If The Internet Was an Anime

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CircleToonsHD - 9 days ago
First?! Wait... oh god like 100 people beat me okay okay think uhhh uhhhh
助けて - Day ago
That’s nice
ImNimbusy2 - 2 days ago
ihaveno likes usa-video.net/doEqUhFiQS4-video.html
Jackson Ingram
Jackson Ingram - 2 days ago
CircleToonsHD first to comment yes
PMS - 2 days ago
How do you make your videos
Snipersock - 2 days ago
It's weird that I can see this animated
Adrian EN
Adrian EN - Hour ago
Top 10 anime plot twists
Nick yunt
Nick yunt - 5 hours ago
I have a photo of you flipping off a chicken nugget
CubeFurret 4210, The Furret King
I want to be the very best like no one ever was
To make videos, is my real test, to upload them is my cause
Alin Sandu
Alin Sandu - 16 hours ago
I hate 🍗 too
Mishan - 21 hour ago
F Chicky nuggets!
Bricksmith - Day ago
I love how he always adds a twist at the end of his episodes
Erika Diaz
Erika Diaz - Day ago
*always has been.*
mwilso98 - Day ago
I imagine he posted that he hated chicken nuggets 10 years ago to make this one video
The Neuro07
The Neuro07 - Day ago
Who is doing the voiceove
Benjamin Kingston
Benjamin Kingston - Day ago
F cancel culture, and F anyone that pushes it.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov - 2 days ago
“Wait it’s all anime?” points gun “Always has been”
Fighter 2012
Fighter 2012 - 2 days ago
But.. its already on the internet
Billy - 2 days ago
I can see this episode coming up in later arcs.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov - 2 days ago
0:35 - 0:40 is like cancelling the UK for raising America’s taxes.
Missioncrab - 2 days ago
Is this My Fresh New Anime episode 4?
Tactitian Elive
Tactitian Elive - 2 days ago
Imagine if there was a sequel that took place right after, where we find out that cancel c. Fabricated the receipts and pic, allowing circle to be resurrected and win the battle...
the king
the king - 2 days ago
Hi 👋
Julian Tan
Julian Tan - 2 days ago
Guy: wait..I just realised..I don’t like chicken nuggets :/
Me: I think his soul must have transferred into his body anyone agrees?
scrypt D4Rk
scrypt D4Rk - 2 days ago
in the next video teaches how to make geometric shapes hahaahahahaha
DANGO DOMINATOR - 2 days ago
if u no like chicken nuggies u shall be SACRAFICED
Leticiag Garcia
Leticiag Garcia - 2 days ago
I would be happy and be laughing sooo hard lol
Jonrob - 2 days ago
Cancel culture is just hate train the sequel
Swish ,
Swish , - 2 days ago
Golly goowey gumdrops your code are great
Gaming Goddess_YT
Gaming Goddess_YT - 2 days ago
Cancel culture in a nutshell
Its time Funtime!
Its time Funtime! - 2 days ago
Can you make a FNAF video? UwU
Jhon c100
Jhon c100 - 2 days ago
Then he unlocks diss track
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy - 2 days ago
Accurate. It's actually annoying how accurate this is
DereckD R
DereckD R - 3 days ago
0:48 Damn, Adam and Zalinki not only roasted the hell out of circle in the rap battle, but now they’re talking behind his back?
Edward Toth
Edward Toth - 3 days ago
0:35 - 0:40 is like cancelling the UK for raising America’s taxes.
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy - 2 days ago
Is that ProZD?
CursedEgg - 3 days ago
MR. YOUR MOM - 3 days ago
Imagine if Dio was there
Ryan O’s
Ryan O’s - 3 days ago
jay lue
jay lue - 3 days ago
Do Hamilton in a nutshell or if Hamilton was an anime.
