Mutano Fenômeno
Mutano Fenômeno - 6 days ago
Brasil love roman is seth rollins is jonh cena
スタイルズハリー - 17 days ago
꧁༒FREE_FIRE_SPOT༒꧂ - gaming
It'z Jeffrey
It'z Jeffrey - Month ago
He's a wannabe Sid Wilson from Slipknot.
Matthew Ruddiman
Matthew Ruddiman - Month ago
My favourite supers is dean ambrose🤘😑
Aditya Shankar
Aditya Shankar - Month ago
Attitude Era guy can't survive in stupid PG era
King brah
King brah - 2 months ago
Cederic Alexander 0:20 ?
Sadman1279 - 2 months ago
2:21 you ok dean ?
Finesse savage
Finesse savage - 2 months ago
Since when does ambrose run
kaesyn bell
kaesyn bell - 2 months ago
Why dean saying disease boi your hairline is a disease
Thomas Romero
Thomas Romero - 3 months ago
0:20 Is that Cedric Alexander??
Matthew Short
Matthew Short - 3 months ago
I miss the Dean Ambrose with long hair and clean shaved
Nazir Hesari
Nazir Hesari - 3 months ago
Dean please your are amazing in the shield
Samurai Ape
Samurai Ape - 3 months ago
First is Rollins now Ambrose next it’s reigns
camelyy a
camelyy a - 3 months ago
something ive never seen before, dean running from seth.
Bakar Khan Mayo
Bakar Khan Mayo - 3 months ago
no babay
Vetrish varan Varan
Vetrish varan Varan - 3 months ago
Roman no rethrollans is fight with deanambrose
Class tilton
Class tilton - 3 months ago
anyone else think having perfectly straight beard edges makes it look like dean ambrose is wearing a fake prosthetic beard???? hahaha
Anonymous 12&#5
Anonymous 12 - 3 months ago
Hygeine wrestling
Gian Jarito
Gian Jarito - 4 months ago
I miss the old dean ambrose
Shahbaz Rajput
Shahbaz Rajput - 4 months ago
Dean Ambrose is awesome... Please WWE make him a Badass Heel
Rocky king
Rocky king - 4 months ago
Dean ambrose needs to become Badass Heel
think and grow
think and grow - 4 months ago
All world wants old dean please make good dean who is with me . Please
think and grow
think and grow - 4 months ago
Dean is best but wwe make bad dean but dean is good i love and i thin all indian like him and also we wants old dean who is with me ...
the shield
the shield - 4 months ago
I'm still belive in shield
Optimuzprime2346 - 4 months ago
i bet you when roman comes back dean will turn around then roman will turn on seth and ambrose
alae kassmi
alae kassmi - 4 months ago
hee has created the New shield 😂😂😂
Tiffany Alvarez
Tiffany Alvarez - 4 months ago
Who else thought it was funny when dean got scared of Seth Rollins entrance? Like or comment if u agree!
Etromex Etx
Etromex Etx - 4 months ago
Flashbacks from 2014
Hayley’s Kingdom
Hayley’s Kingdom - 4 months ago
I miss the old Dean
Darren Saunders
Darren Saunders - 4 months ago
dumb kid
Hayley’s Kingdom
Hayley’s Kingdom - 4 months ago
TXhellRazoR 88
TXhellRazoR 88 - 4 months ago
God he sucks as a heel
Daniel Haynes
Daniel Haynes - 4 months ago
When will Roman come back
Reshma Pirani
Reshma Pirani - 4 months ago
Dean looks like Bane from the Dark Knight Rises.
Legacy Alert
Legacy Alert - 4 months ago
Anyone else want Roman back
Legacy Alert
Legacy Alert - 4 months ago
Anyone else want Roman back
Buckeyecat2002 - 4 months ago
Seth and Dean are both two old to be dancing in skinny jeans.
Alberto Zacaula
Alberto Zacaula - 4 months ago
2019 anyone
The game HHH
The game HHH - 4 months ago
To I think dean regeats what he did the deeds but he thinks he’s gone to far and can’t turn back now because of how far he’s gone
Malse Troep
Malse Troep - 4 months ago
How is reigns?
90's Action Films Channel
90's Action Films Channel - 4 months ago
dean and rollins are best wrestler in this era
90's Action Films Channel
90's Action Films Channel - 4 months ago
dean ambrose vs seth rollins for WWE Universal Championship at Wrestlemania 35
Fear THEUNKNOWNPLAYER - 4 months ago
Derpy heel Ambrose his voice is so funny hahha
mako boi
mako boi - 4 months ago
Houston is not a slum Seth is the slum
Nero Bruno
Nero Bruno - 4 months ago
The Senate, the House, Congress.
Priscillia 0ct0pu5
Priscillia 0ct0pu5 - 4 months ago
2:20 😂😂😂
Digosh Chakma
Digosh Chakma - 4 months ago
I hate Setrolling before he was betray dean and roman and now dean betray him.....i like dean amrose and Roman brothers
محمد هاني
محمد هاني - 5 months ago
مالكم ڨاع كتبة أونڨلي
Lyon’s Fan
Lyon’s Fan - 5 months ago
Nice heel
G† BEATS - 5 months ago
Ele não fez isso 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
360 Man
360 Man - 5 months ago
0:21 you could see that’s Cedric Alexander.
