Why I Stopped Shaving My Legs • Ladylike

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 - 4 hours ago
who spends a bunch of money to shave their legs tho. you can either use a razor and some conditioner, or just make your own wax or by some from the cvs. it isn't that deep, and it especially isnt that deep for someone that first off, doesnt even have any dark arm hair, or dark body hair in general. i really hate having hair on my body, so i jist get rid of it when i want to. or im too cold to shave.
Whiterun Guard
Whiterun Guard - 6 hours ago
Dont encourage girls to stop shaving you liberal hippy wackados what the fuck is wrong with you people?
Lana Oren
Lana Oren - 9 hours ago
I like my legs smooth though
foil hat brigade
foil hat brigade - 10 hours ago
I started Shaving my lady parts before I even knew that other females did such a thing. I just didn't like having hair there.
foil hat brigade
foil hat brigade - 10 hours ago
my legs are more hairy than my husband's legs.
Ihate People
Ihate People - 10 hours ago
I stopped bathing
Matt Renfro
Matt Renfro - 13 hours ago
Stark Marshall
Stark Marshall - 19 hours ago
I just subscribe I love it hairy
Audrey Grace
Audrey Grace - 21 hour ago
women shave because dirt builds up in the hair and makes your B.O. stank.
Jay Grimm
Jay Grimm - 22 hours ago
HOMELESSbum - Day ago
This isn’t very lady like ha get it
Noelle Irina
Noelle Irina - Day ago
There's so many "it's not that deep" comments. Sure. It's not. Until you have to go outside. Until you have to go to work hairy. Until you show up on a date hairy. Then suddenly everyone has a problem with something that REALLY. SHOULDN'T. BE. DEEP. So practice what you preach.
Little Bird
Little Bird - Day ago
Why is this in my recommended? And why am I watching?! This is the absolute worst teenage girl story that should take no more than 30 seconds.
Amira Cazarez
Amira Cazarez - Day ago
Hairy haa🤣🤣🤣
Florian ĸarl
Florian ĸarl - Day ago
So you "blame" Darwin that he made hairless women a thing but then also talk about hair-removal in the renaissance.... you know that he came about 100 years later?
Anamika Dutta
Anamika Dutta - Day ago
I really like how smooth it feels against my sheets; that's literally why I wax
Purple Fox
Purple Fox - Day ago
If she had thicker dark hair on her legs I bet she wouldn't be wearing those shorts. I'd rather see someone with real leg hair talk about this lol
Tanvi Kittur
Tanvi Kittur - Day ago
Thank you Darwin.
Blank Space Provided
So, you’re boycotting Gillette too?
Mara Kathleen
Mara Kathleen - Day ago
I just shaved for the first time today. Not my best choice.
bluerosegurl - Day ago
THANK YOU! So glad other women are doing this! Y'alls video helped inspire me to quit shaving-like I have ALWAYS wanted to! Glad you kept it up! #FreeYoself No shame in being mammalian!
Joy Loxdale
Joy Loxdale - Day ago
I was pressured by an adult to shave... It was awkward... I'll usually only shave half way, and often only when I swim. I find the feeling of hair in the water or blowing in the wind really weird like being tickled, and I don't like it. Every other time of the year I don't care, except that ingrown hairs can be a pain.
FabulousKilljoy917 - Day ago
I’ve been stopped for a couple years. I’ll do stuff occasionally like when I want but I’m fine with it, I’ll trim my bikini area because it’s a lot, my boyfriend doesn’t care that much so. I’m chilling and my skin has never loved me more.
Stormyweather - Day ago
Personally, shaved legs just feel nicer when I wear pants
Hallee Laird
Hallee Laird - Day ago
I love the sass! Ever since I watched the no shaving for 30 days video Ladylike made I’ve finally been able to overcome the stigma and shame of not removing body hair and it’s been so freeing. Love these videos!
Boop Doop
Boop Doop - 2 days ago
I have no problem with not shaving your legs.. I do have a problem with armpit hair though 😂 to me it just doesn’t look clean on EITHER gender
Nathaly Hernandez
Nathaly Hernandez - 2 days ago
Who got a shaving add about the giraffe shaver
C sea
C sea - 2 days ago
Frikin love your hair here! (head hair specifically lol)
sister snatched
sister snatched - 2 days ago
nobody cares lol
David Mac
David Mac - 2 days ago
Guys don’t like hairy women
Want a guy = Shave
Don’r want a guy = Don’t Shave
If men are not a problem you’re good. If they are then you’re not good.
We all adapt to what the others in society we’re trying to make an impression on find appealing.
Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown - 2 days ago
She's my fav Lady Like lady. I wish you were in every video!
Steven Quintanar
Steven Quintanar - 2 days ago
Who gives a fuck. If you wanna be a fuckin wolf then fuckin do it we dont care
J Tramelli
J Tramelli - 2 days ago
Hair removal wasn't a concern until the 19th ... century here's here's some for removing hair
Christine Colley
Christine Colley - 2 days ago
I haven't shaved in almost two years. Hubby don't care.