Cyrus Nias
Cyrus Nias - 3 days ago
White people complain about cancel culture like they get in trouble like that
Dark Vader
Dark Vader - 3 days ago
Do "halo in a nutshell"
Any halo game
time tac mento
time tac mento - 3 days ago
Maybe you should try the game called hyper scape
Gacha Summons
Gacha Summons - 3 days ago
Wait so the tweet was on September when it’s august????????
uyu - 3 days ago
What tablet is he using
Krystyna Zielińska
Krystyna Zielińska - 3 days ago
hello...in what animation program do you animate because I have been looking for a good animation program for a long time
teh gaming dude
teh gaming dude - 3 days ago
I love video games because i can be anything, no lasting consequences, but also, because i know i can be that hero that "saves the day" that i could only dream to be in real life . . .
Comment - 3 days ago
your yotooz sold out
B e a n s
B e a n s - 3 days ago
I cant wait till they solve the algorithm for the main story so they can beat the villian susan
bilias hour
bilias hour - 3 days ago
Circle:[ hates chicken nuggets] me: so you have chosen death.
backupbackupscare - 3 days ago
Is that ProZD?
Gomino Goku
Gomino Goku - 4 days ago
Oi eu gosto do seu vídeo
bilias hour
bilias hour - 3 days ago
U know what true talent is True talent is u can get to 1.4m sub on yt by using paint Gosh I wish I was this talented
The Oppressor
The Oppressor - 4 days ago
can you do an episode about xbox series x and ps5?
Elgatogamer565 - 4 days ago
I love this channel ;v
TheNoob 1000
TheNoob 1000 - 4 days ago
Whats do you use
radetzky12 - 4 days ago
Is the new Halo game coming out this year
WoulfShadowGaming - 4 days ago
How does this guy not have more subs
JAsonic15diamond Jordan medrano
D o r i m e
N_E_O_N_ KNIGHT - 4 days ago
Blockman Go XxOSCARxX
Blockman Go XxOSCARxX - 4 days ago
LOL in the next 5 sec he realised that wqas his own photo
XYZ Universe
XYZ Universe - 4 days ago
Start an internet anime fight in the comments
Lakai Wiggins
Lakai Wiggins - 4 days ago
Even though i saw this when it was first released.... just now got the notification
ITZMrBlue - 4 days ago
ironically this is so true. Since this references cancel culture on twitter in a nutshel
rmino08 - 4 days ago
Uno - 4 days ago
I got a notification saying this was uploading 4 mins ago IT WAS MADE 5 DAYS AGO
Adystyo Koputra
Adystyo Koputra - 4 days ago
cancel culture = wild west deputies
They were first made to eliminate outlaws.
but when the outlaws were no more, they got bored.
"So, what if we find this rich guy, called him an outlaw,... Then kill him, and take his possessions away?"
So they did, and successful men and women they hunted down
Not even the children survive the massacre
All in the name of "good will" and "hunting down evil"
But soon, everyone catches notice, and tried to revolt.
But who do they call help for?
Not the sheriffs, they're in the cahoot.
Not the lawmen/army, they just don't give a shit.
But certainly, not themselves, for any signs of rebellion or disagreement, the deputies will gun them down, their families too, even.
History repeats itself, just in a different manner.
Kim Heng
Kim Heng - 4 days ago
U know what true talent is

True talent is u can get to 1.4m sub on yt by using paint
Gosh I wish I was this talented
Brad Groh
Brad Groh - 4 days ago
You should play Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order
DELETE THIS - 4 days ago
hey can you shit on destiny 2 some more please now that it has more trash content
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan - 4 days ago
The only time the internet was ever a terrible place is when Twitch, Twitter and Reddit gets involved.
Varge Graabein
Varge Graabein - 4 days ago
You should totally make something from Warhammer 40K, it Will be an untapped marker;)
Johnren LM.B
Johnren LM.B - 4 days ago
You should make a animated character....hmm Not just Moving characters beyourself...Yeah you should Make a Animated Video
Johnren LM.B
Johnren LM.B - 4 days ago
@Shauka Hodan dude im just asking Make a Animated vid :(
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan - 4 days ago
apologizing for it rarely ever change.
