Antonio Brown's beef with Ben Roethlisberger was heated, sudden, and so avoidable

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Derek Thomas
Derek Thomas - 2 hours ago
this blows lol
Sam Arras
Sam Arras - 4 hours ago
8:37 that was funny asf though 💀
dsgb 27
dsgb 27 - 6 hours ago
Big Ben is a bitch
Duke City Nate
Duke City Nate - 10 hours ago
Bens a punk they ain’t gonna do shit with out AB now. Dude made the Steelers 2 best players leave! He’s obviously not no leader. Steelers need to get rid of him and start to rebuild
Hemingway7261 - 11 hours ago
Can we get a beef history on A-Rod and Dallas Braden's mother?
Go Vikings
Go Vikings - 11 hours ago
Great summary you only forgot to mention when big ben said brown should’ve run a better route on that int against denver
Makai Brown
Makai Brown - 11 hours ago
AB waa pretty justified in some of these things but some didn't need to be done. Ben shouldve respected him and build a relationship with him
phelpsboltusa 87
phelpsboltusa 87 - 15 hours ago
You should have said the internet never forgets.
Robert Lowe
Robert Lowe - 17 hours ago
Juju and brown?
Loner Yee
Loner Yee - 21 hour ago
*Peace & Love*
JokerBoyz99 - Day ago
can you do a ab and juju beef video???
Taylor W.
Taylor W. - Day ago
ThangOd AB & LB are gone
we dabest
we dabest - Day ago
Cant wait till ben simmons and jared dudly in like 5 years
Chris - Day ago
NFL=Ghetto monkey ball just another reason why I dont watch
Tobias cute
Tobias cute - Day ago
Soon AB put Ben ass on blast I knew he was leaving
Ty Calvert
Ty Calvert - Day ago
My therapist actually knew AB at Central Michigan. She was an upperclass cheerleader and they would pair them with freshmen athletes as a sort of advisory thing.
Josh Pratt
Josh Pratt - Day ago
he has the hardest position in the ganme u have to work as a team to take the stress off of him and get open for a good pass if ur not doing that and he knows u can hes gonna get frustrated idk why hes crying
W. Dearth
W. Dearth - Day ago
Fuck Brown. Watching his implosion in Oakland this year should be satisfying.
Oliver Hall
Oliver Hall - Day ago
Definitely a steelers fan lmao
caleb reichenbach
caleb reichenbach - Day ago
TheToastRevenge - Day ago
4:25 "This is the internet, where nothing is forever." Wait what? You were just trying to say "The internet doesn't forget anything", right?^^
Im Chris
Im Chris - Day ago
Ab‘s a bitch
Will Hopson
Will Hopson - Day ago
Can’t even deal with all of this ghetto gibberish. So I’ll just leave you guys with this, enjoy.
Oki Orion Express
Oki Orion Express - Day ago
Waaaaaa....that’s Brown’s motto. He was always wanting to be the center of attention and then came Juju who stole his lunch as team MVP. That’s what really broke it all. SB Nation couldn’t run with that as the story. Yeah, the truth doesn’t really play that well when you are trying to create drama. Truth is Brown is an ego centric maniac. He will explode in Oakland...just wait for it. He only cares about his stats that’s it...oh and getting paid. His days are numbered.
PackerFan12 - Day ago
Brown doesn’t get the ball but Ben scores a touchdown 😂 bro brown is a pussy
Timothy Ng
Timothy Ng - Day ago
Today on where's my liquor
Peter R
Peter R - Day ago
a coach that does not have control of his team. Ownership that let's it happen. Steelers will never be the same
Mr. Groovy 2 Shoes
Mr. Groovy 2 Shoes - 2 days ago
Is it normal that the QB call out teammates sometimes ? Is it ok as long as it's kept behind closed doors and stays there . Like a players only meeting .No TV and radio no coaches , none of that just players . The last thing players need is a distraction .
chris straker
chris straker - 2 days ago
Super bowl "extra large" 😂😂
Rondrow Peebles
Rondrow Peebles - 2 days ago
Westbrook vs lillard
Hybrid - 2 days ago
The steelers are in fucking shambles (coming from a fan)
SanJuanCreole - 2 days ago
The Steelers are a fucking mess!
Go Browns!!!!
