Woman Comes Face To Face With Husband’s Teen Mistress

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Acacia Harding
Acacia Harding - 49 minutes ago
how is the one who got married a fling? they have kids, they're married, and you are an 18 year old, I know i have no room to talk as a 13 year old, but, fr, you are a fling
Lilly Preece
Lilly Preece - Hour ago
She shouldn’t go off at the teen she isn’t at fault it’s the husband that’s cheating not the girl
xxW0lfyxx - 2 hours ago
oh this girl is naive that man is just using her and its disgusting cause shes under age 🤢
Frankieee P.
Frankieee P. - 2 hours ago
16 years older than her? Damn .... definitely thought it was more like 26 years older.
Lord of cringe
Lord of cringe - 4 hours ago
God that “mistress” is so annoying, literally a child arguing with a married woman
Leopard Luna
Leopard Luna - 6 hours ago
“Your a fling”
Says the one who married-
Stop right there, if they got married that ain’t a fling sis don’t even know the DEFINITION
Leopard Luna
Leopard Luna - 6 hours ago
He looks like 58 😭 I-
Okay I get if a 17 year old dates a 23 year old but...
AHHH my eyes! I just saw the picture of them kissing I-
Black Dog Jordan
Black Dog Jordan - 8 hours ago
Look at all the idiots in the comments thinking this is real lol it’s all staged and they are all paid actors
Daniela Pinto
Daniela Pinto - 9 hours ago
Okay, but can we hold HIM accountable for what he's doing? He's a predator and a cheater... I understand the girl is 18 and technically an adult, but she might not fully understand what she's doing wrong. HE, on the other hand, knows perfectly well what he's doing wrong and no one's even blaming him??? Wtf.
Your Average Stalker
Your Average Stalker - 10 hours ago
Ew what a disgusting husband, and that 17 yo girl needs to stfu, she doesnt even make sense.
Eline van Loosbroek
Eline van Loosbroek - 10 hours ago
Why is she being so angry to the 18 yo? She was a minor when all this started, she shouldn't have as much blame as she has right now.
I Trust U But
I Trust U But - 17 hours ago
Lies will ruin a relationship no matter how big or small lie is, let alone cheating.
Kimberly Turner
Kimberly Turner - 17 hours ago
Brittney looks like his wife.
Virgo Vixen
Virgo Vixen - 18 hours ago
Lady let your man go 🤢 why would you want to keep a man like that
Mr. Common sense
Mr. Common sense - 20 hours ago
WeltonvilleGal - 20 hours ago
Put em out on the curb!
Jamie C
Jamie C - 23 hours ago
I'm sorry... Did she say he had a man cave hidden room that was opened by moving a book on the bookshelf? Uhmmm... Wot?
X.x_Boi_x.X T_T
X.x_Boi_x.X T_T - Day ago
Tell me why Brooklyn looks like her daughter
ash sparkle
ash sparkle - Day ago
They look exactly the same
N•Y •O
N•Y •O - Day ago
Anyone else binge watch these because of quarantine?
Charlotte Stockman
Charlotte Stockman - Day ago
I know a bunch of people are probably wondering why the wife is mad at the mistress and not so much the husband, and I think part of the reason is that he's not here so the wife is taking out her anger at the mistress which I can understand. The mistress has this really disgusting attitude and it makes even me mad. And I can understand the wife being mad at the mistress because it's obvious she knows and is being very disrespectful towards the wife.
OkayItsNya - Day ago
always blame the other woman like the other woman’s owes anything to that relationship
Kayla Bounds
Kayla Bounds - 7 hours ago
If she knows the dude is married yes she should stay away, but they should be more mad at the man for he decided to do this.
OkayItsNya - Day ago
let me tell y’all 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin - Day ago
This is a new spin on “my wife’s boyfriend”
Amberly May
Amberly May - Day ago
There’s not a big enough security guard
or enough security guards to keep me from flying across that floor and slapping the taste out of the lil home wreckers mouth. It would be different if she was sorry but she loves that she has that power over her. Stupid little girl.
