled at him and made him watch a puberty video tho.
Kindness - 10 days ago
Me too. @30 💪🏻
anne hughs
anne hughs - 10 days ago
She's not wearing shoes. Hehehe
Elemental alphas 19
Elemental alphas 19 - 10 days ago
Her socks are AWESOME!!!
Stars _
Stars _ - 10 days ago
I shave because I want to be ladylike. It’s that simple😂
Zagubiony Kot
Zagubiony Kot - 6 days ago
Stars _ The only reason shaving is ladylike is that almost every woman shaves, so we get this idea that hairless women are ladylike and hairy women are masculine simply because they look more like men (because most men don't shave). But it's not like God said "hairless women are ladylike". If he did, he probably would have made us hairless, don't you think?
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