CASH MADE - 3 days ago
Bob arum and Al Haymon please
johnatanfinn - 3 days ago
big ben a entitled fat tub of lard no neck havin rapist
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor - 3 days ago
NOOB_CHEETOS Hi - 3 days ago
They should just start Dubbs
NOOB_CHEETOS Hi - 3 days ago
I got made when ben didn't throw it to AB
Matt O
Matt O - 3 days ago
Steelers lost Bell & Brown
Matt O
Matt O - 3 days ago
Brown is an asshole. But Ben is a piece of shit. Rapist cock.
Luke Snider
Luke Snider - 3 days ago
Westbrook and Dame pleaseee
Terry Hodges
Terry Hodges - 3 days ago
We need Michael Jordan vs. Charles Barkley
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson - 3 days ago
Until this video I thought it was all on Brown. After watching I have to say the blame should be on Rothlisberger. Best thing for brown right now is that he plays well with his new team while the Steelers implode
Crosby IS A Girl
Crosby IS A Girl - 3 days ago
Ryan Reaves Vs Tom Wilson
Ou Sooners
Ou Sooners - 3 days ago
Not the cooler mannn
the first pancake
the first pancake - 3 days ago
AB's a dick. He refused to pay his daycare bill.
Danny C
Danny C - 3 days ago
Deron williams and Jerry Sloan beef
Ahmaad Wilson
Ahmaad Wilson - 3 days ago
I would have been on AB side if the stuff with juju didn’t happen. I just can’t ignore that. It was mad childish and unnecessary to JuJu.
Hunter Reid
Hunter Reid - 4 days ago
Do a Beef History of Tony La Russa and Dusty Baker. They had a history when Baker coached La Russa, then they had three brawls as managers, jawing with each other each time. (Athletics/Giants, Cubs/Cardinals, and the infamous Reds/Cardinals brawl)
Philphilly 5.0
Philphilly 5.0 - 4 days ago
Brown just wanted more money. He would have pushed his own mother in front of a bus to get it.
Batore Ndiaye
Batore Ndiaye - 4 days ago
Do ab and ju ju beef
SavageGreywolf - 4 days ago
I got a _real_ stupid beef for you
The University of Oregon Duck vs University of Houston's Shasta the Cougar
All because the person in the Duck costume thought they had a monopoly on doing pushups.
Brokeboi Champ
Brokeboi Champ - 4 days ago
Who else been waiting fo dis
Slummpy Des
Slummpy Des - 4 days ago
Big ben made Brown💯💯
Daniel Rosengren
Daniel Rosengren - 4 days ago
more NHL beef
jnyfumare - 4 days ago
A.B. (Adult Baby)
SpacePrez - 4 days ago
What's going on with the brightness in this video??
SpacePrez - 4 days ago
Is this intentional? The brightness is shifting every few frames. What a terrible decision, looks awful. Hurts my eyes. Can't watch video.
kianna thompson
kianna thompson - 4 days ago
antonio brown is completely in the right
Emmanuel Ellis
Emmanuel Ellis - 4 days ago
Lets see how this works out! Im interested in see the Steelers, Jets and raiders this year no excuses
David Stutz
David Stutz - 4 days ago
Great job on the whole video. Super unbiased view from u and I love that shit my doode. Thanks!
Ethan Hale
Ethan Hale - 4 days ago
Trade Lavian bell for Kenyan drake
Oof Skeet
Oof Skeet - 4 days ago
Wait so were Bens found guilty of rape? Or is this just another case of everyone trusting the accuser for no reason? I honestly don’t know, if anyone could give me proof that would be very nice.
Matt Russo
Matt Russo - 5 days ago
Simmons vs Dudley?
Quentin Campbell
Quentin Campbell - 5 days ago
Ben Roethlessburger : I hated being that guy's teammate!
Derek Carr : I have to be this guy's teammate?!
Josh Allen : I'm glad this guy didn't want to be my teammate!
Quentin Campbell
Quentin Campbell - 5 days ago
Ben Roethlisberger : I hated being that guy's teammate!
Derek Carr : I have to be this guy's teammate?!
Josh Allen : I'm glad this guy didn't want to be my teammate!
