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Adrienne Simpson
Adrienne Simpson - 18 hours ago
I guess it's called Disney 'bounding' because you are bound (adj. - intending to go) to Disney? https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/bound (Entry 3 of 7)
Selena Pesce
Selena Pesce - 2 days ago
15:19 ain’t nobody gonna talk abt Freddie having to go to a d appt. 💀💀💀💀
Whitney Hurst
Whitney Hurst - 4 days ago
I am so happy chantel won o felt she looked the most like her character
Jessi - 7 days ago
if they havent reveal who she was I thought Devin was Mike Wazowski lmfaoo
Miranda Milner
Miranda Milner - 8 days ago
Cinderella is actually supposed to be wearing silver. Disney changed the marketing over the years.
Diamond Heart
Diamond Heart - 8 days ago
Devin went all Zoolander on them. “One look? I don’t think so!”
J.C Natari
J.C Natari - 10 days ago
Kirsten: Dont throw them you're gonna forget your characters
Chantelle: Oh I already threw mine, I was inspired by Devin🤣
She threw Devin straight under the bus dwl
sarah furrer
sarah furrer - 10 days ago
Cinderella so easy thou
Nora Monahan
Nora Monahan - 10 days ago
la la
la la - 11 days ago
Kate - 13 days ago
Omigosh, Chantel's look with the practical yet glamorous approach kinda reminded me of Cinder (The Cinderella character from the Lunar Chronicles) The Pants reminded me of the clothes Cinder likes and the silver boots reminded me of her metal foot lol. Amazing look, Chantel!
Gaddyn Nation
Gaddyn Nation - 14 days ago
Is Chanti gay???
Sienna Cullimore
Sienna Cullimore - 15 days ago
Devin should have won no cap
Etty Mihai
Etty Mihai - 16 days ago
I feel like Kristin could have done a great Donald duck with that blue dress she found and her yellow crocs
Serendipity Brook
Serendipity Brook - 18 days ago
Isabella Galindo
Isabella Galindo - 20 days ago
Idk how Chantel could of won that. I feel like there wasn't much effort. Just the basic blue and shiny.
Aoibheann O'connor
Aoibheann O'connor - 28 days ago
It's not because some people are freaks witch is true it's actually because kids think there staff given though they are not
Carin Stoll
Carin Stoll - Month ago
The Ariel one I'm dieing 😂🤣
Sandra Sarabia
Sandra Sarabia - Month ago
Ok but where did Devin get those matte black sunglasses from? They’re SO CUTE
Catherine Kennedy
Catherine Kennedy - Month ago
She said she got them at an event...
Emma Flory
Emma Flory - Month ago
I love Freddie’s dress in this! It was so funny that she unintentionally dressed like Belle.
Ariana Villicana
Ariana Villicana - Month ago
Dulce Virrueta
Dulce Virrueta - Month ago
I personally loved devins😂💙
Mojo Jojo
Mojo Jojo - Month ago
Devin just wants everyone to be on the same team
Ellie Hilderbrand
Ellie Hilderbrand - Month ago
Was Dev in Meredith's goofy musical at Michigan?? Because if so that makes this so much better
Aji Priambodo
Aji Priambodo - Month ago
I really like chantel too!!
Cameron Jewell
Cameron Jewell - Month ago
Milin Martinez
Milin Martinez - Month ago
Omg there good
Moo Cowz
Moo Cowz - Month ago
This is the only comment popping up and I don’t know why,but anyway I love lady like it’s hilarious and cute!😄♥️👍🏻
Chelseaxamber c-e
Chelseaxamber c-e - 2 months ago
Devin worked the hardest and looked like her character the most. in my opinion she should have won...
Nicole Summers
Nicole Summers - 2 months ago
I loved Shantel's Cinderella, she payed attention and played with all of Cinderella's ballroom assesories and kept the dress color as the main attraction 🙂
If i had to guess which characters im pretty positive i could have guessed both Cinderella for Shantel and Goofy for Devin.
I think Devin could have done a lil better but she for sure jist about nailed her character.
I love Kristin's fashin usually but i think Ariel is one of the best characters to get but she underplayed it. She could have done better with that one...but i have to say the makeup on Kristin looks just like Ariel 🙂 but that's just my insignificant opinion.
Disneybounding is such an awesome think to do they should totally do a Part 2
Lily PICKLE - 2 months ago
NikitaX - 2 months ago
10:22 diid freddie burped?
chloe Zvlogs
chloe Zvlogs - 2 months ago
does anyone else see devins _______?
PC 4 life
PC 4 life - 3 months ago
I LOVE Disney
RUPERTH TAN - 3 months ago
H. P
Miriam Cuquerella
Miriam Cuquerella - 3 months ago
Devin def won
Katarina Rose
Katarina Rose - 3 months ago
Okay, but chantelle's Cinderella was freakin' amazing!!🤩😁
Gracey Janiszewski
Gracey Janiszewski - 3 months ago
God! Kristen could have done so so much with Ariel! Look on Pinterest girl!
