Moving a box truck body

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Rise and Shine
Rise and Shine - 3 hours ago
0:18 in the rafters are toy trucks
Phil Mecanique
Phil Mecanique - 11 hours ago
You should make fork extension that slip onto your forks. Makes it easier to balance oversized loads.
R Smitdog
R Smitdog - Day ago
I want to thank you and Levi for the best videos on youtube, please hurry up and install the Boiler,  I can't wait for your next video!!!
Brandon Gordon
Brandon Gordon - Day ago
There’s the Kawasaki jet ski I sold you
Spaghetti Monster
Spaghetti Monster - 2 days ago
havent been able to watch for the last week or so, recently my dog died and seein' Levi just made me a mess.
billy crockett
billy crockett - 2 days ago
5:50 big green boxblade 👍👍👍
jack boagard
jack boagard - 2 days ago
Your a bad ass would love to work with you.
Gavin Tabiner
Gavin Tabiner - 4 days ago
Love the vid 👍 but have to say the tensile loading of that chain paired with the pressure exerted from the load resting on the blade tip when dragging the box off the trailer had me a tad concerned - it put the unguarded operator in a very precarious situation. Suppose you’re getting ur done and all that and I appreciate you always consider this stuff in all your jobs Andrew.
James Hobbs
James Hobbs - 5 days ago
1:43 Dude get your oil changed.
Kurgosh1 - 7 days ago
I can't believe you made Levi chase you all the way home. You could have given the good boy a ride.
Alfonso Piazza
Alfonso Piazza - 7 days ago
Hai origine italiane ?
John Smith
John Smith - 8 days ago
1:53 Doggie business. :-D
cody rafie
cody rafie - 8 days ago
Haha I know Andrew loves that newer Bobcat 👍👍
gac107 - 8 days ago
@ 8:45, what body of water is that?
French Toad
French Toad - 8 days ago
4:13 Perfect cut
kjaoo - 8 days ago
Nic Thomas
Nic Thomas - 9 days ago
This channel is addictive, came across it by chance, enjoy the content, use of drone and the fact there is no BS
davidmellott50 - 9 days ago
Hi Andrew, I have some sheds and body jobs to move, would you recommend fork extentions
Chakat Nightsparkle
Chakat Nightsparkle - 9 days ago
Gonna make a Nice little Tiny Home out of that Box Truck Body.
Nick Azzarello
Nick Azzarello - 9 days ago
Another great video. Thanks Andrew for taking the time to film these. You have the best film editing I have seen. And it drives be crazy how beautiful your settings always are. I swear I don't think you are in the US sometimes.
David Null
David Null - 9 days ago
And this setting is about 100 miles (160 km) north of Times Square in New York City ... a completely different planet.
jmanatee - 9 days ago
We love our wood boiler, It heats our home all winter.
ERIC EDMUND - 9 days ago
Breaking Toast
Breaking Toast - 9 days ago
thankyou Andrew and Levi quality videos
Joshua Wilson
Joshua Wilson - 10 days ago
Definitely need to record the installation of the building heater
SNOOP U 2 - 10 days ago
Cool container for a small shop or storing tools in it. Endless idea's what that container can be used for.
Tim Oja
Tim Oja - 10 days ago
This is at least 1000x better than any "true-tv".
starnet36 - 10 days ago
Andrew, does the state/county require you have a contractor's license for the work you do?
HighKeffVega - 10 days ago
8:33 do you have a new drone Andrew?
Jamie H
Jamie H - 10 days ago
Andrew what type of Carhartt jacket is that you wear in most of your videos? J130?
David Null
David Null - 9 days ago
English: "Wow!"
The_Hate_Inside - 10 days ago
6:07 Highlight of the video. xD
Russell Clement
Russell Clement - 10 days ago
Geeeeez,,,, get the ( snakes piss ) WD40 on that squeaky truck door hinges Andrew,,, hate squeaks ,,, haha
Woody Woodlstein
Woody Woodlstein - 10 days ago
I’m not sure what that is
David b
David b - 10 days ago
Just found your channel. Very happy i did.
Jim Beck
Jim Beck - 10 days ago
Would love to see you install that boiler maybe in your workshop. Hell you could build yourself a “man cave” in your workshop with running HOT water with a fully functioning bathroom and shower, etc....
no name
no name - 10 days ago
He’s got a shower and bathroom. It’s in one of the earlier shipping container videos
Jim Beck
Jim Beck - 10 days ago
What was that thing he “paid” you with?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 10 days ago
Wood boiler.
