Every NBA Team's Best Ankle-Breaker Since 2000!

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Cherry Gomez
Cherry Gomez - 3 days ago
Nice one
TheGamerPØØP - 3 days ago
4:03 The double stepback after the ankle breaker😂😂🤫
Achilles Hinton
Achilles Hinton - 12 hours ago
That wasn't a double stepback
THE GREAT EZ - 5 days ago
Jr.smith shooting form so lit 👌👌
Santiago beast
Santiago beast - 6 days ago
2:39 that shit looks like a carry
Creed Gaming
Creed Gaming - 7 days ago
Jospeh Jophep
Jospeh Jophep - 9 days ago
Thumbnail it shows lebron wearing Jordan’s
R & R
R & R - 12 days ago
4:04 travel
Richard Tinglin
Richard Tinglin - 14 days ago
Koby lost his balance
Jason DiConti
Jason DiConti - 15 days ago
Lance stepped on Jeff greens foot
KC Blackwell
KC Blackwell - 16 days ago
Almosawi OG
Almosawi OG - 17 days ago
Steph You is garbagggge for DAT 5:58
ツSki Mɑsk
ツSki Mɑsk - 18 days ago
4:11 come on man the refs had to see that
2KMC - 19 days ago
Lance stepped on Ed’s foot. It was a missed call, not a ankle breaker.
Redemption Games
Redemption Games - 20 days ago
Give that guy a map. Where are you going? Ha ha - Chris Smoove
Tee Jay
Tee Jay - 20 days ago
5:09 when the guy says "GODDAMN" 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos - 21 day ago
James Harden has a few Crossovers that are better
Nicholai Duncan
Nicholai Duncan - 21 day ago
Kyrie kyrie kyrie
Nikia Freeman
Nikia Freeman - 22 days ago
Hi u know the cover curse in nba 2k history. Anthony Davis is the cover for the nba 2k20 game so he is gonna get injured
Kelly oubre
Kelly oubre - 23 days ago
The nigga stepped on Kobe’s shoe what the fuck
aamirahh -
aamirahh - - 23 days ago
Kyrie for Celtics and caverliers?! Will he get another for nets?
Builder man Roblox
Builder man Roblox - 23 days ago
2:02 I’m falling and I can’t get up.
ESKELLETO - 23 days ago
Kyrie has best handles ever in the league no cap. Nigga had the best ankle breaker on both teams
Premium Gamertag
Premium Gamertag - 25 days ago
How do you break something like this to your parents?
BeastMode22 - 26 days ago
The James Harden ankle breaker to Jamal Murray i think was better.
Dilraj Kaur
Dilraj Kaur - 26 days ago
L can give fie xldt48556 dox
collin alvarado
collin alvarado - 26 days ago
Your voice could be a little more casual I think it would give more to your videos
NTM JD - 27 days ago
The Brooklyn nets won wasn’t a ankle breaker Paul pierce tried stealing it and tripped
BoyBrazyyy - 28 days ago
J.R Smith ankle breaker in Cleveland 🤔
Osto Kyoto
Osto Kyoto - 27 days ago
should have been there. but this mf loves kyrie :P
Brocolli Macarole
Brocolli Macarole - 28 days ago
you know Kyrie got the best handles when he’s made it on both of the teams he played for
38 Clipzz
38 Clipzz - 27 days ago
Lance too
Jeff Wong
Jeff Wong - 28 days ago
the God of crossover: Allen Iverson.
Gi0 Batt
Gi0 Batt - 29 days ago
I knew it would be Kyrie for Celtics and cavs before I even clicked on the vid
Salem Kony
Salem Kony - 29 days ago
MOVIE ANIMATION - 29 days ago
Kawhi Lenard is the best ankle breaker move absolutely shout out idol
Kenobi - 29 days ago
He push kobe 8:34
Karthik - Month ago
Kagami and Akashi... Double ankle breaker!!!
Livxrmorium - Month ago
I don't even started to watch it, but i bet that in 76ers will be Iverson
Throttle Addiction
Throttle Addiction - Month ago
Make this blue if u miss Kobe Bryant
CliPerry Platypus
CliPerry Platypus - Month ago
3:08 3 stepback?
Jose Pulido Ramirez
Jose Pulido Ramirez - Month ago
Kyrie appeared twice. #uncledrew
Pure SW
Pure SW - Month ago
Do this next year and Kyrie will be three of them
Mattia Lombardo
Mattia Lombardo - Month ago
Joe johnson crossover over Paul Pierce is the most underrated crossover ever
Patrick Graham
Patrick Graham - Month ago
I am speed
Ivan Castañeda
Ivan Castañeda - Month ago
Kawhi almost dropped 3 players on his😂
JOSE MORALES - Month ago
suck me
Darren2752 - Month ago
4:14 Tony Parker tripped over Lance Stephenson’s foot
aidangramp - Month ago
Darren2752 lance stepped on the dudes foot in the thumbnail too
Victor Titian
Victor Titian - Month ago
SC is my favorite
Haryo Radityo
Haryo Radityo - Month ago
where is KD clip?...he broke his angkle by himself
Pennywise The Dancing Clown
Hahahah I know that
Greatest Highlights
Greatest Highlights - Month ago
Orlando should be Mcgrady on Kooooobe
Jack The man
Jack The man - Month ago
7:56 that when a lvl 100 see a lvl 10 and destroyed him

Just a joke
Timothy Chan
Timothy Chan - Month ago
4:25 weird Parker tripped on Lance's foot, remember when Lance stepped on Jeff Green? yeah it looked real but if you look close he did
Sammy Silver
Sammy Silver - Month ago
I thought this was best crosses from every team but clearly not
stephon morris
stephon morris - Month ago
Paul Pierce was so concerned about having a better career than D Wade, he forgot when he used to get torched by Iso Joe 🤣😭
Chris K
Chris K - Month ago
Harden push off no cross over lol
All Ya Gay
All Ya Gay - Month ago
Kobe 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Noob Noob
Noob Noob - Month ago
I didn’t know tripping over a shoe was a crossover
Jahbari Jones
Jahbari Jones - Month ago
Bulls ankle breaker shoulda been Rose spinning Tyreke Evans into the ground
Mama Pavle
Mama Pavle - Month ago
For the Warriors it should have been Curry’s double behind the back crossover over Chris Paul
Arnold Rothstein
Arnold Rothstein - Month ago
fake kobe got broke
Golden Owl
Golden Owl - Month ago
other broke 1 ankle but kawhi did 2 because he is number 2
Khayhan Jim Dacles
Khayhan Jim Dacles - Month ago
Paul Pierce gone fishing
D. Weast
D. Weast - Month ago
9:20 Legends say they fell because Kawhi laughed
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