Every NBA Team's Best Ankle-Breaker Since 2000!

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June T.
June T. - Day ago
4:27 this the best one hands down bruh .
Sip my nigga kyrie he’ll always be 2 from Jamal
Hugh Flucas
Hugh Flucas - 2 days ago
They going to ignore the fact he got blocked 1:55
w00d! - 2 days ago
I like how in the normal broadcast view the moves look nothing special. But when the camera goes to the view below the basket, you see just how fucking fast they really are.
SpiderPig - 2 days ago
4:53 gaddamn!!!! 😂😂
Yansen Christian
Yansen Christian - 2 days ago
the more i watch that harden step, the more i get pissed
Tony Avant
Tony Avant - 3 days ago
Harden with a sensational push great shot though
BassAwesome9211 - 3 days ago
Charlotte ain't so sad after all.
Tim Wilster
Tim Wilster - 3 days ago
Ginobli really. Don't think so,,,
PoloNYC - 3 days ago
The Joe Johnson one when he was in ATL should have been the nasty shit he did to Stephen Jackson
lord havmercy
lord havmercy - 3 days ago
Kobe got served
carbuncle1977 - 3 days ago
3:43 i think harden travelled
alex symmes
alex symmes - 4 days ago
3:24 The bench’s faces say it all
Boris Official
Boris Official - 5 days ago
I laughed so hard😂😂😂💀
DeShawn Gilmete
DeShawn Gilmete - 5 days ago
I wanna see cross over from 1990's games lol
mark yukiteru
mark yukiteru - 5 days ago
Nice Vids 👍
Agil - 6 days ago
Vanishing Drive 1:57
Adam Cho
Adam Cho - 6 days ago
Damn Tony Parker got some weak ass ankles
Jaye Guerrero
Jaye Guerrero - 6 days ago
Atlanta and Brooklyn with the same players
Mattgo90 - 7 days ago
If this video didn't have Kyrie Irving for the Cavs I'm not sure what I would do.
ryan buonopane
ryan buonopane - 7 days ago
I luv these types of vids, u gotta do more
dj damion
dj damion - 7 days ago
James Harden took 20 steps back😅😂 Who saw that shit. Traveling ass🤣
Reggie Lee
Reggie Lee - 8 days ago
4:53 someone on the bench or in the crowd lets out a “G** D***”
YouTube Curates Content, algorithm is a lie
Charlotte's floor pattern would make anyone fall. Look down at that and you'll get dizzy and lose your sense of direction.
Nidheesh Lb
Nidheesh Lb - 9 days ago
GSW's greatest ankle breaker is by zaza in 2017 playoffs on Kawhi.
Weildabeast - 10 days ago
Currys ankle breaker against Chris Paul should have been there instead of iguodala's
Mace 2GO RC
Mace 2GO RC - 10 days ago
dunks are cool....buuuuutttttt!
Invincible Young Empire
Invincible Young Empire - 10 days ago
Even the greats get crossed over and get their ankles broken.
FrequencyOo - 10 days ago
Disliked due to stupid pointless intro wtf is the title purpose then
Susan Thuwaini
Susan Thuwaini - 11 days ago
you should be verified
ItzMeechieplayz - 11 days ago
5:50 when someone breaks curry
MVP 24
MVP 24 - 12 days ago
I want an exciting game
Coolcub_ Playz
Coolcub_ Playz - 12 days ago
R.i.p olidipo
Avalon XX
Avalon XX - 12 days ago
It should be a rule in the NBA after getting shook like that to go get a new pair of shoes.
Bouchey Jaboe
Bouchey Jaboe - 12 days ago
Buddy stepped on KOBE foot 🦶
👹 1K4R1 5H1RUD0👹
👹 1K4R1 5H1RUD0👹 - 12 days ago
3:40 there goes that New Haircut Crossover RDC World done being exhibited in the NBA. Even stared Wes down like he whispering “watch out”
Brendibus - 12 days ago
harden pushed him
Raul Figueroa
Raul Figueroa - 13 days ago
ISHMAEL CONTEH - 13 days ago
Leandro Coutinho
Leandro Coutinho - 13 days ago
7:55 "I think he broke his ankles and his hamstring."
datoneman26 - 14 days ago
I'm very disappointed in the miami heat one the best cross over is wade but on snow
2FaceBigDreads - 15 days ago
2FaceBigDreads - 15 days ago
Surrender to gravity 😂😂😂😂
OT Santos.
