Ariana Grande - Love Me Harder (Live On SNL) ft. The Weeknd

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Erik Ordaz
Erik Ordaz - 10 days ago
I think Ariana was sick or sum
Angelina Mora
Angelina Mora - Month ago
That ponytail is a little low
laiba zaman
laiba zaman - 2 months ago
It’s so weird seeing her with a short ponytail now
love that
love that - 2 months ago
izzy ruby
izzy ruby - 2 months ago
i ship this why did the end make me cry his lil spin and her giggle omg i can’t 😭😭😭😍😍😍
Xxxteamsavage xx
Xxxteamsavage xx - 2 months ago
This is an awkward performance but good singing weekend sounded better than studio tbh and Ariana
Sarah P
Sarah P - 2 months ago
I can’t get over this performance omg
Sarah P
Sarah P - 2 months ago
Haleema frr like their chemistry is just beautiful 😂😭😭
Haleema - 2 months ago
Sarah P same ugh! Good times
ashl3y 44
ashl3y 44 - 3 months ago
Ana Marie Clark
Ana Marie Clark - 3 months ago
I feel like they could've been a thing, or is it just me.
Haleema - 2 months ago
Ana Marie Clark yeah he was hardcore flirting with his eyes here
eliyanna ramirez
eliyanna ramirez - 3 months ago
Little did she know she date one of the cast members
Jene Mccovey
Jene Mccovey - 4 months ago
I would have freaked out!
Ariana Monet
Ariana Monet - 4 months ago
last time i saw her with a white mic and red lipstick on the mic turned red...
· *ʟᴜɴᴇᴢ* ·
· *ʟᴜɴᴇᴢ* · - 4 months ago
Aw Ariana was so tiny here and I didn't notice until 2018 how much she grew (but she still looks so tiny today like how does she do it?!? I'm not over weight but I'm also not small lmao)
Queen Melodee
Queen Melodee - 4 months ago
Was there a reason that Ariana had a backing track? She obviously didn't need it.
ASMR Channel asmr
ASMR Channel asmr - 5 months ago
I guess the weeknd get it hasn't figured out
Rare Divyne
Rare Divyne - 5 months ago
I love him so fuckin much yo😭
X-RYA - 5 months ago
The accoustic was weird
Katherine Rodriguez
Katherine Rodriguez - 7 months ago
At 3:24 she was lip singing. Her lips are moving but nothing was coming out of her mouth
Elias Maldonado
Elias Maldonado - 6 months ago
Kathy Estefany Rodriguez she wasn’t, she was just going to high but she didn’t do it right so her voice didn’t come out
CG Entertainment
CG Entertainment - 7 months ago
Came for The Weeknd
Juliette - 7 months ago
More like , you can all argue while I watch them, both are great🤷🏻‍♀️❤️
Mike Woodson
Mike Woodson - 7 months ago
The Weekend showing respect for that leg up, career takes off!
Jonathan S
Jonathan S - 7 months ago
I wish I had that jacket
odiemodie1 - 7 months ago
This live performance of 'Love Me harder' by Ariana Grande and the Weeknd smoothed out on SNL sounds better than the album version.
Dreamy Dolan’s
Dreamy Dolan’s - 8 months ago
OML Ariana looks so nervous, you can tell she’s worried she’s gonna mess something up
Tom Lom
Tom Lom - 8 months ago
The weeknd showed her up
zurg - 8 months ago
her voice is so smooth and pretty god i love the weeknd too, great performance we stan
none name
none name - 9 months ago
what song is those "O's" from?
Adhemar - 9 months ago
So no one is talking about how on point Abel sounds here?? Lol Ariana sounds amazing too but Abel is just woooow
samin basir
samin basir - Month ago
Like always, I really cant find a bad performance by him
Druu05 - 10 months ago
Shout out XO
Destiny H
Destiny H - 10 months ago
Love this bond
Melton McLurkin
Melton McLurkin - 11 months ago
I wish Ariana could loved weeknd harder
Moonlight Nightcore
Moonlight Nightcore - 11 months ago
did they date or somthing
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly - 7 months ago
The popular rumor is that The Hills is about her. So dating no but hoking up? maybe. May also explain why they have not done a collab since
Naomi Escobar
Naomi Escobar - 11 months ago
Manuel Ruvalcaba
Manuel Ruvalcaba - 11 months ago
god is a woman.