Rem Mo
Rem Mo - Day ago
*There isn't enough security guards to keep me from beating the predator husband who prays on minors.
Maurice - Day ago
Everyone talking about she's 18 and grown but no one caught on to him messing around with her at 17. That's disgusting. She should've left him the minute she found that out
xXSaturdayNightXx - Day ago
« I’m glad »
Vil Insisiengmay
Vil Insisiengmay - 2 days ago
sad part is that what he did to her he'll do to you and also if he is doing these thing to you why are you with him?
saqer1 - 2 days ago
Plot twist: Brooklyn is his daughter
John Ha
John Ha - 2 days ago
Wow! Why are Americans to 90% obese?! We're are not talking about fat..... really fat. So he left one for another fat one.....what is wrong with you?
Kory Toombs
Kory Toombs - 2 days ago
Let's all respect the fact this guy has a secret room that can be opened by moving a book on a shelf.
EenGamer - 2 days ago
What secret room got a window smh
Neeraj Nailwal
Neeraj Nailwal - 2 days ago
A video with just problems...no solution....
Thatonegoth - 2 days ago
uh. so no one called the cops? shes 17, and hes an adult, thats statutory rape. they both could go too jail.
Arianna Hamby
Arianna Hamby - 2 days ago
As a female around the age of this young lady I’m highly disappointed in how she acts regardless if she loves this man or not she should have more respect for herself and for the people around her especially
A Grill Has No Name
A Grill Has No Name - 2 days ago
Why does he only f*** fat Miss Piggies?
AllThingsTrishy - 3 days ago
This situation isn’t for Dr.Phil this is for Jerry Springer oof
elle - 3 days ago
She's a year younger than me, but looks 5 years older than me
Lavender Grace
Lavender Grace - 3 days ago
Mandy's right when she's that Brooklyn is just a fling. Brooklyn is still too young and naive to know that when that man gets tried of her he will just up and dump Brooklyn. I've seen it happen so I know what I'm talking about. Plus that man is a predator to going after a Brooklyn in the first place. Mandy and Brooklyn should both cut him out of their lives.
Dayana Bahena
Dayana Bahena - 3 days ago
It’s funny how this girl thinks this grown man “loves” her and he is welling to sacrifice his relationship with his kids and just leave his life behind for a 17 year old.
Duke E Chute
Duke E Chute - 3 days ago
A cow and the calf
Star Shadow
Star Shadow - 3 days ago
now listen here brooklyn i did not think people as stupid and shallow as you still existed i saw the comment section blaming the man or everything but what you guys have to understand is that when a woman sleeps with a man who is already married or dating someone you can either know or not know, brooklyn KNEW he had a wife and how long they had been married yet she still slept with him so its not just him its also mostly her fault if Brooklyn didn't know that he had a wife it woulnt be her fault it would be entirely his...woman only blame other woman if they knew about the man having a wife
Bev Lerato
Bev Lerato - 3 days ago
Damn this is deep 😩💔
Master Pieces
Master Pieces - 3 days ago
Gezuz the fact she still wants him. Is amazing. Ima get a desperate wife. Wish me luck 😬
candy collis
candy collis - 3 days ago
Whats the point of this video really? Lol wtf is she trying to gain by being on Dr phil? Bishhhh file for divorce! Problem solved
alex toll
alex toll - 3 days ago
I honestly feel really bad for his wife. She doesn't deserve that kinda BS. And the "mistress" is a joke lmao. She thinks that she is all that, but really, she is a stupid girl, who was tricked by some dumb middle aged man. Haha what a dumby
Ruben Red
Ruben Red - 3 days ago
Just cut his junk off
Piper // Belle Bunny
Piper // Belle Bunny - 3 days ago
I don’t care HOW this situation looks to her, he is taking advantage of a child who CANNOT CONSENT.