OT Santos. - 16 days ago
That white man killed Kobe Bryant
Mark Kamau
Mark Kamau - 16 days ago
名匿 - 17 days ago
KashiSoul - 17 days ago
this is stupid the video says ankle breakers since 2000
where the fuck are the early to mid 2000 clips
you've only show ones from the 2010's
FullandStarving Photography
3:40 this is historical... never get out from my mind 🤨
Raheem Williams
Raheem Williams - 17 days ago
Now now tip no it Be @gwallasmash @gwallasmash and with Standing ovation uh Raheem Williams Walk them their distance took And with a whew stupid
J Stewart
J Stewart - 17 days ago
Damn Joe Johnson breaking the Celtics twice
Sean Price
Sean Price - 19 days ago
Bruh Iggy's crossover was the Warrior's best ankle breaker? Come on
Austin McDonald
Austin McDonald - 19 days ago
2:25 is bs cause Lukas crossover on Pg is waaay better than that weak sauce shit by parsons
Donnell Bennerman
Donnell Bennerman - 21 day ago
#1 ankle breaker goes to.......JAMES HARDEN on Wesley Johnson!!
stylin60es - 21 day ago
Homie in dark khakis in the stands missed this in real time
The King
The King - 22 days ago
5:52 they hit Currz with knee that isnt ankle break
James Martin
James Martin - 22 days ago
He's right. Ankle-breakers should count as 1 point if the guy hits the floor or falls back more than 10'.
Vincent Nothstine
Vincent Nothstine - 23 days ago
7:50, "I tHiNk He BrOkE hIs AnKleS aNd hIS hAMsTrInGs"
swalker0731 - 24 days ago
How disrespectful! No Steph Curry smh
D.D.T. - 24 days ago
6:59 he fell like a sheep with a boncing ball coming at them😂🤣
reyanna roche
reyanna roche - 24 days ago
At 3:56 to 3:59 harden obviously travels (thats sad even in his best clips he still travels)
Tigerex966 - 24 days ago
Harden pushoff
erty moss
erty moss - 25 days ago
iversons was the best
geno816 - 26 days ago
At 8:00... how in the H*ll do you get your elbows crossed to the floor. Looked like a baby zebra.
Meme Boi
Meme Boi - 27 days ago
You just showed me curry and kobe being ankle breaked.......
alphie rocious
alphie rocious - Month ago
Who was that guy making kobe drop?
Troy Jones
Troy Jones - Month ago
Curry crossing CP3 over IGGY THO! Lol
Troy Jones
Troy Jones - Month ago
For ISO JOE to be on here twice with TWO different organizations ! Joe Johnson was different lol I loved watching him!
Sleeper_3.0 - Month ago
I thought crossovers only count when you make the bucket 🙃
Tarrence Conyers
Tarrence Conyers - Month ago
A.i made Daniels sit down twice
Caleb - Month ago
That nets player did the flight's move
nimSquare - Month ago
No one:
No one ever:

NBA commentator: "There are a couple fractured fibulas down on the floor"
perfect shots
perfect shots - Month ago
Love Allen iverson
Jerome Med
Jerome Med - Month ago
Max Espinosa
Max Espinosa - Month ago
I didn’t see Paul George at the olympics. Or Kevin ware.
Santiago Loaiza
Santiago Loaiza - Month ago
I enjoy these more than dunks
Alan Ruan
Alan Ruan - Month ago
7.55 I think he broke his ankles and his hamstring 😂. What’s next hamstringers? Lmao
xxwhatevahxx - Month ago
Lebron Cavs/Heat/Lakers had best ankle breakers... Watch for example Lebron vs Batum & Ariza... he sent them tumbling 30 feet...
West Royal
West Royal - Month ago
That step back crossovers are always dangerous. That how i learn to ankle break people. When i play street ball with random people or friends. I good at it but not pro level yet. Sometimes it work.
Gzly God
Gzly God - Month ago
2:55 look at the pacers bench reaction 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Fav - Month ago
2:35 bone collected
Andres Pascal
Andres Pascal - Month ago
Where is Stephen? against Chris Paul, Lebron, Kawai, etc...
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