AMAZING HAIR TRICKS that actually work !

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Quinn Ober
Quinn Ober - Hour ago
Azzy she was wearing a wig because she didn’t want her hair dyed she didn’t want there hair that color
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8:32 you look like Jen from popularMMOS
s jaffri
s jaffri - 6 hours ago
How are you so sure that it's a wig???
DUA FATIMA - 17 hours ago
You loo k good with purple hair
Jordan Wright
Jordan Wright - 17 hours ago
the one with the lint and stuff you could have got a lint roller
MrsGag - 18 hours ago
is this a show for kides
SS - 07CL - Camilla Road Sr PS (1353)
Azzy do you live in Toronto Canada?
Thomas Hammer
Thomas Hammer - Day ago
Try it and see how it works
Camila Josine
Camila Josine - Day ago
I have a hack: if your hair gets into a MASSIVE knot, if you can’t undo it, cut it to a bob (or more) and start again! (I am doing this right now lol)
Camila Josine
Camila Josine - Day ago
Every hair hack reaction vid has the same thumbnail lol
Nevaeh Mcbeth
Nevaeh Mcbeth - Day ago
shaunasia brown
shaunasia brown - Day ago
I mean it looks good for Halloween but in real life when it’s not Halloween it looks disgusting a little bit
Santana Ann
Santana Ann - Day ago
Awhile stands for 60 minutes
Atallah - 2 days ago
I tried the paper hair dye
Bhreesha's Life
Bhreesha's Life - 2 days ago
azzy your amazing
Glenda Parker
Glenda Parker - 2 days ago
Azzy I will come over to brade you here don't worry
June F
June F - 2 days ago
Hey azzy, you have beautiful bomb hair in every video!
Autumn Flanagan
Autumn Flanagan - 2 days ago
Normally i scroll through the comments and when I hear something cool I scroll up leave a like if do that
Sophia's Imagination
Sophia's Imagination - 2 days ago
I tried the one with the paper but it didn’t work.
Caroline McCraven
Caroline McCraven - 3 days ago
I hate adds
Allison Corona
Allison Corona - 3 days ago
I honestly really like your hair . That’s the type of hair I want. My hair is so straight and it gets tangeled after 5 seconds of brushing my hair for like a minute. Azzy you have nice hair. Who’s watching this in 2020?
Cute But Evil
Cute But Evil - 4 days ago
I've always cut my hair out of my brush, thought it was just common sense.
Zia Witten
Zia Witten - 4 days ago
This ribbon won wercs🤩👍
Shanmugham Ponnaih
Shanmugham Ponnaih - 4 days ago
Shreeya The cringe master
I don't really have anything to say

pls like the comment :) Have a great day.
Isabella Martinez
Isabella Martinez - 5 days ago
the bob worked
Lisa Drymon
Lisa Drymon - 5 days ago
These don't work at all
Stephanie Moore
Stephanie Moore - 5 days ago
Just use hair dye
Cam Meyer
Cam Meyer - 5 days ago
how do you even accidentally draw in your hair with a marker...?
Becky Sullivan
Becky Sullivan - 5 days ago
I do not trust those hacks
Dally Miller
Dally Miller - 5 days ago
My hair does curl for like an hour.👿
Ann Egan
Ann Egan - 6 days ago
How do u tell the difference between real hair and a wig
C Fadale
C Fadale - 6 days ago
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Olivia Cabrera
Olivia Cabrera - 6 days ago
Who else looked at the thumbnail and was kinda weirded out?
April Mellor-Bessant Holtby
The paper one actually works because I do it all the time and it doesn't damage my hair.
alfinr2011 - 7 days ago
Troom troom
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood - 7 days ago
Ok that thumbnail killed me tho
Cookie Gamez
Cookie Gamez - 7 days ago
How are we supposed to use the marker one if the girl that showed us it is wearing a wig
Gabriela Buckley
Gabriela Buckley - 7 days ago
the girl with the wig had yellow teeth
Eliana Latorre
Eliana Latorre - 7 days ago
Nicole Lasek
Nicole Lasek - 8 days ago
The paper one works because its a special paper she just did it wrong 🙃
Doug Wade
Doug Wade - 8 days ago
My daughter Harper made her own salon
Davis Ridde
Davis Ridde - 8 days ago
your hair always looks good azzy!