Greta Carter
Greta Carter - 3 months ago
Ariel is the worst one F ! You can’t even tell - no red, green, or purple
Charlotte Lohman
Charlotte Lohman - 3 months ago
Who caught the word rolling at the beginning?
Wolfcub 2220
Wolfcub 2220 - 3 months ago
The girls should try classic musicals styles! I'm not sure what made me think about it but it sou is fun.
it's Mya
it's Mya - 3 months ago
Abigail - 3 months ago
Darcy Does stuff
Darcy Does stuff - 3 months ago
Love you girls ❤️❤️❤️
abba-chio - 3 months ago
did they delete tons of comments? when this video was fresh, i remember the comment section being full of comments with 3k+ likes about how they disliked kristin's outfit
Fathimath Umar
Fathimath Umar - 4 months ago
Devin looked cute.
Annalee Armoogam
Annalee Armoogam - 4 months ago
Fun fact: goofy is actually a cow and donald duck is Donald drake
Lux Twirler
Lux Twirler - 4 months ago
"I wanna be a bug"
Jessica Wanyan
Jessica Wanyan - 4 months ago
Oof learning new words, lol I thought it was just casual cosplay
peanutbutter cosplays
peanutbutter cosplays - 4 months ago
No one:
Chantelle:gAy DiSnEy BoUnDiNg
robin - 4 months ago
Devin won!
TheUnicornWatches Lovely
TheUnicornWatches Lovely - 4 months ago
Chantel looks like jasmine
Makayla Cosgrove
Makayla Cosgrove - 4 months ago
Please do more Disney bounding
Joahan Stars
Joahan Stars - 4 months ago
Ariel- with that make up she looks like Ursula 😬🥴
Miriam Cuquerella
Miriam Cuquerella - 4 months ago
Why did she say Yay Freddie, WE DID IT?
Frenchy french fries
Frenchy french fries - 4 months ago
2020 anyone?
Golen - 4 months ago
none of them look like the characters and @ 3:10 that girl didn't look anything like aladdin. Eww on ariel at least put a skirt on to hide those folds
Tori Owens
Tori Owens - 4 months ago
thanks for your feedback!
Kennedy Busta
Kennedy Busta - 5 months ago
It’s called “Disneybounding” because Leslie Kay started the blog “Disney Bound” and started creating looks based off of characters and that’s where the term came from 😊
kimberly soper
kimberly soper - 5 months ago
Chantel would have made a GREAT jasmine
Grace Smith
Grace Smith - 5 months ago
BlueIvy Animation
BlueIvy Animation - 5 months ago
Larissa Kat
Larissa Kat - 5 months ago
Lol I hated the Aladdin one I thought it looked TERRIBLE like if u agree👍🏻
Larissa Kat
Larissa Kat - 4 months ago
Tori Owens omg was that yours I’m so sorry!!!
cucuy workshop
cucuy workshop - 5 months ago
Lmfao 😂 I went from watching some horror movie type video to Disney
*DEVIL CHILD* - 5 months ago
Instead, of saying Plus-sized woman you can say unique woman
Hey Gooorgeous!
Hey Gooorgeous! - 5 months ago
Well, Kristen choose Devin but, Devin didn't choose Kristen. Oof they could have been buddies.
S. Tia Cook-McNamara
S. Tia Cook-McNamara - 5 months ago
The words 'Disney bounding' is meant to refer to a person being on their way to Disney aka Disney bound but in costume so it's the verb 'Disney bounding'
Melissa Gallant
Melissa Gallant - 5 months ago
Why h
Is Jen not there
Berkeley Morris
Berkeley Morris - 5 months ago
You can’t wear a swimsuit to Disney land
Amam13 0_0
Amam13 0_0 - 5 months ago
SHeLl neCaLAcE

And I oop sksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksk
Boaba Tee
Boaba Tee - 5 months ago
Like a ceser, I would eat it.
Kaylah Lauderdale
Kaylah Lauderdale - 5 months ago
Omg you guys should do a red carpet look
Sarah Yang
Sarah Yang - 5 months ago
Kim Elmröd
Kim Elmröd - 5 months ago
Why didn't Devin win??? She was clearly best...
But i am happy for Chantel, she was really great and beautiful 😍😍😍
Lesbian Youtuber
Lesbian Youtuber - 5 months ago
Chantel's was PERFECTION
Megan King
Megan King - 6 months ago
Why does Chantelle remind me of a “drunk older sister”
Little Bunny FooFoo
Little Bunny FooFoo - 6 months ago
Dragon Claw
Dragon Claw - 6 months ago
If I'm correct, it's called Disney Bounding because someone (I don't remember who) created a blog called disneybound because they were excited to go to Disney world. And then they started dressing up like characters from Disney and so came the word, `Disney Bounding`.
Emily Battle
Emily Battle - 6 months ago
The little mermaid? I’m so confused haha!!
Alexia play
Alexia play - 6 months ago
Why does chantel say kriten instead of kristen
mayaao - 6 months ago
if jen was here she would've nailed prince eric
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