i cooked pad thai in the desert at night (filmed w/ a7siii)

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julien solomita
julien solomita - 12 days ago
remember to crank this puppy to 4k before watching 👁👄👁
Hana Phelps
Hana Phelps - 4 days ago
julien solomita we love you
Tamaki amajiki
Tamaki amajiki - 4 days ago
4NN13 H
4NN13 H - 5 days ago
Gear. Envy. Approaches. Infinity.
Nibol - 6 days ago
yess i feel like i just watched an hbo documentary
Jasmine Michelle
Jasmine Michelle - 6 days ago
can you do a video where you follow one of tabitha brown’s recipes? she’s vegan as well
TheKoyn - 46 minutes ago
Aww, look at Julien doin his favorite things. Also I love how quiet and respectful he is cooking outside
Krystal Bland
Krystal Bland - Hour ago
THIS IS DOPE give this man his own television show with a budget thanking youuuuu
Erica B
Erica B - Hour ago
I’ve been searching for days, what’s the song being used to head into the desert at 5:40ish , it’s perfect painting music to me!
Nehemiah Pouncey
Nehemiah Pouncey - 5 hours ago
If Coyotes showed up he'll be in
Renny - 7 hours ago
Can you have your own cooking show already!?!? This is a masterpiece!
Hallie Anders
Hallie Anders - 10 hours ago
Who else was expecting creepers and monsters to come out when it was night around the house?🤚🏼
Amanda Carter
Amanda Carter - 12 hours ago
Not me with no photography/videography experience wanting a $3,500 camera after watching this video.
ckopacz7 - 12 hours ago
Wow. What a fantastic video. Your editing is always perfection, but this was above and beyond. Absolutely loved it 💗
Courtney Healey
Courtney Healey - 12 hours ago
If Julian and Peter Mckinnon could do a collab one day I think I would just die of happiness
k.t. kat
k.t. kat - 14 hours ago
Beautiful ! Well done ! Wow !
bpourr - 15 hours ago
What a fucking masterpiece
Jasmine Bhatt
Jasmine Bhatt - 15 hours ago
Treated my eyes and soul ❤️❤️❤️✨ Julien you're lovely .✨✨✨
Monya Meyer
Monya Meyer - 17 hours ago
Thank you for this. T'was... (chef's kiss) beautiful!
Blake Skelton
Blake Skelton - 19 hours ago
Please never stop creating. THIS IS AMAZING 🤩
Crista - 19 hours ago
I want the three camera nerds of YouTube (julien, Gavin Free, and Jun) to make a cinematic masterpiece together.
Life As Larissa
Life As Larissa - Day ago
Damn I love this mans!!! Best youtuber ever.
Alyssa Pookie
Alyssa Pookie - Day ago
This is brilliant!! One of the best pieces of content I have ever seen 😍😍👌
Holly Gamble
Holly Gamble - Day ago
This is so cool!!
Kayla Hans
Kayla Hans - Day ago
This made me think of the episode of fear the walking dead where they make pad thai in the desert out of whatever they had
AllysonandAlex - Day ago
Would have been hilarious if the bag of cornstarch said "This one's not cocaine" implying there is another bag that is. 😂
AllysonandAlex - Day ago
Paella would have been more appropriate for the desert setting but your videos are fantastic anyway! Why isn't this trending and why aren't you making movies?! You're so talented, Julien!
Britt D
Britt D - Day ago
I wanted see the joshua tree.
*editing to add : hol up. When did julien become such a grown up??
MIA Taiga
MIA Taiga - Day ago
“Deep desert” ah so you mean Palmdale 😂
Hannah Earl
Hannah Earl - Day ago
Around minute 23-24 you can see a mouse moving around the fire pit!! So cool
Jesenia Jaimes
Jesenia Jaimes - Day ago
The vibes from the video it just feels like i'm their watching in person.
Nobody - Day ago
he's a tornado aries, but he do be responsible tho
Nobody - Day ago
I love the casual shot of the blm sign. just a casual reminder like "this is still going on. don't forget."
