6 Strange Ice Cream Scoops Put to the Test!

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Alejandro Hernandez
Alejandro Hernandez - 7 hours ago
heckinhecc - 3 days ago
Blue Bell is the best store bought ice cream. I have good memories with it because when i would go to my grandparents house, they would always have it. Strawberry and Vanilla are the classics. So good!
user 1685
user 1685 - 4 days ago
What if ice cream gadjiks will explode
Joel Ch
Joel Ch - 5 days ago
Are u really gonna eat all that ice cream ?
Tracy - 8 days ago
cute little bols 4:59
GamingMaster _04
GamingMaster _04 - 8 days ago
Imagine eating ice cream from a bowl

This comment was made by the eating straight from the container gang
Lilfyre YT
Lilfyre YT - 9 days ago
3:56 😂
Jerrin Abraham
Jerrin Abraham - 12 days ago
I better eat the whole tub
Maria Garralda
Maria Garralda - 14 days ago
Julian - 14 days ago
Who eat this stuff
HULKMOOD31 - 14 days ago
Its always better if scoop it in water before taking ice cream
Cody S.
Cody S. - 15 days ago
4:50 When I worked at a Mom and Pop restaurant back in the day we used these to drop hushpuppies.
Anurag Dash
Anurag Dash - 16 days ago
Try to de - frieze or increase the scoop temperature after 2 or 3 scooping. As i prefer to dip the scoop in normal/warm water after 2/3 scooping.
I think all gadgets will work.
Thomas Latham
Thomas Latham - 16 days ago
My guy, how messy is your day to day life.
EPIC Gamer
EPIC Gamer - 19 days ago
I just use a cookie dough scooper
joseph roseelan
joseph roseelan - 19 days ago
Spoon is the winner
Dee W.
Dee W. - 21 day ago
So much calories :-:
The Creeper way
The Creeper way - 26 days ago
8:15 that’s what she said
Agita Mariana
Agita Mariana - 27 days ago
Im just using a spoon,that all😐

