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leisure suit
leisure suit - Year ago
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einniB retxeD
einniB retxeD - Month ago
Unicorn Fluffiness YES
einniB retxeD
einniB retxeD - Month ago
Grace Face789
Grace Face789 - 2 months ago
@Unicorn Fluffiness no peaches Kermit and marbles are the best! Lol but they both are the best I just watch Jenna more
Charlotte Soland
Charlotte Soland - 2 months ago
Me Me Big Drama
neumannben17 - Day ago
Garbage dogs
Kera LeBoeuf
Kera LeBoeuf - Day ago
f___ you sundae and f____ you Klondike. Get f_____
Ur_Cat_Teeth xD
Ur_Cat_Teeth xD - 3 days ago
Im betting my whole life savings that jacksfilms is gonna win
spacelizbian - 3 days ago
Jack introduced me to Jenna and I ended up liking Jenna more than Jack so at least something good came out of this bit
Robin Wopalenski
Robin Wopalenski - 9 days ago
Jeena Mumbles
Mama Apples
Mama Apples - 9 days ago
*yo that’s finna woke*
the Pink Kitty
the Pink Kitty - 10 days ago
The best YouTube drama out there
Holliday Cox
Holliday Cox - 11 days ago
my name is kermit and i like to eat feet :3
「Sara's Studio」津好き
Your dogs meeed to collab with Sssniperwolf's
Zoopy And cheese
Zoopy And cheese - 12 days ago
Do you have s radio show
Master 6270
Master 6270 - 16 days ago
dude you cant judge dogs like that
Andromeda The Betta Fish
Andromeda The Betta Fish - 18 days ago
Jacksfilms dogs are yappy Pomeranians who don’t even know what subscriber means
the Swift King
the Swift King - 18 days ago
You guys know they are friends right
sparky ball
sparky ball - 20 days ago
Like: jack
Comment: Jenna
yeetus the fetus
yeetus the fetus - 21 day ago
Your dogs are traumatized
Ariana Zayas
Ariana Zayas - 21 day ago
In my opinion Jenna’s dogs are way more interesting. I mean they have more character were as jacks films dogs are just two average balls of fluff ( which is obviously not a bad thing but Jenna’s dogs make me more happy)
Delta 2
Delta 2 - 21 day ago
jacksfilms is better
elephant_intheroom - 22 days ago
Kermit, Peach, Marbles and Bunny are legends
Sweet Buttercream YT
Sweet Buttercream YT - 22 days ago
Jack wins,
Klondike and Sundae are the best
kuri Tommi
kuri Tommi - 22 days ago
its stupid that they fight
Fake Name
Fake Name - 20 days ago
kuri Tommi it’s stupid that you think this is real drama
[ Sleep Deprived Cereal ]
How dare y’all vote jacks dogs over the precious rat babies
game GAME
game GAME - 25 days ago
fuck jacks FILMS
Mybug 31
Mybug 31 - 25 days ago
Let’s light the replies on fire
Jack or Jenna
BrightPalina - 2 days ago
Mybug 31
Mybug 31 - 25 days ago
shane francis
shane francis - 26 days ago
katie - Month ago
*_so if your watching this Genna Mumbles_*
AG Trippe
AG Trippe - Month ago
Jack is superior
Sushi - Month ago
Trash in Espanöl
Spanish in Spanish
Succ on dis brain cells
Sven - Month ago
Ben G.
Ben G. - Month ago
Dogs get hate because of there dumb ass owners... bullshit...
RossmationS - Month ago
I don’t really like Jack Films honestly. His dogs are too normal and I don’t like normal dogs. I like dogs like Cermit, Peach, and Marbles.
Ohsigh Wris
Ohsigh Wris - Month ago
The only YouTube drama that matters
Aliciaa x
Aliciaa x - Month ago
Okay. My friend loves Jack.
I h8 jack.
Cearmit is best
CallMeCancer - Month ago
Jack's dogs are much better
silly.wolf.animations - Month ago
0:57 jack took out the part were he said just mean things to jenna and 1:12 I mean that is just mean. (MY OPINION)
Heather Marks
Heather Marks - Month ago
I’ve ever liked jack’s videos…
karla vargas
karla vargas - Month ago
I think jenna is better
Cookie Cookies
Cookie Cookies - Month ago
We may be very mean to jacksfilms but we stick by him no matter what, JACKSFILMS FOR LIFE...ME ME BIG BOY. I’ll turn your bitch ass into a light switch
Cookie Cookies
Cookie Cookies - Month ago
Jacksfilms is definitely superior with getting back at Jenna
Daniel P
Daniel P - Month ago
Jacksfilms has zero personality. Like his dogs.
DUBLE COVE_FINN9 - Month ago
Where’s Jenna? All I see is a png of Satan
Jessica Robins
Jessica Robins - Month ago
Jenna taught her dogs how to have sex with her head 0:12
Tropical Breeze
Tropical Breeze - Month ago
Jenna is betterrrrr
egg man and cringy friends
This why no one likes you cas you copy PewDiePie
fuck my life
fuck my life - Month ago
I think the dogs are cool but the owners are assholes kind of boys arguing saying that each other's dogs are ugly but really no dog is ugly
fuck my life
fuck my life - Month ago
I think Klondike and sundae are cuter but I still think that Jenna's dogs are cute
angel can0
angel can0 - Month ago
jacks dogs might be adorable, but jenna’s dogs are better. don’t attack me.
AMI_ Patriot
AMI_ Patriot - Month ago
I love how they meme this
Massive Dohoonkabhankoloos
I’m so happy this got recommended to me so I can watch it a tenth time
ZaxSnax - Month ago
I'm team jack
Natasha TheUnicornFan
Natasha TheUnicornFan - Month ago
Jack is better
The Daily Egg
The Daily Egg - Month ago
Idk how jacksfilms only has like 5mil subs on YouTube when all the biggest YouTube channels know who he is and give him publicity like every other video
Nikita Sorokin
Nikita Sorokin - Month ago
Jackfilms suck!
Nikita Sorokin
Nikita Sorokin - Month ago
Deadly Tokyo
Deadly Tokyo - Month ago
*Get Fucked*
DerpJerd - Month ago
I love how both of them are mocking other youtuber's fake youtube dramas
Blasphemy is mine
Blasphemy is mine - Month ago
even better: Klondike & sundae wrestle mango & cement at vidcon!
Bailey THE BEST - Month ago
I’m team Jenna
Diet Communism
Diet Communism - Month ago
Jeena Mumbles
Alex Eve
Alex Eve - Month ago
I don’t like dogs at all tho :/
gacha wolf queeni
gacha wolf queeni - Month ago
I like how Jack's films cut out the bit were he was mean
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