It should be common sense for the woman to side with the poor girl who is being manipulated into a horrifying situation, not the abuser who is a full grown man and should undoubtedly know better, nasty bastard.
I know she’s being all snarky and cocky but that is probably from her low self esteem and the husband building her up and saying, “You are so much better than my wife.” She probably believed that, not knowing he’s saying that do she will do things with him.
I’m not saying that is EXACTLY what happened but it is such a classic manipulation tactic in grooming situations.
occupanc - 3 days ago
Erica Cruz-Swanson
Erica Cruz-Swanson - 3 days ago
"you are a fling"
"says the one who got married"
huh? how dumb is this child??
Erica Cruz-Swanson
Erica Cruz-Swanson - 3 days ago
slap that brat
Sam Hill
Sam Hill - 4 days ago
Why he not in jail tho?
anna Theamazing
anna Theamazing - 4 days ago
Girl dump him get some therapy and move on
Anita Jarvis
Anita Jarvis - 4 days ago
tom foolery -Empowered young woman? She is a RUNAWAY with no where to live! I'm assuming no job, no money and dosent want to live at home where there may be people who discourage her from doing half the things she wants to do that her parents know will get her in trouble. A miss know it all will with all this going on is hardly an "empowered" woman . No home, job and no money. HELLO
rekozma - 4 days ago
Dude tried to pull the Bill Clinton " I have never had relations with that woman." Bro it didn't work for Bill and it sure doesn't look like it worked for you either. 🤣🤣
215FlowerPots - 4 days ago
Why do ppl stay???
Del La Hoya
Del La Hoya - 4 days ago
The 2 of them look alike. He should remind himself why he fell for his wife instead of going out and fetching for a doppelganger
Virja Desai
Virja Desai - 4 days ago
They both look similar lol
Ashley Lanteigne
Ashley Lanteigne - 4 days ago
This girl really be out here thinking she's some kind of badie 🤢
elle - 3 days ago
Having an affair with an old ugly married man is probably her peak and she thinks her life is a movie 🙄
Jay YouTube
Jay YouTube - 4 days ago
Wow... I am unable to gather the words 🤯
Mira Chag
Mira Chag - 4 days ago
Why is she getting all her anger on a girl 18 years younger than her? Pull those emotions out on your guilty husband first....or is it because it's definitely easier to bully a teen than a grown up man?
Math IsMySecretSauce
Math IsMySecretSauce - 4 days ago
That young lady will reap what she sows. Homewrecking little loser.
Trolly - 4 days ago
This is halerious
Sunshine Sunshine
Sunshine Sunshine - 4 days ago
But like...she can’t just blame her only. Her husband was the one who cheated not her. He probably cheated with many. If he cheated with one he can can cheat again
therockstar barber
therockstar barber - 4 days ago
The 17 litterly looks like a younger version of the wife lol
Much Love
Much Love - 4 days ago
Let him go ma’am he does not worth it. Why is she still fighting over that douche?
Axalate - 4 days ago
Is it me or do they look alike, the mistress and wife? I think the guy wanna re-expereince their younger days
yvette - 4 days ago
I’m disowning that 18 year old girl from my generation. She’s a dishonour to my generation and I don’t accept her. Even I don’t dare to talk to someone older than me like that
2 beans 1 cream
2 beans 1 cream - 4 days ago
I thought wife and mistress were twins
forshe - 4 days ago
"Brooklyn's boyfriend's wife" whoever wrote that is a savage
cool cat
cool cat - Day ago
ophelia k
ophelia k - 4 days ago
for all of you defending the girl: she KNEW CLEAR AND WELL HE WAS MARRIED. and she still chose to do that. i'm not saying that the husband's not in the wrong, but there are two roles to play here.
