iPhone 11 Pro DROP Test! Worlds Toughest Glass!

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مشعل القحطاني
اتوقع م فيه الى عربي الى انا هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه😹😹
fardin hassan
fardin hassan - 9 hours ago
Brother I wish to use a IPhone 11 pro max.but I can’t buy 😔 will u give me one? As you have a lots of IPhone .Please.thank you .Everything Apple pro
Karla Salgado
Karla Salgado - 10 hours ago
This man makes me mad he breaks the latest phone when I have and iPad
Muosa Al qurby
Muosa Al qurby - 11 hours ago
لعنبو امفقعه
Gagan Goyal
Gagan Goyal - 11 hours ago
Please give me the shattered 11pro atleast...I can still use it 🤣
MSP LOL - 12 hours ago
Mein Herz....
filipo 12
filipo 12 - 19 hours ago
Is poland
Pancar Anugrah
Pancar Anugrah - 20 hours ago
Seketika jiwa misqueen ku bergetar 😬
Farhan Sadik
Farhan Sadik - 20 hours ago
I missed the giveaway. Could you please do another giveaway 'cause I lost my iPhone 6 and I really want to try out the new iOS 13.
At least let me know that you READ this comment
블로그제레미 - 20 hours ago
Give me one I phone 11
GoodGuyBabis - 21 hour ago
ofc they will break if u drop them like 20 times
YEETUS SCEETUS - 21 hour ago
Lies diamond lvl 10 glass is the most durable glass I'm pretty sure
Hashim Khan
Hashim Khan - 23 hours ago
Please perform this test on irregular surfaces, not on flat surfaces.
suchithra vijayan
suchithra vijayan - Day ago
Please give me a one iphone please please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
suchithra vijayan
suchithra vijayan - Day ago
MAGA Til it Hurts
MAGA Til it Hurts - Day ago
They broke because they hit one another. When 2 objects of the same hardness hit they break one another. This can be demonstrated with 2 hammers made out of the same hardness steel. Great job with the new glass Apple. I would like to see how long they’ll actually hold up against concrete and other floor materials
Shaher Al Manaseer
Shaher Al Manaseer - Day ago
fuck your your mother💔
Mclovin v7
Mclovin v7 - Day ago
Dudes are buying the same product every year that's crazy
Umar Irfan
Umar Irfan - Day ago
Damn those cases are ugly
Phantom - Day ago
Me: LETS TEST DROP THIS 4000 FEET *breaks with 1 little dent*
Me on bed *rolls phone from 1/2 of feet*
*breaks with fullscreen of crack*
Zach Coaster crazy
Zach Coaster crazy - Day ago
Those phones look really nice except the fact that it has ugly camera's
Phantom - Day ago
damn thanks for doing this on my birthday
Natalie Cossack Vlogs
Him: yea let’s buy 2 1000 dollar phones and drop em WOOOL

me: buys iPhone 11 and drops it AWW CRAP that’s why I have a case and screen protector
Илья Н
Илья Н - Day ago
Look at russian Wylsacom channel: one drop of iphone 11 and glass is broken. So, you need to practice
eramma h
eramma h - Day ago
Man if you don't want those phones pls give it to me
Hawra Adil
Hawra Adil - Day ago
I hope I get an iPhone 11 I have been wanting it for a long time (I have never won a giveaway) so it will be really amazing if I won
star gamer
star gamer - Day ago
Nice vedio bro
Krishna Sharma
Krishna Sharma - Day ago
Instead of wasting this much money you would have an car, bike, or a private jet. But why to waste money????
Elyel Silva
Elyel Silva - Day ago
congratulations on the destruction
jeon jungkook
jeon jungkook - Day ago
jiwa mskin ku meronta-ronta:)
Multiple tube
Multiple tube - Day ago
if your are a man reply Apple SUCKS.
everyone who loves apple sucks
Michael Trey
Michael Trey - Day ago
I don’t feel comfortable even handling a new phone until I get a screen protector and case on it. I keep it in the box until I get them, lol. I just got a new iPhone 11 pro max. I upgraded from the 8 and it’s a huge difference! I have an iPad Pro so I’m used to using it without a button, but it’s still such a huge difference. I’m very happy with it. Glad to see how durable it is! I’m glad there’s people like you who have the money to test this stuff so we don’t have to!
Reynaldy Raditya
Reynaldy Raditya - Day ago
Everyone gangsta until they hear a iPhone 11 drop sound
Jilwin Antony
Jilwin Antony - Day ago
Can I have one iPhone 11
Ava Bruno
Ava Bruno - 2 days ago
Lol “the world strongest glass”🤣 my iPhone 11 has a little crack from my stylus
Jason - 2 days ago
1 like = 1 prayer for my eyes
Jason - 2 days ago
Dang the glass is very durable
John Giambastiani
John Giambastiani - 2 days ago
I can’t watch. 😵 My phones break in their cases.
Saul Villafuerte
Saul Villafuerte - 2 days ago
iPhone 11 fell from equipment from gym about 5’3 ft and the front is cracked bad now
Gábor Gábor
Gábor Gábor - 2 days ago
I did not quite see this, now which is true? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4oFgPqAZZI
Phat_Jenny - 2 days ago
I closed my eyes every time he dropped it. lol
Dead Man26
Dead Man26 - 2 days ago
Did anyone else cringe every time he drops it
Phatec - 2 days ago
It’s the thicker glass they are using for the 11’s
Jonathan Odude
Jonathan Odude - 2 days ago
arent the results exactly the same as last years and the year befores? why are you still acting so surprised? this is normal for iphones now and it has been for a while.
Ayush Mali
Ayush Mali - 2 days ago
Background is awesome
Fabo Mégane
Fabo Mégane - 2 days ago
Please for an iPhone!!😭😭😭
Haris Asim
Haris Asim - 2 days ago
Hope to win
ariff aqmar
ariff aqmar - 2 days ago
i wish i can we the giveaway bcs my fone already damage 😭
ツxhinokami - 2 days ago
its probably his height thats y its not breaking
Jonathan Rewitzwer
Jonathan Rewitzwer - 2 days ago
Stop showing ads
crazy foodies
crazy foodies - 2 days ago
Send me only one of the crashed mobile😂
livein54321 - 2 days ago
the excessive gushing over apple is making me cringe so bad...
FrameAnimationz - 2 days ago
Apple is fruit not phone okay?
1ceeb - 2 days ago
Comfortable im not going to be breaking my New phone In an instant
Edgar Marquez
Edgar Marquez - 2 days ago
Says the glass is cut in a single sheet of glass, but isn't the glass on every phone cut on a single sheet of glass? Well most phones
Elliott Frame
Elliott Frame - 2 days ago
Would love the iPhone giveaway as my iPhone 6 has a broken camera which doesn’t work it was never dropped or anything it juts stopped working it is my mums old phone and have never had a new phone of my own
Homanzi - 2 days ago
5:23 did that back glass change color?
Eris Mariano
Eris Mariano - 2 days ago
Feeling excited because 12 hours before the giveaway
Tyrese - 2 days ago
Do you understand the levels of anxiety that occurs while watching these videos
Ubaid Abrar
Ubaid Abrar - 2 days ago
AHMAD king
AHMAD king - 2 days ago
When you again drop the I phone tell me the place where you drop it 😂
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