Rob Cappa
Rob Cappa - 11 days ago
Any chance we will see an update of your castle ? I absolutely love the design.
Lela J
Lela J - 11 days ago
Step 1. Go to YT Search
Step 2. Search this keyword: Mimi Kid Art
Step 3. Enjoy!
Moving a box truck body
given.” “Each day brings new opportunities, allowing you to constantly live with love—be there for others—bring a little light into someone's day. Be grateful and live each day to the fullest.” “Being grateful does not mean that everything is necessarily good. It just means that you can accept it as a gift.” “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” “There is no real direction here, neither lines of power nor cooperation. Decisions are never really
Derek Richards
Derek Richards - 11 days ago
Notice that most he people that forget to hit like are just too tired and they forget? Guilty, but I remembered, lol
Arc - 11 days ago
strap over the TOP !! smh
thekingtroll2 - 11 days ago
Hey Andrew! I thought of you today, sir! I was flipping through video's and saw this one and thought it would be right up your alley! Imagine the speed and time you would save! The only other good one was around 9:45 at the end. The rest were stupid or unsafe or consumed too much time or energy to even do.
Tim Baker
Tim Baker - 11 days ago
I’ve been binge watching these videos. It’s this best thing going! I mean I can’t get enough.
I started watching your video on how you got started and all your first purchases... amazing success story!
Then the building build and water pump repairs ,,, on and on.
This stuff is great! The drone and camera views are so professional.
I just don’t have the words except to say thank you! 👍
Andy Schrack
Andy Schrack - 11 days ago
First, you have a shipping container castle? Second, what state is this in? Just curious because of the terrain.
David Null
David Null - 11 days ago
Upstate New York State about 100 miles (160km) north of New York City.
Andy Schrack
Andy Schrack - 11 days ago
new york....never mind
Bernie R
Bernie R - 11 days ago
Need more Videos, even sometimes your daily routines. You have to get a gold Play button.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 11 days ago
I try to keep the video quality high and make sure they tell complete stories. That's why there are not that many uploads. I did a few quick jobs this week though. Ill get a vid out by Friday.
Paul Boarder
Paul Boarder - 11 days ago
Great videos. I've been binge watching these for the last few weeks in preparation for renting an excavator to clear on my own property. I learned a lot by watching these. So many little techniques that I wouldn't have thought of.
Gerald Gallagher
Gerald Gallagher - 11 days ago
So if Andy is driving the dumper, who is flying the drone ??
David Null
David Null - 11 days ago
What? Andrew is good at multitasking ... the guy can do a bunch of things at the same time ... easy.
Cynthia Clee
Cynthia Clee - 11 days ago
Hi from Australia, you are one very busy, hard working young man, love your channel & the tasks you set your mind to, quite fascinating stuff & Levi is a beauty
ZZP Zing Pheonix
ZZP Zing Pheonix - 11 days ago
Heated Floor on the roof of the Castle with that furnace.
Eugene Bigay. 1990 American Skaters
The kids of today are so lucky if they want to learn how to do something all they have to do is turn to YouTube or other parts of the world wide web.
Steven Cooper
Steven Cooper - 11 days ago
Andrew I always see you boosting equipment. Solar chargers are dirt cheap now how about you install some on the roofs of some of the equipment that does not get regular use. Save you a bunch time and batteries. Awesome jobs on the videos mate !
Magnus Nordlund
Magnus Nordlund - 11 days ago
I don't need anymore!
I have Andrew Camarata!
Waiting for ES6
Waiting for ES6 - 11 days ago
Radiant heat in the slab is a awesome good move putting it in the castle.
Michael Tarasenkoop
Michael Tarasenkoop - 11 days ago
I’m crazy according to my better half here it’s 6:30 a m and lm watching Andrew camerata moving a water boiler ! She may have a point !
Tactical Priority at Cart Path Farm
I think Levi wants a turn at driving!
Christopher Charron
Christopher Charron - 11 days ago
You have a bad ball joint on the back of that utv! :)
uTubed007 - 11 days ago
Thanks for the drone shot when on the road boarding the water
Dasdfjkl - 12 days ago
I never heard of a wood burning boiler. Interesting.
salvagedrover - 12 days ago
11:11 "Just go fast, just do it." Confidence like I've never seen. Glad I just got one of his shirts on fleaBay, he needs lots of promotion and subs. Viewers AND Tuna subs.
David Pontius
David Pontius - 12 days ago
The bobcat looks like its flipping people off when its picking up new attachments LOL
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek
What kind of truck did the box come off of ?
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