PART TWO: We Discuss Jana Kramer’s 24-Hour Rule for Her Marriage

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matt bardot
matt bardot - 3 months ago
lying about a surprise party is totally ok lmao
Gail A.
Gail A. - 4 months ago
So if you're throwing someone a surprise birthday party and they ask you what you're doing that night, what are you supposed to do? Tell the truth and ruin the surprise?
Gail A.
Gail A. - 4 months ago
Jeannie, that was the longest story in the world.
CAMP ATTACK - 4 months ago
ok this can open up so many discussions, such as being an open book, how good is it to always tell your business when asked, is no comment a lie?
Wifag Eltayeb
Wifag Eltayeb - 4 months ago
Im proud of these girls.
pheator Njiru
pheator Njiru - 4 months ago
Jeannie should take her bullshit explanation to her YouTube channel🙄! The girl says alot to say nothing!!!!! She takes alot of time to explain nothing!
kiaora its_macera
kiaora its_macera - 4 months ago
When you can’t tell someone the truth , it’s a lie no matter what the situation or circumstance is.
Anthonia Omonigho
Anthonia Omonigho - 4 months ago
Adrienne speaks too soon.... Tamera thinks deeply before she speaks... And brings a new dimension into the topic being discussed
Patience Kandare
Patience Kandare - 5 months ago
Love the Arianna Grande pony Adrienne
Synthia Richardson
Synthia Richardson - 5 months ago
Protective liars....compulsive liars dont change. I dated a woman for 5 years and I told her from the beginning and throughout to be open and honest with me, talk to me, love and respect me and she chose not to. I had never yelled at her, deceived her, abused her or neglected her.
I had so much hope that she would change. Her children had hope too but it wasn't in her to be that person.
Elizee Spring
Elizee Spring - 5 months ago
Why not have this discussion beforehand? Like when you tell them what you want in a relationship, what you don’t tolerate etc....
Meadow Meredith
Meadow Meredith - 5 months ago
I love jeanies explanation.
Ruru Home
Ruru Home - 6 months ago
I always struggle when people discuss the topic of lying in relationships bc like Jeannie said, if we really want to just keep it raw, EVERYONE, including Tamera and Adam, has lied to their partner about something. I think like Loni was inferring, it’s about the lie and how we move past it. Having a zero tolerance policy for lying means you’ll end up single. Most of us die not knowing the lies our parents, friends, children or spouses hid from us. Doesn’t mean you also don’t have a beautiful relationship. Now lying to me about not going to get candy at the store while we are on a diet vs. lying to me about our finances are two different things. Context matters when it comes to lying and deciding to forgive and move past. That’s all i can say!
Shari Leigh Laing
Shari Leigh Laing - 6 months ago
How does one not know what a lie is?
suzie Q
suzie Q - 6 months ago
This show sucks now!!!!!!!!ewwww
Minimalist Mom In Progress
Loved what Jeanie said but I think that Jana deserves better and should have left her husband. I still can't fathom how someone can cheat on their pregnant wife. It's awful and ridiculous for him to say that he would leave if she cheated. He keeps cheating on her. He cheated when they were dating, when they got married and when she was pregnant with the first baby. Sorry but his moral compass is off.
yass nnej
yass nnej - 6 months ago
Amanda is so stylish. I love this fit.💚🖤🧡💛💜💙💗
Margaret Smallwood
Margaret Smallwood - 6 months ago
RELATIONSHIPS are not peefect but you learn to SPEAK on it deal with and try to move on and what's 8n the past is the past leave it there work towards the future we all been hurt alot PPL lie for numerous things and it's not right but we human
GINA RATED IT - 6 months ago
Jeanie wtf
iMolika Men-Thlang
iMolika Men-Thlang - 6 months ago
A small lie or a big lie, a lie is a lie. Speak truth or Rot with your lies till your dying days. I don’t play that ish. BOOP!