Renuka Rai
Renuka Rai - 2 days ago
What about facial hair?
Space Bike Music
Space Bike Music - 2 days ago
Nobody cares about your gross legs
shay morrow
shay morrow - 2 days ago
Where’d did lady like get the sparkly bra in the background from?
shay morrow
shay morrow - 2 days ago
I love when I shave my legs and cover them in body butter! It’s like a babies butt.
Mariana Kloak
Mariana Kloak - 2 days ago
I totally agree women should only remove body if they want to.
inmydarkesthour 22
inmydarkesthour 22 - 2 days ago
I hate having to remove my hair but no way i would let it grow out!! Gross no man even myself would like that....
Olivia Medina
Olivia Medina - 2 days ago
Your legs are beautiful Chantel💖
Cady dog Kat
Cady dog Kat - 2 days ago
My legs feel naked on my sheets when i shave my legs, also who in the CRUD has hairy thighs
anime sloth
anime sloth - 2 days ago
I just shave my legs for the comfort 😂 it’s so s m o o t h
Also I shave my armpits cos it’s uncomfortable and it just feels unhygienic to me ( I don’t think it is but oh well lol it’s just personal preference )
I really don’t care what other girls do, not shaving or shaving doesn’t make you any less of a woman :/
Slob on my knob
Slob on my knob - 3 days ago
I love girls with pubic hair
Phillip V
Phillip V - 3 days ago
Having hair is a pretty manly trait though let’s be real
MsSharkDemon - 3 days ago
Over the years, I've to think of shaving as another form of body modification. I still feel a bit awkward about my body hair once in awhile but when I do shave it, it's for me. ...And because I live in a desert.
Rosette - 3 days ago
Same cuz I switched to laser removal
mj dub
mj dub - 3 days ago
Ewe every woman in here who says she doesnt shave is disgusting and probably single.
Gina Heller
Gina Heller - 3 days ago
It's winter...I don't shave during winter. Summer is a whole different story!
Eddy Garcia
Eddy Garcia - 3 days ago
Shave your legs, you hairy beast 😋
Conorly 474
Conorly 474 - 3 days ago
Yeah I'm the only one who doesnt shave
honeymustard22 - 3 days ago
I stopped shaving a year ago.
Alex The Absol
Alex The Absol - 3 days ago
Did she just say “kish*”?
Erssie Major
Erssie Major - 3 days ago
I've never shaved my legs in my life. There are hairs but they are soft and go blond in the sun. Stubble that growing back looks hairier than natural hair that's never been touched. .
Savanna_ Can_Draw
Savanna_ Can_Draw - 3 days ago
P R E A C H !
Maurice Johnson
Maurice Johnson - 3 days ago
So you rockin that natural goddess bush🤔 🍑 💦
issrabi - 3 days ago
Women have been getting rid of their hair around the world for a very long time..
Sarah McBride
Sarah McBride - 4 days ago
Do what you want people :) My BF shaves a lot of himself, and I shave what I want when I want :) I don't understand who has a problem with this lmao
Soul_ Pancak3
Soul_ Pancak3 - 4 days ago
Omg, who cares😑
Natalie Kendel
Natalie Kendel - 4 days ago
Dear Ladylike, *PLEASE* stop using scream sounds for your videos. It makes them inaccessible to people suffering from anxiety or PTSD.
Dea Christiancatlady
Dea Christiancatlady - 4 days ago
I don't shave anything! I am holistic...God made my body to have hair...so I have hair!
Nick Davey
Nick Davey - 4 days ago
I don't know why this was recommended to me.
I don't care.
You're not special for choosing to be alone and confusing your own leg for one of your many cats.
Freya Reid
Freya Reid - 4 days ago
So you wanna talk about shaving hun ,well I got 99 problems but shaving ain’t 1 .
skittles lol
skittles lol - 4 days ago
Sydney Mason
Sydney Mason - 4 days ago
Most men on broadway shave their body hair and some film stars as well
Sydney Mason
Sydney Mason - 4 days ago
I have light hair on my legs so i rarely shave unless i have a nice event or over the summer. I pretty much only shave my armpits.
Jennifer Cruzen
Jennifer Cruzen - 4 days ago
Some ladies have thick black ware wolf pelts from waist to toe, and we need to get rid of that nonsense.
Matthew Studham
Matthew Studham - 4 days ago
Does the carpet match the drapes?
SkunkApe95 - 4 days ago
Sooo you were too appealing before, so you thought you’d dial it down a couple notches? Got it.
Yee Yee
Yee Yee - 4 days ago
I just don’t like the feeling of it, I’m just uncomfortable with hair on my legs. I definitely respect people who don’t, tho. I just like my legs smooth😊
here we go
here we go - 4 days ago
Carly 4642
Carly 4642 - 4 days ago
So what you want to tell us
drgibs347 - 4 days ago
Gross, barftastic, unladylike.
