Lil Loaded ft. YG - “Gang Unit Remix” (Official Video)

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John Dave
John Dave - 9 hours ago
StarMarine Moonking Memes
eqn-vaqz TM
eqn-vaqz TM - 9 hours ago
Real Crips Respect All Bloods 🍁
I Don't Give a Fuck
I Don't Give a Fuck - 9 hours ago
Sign to label you sell your soul
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EyeGlasses - 9 hours ago
He got shot
I Don't Give a Fuck
I Don't Give a Fuck - 9 hours ago
Sign to a label yo soul gone
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phuck - 9 hours ago
Hell yeah keep on glorifying gang sh*t, when the majority of the mfs ant even living that life. 1 year old in chicago gets shot in the head by a stray bullet and no one gives a phuck bruh. All you fake a*s suburban gangbangin mfs are lame.
Waylon Playz
Waylon Playz - 9 hours ago
Yo I’m so proud of Loaded. First, he made Gang Unit and 6locc 6a6y, which are absolute BANGERS, SLAP CERTIFIED FROM T CRAZE. But then about 2 weeks ago, he made the 6locc 6a6y remix with NLE CHOPPA LIKE LETS GO!!! And keep in mind, that was only 2 weeks ago. But now, YG on the track?!!? Think about like let’s say, next month, in August, he drops like 2 more songs maybe, and maybe more features like dude! NLE Choppa and YG features in the last 2 weeks is crazyyyy. Like think about him, maybe Blueface, Gunna, maybe even like NBA YoungBoy features! Lil Loaded bout to blow up in 2020, FOR SURE. I mean, I can’t say I was an OG to Loaded and knew about before all this but I feel like I’ve seen him grow from getting those like 10 views in that Tommy Craze video to getting NLE Choppa and YG on his songs, it just shows you hard work pays off and if you wanna be like a basketball player, go for it. You wanna be an actor, do it. You wanna be a rapper, go and do it. Dreams are dreams until you don’t make them dreams and make them reality. And this man made his dreams come to reality. I’m proud of you bro, and keep going. No matter what. Make your dreams reality. Peace.✌️
CHASEELITE 10X - 10 hours ago
Kylan Hasselbring
Kylan Hasselbring - 10 hours ago
Ah so yg you ahh bitch shot loaded for what
CJ Bush
CJ Bush - 10 hours ago
Blueface and him need a song
Swenker - 10 hours ago
Wait a minute.. a crip and a blood together?
crystal Gutierrez
crystal Gutierrez - 10 hours ago
Everybody gangsta till the quiet kid starts humming this
too easy
too easy - 10 hours ago
yg is so trash 💀
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour - 10 hours ago
want to...”
Mrs.Crawford - 10 hours ago
When he said dance to this bitch if u gang bang. ...........I danced
Lilbobepeepin 901
Lilbobepeepin 901 - 10 hours ago
🙏🏻 u gone be alright u strong
James Woodall
James Woodall - 10 hours ago
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour - 10 hours ago
Isn't lil loaded crip and YG blood?
Corona Slams
Corona Slams - 10 hours ago
lil loaded did it again💓
Jesus Avila
Jesus Avila - 10 hours ago
This song makes me wanna pull over a cop
Sic -_-
Sic -_- - 10 hours ago
This is basically last time I checked by nipsey but instead loaded is the crip Rip nipsey
Thaeygan Sarpong
Thaeygan Sarpong - 10 hours ago
Tommy Smith
Tommy Smith - 10 hours ago
Get well G!
Nocap 17
Nocap 17 - 10 hours ago
Kinda look like Lil tecca ? Tell me if am wrong
Curlyhead Yo
Curlyhead Yo - 10 hours ago
Oh yg and loaded friends
5 days later everyone: YG SHOT HIM
tre gaming
tre gaming - 11 hours ago
Who here after he got shot
DarkNight 098
DarkNight 098 - 11 hours ago
Hope you get better 🥺
brakemoff 12
brakemoff 12 - 11 hours ago
Bro I love this all crips on behalf of all bloods please take this song as a truce
clouds - 11 hours ago
He got shot
Not You
Not You - 11 hours ago
Hir wird DEUTSCH gesprochen
Wanda Lewis
Wanda Lewis - 11 hours ago
Wanda Lewis
Wanda Lewis - 11 hours ago
LIL CAPALOT - 11 hours ago
Shi fuck da wanna’s cuz none y’all finna do it omm
Caiden Gailean
Caiden Gailean - 11 hours ago
Who’s here after he got shot?
RapGang Lyrics
RapGang Lyrics - 11 hours ago
Isn't lil loaded crip and YG blood?