DesignByJanie - 6 months ago
I love Jeannie she’s my favorite her answers and advice is always on point!
foxfox ;
foxfox ; - 6 months ago
Omg I'm sorry i just don't find them relatable, Tamera i get but the uppity i think the world is like this is just laughable at this point like you guys doing way to much Jeannie really if you're frown you know what a lie is just stop
fried chicken
fried chicken - 6 months ago
Jeannie make sense, please.
KickingAssDaily - 6 months ago
Asian girl is fine as hell! 😍
Penny Plush
Penny Plush - 6 months ago
Jeannie is so long winded sometimes lol
Brianna Nicole
Brianna Nicole - 6 months ago
"I can't handle what I don't know" ADRIENNE!!! hit it on the nose
Lolo Sain
Lolo Sain - 6 months ago
How. My piercings does Adrienne have like damn
Miss Lee
Miss Lee - 6 months ago
They aren't real lol they are called cuffs, just fashion
Martell Malone
Martell Malone - 6 months ago
Um 24hrs is definitely enough time to pass on an STD.
Win Lee
Win Lee - 6 months ago
I love Jeannies commitment to her point even though everybody giving her WTH eyes and sympathetic head nods!!
TAM AND JON - 5 months ago
Win Lee 🥰
Sarina Guillaume
Sarina Guillaume - 6 months ago
I have that problem. I have the protective lie problem. I always lie to people because I don’t want to hurt there feeling or I am protecting them from doing something dumb. It affected my relationship and I’m working so hard on that. And I grew up where women can’t speak up and say how they truly feel so that plays in it too
Keeping secrets,jealousy,narcissism,lies and infidelities are major threats to most marriages and relationships and it is very much important for us to be smart not to trust 100% when dealing with our partners. Yes, I know the importance of trusting but that same trust can hurt you so much and so badly. I’m glad that cyberhackinggenius helped cloned my husband’s phone. I got access to all his dealings both on phone and social media without touching his phone. All I did was share my husband’s phone number with Cyberhackinggenius and I was able to read both his new and 2 years far back deleted messages from my phone through a programmed link to a cloned app containing all cloned cell information without having to touch his phone. My husband was a cheating Narcissist and I’m glad to find out all his secrets and infidelity with the help of cyberhackinggenius. I got to discover that my husband who is legally married to me here in UK is also recently married to another woman in Canada and I’m finally going through a divorce with lots of evidence against him. I read all deleted and recent chats on his Whatsapp, Twitter,Facebook,Instagram messages and Skype. You can contact this great hacker “Gavin” via Gmail  (cyberhackinggenius) or text and speak to him directly on his phone and WhatsApp : +19256795146 and don’t forget to thank me later!
Destiny 100
Destiny 100 - 6 months ago
Ooh, i hate lies even the smallest lie. I feel like there is no reason you need to lie to me. I'm not even talking abt major things like if you cheating or something just be honest nothing is going hurt my feelings. But this 24 lie rule i don't agree with like you dealing with a child. But it works for them fine.
Marcu Alexe
Marcu Alexe - 6 months ago
I think you guys really forget about the fact that we are talking about real life.
In real life we all lie. Whether is good or bad,
Big or small, we all lie.
It’s in our nature as humans if I have to bring the bible here, remember Adam and Eve.
Everyone lies and there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Never in this life. Anybody had to lie at some point in life. So if you’re being real, let’s be real.
Yateseblogs - 6 months ago
I love amanda
Marina Guajardo
Marina Guajardo - 6 months ago
I tell ppl up front that I don’t tolerate all. So the moment they lie, if they lie, and I catch them in the lie, we’ll talk it out, I’ll hear them out, forgive them and leave them. 🤷🏾‍♀️
Shawn Hammack
Shawn Hammack - 6 months ago
Why isn't there a white woman on this show ? Seems like there's always gotta be a colored person on every tv show, so why isn't there a white person on here ? This is racist .
