World Record Exercise Ball Surfing | Overtime 6 | Dude Perfect

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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect - 5 months ago
Wheel Unfortunate will be back in full force next episode. Ned went on a labor strike and demanded higher pay and that we recognize Arbor Day as a national holiday but he got it and everything is all good now
Nima Fidow
Nima Fidow - 16 hours ago
Crazy California Fishingklj
The ultimate Gamer
The ultimate Gamer - 2 days ago
ossie qio
ossie qio - Month ago
Hi dp is awesome
Aganetha Klassen
Aganetha Klassen - Month ago
I love u coby
Film Szombat
Film Szombat - Hour ago
It looks so cool with the balls
Tommy L
Tommy L - 17 hours ago
He can sim a mile
TheLivingPro YT
TheLivingPro YT - 17 hours ago
I would have been done swimming in like 20-30 minutes and I’m only a teenag
**GodRooster64 **
**GodRooster64 ** - 19 hours ago
I love cool not cool best segment
เต่า น้อย
Srisuda Ngampanvetchakul
Srisuda Ngampanvetchakul - 22 hours ago
For First Great Summer Pao One Is Can Should Brings
Liam T Barry
Liam T Barry - Day ago
do ice cream taste test
My_life's _work
My_life's _work - Day ago
Out of all of you witch person has got the most records?
Megan Jacobs
Megan Jacobs - Day ago
They all have their hats on backward
Route Kang
Route Kang - Day ago
QuasarDoesStuff Yeah
They should make a book called “Genius Book of dude perfect records”
IamLegend 1324
IamLegend 1324 - Day ago
Tall guy, beard, twins, purple hoser due perfect's in overtime, tall guy, beard, twins, purple hoser now we're heading onto overtime