Poke Master Gz
Poke Master Gz - 4 days ago
*so If The Internet Is Anime if so Then so porn is hentai lol*
•Loafy theToasty•
•Loafy theToasty• - 4 days ago
What app do you use cause i want to draw ;)
Solo player AsilverZ
Solo player AsilverZ - 4 days ago
This is 😁😂😂the internet as a anime
Çhø ŻXV •
Çhø ŻXV • - 4 days ago
I haven’t watch your Channel in 2 Years,

Nice to see the “ *Good Stuff* “
Lutte - 4 days ago
Plot Twist: He draws the white parts and the background is black
Mohammed elzanaty
Mohammed elzanaty - 4 days ago
Dunkey is that you ?
SamiDaDerp - 4 days ago
#yiaybruh a bruh moment is when you put a yiay answer in the wrong channel
Cianitrihs Khour
Cianitrihs Khour - 4 days ago
lol wut (seriously it's funny but what is it)
Just Dio
Just Dio - 4 days ago
Tbh the internet do be like this
Sebi - 5 days ago
AK Verified
AK Verified - 5 days ago
Hey gamers I wanna take your opinion on something
What game should I get between:
Persona 5, Crash n sane trilogy, And CUPHEAD
Top Hat Clips
Top Hat Clips - 5 days ago
Can you review Halo MCC
Sr.Jr,Friends And Family
incredible project in my channel coming soon of this year
X_X - 5 days ago
Me notaaaaaa
Jacob Villalobos
Jacob Villalobos - 5 days ago
Cancel Culture can be garbage but let's be honest, complaining about cancel culture is just a way to excuse your racism, homophobia, sexism, etc. And the people who end up apologizing for it rarely ever change.
Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox - 5 days ago
I would play the role of: defects everything,
xidiffi YT
xidiffi YT - 5 days ago
Please rewiew call of duty modern warfare pls
MDGamerHits - 5 days ago
Google slides is his animation software.
monika laosi
monika laosi - 5 days ago
“Wait it’s all anime?” points gun “Always has been”
Russian Elmo leader
Russian Elmo leader - 5 days ago
Why did I come across this channel so late
Tessa Botha
Tessa Botha - 5 days ago
I love like its dragon ball ish
monika laosi
monika laosi - 5 days ago
Wait, this doesn't happen already?
Jemerald - 5 days ago
Whatever shall Circle do?? Find out on the next episode of Internet Brawl Z!
~Outro plays~
Anthony Torres-Cruz
Anthony Torres-Cruz - 5 days ago
Konosuba is like chicken nuggets
Brayden Schwin
Brayden Schwin - 5 days ago
Yeah... bout sums it up
Cole Managad
Cole Managad - 5 days ago
but honestly people that hate chicin nuggs should burn in hell
Jay Dee
Jay Dee - 5 days ago
Hora dos jogos031
Hora dos jogos031 - 5 days ago
Skywars Minecraft pls?
Just a guy on youtube
Just a guy on youtube - 5 days ago
I got a video idea, when you made a mistake in your stats in a game with no stat resets
Da Arkus
Da Arkus - 5 days ago
Funnily enough there's some anime and books that revolves around the internet
"How to Fight" is one that's about YouTube or *new* tube
NERF - 5 days ago
ProZD+theoddonesout=circle toons
If I - Roblox
If I - Roblox - 5 days ago
When the guy that hates chicken nugget bully a person that hates chicken nugget too lmao
Samurai Magar
Samurai Magar - 5 days ago
Dhanar Santika
Dhanar Santika - 5 days ago
Inaccurate. You didn't show the scene of flashback motivation from MC's dead father
Diamond Donut Shiny
Diamond Donut Shiny - 5 days ago
Chicken nuggets with mustard
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