Green Day - Back In The USA (Official Music Video)

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Green Day
Green Day - 4 months ago
Listen up motherf🦄🦄🦄ers Father Of All... is out now! Play it loud and play it on repeat 🤘
Vic4nzz - 14 days ago
No thanks
AfterDark mornings
AfterDark mornings - 15 days ago
Your new i album is fire but i miss your old style
Alisson Caal González
Alisson Caal González - 15 days ago
I love you
Deborah lissfelt
Deborah lissfelt - 17 days ago
is this inspired by that movie "they live"??
Ady daddy drummer
Ady daddy drummer - 25 days ago
hey billie please stand for president
Lando Calrissian
Lando Calrissian - Hour ago
Back in the USSR
C L - 4 hours ago
I love this song so muuuuuch
It sounds like their old songs, has a nice classic punk base, the mv is well made, the lyrics are awesome...
I love you Green Day.
Michael Brown
Michael Brown - 2 days ago
I like that Green Day gets political when its a Republican president.
Mattia Businaro
Mattia Businaro - 3 days ago
GrungeRocker 15
GrungeRocker 15 - 3 days ago
This Song shares alot about the shit that's going on in the USA
Electric Luke Studios
Electric Luke Studios - 4 days ago
nathan mcgarry
nathan mcgarry - 4 days ago
name a band other than green day that can throw politics in their song and it’ll still be a good song
i’ll wait
Ciaran Whelan
Ciaran Whelan - 21 hour ago
Sex pistols, the clash, pennywise there are loads
Dave Schiebel
Dave Schiebel - 3 days ago
Pink Floyd
Omega 2000
Omega 2000 - 5 days ago
Se cumple, aparecieron los héroes, y Trump es tal cual en la conferencia. 😲
C.B. Smith
C.B. Smith - 6 days ago
I like how the music video is set up as a 1950s propaganda PSA while referencing they live, a movie about yuppie culture and unfettered capitalism which is based on a 1960s short story that was a call out to the 1950s conformity attitude.
and the song is about the policies of this administration....which is trying to call back to the policies of the 1980s reagon policies which it so for tried to call back the policies of eisenhower.
Hiruy Abebaw
Hiruy Abebaw - 7 days ago
Wait are those glasses a they live refrence
Lanciarules - 10 days ago
It is curious how everybody describe himself as democratic...unless he lose the election.
dicky ichsanudin
dicky ichsanudin - 10 days ago
I'm from Indonesia and i'm so like this song. It's so fckin' relate
John Feder
John Feder - 10 days ago
Tonight, is Europe Shine A Light and it sucks so I listen to Green Day...
Lifman - 11 days ago
I love greenday!!!
Louis Baker
Louis Baker - 11 days ago
Another "America is shit" video. So stunning. So brave...
Eve - 11 days ago
if green day changed their profile picture from hella mega does that mean no hella mega?? and am i the only one who noticed??
Ра Ва
Ра Ва - 13 days ago
Sold out!
SoaringSquid 0.1
SoaringSquid 0.1 - 13 days ago
I like how trump is depicted as a rotting, walking corpse in the video, because of how trump is starting to show signs of senility this year.
terrariachest - 14 days ago
After watching the behind the scenes video, i can still hear
"Check out these glasses guys, I just got circumcised!" at 0:47
terrariachest - 14 days ago
This is inarguable the best song and music video ever
brilliantatbreakfast - 15 days ago
How on earth did I miss this for the last three years? It's brilliant!
Rocker Lady
Rocker Lady - 16 days ago
Какие же они классные!!!
Loki Hinzmann
Loki Hinzmann - 16 days ago
Does this remind anyone else of fallout kind of
Nate dog Wilder
Nate dog Wilder - 16 days ago
This music video is definitely an homage to John Carpenter's "They Live"
Finn Runkel
Finn Runkel - 17 days ago
2:08 their expressions hahaha
Deborah lissfelt
Deborah lissfelt - 18 days ago
i LOVE this song so much i just cant stop playing it! BILLIE FOR PRESIDENT 2020!!!
Daniel Castro
Daniel Castro - 19 days ago
I unliked the like button, just to put LIKE again!
Jedi Jacob
Jedi Jacob - 19 days ago
Jake Paul colourblind glasses be like
JammyBoii_528 - 24 days ago
so Green Day invented color. No wonder those documentaries from 1960 were black and white.
Brian Scalabrine
Brian Scalabrine - 24 days ago
I love Green Day but this video is just stupid.
Brian Scalabrine
Brian Scalabrine - 16 days ago
Sticksel Pixel gaming examples? Also I think that trump says stupid things sometimes but doesn’t mean he’s a zombie
Sticksel Pixel gaming
Sticksel Pixel gaming - 16 days ago
@Brian Scalabrine He is a narcissistic asshole who is willing to lie about anyone who disagree with him. He makes up stuff just so he can seem be correct.
Brian Scalabrine
Brian Scalabrine - 16 days ago
Sticksel Pixel gaming in what way?
Sticksel Pixel gaming
Sticksel Pixel gaming - 16 days ago
@Brian Scalabrine If he isn't then why does he act like one?
Brian Scalabrine
Brian Scalabrine - 16 days ago
Sticksel Pixel gaming how is it ridiculous? Because he’s not a monster.
Marcus Jarvis
Marcus Jarvis - 27 days ago
I'm not sure which is more sad. The fact that Green Day isn't making many political songs about Trump or the fact that most of their songs about Bush can be applied to Trump anyway
Martin Mendieta
Martin Mendieta - 27 days ago
Green Day! save us from the world!! Oh wait .... You just did❤️
Natily Dotson
Natily Dotson - 28 days ago
I love you guys ❤️🇺🇸❤️
boy bands destroyed my life
i'm losing it over tre's wave at the begining
Jay Son
Jay Son - Month ago
acyd - Month ago
This is such a good song.
andrew purcell
andrew purcell - Month ago
I think this is their message to people who say that they shouldn't include politics in their music
Ferndoggy11 - Month ago
I love that They live reference
Ferndoggy11 - 3 days ago
@Scott Morris yes
Scott Morris
Scott Morris - 3 days ago
Its all a reference to they live.
Kamalesh Das
Kamalesh Das - Month ago
Ville for president
Colddekstar - Month ago
To everyone who hates father of all motherfuckers, go where you belong back in 2004, before the band started experimentation, and can still deliver songs just as good as back with American Idiot, just in a different genre, when people say pop punk, that is what this is, punk is what they were, just appreciate their music and shut up
SkelvinKnight - Month ago
Father of all sucks.
Anna Łysiak
Anna Łysiak - Month ago
Cameron Clarke
Cameron Clarke - Month ago
“The riot gear has lined the dawn, like dogs that shit on your neighbors lawn”
Taylor Colliver
Taylor Colliver - Month ago
Its also weird seeing them all dressed up like dads
Fathead 09
Fathead 09 - Month ago
I have come to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I’m all out of bubblegum.
Jeremy Webb
Jeremy Webb - Month ago
I love this song so much and just realized it sounds exactly the anthem by good Charlotte
Jackmusic - Month ago
2:28 : "Something amazing is happening right now, but my food is incredible"
Ed Hunt
Ed Hunt - Month ago
This is a pritty good new green day song.
Jon Mendez
Jon Mendez - Month ago
Only compared to The Offspring...
ganza2033 - Month ago
Putin!!! Putin!!! USSR!!! Ха-ха-ха, вот вы смешные)))
Mariano Freyre
Mariano Freyre - Month ago
This song is perhaps the best of green day 2010 - 2020 era. Its just amazing. They used to promote a recopilatory, but perhaps deserve to be the single 1 of a new album.
ころり - Month ago
Rick Apocalypse
Rick Apocalypse - Month ago
Billie looks so young, it looks like he is sitting next to his mom, instead of his wife.
Petr Pour
Petr Pour - Month ago
hello, carrier song
Astolfo Shikimori
Astolfo Shikimori - Month ago
That's great
Measureless Liang
Measureless Liang - Month ago
🇨🇳 Internationale unites the human race!
Measureless Liang
Measureless Liang - Month ago
@Gameminer 26 Trump I, King of the United Kingdom of America, MAGA!😂
Gameminer 26
Gameminer 26 - Month ago
Under a totallitarian regime....
Keshav Dorai
Keshav Dorai - Month ago
Billie Joe: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Mike Dirnt: bass
Jason White: lead guitar
Tre Cool: drums