Shawn Hammack
Shawn Hammack - 6 months ago
@Michelle H Ya, I suppose so.
Michelle H
Michelle H - 6 months ago
Shawn Hammack The point of this show is that they are all* women of color. No need for a token white woman.
Chet Jorgenson
Chet Jorgenson - 6 months ago
You girls need to talk Donny trump about lies.
richard Harris
richard Harris - 6 months ago
These people are trying hard to find something important to talk about! This topic was made for some extra drama only!
Rapheth Martin
Rapheth Martin - 6 months ago
I love the real talk show. It's awesome.
ukreporter1 - 6 months ago
Adrienne is right. I have a few female friends that love Rihanna who drops some famous quotes that people like to use a lot.: "Hurt me with the truth, don't comfort me with a lie". - Rihanna. Because of them, I know of some gems she dropped, she should publish them in a Book. I'll drop another gem from her just suited for this talk below.
" Never underestimate a man's ability to make you feel guilty for his mistakes." - Rihanna
A A - 6 months ago
Amanda is a whole vibe with that outfit😍
VONiiE8 - 6 months ago
“I can handle the truth, I can’t handle what I don’t know” PREACH ADRIENNE!!!
L E - 6 months ago
I understand what Jeannie is saying. After the initial lie, your reaction and response to the situation will somehow help you determine what you’re willing to tolerate. Small lies, lies by omission, big lies etc. Realistically, people lie. We’re only human and it’s impossible to go through a long relationship without a lie ever being told, so having lower expectations and being more understanding might be the way to go with this one. I used to have a “don’t ever lie to me or we’re done” rule, but it’s a lot more free-ing to just trust the person you’re with to make relatively wise decisions and respect what they’re willing to be open and honest about. I believe whatever’s in the dark will come to light anyway, so I don’t get too hung up over it. If you know being honest will change everything in your relationship then you should just tell the truth, otherwise you’ll be robbing somebody of their right to choose whether or not they want to be with you, it’s selfish. If it won’t change anything, then it’s barely worth mentioning, but up to you either way. That’s what I think anyway.
JustSomeGuyTalking - 6 months ago
How deep are we getting?
Every prank, Every April fools' day is a lie wrapped up in a bow of humor.
This 24 hour lie rule is more about saying that I can say anything to you that's true.
Also, you may forgive the wrong and not the lie. Every relationship is different. Figure out what works for yours
Martin Thomas
Martin Thomas - 6 months ago
Yeah I’m sorry but little lies protect relationships how many times your lady look blah but you say you look nice or so on you damn well know these ladies cannot handle if they look tick and you tell them
halo merric
halo merric - 6 months ago
I think they're splitting hairs. No matter what you never know 100% everything about a person.You just got to trust blindly until there is a reason to question it. And it is up to you to if you want continue on with the other person if trust is violated.Simple.
Huckleberry Winn
Huckleberry Winn - 6 months ago
Surprises that are good i.e. marriage proposals, bday parties or Christmas gifts are NOT LIES. Surprises are never lies. just gonna put that out there. so I disagree. let it be known.
Haylee Kakuske
Haylee Kakuske - 6 months ago
I 100% agree with Jeannie. Defining what a lie is to you and your significant other, is so so important. I believe one thing, my husband believes another. The surprise birthday party example was perfect.
Lady LaTre'viette Phantumhive
One of these lies I have grown to hate the most is when someone tells you that they are going to come and support you or show up at your event and they never show. But the thing that makes it worst is when they don’t call or text you in advance to let you know that they won’t be able to make it. So many adults get use to making this mistake, because no one ever puts them in there place. I have distanced myself from plenty of inconsiderate people who do this. Should I say something or nah??
