Historic Apollo 11 Moonwalk Footage

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Richard Cranium
Richard Cranium - Hour ago
Ah the great death valley desert landing.
Christiana Ella
Christiana Ella - 2 hours ago
Cause in 1969 Astronots were SEE THRU!!
Rico Suave
Rico Suave - 3 hours ago
7:00 looks like the facial structure of E.T. movie character
UN-common Sense AUS
UN-common Sense AUS - 3 hours ago
Donna Ciorra
Donna Ciorra - 9 hours ago
J Wolf
J Wolf - 16 hours ago
pics or it didn't happen
G Guidarelli
G Guidarelli - Day ago
Wouldn't there be a blast crater under the lunar lander from the landing impact?

Also surprising that this is the 1st time on an alien world- and this is the only angle the astronauts aim the camera?

Maybe someday we'll be able to get to the moon... again i mean...
Jean Blanco
Jean Blanco - 2 days ago
Sputnik 1 (/ˈspʊtnɪk/ or /ˈspʌtnɪk/; "Satellite-1", or "PS-1", Простейший Спутник-1 or Prosteyshiy Sputnik-1, "Elementary Satellite 1")[6] was the first artificial Earth satellite.[7] The Soviet Union launched it into an elliptical low Earth orbit on 4 October 1957,
shaun ozzyoz
shaun ozzyoz - 2 days ago
funny how they say even with todays technology they cant send a man to moon . the computer that was used was 1000 th processing power of a mobile phone
Joe Playing Outdoors
Can you provide documentation for this statement? Did you know your mobile phone would fry under the same conditions?
shaun ozzyoz
shaun ozzyoz - 2 days ago
what did they use 230000 meters of cable what a load of horseshit . people need to watch bart sibrel and the videotape nasa acidendly sent him showing them putting transfers up in the round windows.
Joe Playing Outdoors
I did watch, time I won't get back. I'll bet you have trouble wrapping your comprehensive ability around a Tootsie Pop.
shad0wb0xer 73
shad0wb0xer 73 - 2 days ago
Neil Armstrong's name abbreviates to Neil A. Spell it backwards and you get alien. Coincidence? I think not 😅
Harde Tider
Harde Tider - 2 days ago
Such a short trip, completed with 50 year old technology. im amazed, NASA is my hero!