And how many ice cream u have?😅Give me some :v
Ar Nas
Ar Nas - 28 days ago
Nothing is better then the lunch lady’s scoop
camilo donnari
camilo donnari - Month ago
Julian Betancourt
Julian Betancourt - Month ago
DangerGamer 654
DangerGamer 654 - Month ago
"This is probably the most Unique Ice Cream I've ever seen"
Sameer Aleem
Sameer Aleem - Month ago
Whos watching dis during qurantine?
Kucklow Music
Kucklow Music - Month ago
Some of em worked surprisingly well
Ryan Alexander
Ryan Alexander - Month ago
In Soviet Russia the ice cream scoops you
EvadeOmni - Month ago
That what she say
Mahdi Khan
Mahdi Khan - Month ago
i hope you actually eat them ice cream
Revan Sanjaya
Revan Sanjaya - Month ago
Where is "Welcome back to my labolatoryryryr"
Charlie Mazza
Charlie Mazza - Month ago
“This has to be one of the best ice cream I’ve ever seen” 0:21
Lil Hoe
Lil Hoe - Month ago
Make it more bally 😂😂
Danielle - Month ago
All ice cream is different, some are a lot softer than others. So I suppose each scoop will depend on what brand you have.
At x_fvcking_o
At x_fvcking_o - Month ago
Cowbelly joins the chat
Rodwin Dionela
Rodwin Dionela - Month ago
There so many in the Philippines ya know in ice cream vendor here
Moritz Schubkegel
Moritz Schubkegel - Month ago
I like his optimistic side he thinks every Produkt is coll even if it's the last shod on earth
Joey Mullins
Joey Mullins - Month ago
you better share some of that ice cream with your dogs!
Sisa Musudroka
Sisa Musudroka - Month ago
Godammit man, you made me hungry for ice cream but we're under lockdown
Heel Patel
Heel Patel - Month ago
The comments tho
smokey bear
smokey bear - Month ago
This dude ate so much ice cream today 😂😂
TheANDROMECHA - Month ago
1st one is pig nose scoop? Hahahha
Daniel Terrazas
Daniel Terrazas - Month ago
When using a ice cream scooper rinse it in warm water after the 2nd use. The ice cream makes the metal colder so the ice cream bonds to the scooper but love the videos. 👍🏼🤪
Anneomegzz 002
Anneomegzz 002 - Month ago
scop, dang i love your accent
gweb - Month ago
Dip those things in little bowl of warm water before you scoop and they will all work perfectly
ba da boom
NOTINMYARSE ! - Month ago
Put most of the gajic in the hot vater virst before using
NOTINMYARSE ! - Month ago
The third one is a mashed potato scoop
KengGokuGod - Month ago
Why use a spoon when you have liquid ice cream?
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores - Month ago
3:20 all I hear is him breathing
DON'T MIND ME - Month ago
I wonder what ice cream tastes like
TheQueenDucky - 2 months ago
I'm so glad you test all these gadgets! Many of the things that you 'put to the test's have answered my questions for sure! You're funny and you have a Beautiful Wife and Fur kids too. Good people 💗 Becky from Rochester, MN.
MADDOX BRAITCH travel eat - 2 months ago
Occasionally it is better to dip in water
Ashley-jon Cameron
Ashley-jon Cameron - 2 months ago
Why am I watching this at 0300 xd
nesspuffs - 2 months ago
yes blue bell a man of culture
Sheikh Junaid Rahman
Sheikh Junaid Rahman - 2 months ago
Click click BOOM
Thank you Next
Thank you Next - 2 months ago
Im just imaging how many ice cream tubs he had stocked in his refrigerator 🤣
frank wesely
frank wesely - 2 months ago
Watched the video, BOOM, I am an ice cream scoop expert.
jänkujuss pudelis
jänkujuss pudelis - 2 months ago
cowbelly would love this
Adventure Discovery
Adventure Discovery - 2 months ago
Thomo Clan
Thomo Clan - 2 months ago
Just f**king use a ice cream scooper. All that hard work just for ice cream!
Gianna Alberto
Gianna Alberto - 2 months ago
Wait, whos gonna eat all of that? Your dogs?
Mithun Purush
Mithun Purush - 2 months ago
0:30 He says it makes “ cubes “ Haha haha haha it’s actually a cylindrical ice cream scoop
Unmarked_boyhood - 2 months ago
I hope you ate that
Roberto Miguel
Roberto Miguel - 2 months ago
I watched this while our country is on lockdown due to corona virus. I am craving for ice cream watching this. Boom craving all night.
caleb mcbrain
caleb mcbrain - 2 months ago
Why he useing the mash potoat scopper fore the ice craem
Tyler Adhikari
Tyler Adhikari - 2 months ago
Whos here to just here him say BOOM 😂
YUKO Nakasone
YUKO Nakasone - 2 months ago
@CrazyRussianHacker, sir Where can I find the first Ice cream scooper?
J G - 2 months ago
Dip it in hot water 1st and you can literally use a good size Spoon and it all works good.
KingJes bro
KingJes bro - 2 months ago
0:35 that’s what she said
Smoldo - 2 months ago
cubes ahah
Jody Angel Ugartechea
Jody Angel Ugartechea - 2 months ago
I think that, as well as these gadgets work as used, these would work better if you would dip them in water in between scoops.
Brent Steele
Brent Steele - 2 months ago
The third one didn’t need the button
Cameron Rollins
Cameron Rollins - 2 months ago
With the first gadget he said it makes a perfect CUBE BOO
Imani Jones
Imani Jones - 2 months ago
He breathes so loud
Yo Momma Dum
Yo Momma Dum - 2 months ago
Crazy Russian hacker- "This is frozen ice cream.
Icecream - it starts melted Right away
Justin Thao
Justin Thao - 2 months ago
Kinda get stuck a little bit- ba-BOOM! 1:17 🤣
julieg25 - 2 months ago
Watching this at like 134 am wishing I had ice cream
Stephen Penullar
Stephen Penullar - 2 months ago
5:35 that one is commonly used in Philippines
dj winter
dj winter - 2 months ago
I want ice cream now also your favorite YouTuber
stoked salmon
stoked salmon - 2 months ago
thrifty had em kinda like that
Fortnite mobile
Fortnite mobile - 2 months ago
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