Tuesday - 4 days ago
The wife is 34?!?!?!?!?! Omg, she looks at least 40, at least! Sad
Maria K
Maria K - 4 days ago
Cecilia Erreguin
Cecilia Erreguin - 4 days ago
I don't blame the wife for getting angry at this kid because she opened her home to her and this is how she is repay by sleeping with her husband and she's not the only person she be mad at she needs to be mad at her husband
4DG Official
4DG Official - 4 days ago
I think it’s safe to say Eric has a type
xv6brandon - 4 days ago
Confused why this wife is staying with the dude lmao it's her own fault probably been cheating on her the whole marriage
Hazel Rose
Hazel Rose - 4 days ago
Why doesn't she divorce him oh my god he sucks clearly.
Hazel Rose
Hazel Rose - 4 days ago
Get mad at Eric- like why are you mad at the literal child
Midlife and Nailing It
Midlife and Nailing It - 4 days ago
khadejah - 4 days ago
His wife looks devastated. This is hard to watch.
Intentional Idea
Intentional Idea - 4 days ago
Lose some mass and leave the new proud couple to play together. 🤷🏼‍♂️
A. May
A. May - 5 days ago
Probably should just file because dr Phil ain't gonna fix this problem.
Karen Louise Davies
Karen Louise Davies - 5 days ago
Horrible cow, what goes around comes around
아이Moon - 5 days ago
Imagine being so immature that you would get with a married man 🤢🤢
Vivienne Bartlett
Vivienne Bartlett - 5 days ago
Why is the wife not angry with her husband ?????he is playing both
Vivienne Bartlett
Vivienne Bartlett - 5 days ago
Wife run 🏃‍♂️ take your anger of that girl and move on
Vivienne Bartlett
Vivienne Bartlett - 5 days ago
Wife walk away and leave them to fall apart
AGRILLEDCHEESE 69 - 5 days ago
They slick look similar.
Boglárka - 5 days ago
The fact that this womans husband lived behind a mf bookshelf and she not suspected that hes seeing other women is amusing.Girl,your marriage is trash,go find someone else.
Salma Benz
Salma Benz - 5 days ago
I just want to see his face to see what they fighting for mr Casanova
Hind hashem
Hind hashem - 5 days ago
They really look alike
Jaime Ketchum
Jaime Ketchum - 5 days ago
Isn't it illegal for adults to date minors? Why didn't they call the police on Dr Phil or sum for pedophilia
A once that blinked twice
And im really mad that this dude is using them shes only 18 and the other girl is just trying to save a marrige she put her heart into
A once that blinked twice
I would not have the patience to take them too dr.phil i would yeet them of this earth
tzuyu chou
tzuyu chou - 5 days ago
Ano to Raffy Tulfo american version?😂
m a r g i e l a s
m a r g i e l a s - 5 days ago
that 18 year old sounds like a baby, mahn i’m 15, and she reminds me of someone younger than me.
‘yEaH cOoL, i HOpE yOu dId’
‘sAyS tHe OnE’
literally what kids put on snapchat😭
Yew Tooberr
Yew Tooberr - 5 days ago
I see I'm not the first to notice that the girl looks like a teenage version of the wife.
r h
r h - 5 days ago
kind of messed up to frame the teenage girl as an equally aggressive party in this situation as the husband when she's obviously still developing mentally and is being groomed by this man to think shes special. Even if she is rude I feel bad for her and all the trauma she's going to have to unpack after realizing she was used by a fully mentally developed adult man. Of course I also feel bad for the wife and the trauma of being cheated on is immense but I feel like her anger is misdirected when shes talking about how her husband wants to "make things work again" instead of thinking "wow my husband is a creep and a predator and this girl needs help."
She even mention that this girl is ONLY 18 and thinks she "knows everything", so she's obviously aware 18 year olds are not on the same level developmental wise as someone her or her husband's age.
chill bd
chill bd - 5 days ago
They look like sisters.
diri du
diri du - 5 days ago
i really really feel like theyve already appeared in a series of a black judge woman. with the same concept
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