Lady LaTre'viette Phantumhive
I totally get what Jeannie is saying and it’s something that my mind body and soul naturally gravitate towards. It’s soooo hard for me to lie especially to family and friends...
lol it was really difficult for me to plan my husband’s surprise bday party on New Years because his work schedule was different for the holiday season. So instead of lying to him I just told myself to hide it in plain site. I told him that I had a special dinner planned for him and that I didn’t want for him to see my preparations and to smell what I was cooking for him. So I sent him on an outing with his BestFriend to see any movie he wanted. His BestFriend was already aware of my plans and knew what to do. Everything turned out perfect! Lol he just didn’t know that there would be a ton of other people joining us for this special dinner 😇.
Jonathan Garmuth
Jonathan Garmuth - 6 months ago
Got me a lying bitch who tells convenient lies.
mimi iruke
mimi iruke - 6 months ago
Jeannie I love your dress.
Gamer King
Gamer King - 6 months ago
Her husband was cheating on her and got his girlfriend pregnantwhils they were married now she's divorced and she gets paid to say this. wow .
Jonathan Hansen
Jonathan Hansen - 6 months ago
Just don’t get married, then you never have to fear about lying.
Mean To Girls
Mean To Girls - 6 months ago
Lmao.Women don't admit to lying unless they're caught red handed. Even then you have 100 excuses for any action you take. You're just not good people.
Virtual.svciety - 6 months ago
I’m from Europe and I understand exactly what Jeannie meant. Y’all slow as hell
Virtual.svciety - 6 months ago
I don’t know why people are finding it so hard to understand what Jeannie is saying. She’s basically saying that she has a one lie law which means that after you’ve lied once and the other person confronts it, then you know what a lie is within the relationship or to the other person. Therefore you should not make the same mistake by lying again because you and your partner have defined what lie is, whether it’s small or grand.
Justin Cady
Justin Cady - 6 months ago
Jana Kramer is on her 3rd marriage & she only 36 years old. Yea, probably shouldn’t be taken her advice on marriage. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Andrew Pereira
Andrew Pereira - 6 months ago
Damn, y’all really didn’t get where Jeanie was coming from? She broke it down in the most layman terms lol.
Some of y’all just lack critical analysis lol
Ellonyqk Blackstock
Ellonyqk Blackstock - 6 months ago
I believe Jeannie was hoping for an applause after such a "deep" speech... Pshk
angel perez
angel perez - 6 months ago
We want Jeanie Where she was before We love you
OneIn AMillion
OneIn AMillion - 6 months ago
Thank you Jeanie for breaking this down! Great point and perspective!
made with love vincygirl
made with love vincygirl - 6 months ago
This new group combination is not working for me. Everyone appears to be faking it. Loni seems very uncomfortable. That is unfortunate because except for her attitude in the last 3 months, i thought they were great as a foursome and would have worked out their issues.
Saw Dust
Saw Dust - 6 months ago
Jeannie Looks like Pocahontas 😍
Latoya Reneè
Latoya Reneè - 6 months ago
I love the way Jeannie twist some people's mind, her statements always get people to voice out their opinions and create a conversation among themselves💟😍I love this
TAM AND JON - 5 months ago
She’s sooo wise
Sindi Sanchez
Sindi Sanchez - 6 months ago
Anna Smith
Anna Smith - 6 months ago
What Jeannie said was kind of weird. Why wait until someone lies before addressing what you will/will not stand for or what constitutes a lie for you? Why not address it earlier in the relationship
Jane Dough
Jane Dough - 6 months ago
Eh, I don't sweat the small stuff. I'm not giving 24 hours to admit. Do that with your kids.... not a mate. We all know what we can deal with. The issue is whether one is ready to move on, if not... it's pointless.