Elma Lesly
Elma Lesly - 11 months ago
Abel is such a wonderful person 😍😍😍😍😍😍💖💖❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨💖❤️💖❤️XOTWOD
A - 11 months ago
I wouldn’t be surprised if she ran to him after her break up with Pete
A WrestlingFan
A WrestlingFan - 11 months ago
and his break up with Selena but I think he is back again with Bella Hadid and she's engaged to Pete Davidson.
Kaelyn Paige
Kaelyn Paige - 11 months ago
Lmao i've watched this so many times and im just now realizing Chris Pratt was there :D
daveheel - 11 months ago
it's a good thing he got rid of that weird sculpture on his head.
jas - Year ago
jas - Year ago
they were so fucking flirty this performance IM IN LOVE
jas - Year ago
3:25 what happened to her voice lmao
Brenna F
Brenna F - Year ago
I can't sleep at night because of the weekend's random "oh oh oh oh oh" 's
Tas T
Tas T - Year ago
He’s so hot
Megan Ashcraft
Megan Ashcraft - Year ago
1:56 that voice crack😍
Megan Ashcraft
Megan Ashcraft - Year ago
No one knew who the weekend was until this song and that’s how his career took off was bc of love me harder
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly - 7 months ago
He already had two platinum records before this and he also did Earned It that year
Charles Holley
Charles Holley - Year ago
That’s a high waisted dress. Why do girls like her think it’s trendy to stand with their legs crossed?
Sweet like Grande
Sweet like Grande - Year ago
Charles Holley why does it matter
nadia tomlinson
nadia tomlinson - Year ago
aw hahhaa abel stole the show ! I hope they collaborate again in the future 😍
Jesus Solange
Jesus Solange - Year ago
That kinda sucked
Danny P
Danny P - Year ago
Abel’s band will forever be iconic
TheFigureKing - Year ago
Abel was so sweet to her at the end I'm sfsfsf
rchandani999 - Year ago
Abel walks on stage in Love me Harder: nothing
Abel walks on stage in Low Life: wild crowd
Desiree Fedrick
Desiree Fedrick - Year ago
why did he say I'm get you moaning you know it's real but in the song it said when I get you moaning you know it's real
Moonlightbae - Year ago
The queen
iRrEleVanT - Year ago
Damn when I look back at this.. Abel has made hella progress
abel tesfaye
abel tesfaye - Year ago
This is what you call perfect.
Nanci Garcia
Nanci Garcia - Year ago
not really about the weird comments js clean music is the best too
Summvrr - Year ago
Something had to have been going on bc every-time I come back to visit this they look more into each other I swear THEY MUST BE TOGETHER IN 2018 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I SWEAR
O.L. its me
O.L. its me - 6 months ago
Summvrr well they aint
Figure Entertainment Wrestling
3:09 I can taste the note it's so sour XD
TeamSusMen - Year ago
Abel saved tf out of this performance. Ariana Lost Her Voice
lukonawesome - Year ago
The chemistry in this was amazing, but in the acoustic version it was terrible
Laura Bamer
Laura Bamer - Year ago
I can’t stop watching 3:24 - 3:27 😍
Pey Pey
Pey Pey - Year ago
God dammit!! I got dibs on The Weeknd! Don’t touch him!
Gabriel Ullauri
Gabriel Ullauri - Year ago
I absolutely LOOOOVE Ariana Grande she is my #1 Favorite Artist! but one thing I realize she does a lot and I have no idea why but she puts her voice in the background even tho she is about to sing the part.. now we ALL know Ari has the most talented voice in this Music Industry so it confuses me why she would do that.. maybe because she always grew up singing this way and she feels comfortable with it or maybe its a back up of in case she messes up but I mean come on babe even if you do mess up it happens to THE BEST OF US and we still Love your amazing voice and Beautiful Soul. just a curiosity not hating what so ever
AGUILAR - Year ago
When the weeknd shows more emotion for Ariana in this performance than what he showed Selena while they dated lol
Hamze Ahmed
Hamze Ahmed - Year ago
LOL facts he never loved Selena
Nikole Jackson
Nikole Jackson - Year ago
vanessa rodriguez
vanessa rodriguez - Year ago
ugh I wish I could sing haha
Justin Wilhite
Justin Wilhite - Year ago
she sound better live!
