How Auto-Tune Works

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schmoyoho - Year ago
Tom's accidental singing is so beautiful that someone could sneak this into pop radio airplay & no one would BAT AN EYE 💝💖💗
Nugcon - 2 days ago
Well it's because you can't see music ya idiot
pax und peace
pax und peace - 22 days ago
@Tom Scott It would be great to watch your videos with an English description, they automatically switch to german
Taqi - 2 months ago
@Meh there are always questions like this 😂 I'm happy I know about this
Henry Busse
Henry Busse - 3 months ago
I knew you were behind this!
Tom Biermann
Tom Biermann - Year ago
PLEASE HELP I'M DYING TO FIND THE ORIGINAL SONG that was the inspiration for Tom's parts! It was one of my favorite songs back in the day but I can't find it anymore... Anything helps! ♥️
Jamez wedz
Jamez wedz - 6 hours ago
This video is INCREDIBLE!!!!!
Subscribe to Tom Scot for more incredible songs!!!😂👍🏻👍🏻
Endie One
Endie One - 19 hours ago
The secret is meth 1:29
ZLDL - Day ago
0:48 Tom said nb rights
Spinel - Day ago
1:09 Is that Jay Foreman
RuzzyTheFuzzy - 3 days ago
not on spotify? smh. you'd reach that 1 000 000 plays in no time
Max Brox
Max Brox - 4 days ago
Can't Chord the Word.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) - 6 days ago
This is my new ring tone
Pyramear - 7 days ago
I want a five minute version of this song.
Vini Alwida
Vini Alwida - 8 days ago
Travis scott what are you doing here?
kashif siddiqui
kashif siddiqui - 17 days ago
Bro love from india.
Matron - 18 days ago
It‘s so cool you spoke ‘bout Fourier transforms. It lets me feel smart:)
mister.nimoe - 19 days ago
The creators of autotune are the same company that screwed the Alaskan coastline in the 90s.
Pronto - 21 day ago
Agreed - song writing is a talent, not something a machine can fix.
AI enters the chat...
Adodzal - 21 day ago
KuruGDI - 21 day ago
0:52 I totaly expected _Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down_ after this beat ^^
awesampwnah blahblLAH
awesampwnah blahblLAH - 22 days ago
for more information on the fourier transform, I know 3Blue1Brown has some good videos on the topic
Aryan Ahmed izded
Aryan Ahmed izded - 22 days ago
0:52 is the most awkward smile I've ever seen
Jasmin - 22 days ago
0:46 the "and all inbetween" made me so happy :'
Mr. Hat
Mr. Hat - 8 minutes ago
@TheUncommonPerson who sais I'm gea?
TheUncommonPerson - 21 day ago
but why are you gae?
Jason Free
Jason Free - 23 days ago
This reminds me so much of like, melodysheep's symphony of science songs and I'm vibing with Tom's autotune singing
GanonTEK - 22 days ago
I love Symphony of Science.
M. Bashara Hadid
M. Bashara Hadid - 23 days ago
So frequencies have Corona?
YK L - 24 days ago
Wait until neural net writes a song then autotune it
Terry Byrd
Terry Byrd - 24 days ago
Nothing Is Real
Nothing Is Real - 24 days ago
Love how this sounds like those old "songify it" Youtube videos
NotSoProish Animations
NotSoProish Animations - 22 hours ago
Hmmm, I wonder who made those. *Looks directly at the Gregory Brothers* I wonder...
milkteaaddict - 24 days ago
Don't tell me no one else thought they were gonna rickroll us at 0:51
Dave - 24 days ago
My favorite video of this channel so far
Akash Kumar
Akash Kumar - 25 days ago
Tom also shitposts time to time then
LeMonteur, Désanuseur
LeMonteur, Désanuseur - 25 days ago
Thank you tom
arya patel
arya patel - 26 days ago
so i can sing like anyone just need to write songs?
Psychonaut - 27 days ago
So, Tom ist a singer. Ok. 😂
TheSaturnDay - 28 days ago
Autotune is just a controlled voice crack.
deedeeplays6626 - 28 days ago
Is this on Spotify?
MKE - 28 days ago
Fourier editing, anyone?
K-Next yes very much, all the time.
I could to some extent understand auto-tuning a voice but... auto-tuning a guitar chord should just be illegal. Just play it properly or live with the imperfection.