Michael Robert
Michael Robert - 5 days ago
They're both shitheads
Henry Yang
Henry Yang - 5 days ago
Do a Damian Lillard and Russ Westbrook beef
jc30 - 5 days ago
Can you Barry bonds and Jeff Kent? 🤔
EpicWin1812 - 5 days ago
big ben makes players money,,,,AB benefit from big ben
NIC Sicko
NIC Sicko - 5 days ago
So basically Ben is bitching about how his wide receivers make him look bad when his receivers are Hines Ward, Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown 🤔
What a c**t
Fuck You
Fuck You - 5 days ago
I didn’t know Ben Was a Rapisr fucking sicko 🤦🏽‍♂️
Brett T
Brett T - 5 days ago
There is no I in team but if there was Ben would blame it for a pick he threw
Brett T
Brett T - 5 days ago
Ab is right about the Steelers and their favorite son big Ben
Jimmy McQuade
Jimmy McQuade - 5 days ago
I love it AB says he made Ben. Um tell that to santonio holmes and Hines ward because truth of the matter is Ben made you
Marcus McFall
Marcus McFall - 5 days ago
Is nobody going to point out the fact that the Steelers lost 4 games last season due to missed field goals?
R J - 5 days ago
Ben RAPElisburger gets a pass huh?
Allan Baldwin
Allan Baldwin - 5 days ago
The next beef history should be on John Calipari and Rick Pitino!
Alexander Scott
Alexander Scott - 5 days ago
Lil mans got issues.. Wait til it doesn't go well in Vegas! . Then goes broke gambling . He'll be fine.
CEN CAL - 5 days ago
Jordan - 6 days ago
AB has honestly gotten the big head, from 6th round pick to super star you can tell he isn't handling humility well.
Crosby IS A Girl
Crosby IS A Girl - 6 days ago
Mike Selinker
Mike Selinker - 6 days ago
Bart Scott and Hines Ward?
Aaron Ostach
Aaron Ostach - 6 days ago
Joeythepatsfan - 6 days ago
You should do Tom Wilson vs the New York Islanders
Q - 6 days ago
Superbowl XL was a fix! watch the game. Refs put on the fix!
joey buttawipeo
joey buttawipeo - 6 days ago
AB is whiny narcissistic cry baby - he was such a great story and hard worker until Mr. Big Chest appeared. Ben isn't innocent either - he talked too much on his radio show. At least he agreed to give us his show and also has been approachable and helpful to young guys. Would rather have this less talented team all pulling in the same direction.
M Sevbas
M Sevbas - 6 days ago
Beef should do Marco Antonio Barrera vs Eric el terrible Morales !
Eli Burnes
Eli Burnes - 6 days ago
Beef westbrook vs lillard
Axis&Allies - 7 days ago
You guys need to do a episode of the Buffalo Bills ending the 17 yr playoff drought. So much had to happen on that New Years eve night. It would be such a great episode
Anthony Reyes
Anthony Reyes - 4 days ago
go bills
Don Trainer
Don Trainer - 7 days ago
He did it for tne money ONLY! AB is all about AB. He had 3 years left on a contract that paid peanuts left. He ate the steak dinner first 2 years of a 5 year deal. First 2 years paid 19 mill. then last 3 years paid considerably less. He did all this to get traded and get a new deal. Another steak dinner sorta speak. When he eats this steak up. Watch something else will happen for him to try to get paid again. He is a grade A Asshole!!
Plato_Magick18 - 7 days ago
Do Damian Lillard vs. Russell Westbrook
Mr E.
Mr E. - 7 days ago
Atleast Rothelisberger isn't brady.
Xxbeastboy 23
Xxbeastboy 23 - 7 days ago
Ben did do bad things but ab shouldn’t act childish
Aaron Syrmopoulos
Aaron Syrmopoulos - 7 days ago
Please give us Westbrook vs Lillard
Vince Abueva
Vince Abueva - 7 days ago
Make a beef history about team's opposing fans
JMaster98 - 7 days ago
Ben may be aging and slowing down, but his skills havent depleted yet. Juju dont fer enough credit
Delta Dawn
Delta Dawn - 7 days ago
AB is an arrogant POS. The day he left, he put up billboards "thanking" Pittsburgh. With a HUGE picture of himself on it. It was a total dig at the city and team that made him. And he still can't let shit go. Now he's attacking Ju Ju. Total embarrassment. No respect for the team that gave him the chance of a lifetime. I personally know where he was and what he did when he left the last game at halftime. Let's just say he was still in the stadium for a little bit. Some petty shit.....I lost all respect at that moment.
Packers101 - 7 days ago
These are my favorite videos
jkpns - 7 days ago
the ending about JUJU didn't age well...
mike kirkham
mike kirkham - 7 days ago
I wondered year after year why Ben never trained with brown in the offseasons
J MillerGaming
J MillerGaming - 7 days ago
Seems like Ben kinda started this shit 🤔
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