Pink Massacre
Pink Massacre - Year ago
their chemistry wtf im in love
Book of shadows contributor Brian
She can sing in 2014 but in 2017 still
Niknak Carty
Niknak Carty - Year ago
Just a 10 year old boy
Niknak Carty
Niknak Carty - Year ago
I'm a big fan love you do pretty love your singing do good
Chloe Charleston
Chloe Charleston - Year ago
That ARIANA is ALL WOMAN......................................GEEEEEZUSSSSSS!!!
Nug - Year ago
I think there fighting for the highest pitch 😂
kiran - Year ago
never have I ever wanted to be ariana grande so bad holy fuck the way he was looking at her and smiling jesus christ
Penguin BP
Penguin BP - Year ago
Abel def smashed. She too flirty.
My nigga
Reese Bratton
Reese Bratton - Year ago
This must've ended badly between them at the Manchester concert she talked over his part and got the crowd to chant something but here they can't keep there eyes off each other
Xoticcc - Year ago
did the weeknd say the moment that you bite your hip
Hamze Ahmed
Hamze Ahmed - Year ago
In that moment you bite your lips, imma get you moaning you know its real, can you feel the pressure between you hips
Ashley Augustine
Ashley Augustine - Year ago
Why are her pre recorded vocals staging her up? She's so effing talented, I get that it's SNL but come on.
King Christophis
King Christophis - Year ago
She sounded very congested, The Weeknd flawless of course
Arianator - Year ago
3:29 WTH was that "oh hohohhohoh"
ArianaLyricz - Year ago
His voice is so irritating omg
Hamze Ahmed
Hamze Ahmed - Year ago
Are u stupid his voice is angelic he honestly performed better than her on this one she was barely singing
Amanda Sorling
Amanda Sorling - Year ago
I miss the weekends hair
christina arredondo
christina arredondo - Year ago
Hi Ariana Grande I was wondering if you can come to my birthday but I don't know if you can my birthday is April 25th next next year
angqel - Year ago
the two people that can sing better live
G A - Year ago
The weeknd ❤️
Nessa Peace
Nessa Peace - Year ago
Official Henry Valencia
The weekns and Ariana would be a Good Couple
Xzub0 - Year ago
like= Ariana
comment= The Weeknd
ElRubius #30
ElRubius #30 - Year ago
Ari Is Life Both❤
Big E
Big E - Year ago
A cups has a great ass
RandomKgirl - Year ago
Is this before Ariana got hair extensions? Or am I just dumb asf lmao
randy banks
randy banks - Year ago
She pissed me off when she didn't hit the high notes
Alvarie Mystic
Alvarie Mystic - 2 years ago
1:15 The Weeknd's part
Amethyst Maries
Amethyst Maries - 2 years ago
Wow, it's crazy because he COMPLETLY hates her now!!!
PugTastic89 - 2 years ago
Bite your hip-Abel
anxhelaxo - 2 years ago
the way her pulls her towards him at the end has me melted 🤤😩😍
Isaac Escobar
Isaac Escobar - 2 years ago
cat valentine got hot 😂
Priscilla Delgado
Priscilla Delgado - 2 years ago
So cute
redspirit17 - 2 years ago
second verse weeknd was like "give me verse bitch"
PugTastic89 - 2 years ago
The Weeknd the type of guy who don't need auto tune to sound as good as he does in the videos
AlI Fawaz
AlI Fawaz - 2 years ago
Look what you've done
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly - 2 years ago
So I am guessing that Selena is going to add Ariana to the list of people that Abel is forbidden to see. These two have good chemistry here.
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