Maestro Theoretically
Maestro Theoretically - Month ago
b E s E r K
Vít Bezouška
Vít Bezouška - Month ago
Put this on spotify!
wufongtan wufong
wufongtan wufong - Month ago
Title should be change "How 90%of modern singers have a music career"
Muhammed Yaseen
Muhammed Yaseen - Month ago
Didn't see THAT coming.
Constanza Fermandois Maack
Auto tunes makes people sounds like robots
MrAlphaX - Month ago
@melodysheep has joined the chat
Husain Ritonga
Husain Ritonga - Month ago
Anyone know how autotune on live performances work?
Cain Atkinson
Cain Atkinson - 2 months ago
1:30 the word math becomes maths
Rama Krishna Hati
Rama Krishna Hati - 2 months ago
Tom and team, amazing. Concept and compose went well. Bravo.
Evans Velasquez
Evans Velasquez - 2 months ago
Juice never used auto tune....I love his music...We miss you Juice✌️ Your sipping juice in a better WRLD know🙏🙏🙏
Amir Hoseyn Mohamadi Sadeg
I prefer natrual human voice instead shitty computer robotic voice
Annette Ford
Annette Ford - 2 months ago
This made my day! Especially those repeated “berserks”. 😂
Alisa - 2 months ago
I know, this is a really old video, but when I heard Fourier Transformation I got PTSD. For a test I had to, about three years ago, calculate them per hand. I wrote around 4 pages full and am still stressed out when I only hear this name.
Axonteer - 2 months ago
Autotune, the bane of modern music we probably never get rid of.
rearaw - 3 months ago
One take!!!!
Legend27 - 3 months ago
Wanna here the worst autotune artist ever? Look up 7k tha God on yt
Zach Durocher
Zach Durocher - 3 months ago
So YouTube can load an ad just fine in 1080p but cant show my video even in hd
#DFined - 3 months ago
Ok, this was fun) Quick summary: Fourier transform. Video done
*kas :*
*kas :* - 3 months ago
tom scott said nonbinary rights
COAL GOLEM - 3 months ago
Damn how did you get T-pain to voice this video???
FlickTakFlakAttack - 3 months ago
That reminded me of the Carl Sagan song Pale Blue Dot
Călin Guga
Călin Guga - 3 months ago
1:26 berserk _berserk_ *_berserk_* *_BERSERK_*
roger van Bommel
roger van Bommel - 3 months ago
That tone was a 439hz
Analog TV
Analog TV - 3 months ago
I could use auto tune to make a song.
lyft boxes
lyft boxes - 3 months ago
Gustav Rahm
Gustav Rahm - 3 months ago
I really really like the part at 1:30 - 1:46 It has been stuck in my head since you released the video.
B C01
B C01 - 3 months ago
Fourier transforms make me sad
Coronavirus - 3 months ago
Haters say that Tom’s singing was auto-tuned
Gilbert TheRegular
Gilbert TheRegular - 3 months ago
They tune automatically.
Moth man
Moth man - 3 months ago
Time to add instant Boyband to Tom Scott’s power list
Gazpacho Tabletop
Gazpacho Tabletop - 3 months ago
I didn't know it was a linguistics degree. I just thought computer science or some such
Species1571 - 3 months ago
Should have been called "How auto-tune doesn't work".
wildan syauqi
wildan syauqi - 3 months ago
y tho?
Big 9
Big 9 - 3 months ago
An impure tone is what we call swear words, in British tv they must be covered with pure tones
Austin Shearmen
Austin Shearmen - 3 months ago
we stan the autotune boys
A - 3 months ago
next time make some normal music.
A - 3 months ago
left winged idiots
Jibster - 3 months ago
3Blue1Brown has two really good videos about the Fourier Transform. You really don't need to understand the formulas to understand the idea behind the formula.
So if you like (imaginary/complex) math, i highly recommend checking it out.
BhindiBhaji888 - 3 months ago
MATHS not math FFS
Magic Zest
Magic Zest - 3 months ago
It just works
M3LLO BOY - 3 months ago
Wtf this song is nice 🤣♥️
100pie 0eater
100pie 0eater - 3 months ago
When educational video turned into a music video
PrestonTheWolf Preston Ford
imahalo123 - 3 months ago
Jenny Stone
Jenny Stone - 3 months ago
Have you heard Piet Arion SOS song?
P a t r i o t i c A M E R I C A N !
"So How Much Auto-Tune?"
Tom: *"YES.."*
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