Jay Katla
Jay Katla - 11 hours ago
he's finally vevo rated
CrackerMcNacker - 11 hours ago
0:41 so we ignoring he next to a blood 🩸
Nora Losse
Nora Losse - 11 hours ago
This wanna puy cereal in afyer the milk
Chikseyy - 11 hours ago
Where are the numbers are🤯!!!
Hebrew College Of Namibia
Hebrew College Of Namibia - 11 hours ago
Dude Be
Dude Be - 11 hours ago
8 000th comment
Exdroid - 11 hours ago
This prob the thing that got him shot
merkan - 11 hours ago
Sub to No1imitgaming Ok
Sub to No1imitgaming Ok - 11 hours ago
Mix Games 🥶🩸
Sub to No1imitgaming Ok
Sub to No1imitgaming Ok - 11 hours ago
boombox codes
boombox codes - 11 hours ago
A crip and a blood
Delvin Sanchez
Delvin Sanchez - 11 hours ago
he gotta get blue face on this
Delvin Sanchez
Delvin Sanchez - 11 hours ago
hopefully remix in future on album maybe
Mason Newman21
Mason Newman21 - 11 hours ago
Loaded needs to do something with lil Mel
Chorizo_god - 12 hours ago
lil loaded:makes a song during covid

mathematician: THEY WEREN'T 6 FEET APART THEY WERE 6.8
Emanuel London
Emanuel London - 12 hours ago
¨We are all the same we got glocks with extensions¨ Shit he not wrong we live the same life just represent a different thing
One T1
One T1 - 12 hours ago
Cole Brady
Cole Brady - 12 hours ago
YG is such a kind young gentleman making sure to sign for the deaf people watching
Italo 9ball
Italo 9ball - 12 hours ago
All these little kids in Chicago dying this *month* . Rappers responce...........
Brendan Warmuth
Brendan Warmuth - 12 hours ago
He needa get out tha streets he just got shot we don’t needa lose him
AdRjeN - 12 hours ago
we can’t lose you loaded
Brendan Warmuth
Brendan Warmuth - 12 hours ago
Damn my boy got shot dog
mhsnX yg
mhsnX yg - 12 hours ago
Old school 🤘🏽💸💸😈
TLTMARION23 - 12 hours ago
Heal up dah fast way cuhh💙💯
trippy beatzz
trippy beatzz - 12 hours ago
Why is lil loaded sounding like nle choppa 🔥🔥
Tristan Gonzales
Tristan Gonzales - 12 hours ago
Nipsey would be so proud
1000 subs before quarantine ends
If crips and bloods would team up they would be named
Blue bloods
swerv0 - 12 hours ago
400k! your doing big things
Nimo Keyd 冷たい
Nimo Keyd 冷たい - 12 hours ago
Yea in the hospital
Savage Spoon
Savage Spoon - 12 hours ago
who here after he got shot
KD Dreamer
KD Dreamer - 12 hours ago
They really tried to take lil loaded🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Faaiza Landers-Latief
Faaiza Landers-Latief - 12 hours ago
This gonna be a classic
Sandra Aleman
Sandra Aleman - 12 hours ago
this shit lit af
doofusrick - 13 hours ago
Who he gonna have a feature with next
Adrian Botello
Adrian Botello - 13 hours ago
This lit bro bloods and crips bruh
Juan2K - 13 hours ago
Lil loaded x bluface
Jakeplays games
Jakeplays games - 13 hours ago
0% naked girls
3% drugs
90% crip and blood respect
DeuceTrue 22
DeuceTrue 22 - 13 hours ago
roblox.outfits_gang_gang Intro
sooo YB is a blood and lil loaded is crips dont like bloods and blood dont like crips
Aldn Ris
Aldn Ris - 12 hours ago
Prob why he got shot today
Ivan Bogović
Ivan Bogović - 13 hours ago
400 k subs
Ruben the Unicorn
Ruben the Unicorn - 13 hours ago
Lil loaded: “sigh” Tommy craze “SLAP CERTIFIED 500 TIMES
Just Deiql
Just Deiql - 13 hours ago
Anyone else here after they heard YG might’ve shot loaded
GLOW BABY - 13 hours ago
like comment subscribe to my youtube channell
ChaseSoGodlyy - 13 hours ago
Bass sucks it don’t even hit 😂 just buzzez
azn7_EAC 10
azn7_EAC 10 - 13 hours ago
You trash
DarkNight 098
DarkNight 098 - 10 hours ago
You can't be real
Avin - 13 hours ago
Shadow Specter Destiny 2
Shadow Specter Destiny 2 - 13 hours ago
Lil loaded got shot yesterday, he’s fine tho
YWB Gun - 13 hours ago
Who here when lil loaded got shot??
mært¡n - 13 hours ago
Liam Lee
Liam Lee - 13 hours ago
Why is the version of this song on Spotify has everything censored
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