Billie Joe: lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist
Mike Dirnt: bassist, backing vocalist
Jason White: lead guitarist, backing vocalist
Tre Cool: drummer
Go Your Way
Go Your Way - Month ago
Trump is for sure the greatest man in the planet now. Boulevard of Brocken Dreams is the greatest song ever. Thats my opinion.
supernatural catz
supernatural catz - Month ago
lake eola band
lake eola band - Month ago
So oldschool green day
Haku - Month ago
Musicfan4ever Ashley
Musicfan4ever Ashley - Month ago
Haku ❤️
Maxi Almada
Maxi Almada - Month ago
El despertar
Nino Glonti
Nino Glonti - Month ago
0:12 thats mat le blanc
persilangan CAD
persilangan CAD - Month ago
I hope to collaborate with Greenday someday aamiin.
Cool! Please also check our songs in our Youtube channel. There are 3 songs we have just for you to enjoy. Cheers!. NA-Gara from Indonesia
Fernández Lauglé Gaizka
Billie Joe for president!!!!!
Sam S
Sam S - Month ago
How did I miss this song? I must have fallen off the wagon completely - was this ever on the radio? Or just a released album with no airplay? Thasks.
webecomets - Month ago
The video reminds me a lot of Pleasantville.
Big Winners
Big Winners - Month ago
To be honest why do so many people think green day is bad because there political its just why I love green day.
Jemmy Joe A-Go-Go
Jemmy Joe A-Go-Go - 2 months ago
They live!
henry hughes
henry hughes - 2 months ago
best music vid ever
Haobo Yang
Haobo Yang - 2 months ago
2020, everything is soooooo relatable, now watching this again.
Caleb Evans
Caleb Evans - 2 months ago
The usa isnt that bad. We are still breathing aren't we
Second-Hand Dan
Second-Hand Dan - 2 months ago
I love the reference to They Live
Above The Usual
Above The Usual - 2 months ago
I love how they did a parody of They Live
m o r g a n
m o r g a n - 2 months ago
I temporarily forgot this song existed and I’m so glad I’ve just remembered it
B L - 2 months ago
I wonder if the "pres to lie " part of the video would still be in the video if Obama or anyone else was pres? They all lie
Sticksel Pixel gaming
Sticksel Pixel gaming - 16 days ago
This song was made specifically to be about trump. So the song wouldnt exist if obama was president still.
camilla di gravina
camilla di gravina - 2 months ago
this video is absolutely amazing
RandoMeter Last Name
RandoMeter Last Name - 2 months ago
Some random dude: How old is Billie?

Billie Joel Armstrong: No.
forzahellrizing - Month ago
RandoMeter Last Name it’s Billie Joe Armstrong get it right
Fuck off
Fuck off - Month ago
*Joel?* who the hell is Billie *Joel* Armstrong?
GUN-BEY Channel
GUN-BEY Channel - 2 months ago
classic green day sound! awesome!
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