Sorry If my lyrics is wrong
Emma Oliver 48 (STUDENT)
The other dudes: who thinks Cody will not be able to swim a mile?
Cody: I think y’all could do it. 🤣😅
Eyuan rian
Eyuan rian - Day ago
I swim two miles like is nothing
Claire Rowland
Claire Rowland - Day ago
Well done Cods you are epic mate!
ThePlatinumPear - Day ago
wth is a purple hoser
jack webster
jack webster - 2 days ago
jack webster
jack webster - 2 days ago
Coby sucks off tye sooo mucg
Oscar Davison
Oscar Davison - 2 days ago
I love your youtube videos.
sione metui
sione metui - 2 days ago
Who sings the intro????
Scribble MastaGaming
Scribble MastaGaming - 2 days ago
Ty is rearing crocs
Barbara Babzi
Barbara Babzi - 2 days ago
Edward Duplantis
Edward Duplantis - 2 days ago
William Roberts
William Roberts - 2 days ago
Cody swims a mile without training
*Mike Boyd: am I a joke to you.
NAGAMING - 2 days ago
Jeru Ubiña
Jeru Ubiña - 3 days ago
9:31 That is savage
Dionte Riley
Dionte Riley - 3 days ago
Can u shout me out
Ethan Lowe
Ethan Lowe - 3 days ago
random and weird life hack: dress in rags on the street so if you get jumped they only ask for 5 bucks
IMTRYHARD -_- - 3 days ago
Tyler is wearing crocs
Radiyah Dash jr
Radiyah Dash jr - 3 days ago
I dont like over time to be honest
Felipe Osbén
Felipe Osbén - 4 days ago
Gibs Lewiston
Gibs Lewiston - 4 days ago
I swim over a mile every other day so that would not be a challenge therefore a horrible betcha
Telor_ Ceplok
Telor_ Ceplok - 4 days ago
Yes....This Is Subtitle Indonesian!!
Heloo I Am From Indonesian
joseph TNI
joseph TNI - 5 hours ago
Me too
Kobe Moua
Kobe Moua - 4 days ago
I saw your fishing rod
Blind YT
Blind YT - 4 days ago
Can we talk how big garret was a 19:16
Sahiti Srikakolapu
Sahiti Srikakolapu - 4 days ago
Garret reminds me of suga lol
Tauno Kekkonen
Tauno Kekkonen - 4 days ago
Imagine resurrecting Shakespeare, Tesla, Gandhi and Kopernikus and they all be like "Interested to see where the world has advanced after our contributions to mankind". Exercise ball surfing.
CROGaming101 - 5 days ago
If you slow down the video on 0.25% in the intro song it sounds like demons.
Lotus Murphy
Lotus Murphy - 5 days ago
I love the theme song I've listen to it on repeat for ages also love all u and thanks for the amanzing videos!!!!
Lucas Chanko
Lucas Chanko - 5 days ago
Fielder Wells
Fielder Wells - 5 days ago
It kinda sounded like Cody was jealous of Tyler being the leader of the show
محمد العيساوي
شنو ماكو عرب
Hawk Rider
Hawk Rider - 5 days ago
I’m eating Frosted Flakes
Gabriele Castorina
Gabriele Castorina - 5 days ago
Batatude FG
Batatude FG - 5 days ago
Am i the only one in Brazil?
Hassan Atif
Hassan Atif - 6 days ago
Make another overrrrtime😉😉😉😉😉
Gacha Lilly movies
Gacha Lilly movies - 6 days ago
World record for most records beaten is them
Kaytee - 6 days ago
A mile is easy to swim, I’ve done it like 20 times it’s really not hard
The DUME Guy Show
The DUME Guy Show - 6 days ago
I like how Ty always has a different signature entrance haha”
alejandro gutierrez
alejandro gutierrez - 6 days ago
Boy Savage
Boy Savage - 6 days ago
More showing your ideas cool not cool
Stig Ledang
Stig Ledang - 6 days ago
Quentin Egan
Quentin Egan - 7 days ago
Just how *facepalm 11:35 IT SAY 5 MILES IS A 1 MILE SWIM JUST HOW HOW DO YOU MESS UP THIS BAD 😤😤😤😤😤😤😑
Ian-Alexander - 6 days ago
Quentin Egan are you dumb? It says .5 not 5
Flop Studios
Flop Studios - 7 days ago
Is the homemade coffee container the one that broke during real life trick shots?
Pizza Panda
Pizza Panda - 7 days ago
11:35 wait he is swimming a mile but it says 5 miles to go
Shivansh Tiwari
Shivansh Tiwari - 7 days ago
there was a point before as in (.)5 lol
Mia & Ayden
Mia & Ayden - 8 days ago
You are the best
Tessa Williams
Tessa Williams - 8 days ago
Tessa Williams
Tessa Williams - 8 days ago
Well mine was theblackmail
SkellaBunn Y
SkellaBunn Y - 8 days ago
hi!!! sub to me OK!!!! idk what the name will be yet!!
το γλυκο πουλι της χούντας
I think Cody is hoping to become a navy seal🤣
Cool not col very nice . I like it
Cool xCar1x
Cool xCar1x - 9 days ago
Maja Niedzielska
Maja Niedzielska - 9 days ago
I wanna join dude Perfect with my friend
Mihalis Dodas
Mihalis Dodas - 9 days ago
Nathan Sprovieri
Nathan Sprovieri - 10 days ago
Sigma Tech
Sigma Tech - 10 days ago
Daisy Wei
Daisy Wei - 10 days ago
I thought that I was the one who went horse-riding today!😖😠😡
CQ2687 - 11 days ago
Where can you listen to T H A T I N T R O
Frost Gaming
Frost Gaming - 11 days ago
I wish that season 10 add dude perfect battle pass
Kyle McSweeney
Kyle McSweeney - 12 days ago
What was funny about cool not cool is that Cory didn’t cool his own thing
ANISYA_1325 Putri
ANISYA_1325 Putri - 12 days ago
Hello i'm from indonesia
Stephen Eldredge
Stephen Eldredge - 12 days ago
Do you live coming on Nickelodeon do you perfect it’s coming on nickelodeon I watch Nickelodeon every day that’s so cool man
Smokiinpandaa PlaysYT
Smokiinpandaa PlaysYT - 12 days ago
My dad works at FLIR!
Serena Lin
Serena Lin - 12 days ago
I’m only here normally for The cool not cool am I right
Jaymoparmo - 12 days ago
I made my own morgz coin master advert, go to my channel and clicked most viewed to watch it, trust me youse will laugh
Golden beams
Golden beams - 12 days ago
That was so satisfying 2:36
Victor Sino-Cruz
Victor Sino-Cruz - 12 days ago
10:40 R.I.P Coby
việt VK TV
việt VK TV - 13 days ago
Các bạn thật tuyệt 😙😙
XxGreen BeansxX
XxGreen BeansxX - 13 days ago
i actually believed he could do it then i remembered how far a mile was but i won!
Richard Milloy
Richard Milloy - 13 days ago
Cody said “I bettcha I can swim a mile” but a edeter said 5 miles to go. I don’t understand
harshil kakarala
harshil kakarala - 4 days ago
It said .5 so half a mile left
Leo Gibson
Leo Gibson - 13 days ago
swim a mile
Leo Gibson
Leo Gibson - 13 days ago
i'm 9 and i can
Michelle Rogers
Michelle Rogers - 13 days ago
cody can do it
Chris RICCIARDI - 14 days ago
Do you perfect I am a huge fan of you please give me something
Najmi Ahnaf
Najmi Ahnaf - 14 days ago
Najmi Ahnaf
Najmi Ahnaf - 14 days ago
Aadya Pai
Aadya Pai - 14 days ago
I feel like they always say that every segment is everyone's favorite
savage man
savage man - 14 days ago
what happends if ty gets picked who will be the host
Ethan Hero Uy
Ethan Hero Uy - 14 days ago
I could do the swimming one, I could swim for a long time,

There is a trick, float on your back, paddle your feet and flap your arms if you know what I am talking about
NCC13 - 14 days ago
0:00 Intro
0:39 Absurd Recurds
3:30 Cool Not Cool
9:40 Betcha
12:40 Taste Test
Cool Not Cool (This Episode from Best to Worst):
1) Personal Paintings
2) Thermal Phone Attachment
3) Water Skipper
4) Creepy Face Masks
5) Computer Chessboard
Cristiano Pato
Cristiano Pato - 14 days ago
Tall guy,beard,twins, purple hoser,dude perfect is in overtimeee,tall guy,beard,twins,purple hoser now were moving on to overtimeeee
Dinotech2k10 - 14 days ago
Isaac Jones
Isaac Jones - 14 days ago
Michael is so tired of them 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tessa Williams
Tessa Williams - 14 days ago
Tessa Williams
Tessa Williams - 14 days ago
Is it a bad product or is it a bad sells pitch its because you blackmailed me.
Preeti Nagure
Preeti Nagure - 15 days ago
Love your overtime song
Madelyn Wire
Madelyn Wire - 15 days ago
If you pause it at 11:37 you’ll notice that it says “Five miles to go” my question is what was Cody’s goal? 😂😂😂
TheDiamondGamer - 13 days ago
It said .5 as in 0.5
bendy playz
bendy playz - 16 days ago
@Zupfmk1223 kid
CPT. Rex
CPT. Rex - 16 days ago
“I like how Ty has a different signature entrance every time”
Matthew Jackson
Matthew Jackson - 17 days ago
4:58 I found bald purple hoser
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