BS Detector
BS Detector - Day ago
skip first 15 minutes to get to actual cooking , it's blah blah blah.......so dont waste your time
Rebecca Q
Rebecca Q - Day ago
Loved this 😊 cool scenic shots + a cooking vid *chef kiss*
Samantha Miller
Samantha Miller - Day ago
you seem so happy in this video!!! i love it!!
pinky1068 - 2 days ago
AND if it was as dark ad u say ur lucky w/ a knife like that that u didnt chop ur fingers off YIKES!
pinky1068 - 2 days ago
Bby Fqce
Bby Fqce - 2 days ago
Wills entrance 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
James Breh
James Breh - 2 days ago
Julien , I know the only reason your in the desert is to bury jennamarbles and cook some food after diggin tha deep hole.
lemon avenue
lemon avenue - 2 days ago
mhm, correct. that is correct
Sarah Rogers
Sarah Rogers - 2 days ago
Julien Solomita, this was stunning. You are WASTING your talents filming cooking videos in your kitchen (as much as I enjoy them) please do more content like this. I even miss the vlogs. You have such an eye for cinematography, I would love to see what else you can create.
trina villa
trina villa - 2 days ago
how are his hands so huge
Dakota Jay
Dakota Jay - 2 days ago
This video is so many levels of phenomenal
Madeline - 2 days ago
Did anybody notice julien rambling in the description like how jenna used to do way way back? 🥺🥺🥺💓
Lisa-Marie L
Lisa-Marie L - 2 days ago
This was so fun :)
zeze - 2 days ago
Julen is a hard worker, I love this man
amy - 2 days ago
Not cocaine
Jared Akers
Jared Akers - 2 days ago
I love this video so much Julien I’ve watched it twice now
Taylor Griffin
Taylor Griffin - 2 days ago
Julien....when are we going to get the most beautiful documentary ever from you?
AleishaKarissa - 2 days ago
Did it to em
Ari - 2 days ago
Thank you for sharing your cooking and recipes with us, Julien. I am a pretty new vegetarian and chef/baker, so I love watching you make good food that I can eat, too!
andrea pheona
andrea pheona - 2 days ago
this is such an elite vlog julien. the talent jumped out
Astrid - 2 days ago
HOLY SHIT julien this is a BOMB production
KelseyGilbert - 2 days ago
This video deserves more views! I love it. Incredible work, Julien. As always. :)
Isabel Flohr
Isabel Flohr - 2 days ago
This video was incredible and your description was pretty great too
TheChelsyLove - 3 days ago
I'm watching this a second time because it's sooo well done and and Julien puts me in such a good mood.
Casual L
Casual L - 3 days ago
the quality here is insane!! love the video, editing was amazing and the footage was so pretty
Danny Perez
Danny Perez - 3 days ago
This was great! Had a lot of fun watching :)
MollyOlive - 3 days ago
tfw Julen pronounces "Nevada" correctly 😭😭😭 -a Reno-ite
Jj ac
Jj ac - 3 days ago
Not only is the footage amazing the edit is top notch. Awesome video.
Emily Ables
Emily Ables - 3 days ago
the talent in this video???? immaculate. i shouldn't have been able to watch something so well produced and edited like this for free, when i return it to blockbuster i'm going to have to break protocol and tip extra
sydney gourd
sydney gourd - 3 days ago
the vibes, julien. they’re immaculate.
HouseMDaddict - 3 days ago
"not cocaine" LMAO
Niki Elliott
Niki Elliott - 3 days ago
Snorted when i saw the bag that was labelled "NOT COCAINE"
missapril0011 - 3 days ago
You scraping the metal spatula on the metal pan is so cringy 😬🙉
Karin H
Karin H - 3 days ago
How was this only 25 minutes? I swear this was a full feature length film
HectikLiving - 3 days ago
yo Julien, bud, where'd ya get that mask from. ya heard
Stephen Perry
Stephen Perry - 3 days ago
Julien-“We did it to M in the desert” Me- “now do it on a boat!”
Brooke - 3 days ago
this is the very niche video I didn't know I needed....... as a fellow Aries, I'm proud lmao
Devine Femenina
Devine Femenina - 3 days ago
Ahmazing, beautiful, informative, well executed. What else could we ask for?
Алена Тоичкина
#jenna_pleas_save_камедистор 🇷🇺❤
Stephen Perry
Stephen Perry - 3 days ago
samantha desu
samantha desu - 3 days ago
that lens u use is worth more than my life
Kami Paige
Kami Paige - 3 days ago
This felt like the beginning of a new TV series, so beautiful Julien 👏👏
lexy powers
lexy powers - 3 days ago
this video just blasted me with dopamine
Leslie York
Leslie York - 3 days ago
Wait hold up, wasnt that "missle" in 2015 the space x launch? I remember recording it & seeing all the stages seperate...