Kayla Myers
Kayla Myers - 4 days ago
I like to feel smooth
bri 13
bri 13 - 4 days ago
I remember my mother was young Came From Italy she was about 13 she told me I'm so glad I'm in America back in Italy they don't shave their armpits they don't shave their legs they don't use deodorant they smell horrible she said when they went out to eat at a restaurant the the waitress have hairy legs hairy armpits and there and they didn't have deodorant and the restaurant was so hot it's smelled like a locker room
Peter Holman
Peter Holman - 4 days ago
Cause hairy legs and armpits on women is grooooooose!
Celine Parel
Celine Parel - 4 days ago
*hair has entered the chat*
Extra Account
Extra Account - 4 days ago
Extra Account
Extra Account - 4 days ago
Can we talk about how good Chantel looks?! She's glowing and beautiful
itsDaria - 4 days ago
You are wearing shorts and it s january... You don t have winter there?!?!???
Dare Wolf
Dare Wolf - 4 days ago
I don't shave my legs and armpits cuz I'm lazy and i dont see the point if it grows back.
Bob Bobbalina
Bob Bobbalina - 4 days ago
I bet it looks like you got buckwheat in a leg lock!
Just Arthur
Just Arthur - 4 days ago
cuz women leg hair is gross
MrsKocher26 - 4 days ago
If women were removing hair during the Renaissance, then you can’t fully blame Darwin...
Anime_Angel1001 - 5 days ago
I totally understand the message she is conveying. It's your body, you get to decide what you want to do with it, so nobody else should make fun of you for embracing your body for what it is. I used to be bullied in grade 3 because of my body hair and continued until grade 6. It was mostly 3 or 4 guys and even said that I should win an award for having the most hair on my arms. But every other girl had hair on their arms too, it just wasnt noticable. I shaved later on and I did like the smooth feeling but it was so I wasn't bullied by others. Having body hair is not gross, it's just a natural part of life. Guys have hair but so girls, it's normal. For all those comments down below, not every girl will shave their legs for guys, they do it for themselves. Same with makeup, it's fun to do as it's like art.
LoftyOasis - 5 days ago
I support this
Chloe Anna
Chloe Anna - 5 days ago
Those socks tho
Tess Burdick
Tess Burdick - 5 days ago
I haven’t shaved my legs or armpits for 4 years. My hair is pretty dark.. but I don’t really care. People think I’m trying to make a statement but I’m literally doing nothing at all. I’m just existing in my natural state. I’m pretty sure that should be like, the opposite of a statement.
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn - 5 days ago
Honestly, I don't shave my legs. The reason being that I can't be bothered to deal with the societal expectations. Body hair is natural and I'm not an effing contortionist.
Darrell Patterson
Darrell Patterson - 5 days ago
Dam you are very beautiful n sexy....that's nothin to be ashamed of beautiful...that's just the rich blood in your system......
mellophonesheikah - 5 days ago
I love to wear bras. They make me feel feminine and sexy. As for shaving...I do not do it a lot....Only if I am wearing a dress without tights. Otherwise, LET THE HAIR GROW!
madison harressey
madison harressey - 5 days ago
I used to not shave during the winter but I go to the gym and wear shorts and a T back shirt.
Allison Linner
Allison Linner - 5 days ago
"If they ain't payin your bills, pay them bitches no mind."
Maria - 5 days ago
I do shave the bottom half of my legs because i feel grossed out by it after a while. i know its only because I was told by society that it's gross but I can't help but like the feeling and look of them. I admit I do get embarrassed if people see them in public, but Im also the person to not shave their pits or legs for over a month or more because i get lazy. Although it's way more for me in the winter months. My boyfriend hates to admit it but he is programmed to like smoothness. He still treats me the same but it does influence a small amount. I am someone how happens to have less hair than others so I know if I were more hairy I would want to shave even more. What's interesting is I know women who don't shave and openly wear dresses and don't shave, but I still think they look gorgeous. I admire their boldness and how they act like anybody else would at an event that is comfortable with themselves. They don't talk about it or even seem to notice the leg hair or armpit hair is there.
that jazzy bee
that jazzy bee - 5 days ago
Surf'n - 5 days ago
Sounds like someone from the USA...... lol... just be you
Babo - 5 days ago
She said she stops shaving her legs but I can't see any hair on them.
Alice Damiano
Alice Damiano - 5 days ago
No, Chantel, I have no idea how much a wax costs! That's painful and I've just never considered trying it ;)
jeff fafa
jeff fafa - 5 days ago
I pluck my nutsack hair.
Sara Oliva
Sara Oliva - 5 days ago
It’s been 6 months (perhaps more idk) since I shaved my legs. I started university with hairy legs and shorts and I felt ashamed but proud at the same time, proud that I could identify that shame and just move it aside as it didn’t really matter. But mostly, I felt free and empowered to have enough knowledge to make that decision and to be able to become an example to other women around me. WE CAN DECIDE. WE HAVE A CHOICE.
If it ever comes to the moment that I do want to remove my hair, I know that it will be my decision, not society’s expectations.
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