Ashma Khan
Ashma Khan - 5 months ago
dean if you dare so meet seth face to face because dean is a donkey and a gay
ANNA MURGIA - 5 months ago
Is good dean
Kevin Hawley
Kevin Hawley - 5 months ago
Ambrose's new gimmick is perfect for the time we are living in as there are more drug resistant illnesses than ever before. The germs that other humans in a huge arena, unlike germs animals not closely related to humans have, prefer to infect humans as apposed to other species. Ambrose's gimmick could be considered the WWE's way of combining a wrestler's gimmick with a public service announcement and a reminder to take Vitamin C before showing up at an arena.
alae kassmi
alae kassmi - 5 months ago
deaan still my favourite wrestler
Strong Bone
Strong Bone - 5 months ago
I feel like wwe isn't giving dean the actual heel we want. I for the most part want dean to be a solo heel not a seth Rollins 2.0 authority type heel.
Out Kast
Out Kast - 5 months ago
How come the shield can never stay together
Hema Singh
Hema Singh - 5 months ago
Mast hai
Josh Stiles
Josh Stiles - 5 months ago
Mella Edits
Mella Edits - 5 months ago
ahh just like old times just different roles..
Louis Verdié
Louis Verdié - 5 months ago
Cédric Alexander in sécurity 😂😂
Sokhauppal Uppal
Sokhauppal Uppal - 5 months ago
When seths theme song comes on dean gets scared
Sokhauppal Uppal
Sokhauppal Uppal - 5 months ago
One if the guards are cedric Alexander
Mikaela Dyer-brown
Mikaela Dyer-brown - 5 months ago
I thought the shield was back together... what have I missed
Adam Wells Cadzow
Adam Wells Cadzow - 5 months ago
Why do WWE heels always say that cities are slums, I don't know if Houston, Texas is a slum I live in Scotland but the slum city theme is dyer it has been used to the death and something that the WWE universe doesn't want to hear anymore. The WWE needs to start listening to the audiences opinions. If they don't want Roman Reigns to be the face of WWE then he shouldn't the WWE should make it someone that the WWE universe likes...
Appasaheb Kamble
Appasaheb Kamble - 5 months ago
I miss old ddeaann
Black Venom
Black Venom - 5 months ago
😂😂😂 hahaha
Flashtaeo - 5 months ago
I actually might start watching WWE again. Ambrose is turning hell. Also Roman Will be coming back Soon.
EnvyMyClutch ツ
EnvyMyClutch ツ - 5 months ago
Still can’t live up to S.H.I.E.L.D lol nice try wwe
Nino Salazar
Nino Salazar - 5 months ago
I love Dean's Jacket.
thereal jk savage
thereal jk savage - 5 months ago
I think it would be cool if the SWAT team is later revealed as the undisputed era
Kdthesharpshooter TW
Kdthesharpshooter TW - 5 months ago
Ambrase better than Rollins anyway
*Unique* - 5 months ago
Seth Rollins , Roman Reigns = ReignsRollins🎗❤️
Juice9512 - 5 months ago
This ain't wrestling anymore
X/XXV/ MCMXCI - 5 months ago
This is a joke can't take this seriously
Steven Finlay
Steven Finlay - 5 months ago
They say we’re getting what we want? Well we don’t want Dean V Seth AGAAIIIIINNN!! It’s like Randy V Cena all over again we do NOT want this!!!!
Vanilla Beam
Vanilla Beam - 5 months ago
That *MAHMAH* Seth Rollins
Evan Wojtecki
Evan Wojtecki - 5 months ago
His mask is from the dollar store
Typical_Xpert Plays
Typical_Xpert Plays - 5 months ago
Dean Ambrose went rogue
Zain Parvez
Zain Parvez - 5 months ago
Dean Ambrose reminds me of psyco mantis from Metal Gear Solid😂
Bhairav Thakur
Bhairav Thakur - 5 months ago
Want happen to Dean Ambrose and Daniel Bryan
Deacy - 5 months ago
This is so predictable and overdone..
ZK RDR :v - 5 months ago
Rivalry Beetween Swat Member and Seth Rollins, book it vince!
MrTJKTV - 5 months ago
This proves how fake wwe is lol Seth beating up a full swat team laughable!!
KingLeo52 Gd mate
KingLeo52 Gd mate - 5 months ago
Now when Roman comes back dean don’t say anything
gt0ttomann - 5 months ago
The cringe is real with this dean ambrose.
BCYoungin - 5 months ago
Another elias
Kid Clout
Kid Clout - 5 months ago
Love how dean said Seth is a mad man but what are dressing as.....
Negar Nikbin
Negar Nikbin - 5 months ago
Such lame n repetitive storyline it's like watching the face dean events with heel Seth but vise versa aaaaahhhhhhboth deserve better
Negar Nikbin
Negar Nikbin - 5 months ago
Vividly remember how ppl shouted dean's name back in his feud with Seth n now vise versa!! What the hell is srikg with ppl , a fsn Amway's n always is s fan
DA foreverrrr
Ana Reyes
Ana Reyes - 5 months ago
If you hate dean ambrose and want him to get beat up by roman reigns and seth rollins like this comment
THE PX BROS profes
THE PX BROS profes - 5 months ago
TOXIC SLAYER - 5 months ago
I want dean ambrose to whem this rivalry
Jojo Rose
Jojo Rose - 5 months ago
Sho Co
Sho Co - 5 months ago
What is wrong with dean he is such moron
Green x 108
Green x 108 - 5 months ago
I was there
Sam Edsall
Sam Edsall - 5 months ago
I’d rather see this than watch The Dark Knight Rises, honestly.
Keyson Scruggs
Keyson Scruggs - 5 months ago
He's the best
James Miles
James Miles - 5 months ago
Lol okayso can someone let me in on what in the hell ia going on because i haven't been watching for a month now and im lost😂 when did Ambrose go heel?
Joe Jarman
Joe Jarman - 5 months ago
Make Ambrose part of Sanity!!!
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