Chyna - 6 months ago
Just stay away from Gemini men🤷🏾‍♀️
yvesvirgo - 6 months ago
I accept white lies. White lies meaning surprise parties, presents or lying about the price of something I bought so I don’t get in trouble 😅
Oho K
Oho K - 6 months ago
I really didn’t get why Jeannie was talking about, lie blah blah lie and lying blah lies wtf seriously 😒
AltaMay - 6 months ago
Jeannie is saying in a brand spanking new relationship when the first "lie" is found out you need to have the conversation about what you're willing to accept and not accept. For some people that may be just don't lie about big things. For some people that may be it's ok to lie to me about how I look in these jeans lol. But you need to set the rules. You need to come to an understanding. And move from there. Everyone isn't the same. Everyone has a different idea of what a lie is, some people little lies don't effect them some people any lie is a breach of trust. Might as well get it out in the open ASAP
Sarah Viana Reis
Sarah Viana Reis - 6 months ago
Why being “truthful” is praised so much? I get you shouldn’t really tell lies that are only for your won benefit or detrimental to other, that should be the rule. But white lies can be prosocial. Why would you, for example, tell your grandmother that you only see once or twice a year that her cooking is bad? Why would tell your kids that their artsy vase they brought back from school is ugly? Everybody lies, including Jeannie! She should get off her higher horse...
wolfie elle
wolfie elle - 7 months ago
Omg they got a new table
Isiah Walker
Isiah Walker - 7 months ago
The real, Reality Show - nah: lol
tvbokor - 7 months ago
Who is the fifth lady? I miss the Fab Four.....
2222babygirls - 7 months ago
Is Jeannie really trying to tell us there are some lies that are OK?
Let me say this.........a lie is a lie! It don’t matter if it’s big or small a white lie or a pitch black one. If I told you I’m going out tonight when actually I’m planning on staying home and eating pizza pockets and drinking cola or if you told me that you didn’t cheat on me last night with your home girl when I know for a fact you did. Doesn’t matter, which one it is. They are both a lie.
Laoj Ais
Laoj Ais - 7 months ago
Whoever is in charge of this channel, stop cutting the video in half mid conversation and uploading part 2 a bloody day or two later. So annoying! Just upload the whole topic in 1 video it’s not that hard.
B - 7 months ago
Y’all know what happened between Adrienne Israel and his kids? They used to be all
Over each other’s IGs and now I barely see any interaction
Toui Thao
Toui Thao - 7 months ago
I totally get Jeannie! Basically she is saying, when your “partner” lies to you, there is always a level of reason behind it ie; to protect you, lie for fun, white lies etc. And for whatever that reason may be, she’s taking a step further to just not confront the lie but to have her partner understand how a big or small of a lie can have effect on her- and that the true reason behind the lie should not justify the lie. I think this is wise for couples- but shes talking about lies for a couple’s relationship not for all people. IYKYK! Lol
Kiki Dejean
Kiki Dejean - 7 months ago
It’s true a lie is a lie. A secret is a lie. You need to establish with your partner what lies are inadmissible. What’s in the dark always comes to the light. I may lie about how much I eat to my husband but then the extra 30lbs I have on my body doesn’t. lol. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Most men run on the “don’t ask won’t tell” policy. My man is like that but he is brutally honest if I ask. We all need to learn to manage our own emotions when truth is told too. Because the truth never killed anyone (it gets people killed lol) whatever the truth is you can manage.
J Anchor
J Anchor - 7 months ago
I understand what Jeannie is saying but I totally disagree. There is a such thing as a good lie and a bad lie. Just because you lie about something doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Lawyers lie, prosecutors lie, judges lie, police lie, the military lies, tv shows lie, everyone lies about something but it’s about what you can tolerate. If you are soft then you are gonna cry about every little thing. Get over it!!!
GelnarEMH - 7 months ago
Is adrienne top too small for her or is just because she’s sitting?!!
Better Things
Better Things - 7 months ago
You should never lie. I've done it but I'm learning to always be TRUTHFUL.
Waldo Rojas
Waldo Rojas - 7 months ago
"The Real" 😂. They all have FAKE hair, Fake nails, Fake eyelashes, and 2 pounds of makeup on.