do it again.
PLUGSBY - 2 days ago
You know what's interesting about this video? Video Images of the earth show no atmospheric movement at all.
Joe Playing Outdoors
Joe Playing Outdoors - 16 hours ago
@PLUGSBY That is all you got?
PLUGSBY - Day ago
@Joe Playing Outdoors I surely would because wrapping your mouth around tootsie pops is your field of expertise.
Joe Playing Outdoors
I'll bet you have trouble wrapping your comprehensive ability around a Tootsie Pop.
Jeremy W
Jeremy W - 2 days ago
The Earth Landings were filmed in a studio on the Moon by lunatics.
Coleman Adamson
Coleman Adamson - 3 days ago
All lies. The only "moon walking" was done by a non-astronaut......Michael Jackson.
Swapmeet sheriff Don Knott expert
Lol! Yup! Bunch of bull!
DurdyClaude - 3 days ago
Shouldn't that read..." Historic Faked Appolo 11 Footage"............
Thomas Pickering
Thomas Pickering - 3 days ago
The more you learn the more you realize just how utterly braindead those folks are that think we ever actually did this.
NASA Profile photo
NASA Profile photo - 4 days ago
That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind
Anthony Crane
Anthony Crane - 4 days ago
ONE SMALL STEP FOR MAN;> ONE GIANT CONTRIBUTION TO THE IDIOCY OF HUMANITY;> Are the Right WORDS;> If you Claimed Geniuses and Experts are really Intelligent;> STOP Burning Holes at your Atmosphere with your Racket Engines to bring your Garbage and Germs to Space and other Planets;> Use the Time and Money you are wasting to Clean up your Environment;> Helping the Poor and Unfortunate Humans and in Helping to Solve the IDIOCY PROBLEM OF HUMANITY FIRST;> You Genius Experts IDIOTS and a 1/2's!!!
Gary Biggs
Gary Biggs - 4 days ago
Best SciFi movie I've ever seen!
Stewart Pihema
Stewart Pihema - 4 days ago
Also has anyone noticed theres no fukn stars in the background ??????!!!!!, it's suppose to be space isn't it????!!!!!! Well it's not!!!!!! Sorry America your government lied to yous yet again!!!!! An still to this day!!!!!! Stand up for people. Americans!!!!!!!
Sajoir - 4 days ago
What’s with the astronaut shadows and the ship s they don’t
Seem to align just asking maybe something I don’t knw
Mayo Villanueva
Mayo Villanueva - 5 days ago
What I don't understand is that ...why isn't there a new video of the moon? .. with all the hi-tech available...what are they hiding?????
Joe Playing Outdoors
Joe Playing Outdoors - 16 hours ago
@Mayo Villanueva Seek and you shall find . . .
Mayo Villanueva
Mayo Villanueva - Day ago
Where is the recent video??????
Joe Playing Outdoors
Seek and you shall find . . .
rockinaces - 5 days ago
and Nixon talked to them on a land line... c'mon peeps..use your brain
Willem Van Spronsen
Willem Van Spronsen - 5 days ago
I want to become an astronaut when I am older. NASA, can you help me accomplish my dream? I would love to go to the ISS.
Willem Van Spronsen
Willem Van Spronsen - 5 days ago
NASA I think you should concentrate on the ISS funds when you can
Willem Van Spronsen
Willem Van Spronsen - 5 days ago
Please reply, it would make my life way happier if I could touch the sky
uncle G
uncle G - 5 days ago
why there are no stars
Joe Playing Outdoors
Seek and you shall find . . .
jake callahan
jake callahan - 5 days ago
Where'd you guys find this? I thought you said that the footage reels had been lost? Or you kept the highlights and lost the rest?
DMTrip Report
DMTrip Report - 8 hours ago
Shhhh, no truth allowed here
Dani Dani
Dani Dani - 5 days ago
Ma proprio una truffa🤣🤣🤣
Sheba Cat
Sheba Cat - 6 days ago
I highly doubt this is the moon ask the aliens that visit earth 😂
Truth Seeker 777
Truth Seeker 777 - 6 days ago
Trump is a Russian operative. Wake up already, all the proof is in front of us all to see.
automatan - 6 days ago
I remember President Nixon (alias, Tricky Dicky) talking to Neal from his presidential red rotary phone. Anyone else remember watching that in the news?
automatan - 6 days ago
I always wondered how they loaded that moon lander on the rocket.
Daven Williamson
Daven Williamson - 6 days ago
How much Faker can you get? Made in Hollywood. What a joke.
Ryan Trevett
Ryan Trevett - Day ago
_"Hours of video footage that was shot in a studio and not on the moon?"_ Prove it.
Daven Williamson
Daven Williamson - Day ago
@Ryan Trevett what's that mean? Hours of video footage that was shot in a studio and not on the moon? What video footage are you talking about? Are you saying that that footage was real footage shot on the surface of the Moon? Oh and the telephone call from Nixon from a landline actually made it to a Moon? I'm going to go ahead and opt out of this conversation. Have a good one.
Ryan Trevett
Ryan Trevett - Day ago
Let's start with the hours of video footage.
Daven Williamson
Daven Williamson - Day ago
@Ryan Trevett evidence of what you funny guy?
Galland 34
Galland 34 - 6 days ago
Did they ever land on the moon ? At the time I watched it on the telly and was satisfied then but now I am not so sure . How did they get through the radiation belt which they haven't done to this day ? The Orion programme which is now on progress for the future, the engineers for this programme have still not achieved this .Why did they get into bed with Walt Disney and why did they have large models where they were supposed to land. Only a few months before the supposed landing they couldn't even get their inter space craft and Earth to communicate , why were so few people in the command station in the know, but hundreds seem to be in the command studio at Huston ? Plus a thousand other questions others have spoken about ? There is something wrong about all this.
Ryan Trevett
Ryan Trevett - 6 days ago
They went through the weakest part of the belt as quickly as possible. The Orion craft, designed for interplanetary travel won't have the option of moving through the weakest part of the belt.
paul lauzon
paul lauzon - 7 days ago
nasa the great deciever
Joe Playing Outdoors
paul lauzon - the great . . . oops, my bad, nothing great about being an idiot. I'll bet you have trouble wrapping your comprehensive ability around a Tootsie Pop.
strange love
strange love - 7 days ago
and orson welles was great on radiobroadcastings ...
Didac Falgàs Auger
Didac Falgàs Auger - 8 days ago
Martha Mitchell
Martha Mitchell - 8 days ago
Martha Mitchell
Martha Mitchell - 8 days ago
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Joe Playing Outdoors
Martha - You okay? Your fingers seem to be stuck on the key board . . . ;>)
SIKE01 - 8 days ago
the greatest science fiction story ever told.
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