Aliyah Faith 726626
Aliyah Faith 726626 - 3 days ago
holy crap Julien, Im 3 minutes in and this is absolutely stunning. What a masterpiece 💗
Han - 3 days ago
It honestly makes me mad that there aren’t more likes on this
Diana Lopez
Diana Lopez - 3 days ago
This is so cool my dude i love the vibes
Madilynn Whiting
Madilynn Whiting - 3 days ago
That is such a cool camera! my mom loves taking landscape photos, sadly she had to sell her camera to pay rent once but this camera is perfect for landscape!!
UwU_Machine_Broken - 3 days ago
BTW for anyone who is curious about Juliens mask, its a F-Stop Dyota AG+ Ion mask. You can get it on Amazon for $20.
Coconut ScienceGirl92
Coconut ScienceGirl92 - 3 days ago
Thank god Julien isn’t quitting. I totally understand Jenna quitting. And I accepted that. But loosing Julien is a WHOLE other nightmare I’m not ready to face!!!
Iris Ramirez
Iris Ramirez - 3 days ago
Can I just say how much a appreciate this video? I have a friend who's getting into video production and learning about the process 2nd hand I can tell just how much work goes into getting every single one of these shots.
Rachael Chaves
Rachael Chaves - 3 days ago
Can we just take a moment to appreciate all the creativity and hard work that went into this little masterpiece?
Alexa Satryo
Alexa Satryo - 3 days ago
julien and will both have my heart 😩
Sixtine Lys
Sixtine Lys - 3 days ago
This was amazing
Luisa Y.
Luisa Y. - 3 days ago
10:20 The pot went: ▶️⏏️⬅️↘️➡️↗️⬇️ lmfaoo😂
Redux 2424
Redux 2424 - 3 days ago
If he’s holding the camera during the cinematic does that mean Jenna is filming?💓
fanigd42 - 3 days ago
find u someone that does promo like Julien
Roxanne Silver
Roxanne Silver - 3 days ago
my internet hated that i watched this in 4k, but for u julen,,, anything
Sabrina Smallwood
Sabrina Smallwood - 4 days ago
I love this concept. Please cook different meals in the desert as a series. This gives me Breaking Bad cinematography and authentic Anthony Bourdain cooking/traveling vibes. Loved everything about it!
Kayla Weber
Kayla Weber - 4 days ago
anyone else notice a little animal at 23:52 in the bottom corner near the fire pit?
kayyy - 4 days ago
We love you julien!! Tell jenna we love her too!
JDOG - 4 days ago
what breed is bunny?
oneredhorse - 4 days ago
If I could give this 2,000 stars I would, love the creativity and how you are expanding your expression of Aries genius.
Gabi Cespedes
Gabi Cespedes - 4 days ago
Te amo :’)
Alissa Baumbaugh
Alissa Baumbaugh - 4 days ago
Make soup dumplings next! 👁👄👁
AJ - 4 days ago
This is one of the greatest pieces of cinematography I’ve ever seen
Janeen Lyall
Janeen Lyall - 4 days ago
This was fun, Julien! Great idea
Samantha Robertson
Samantha Robertson - 4 days ago
Honestly, even though I miss Jenna so bad it hurts, I kinda feel better knowing (hoping) that's Jenna behind the camera during portions of this video. Julien is a master of video and food, but I like knowing (hoping) Jenna is close by. We love you so much, and want you to take as much time as you need to heal
Samantha Robertson
Samantha Robertson - 4 days ago
Now I'm sad again. Based on the still at the end, I don't know that Jenna was there. Either way, still sending her love and comfort and solace
pico1000_4 - 4 days ago
Rebecca Esson
Rebecca Esson - 4 days ago
The Los Pollos Hermanos mug, the only appropriate mug to prepare for an overnight in the desert
Kayla Bishop
Kayla Bishop - 4 days ago
ashleigh0721 - 4 days ago
I hope this was therapeutic and inspirational and a rewarding treat for Julien. He does so much and I just hope this was like the ultimate self care because he deserves it ✌🏻💚
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