Woman Comes Face To Face With Husband’s Teen Mistress

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Lamefoot Ekul
Lamefoot Ekul - 19 minutes ago
These two look alot alike, dude has definitely got a type😘
mendel - 55 minutes ago
That look like sisters
Bri W
Bri W - Hour ago
The husband doesn’t deserve his wife but the little girl does
Ben Shapiro’s Great uncle
Imagine having a family and being well off and then cheating on your wife for a fat bratty teenager lmao
Liberty Larpenter
Liberty Larpenter - 2 hours ago
She’s blaming this child when she should be blaming that full grown man!
Thomas Weeks
Thomas Weeks - 3 hours ago
Ruining ?Your marriage is over lady sharpen up get rid of the low life.
Rohan Peacock
Rohan Peacock - 3 hours ago
Blonde woman about to pass out damn!!
los pepe
los pepe - 4 hours ago
They both are dumb getting played by the same guy
Joe Parks
Joe Parks - 4 hours ago
My husband’s affair is ruining our marriage. lol ya think!
Bryant Kelley
Bryant Kelley - 4 hours ago
Bloomberg is a racist.
salor xii
salor xii - 6 hours ago
that chick that was sleeping the the husband needs a slap to the face.. toxic people these days
Gise Hernandez
Gise Hernandez - 8 hours ago
Why be only mad at the young girl??? So her husband on a soap box looking down at the both of them , he has the best of both worlds
Saul Calderon
Saul Calderon - 10 hours ago
Just let him have her and move on.
neverending nightmares
neverending nightmares - 16 hours ago
Her fake red hair matches her shirt. Does she get dressed in the dark?
herman vander merwe
herman vander merwe - 16 hours ago
I don’t feel sorry for the woman. Leave him.
C-FU gaming
C-FU gaming - 16 hours ago
Damn lmao he literally made a bookshelf door thing like in the movie
puggles luv
puggles luv - 19 hours ago
Looks like a pig pen not a bedroom... Also if shes 17 isn't that a sexual predator
Karl Stead
Karl Stead - 21 hour ago
Her husband doesn't deserve her
OrganicShine - 21 hour ago
They need to make out already
destiny freeman
destiny freeman - 22 hours ago
She doesn't look 34
destiny freeman
destiny freeman - 22 hours ago
I thought room caves behind libary books was a fantasy thing, wow
Malik Roy
Malik Roy - 23 hours ago
Where is the rest of the show@?
Mickey Andres
Mickey Andres - 23 hours ago
Why not show the coward?
MA 808
MA 808 - 23 hours ago
Stuff like this makes me sick
ZT20 - Day ago
17?! if my 17 year old sister was with someone as old as that guy I would murder him
Aiden Demchynski
Aiden Demchynski - Day ago
Oh grow up women and stop your crying. No body cares anyways. Y’all cheat to, y’all don’t even take the ring off either. Oh I know all to well.
Let’s face it, if women had any quality today, could make 100K at regular days shift. Y’all can still operate a household. Should be able to keep a man content too. Men deserve more but will settle for that
SyndicateCI5 - Day ago
She’s treating the girl like a mother, this is so sad.
Chanbaek Exo
Chanbaek Exo - Day ago
the crowd was really savage all the time HAHAHAHA
Mega68 - Day ago
This show is still on...
Don't waste time watching steaming turds like this.
Colette - Day ago
This teen ager acts just like a teen.
chiya2006 - Day ago
One thing I don’t understand from married women, “ why would you choose to sleep in a different room if you don’t have something in mind “?. Men will put big question mark on this attitude and some mis-take it as having connections with other men in secret, taking a side having a sick kid is one and only valid reason. Whoever want to comment, know that I’m not justifying it at all. It’s all wrong to start with.
Cicely Williams
Cicely Williams - Day ago
One word: pedofile.
TheJayinator585 - Day ago
Anybody who cheats doesn’t deserve a relationship in any way shape or form.
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa - Day ago
Idont think I’ll marry because when I get old my husband we’ll just dump me they always like young womens
Sarah Lynch
Sarah Lynch - Day ago
A man cave at his age
TheClaySoldier - Day ago
"You just can't be mad at me then"
"I can be mad at you"
"I guess you can" lmao what
sapphire yasmina
sapphire yasmina - Day ago
Wow the teenager thinks shes cute lmao
That Guy
That Guy - Day ago
"I called the cops on my husband..."
Oh gee, I can't imagine why your marriage sucks.
Jimmy C
Jimmy C - Day ago
That means she is fat, old and outdated
Roxanne W
Roxanne W - Day ago
The teen looks like her!
fredocine - Day ago
Once she turns 20+, he won't want her anymore.
Peggy Mideva
Peggy Mideva - Day ago
The wife needs to love herself more and put her happiness first 😍😍💕💕💕
flashbodie1 - 2 days ago
Women who date married men eventually get cheated on.
That's why seldom men date married women.
oracle katrina
oracle katrina - 2 days ago
Why don't you ever put full episode
Matt Dawson
Matt Dawson - 2 days ago
They look like the same person to me.
blue sky
blue sky - 2 days ago
People can or will work with your Ego and Attitude only and only if you are sucessful. So till the time you achieve that position keep aside your ego & attitude.
Eric Wellman
Eric Wellman - 2 days ago
They're both fat
Mystical TuTu P
Mystical TuTu P - 2 days ago
Boroklihn or whatever her dumb name is, is such a rude, spoiled, disrespectful, *******. Why doesn’t the wife just sue them both, divorce him and take her kids family etc. No one deserves to go through what she had to.
fluffyfuzzbox - 2 days ago
Kevin Lewis Jr
Kevin Lewis Jr - 2 days ago
What a joke. Why bring it up on TV. Just leave him.
Pankster2010 - 2 days ago
Also y'all being mad ugly to a 17 year old being groomed by this creep. She's a teen. He's gross.
Pankster2010 - 2 days ago
She's literally brain dead.
Angela Lynn
Angela Lynn - 2 days ago
Wife needs to leave the lying, losers arse.
That little girl will be in her shoes someday. The man she will love will be cheating on her. Her smerk will turn to sorrow.
Roonifer - 2 days ago
It's always a bad look when little girls act like they know how the adult world works.
JosLu 966
JosLu 966 - 2 days ago
Any in the end they’re both a joke
Carrie Yaj
Carrie Yaj - 2 days ago
Damn husband couldn’t even find a cute girl to cheat with but settled for that? She ain’t cute lol.. he probably loves tickling her double chin while smashing her 🤣
Shazam - 2 days ago
The guy ìs clearly capable of keeping both women happy but the wife wants to have him for herself. Maybe she should've kept herself is well enough shape so she looked better than Brooklyn and it doesn't seem all that hard.
nonameshere - 2 days ago
She need to save her energy for her husband and not this dumb young girl.
Alvaro Gonzalez
Alvaro Gonzalez - 2 days ago
Shes a pushover
TheMilkMan - 2 days ago
Homies man cave door pretty sick tho
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