Waldo Rojas
Waldo Rojas - 6 months ago
@Mean To Girls Now THAT'S REAL 🖒😂
Mean To Girls
Mean To Girls - 6 months ago
Alisa Lopez Right. Lies and manipulation are just a part of women's every day routine. We know.
Alisa Lopez
Alisa Lopez - 6 months ago
okayyy but they’ve addressed comments like yours and the said” we know we were fake hair” and stuff like that so hun they know what they doing
Mean To Girls
Mean To Girls - 6 months ago
Lmao. No kidding. Imagine if a bunch of guys glued fake beards to their faces and stuck cucumbers down their pants.
J S - 7 months ago
You guys it’s not that complicated (to me)
1 lie law: After Person A in the relationship has fibbed (planning a surprise party and keeping Person B in the dark) and it has been found out (via telling on oneself or getting caught by your partner) then Person B can either choose to 1: Sight that the lie was not that big of a deal then start a conversation on what lies are a big violation of trust or 2: State that the lie was a big deal then start a conversation on why the lie was a violation but also stating that since neither parties knew where the line was then this one is a pass.
FACT: Everyone knows that sleeping with another a person while in a relationship is a BIG OL NO.
Jane Dough
Jane Dough - 6 months ago
Eh, I only care about the big one... and don't sweat the small stuff.
Morgs - 7 months ago
withholding information aka not telling the WHOLE truth is also considered a lie
Freddie Tho
Freddie Tho - 7 months ago
I tried to keep up Jeanie but I couldn’t do it. A lie is a lie. Yes I have a surprise party planned for you, also, yes! I just lied to protect that secret. But it’s a Lie non the less. Come on, no such thing as a white lie.. our Intentions are everything. the secret hidden in your heart. It’s her intention to surprise her friend but it may be another’s to deceive or mislead. And for anyone who would rather just not lie, perfect the Curve .
Lisa Burke
Lisa Burke - 7 months ago
It’s easier to heal the wound or emotional hurt from telling the truth.
Mary Rose Lalli
Mary Rose Lalli - 7 months ago
So did my dad really need to know that my mom forgot to pay the electric bill so we had to go to the electric company to pay the bill?!? I think we were all better off not. We the kids knew and the electric company lady knew mom. 😂
cleng - 6 months ago
It's what it's
It's what it's - 7 months ago
Bradley Brown
Bradley Brown - 7 months ago
The Real has been staying on the YouTube trending page!!
Mean To Girls
Mean To Girls - 6 months ago
They always fill it with dumbed down corporate backed nonsense for women. What else is new?
eys292 - 7 months ago
That explanation from Jeanie was Long winded and senseless
lipsohlips97 - 7 months ago
Lol happy to see that with full video some people finally get what Jeannie was trying to say. Have a talk with your partner about what is lying to you and what is indefity to you! Dont wait until your stomped on!!!
Carmela Szymanski
Carmela Szymanski - 7 months ago
Adrianna Davis
Adrianna Davis - 7 months ago
I can handle the truth; but I can't handle what I don't know. Adrienne.
MissGreenThumbs - 7 months ago
How big is a lie? It could be the end of your relationship hunny. Why do people need to lie? What are you hiding? A loving and trusting relationship needs trust and truth. It won’t work if someone is beating around the bush hiding stuff or lying about things even when they’re unnecessary. Lying is cowardly and nasty. Be upfront with your partner, respect them as an individual, and love them like a best friend. Don’t lie. Speak the truth even if it hurts because lying will only hurt more later!
Richard Luciano
Richard Luciano - 7 months ago
Would it be horrible to make a new years resolution to never lie again?
Brian Rodriguez
Brian Rodriguez - 7 months ago
Mind Yo Buisness
Stephanie Pierre
Stephanie Pierre - 7 months ago
Adrienne you are on fire with your comments in girl chat! You have absolutely grown over the years of watching The Real. Keep it up!
Xxmilkshake202xX - 7 months ago
I don’t like the new woman.
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