Her Inspiiiration
Her Inspiiiration - 8 days ago
Hi Azzy
Lucy Feuerhelm
Lucy Feuerhelm - 8 days ago
wow azzy, you rock that hair style!!!!
Zizo Tuba
Zizo Tuba - 8 days ago
abdullah Hussain
abdullah Hussain - 9 days ago
Glomo - 9 days ago
hair dry
• Iced Chocolate •
• Iced Chocolate • - 9 days ago
When i saw the first one i was like ”MACKENZIE MARIE”
Osama Hijazi
Osama Hijazi - 9 days ago
My hair is curly and i wish its not curly
Ellie winson
Ellie winson - 9 days ago
I'm 8 and actually write down things I think will be good like how to make homemade ice cream
Rose - 10 days ago
Who is randomly watching this in 2020!?!
Dipti Jaiswal
Dipti Jaiswal - 10 days ago
Azzy can you pls try to recreat these
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You hair has been dyed, your hair died
Mj D
Mj D - 11 days ago
How U know that she wearing a wig. The actress might just have short hair or maybe they have dyed it.
Lily Zekry
Lily Zekry - 11 days ago
The hot water and the tissue paper actually works I tried it on my sister’s doll
Myra Yasir
Myra Yasir - 11 days ago
The paper dies bcause uve tried it
lil liar
lil liar - 11 days ago
*reads title*
*looks at thumbnail*
evie tha cat
evie tha cat - 11 days ago
Anupa Angad
Anupa Angad - 12 days ago
It’s troom troom not five minute crafts
Serenity woo
Serenity woo - 12 days ago
My mom takes the hair straightener and wraps my hair around the straitener and then my hair turns curly
L. E. X. I.
L. E. X. I. - 13 days ago
I tried the hair paper die and it don’t work
Lynn Williamson
Lynn Williamson - 13 days ago
I don’t think I ever died my hair
Samantha Bailey
Samantha Bailey - 14 days ago
I’ve tryed one of theses life hacks and it works
Silena Lynch
Silena Lynch - 14 days ago
I have done the crepe paper one and i know it works i used the blue
Litteredpanda kin145
Litteredpanda kin145 - 14 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks troom trooms voice sounds like barbie phone 😂
Jeremiah The Coolest
Jeremiah The Coolest - 15 days ago
Random person scrolling down the comments. Have a wonderful day
Laila Ahmed
Laila Ahmed - 15 days ago
i will teach you how to braid
Olivia Bishop
Olivia Bishop - 15 days ago
I literally tried half of these hacks and let me tell you.....😐👎🏼🙁😂
Suzanne Joinson
Suzanne Joinson - 16 days ago
Why would you do that 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐
Jessa Rosecrans
Jessa Rosecrans - 16 days ago
me when my hair is that way ''really"
Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal - 17 days ago
The scissors on the brush actually works. I've done that for years.
Lily Karges
Lily Karges - 17 days ago
I lov you azzy
negela tijmstra
negela tijmstra - 17 days ago
Azzy:i cant say dat it rely works me:under the video it says life hacks dat realy work!
Koki Moony
Koki Moony - 17 days ago
Azzy your hair is nice enyway
You don't need to do all of this
Anitra Keith
Anitra Keith - 17 days ago
That guy is all 😂😂😂😂😂embrace e in real life I know it I have felt it befor
Anitra Keith
Anitra Keith - 17 days ago
I'm aleesa her dagthter
Anitra Keith
Anitra Keith - 17 days ago
I woul d rather die then Rick destroying meh hair😎😎😎😎😎😎
kaylee poophead
kaylee poophead - 18 days ago
Omg I tried the one where u dip your hair in the bowl and I took a shower and it WAS ALL GONE
Image Street
Image Street - 18 days ago
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