Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things by Car! EXPERIMENT: FISH VS CAR

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NihalnManorma Beniwal
NihalnManorma Beniwal - 10 hours ago
U moderfucker udont respect food u crush it? Then how will god give u money don't make such vids
Berlian Syafaat
Berlian Syafaat - 18 hours ago
Waste plenty of food.
Dead fish no no...
Suresh Chandra sharma
Suresh Chandra sharma - 23 hours ago
You r heartless
Pink Panda
Pink Panda - Day ago
What a waste of food
Bergen Ask
Bergen Ask - Day ago
My dog bit my toe
Then licked it afterwards
Angie Cocharero
Angie Cocharero - Day ago
Stop doing that . That is horrible. You are wasting a lot of useful things. Value more your things. You can be a better person. This is called もたいない.
Maria Jose Da Silva
Tanta gente passando fome e vc fazendo isso com comida meu deus
Poonam Choksi
Poonam Choksi - Day ago
What nonsense r u doing yrr
Poor people ko de aaoo food waste q Kar rahi Ho
Toys b chore baccho ko deyo tode k Kay maza aaa raha hai aapkoo
Faltu me food waste Kar rahi Ho
Dillon Holz
Dillon Holz - 2 days ago
Your channel is clickbait and garbage
༄侠客࿐ེ - 2 days ago
1:15emoji so cute
Nicole Beovic
Nicole Beovic - 3 days ago
Ali Zanoor
Ali Zanoor - 3 days ago
Disliked u mother fkrr .. useless subs ur losing all
Ashish Anand
Ashish Anand - 3 days ago
Its better to give some needy people
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar - 3 days ago
Pamela Miara
Pamela Miara - 4 days ago
Love you❤
Hamada Youssef
Hamada Youssef - 4 days ago
الله ياخدك
Florencia Manzo
Florencia Manzo - 4 days ago
Eudyedhw dhfjeifguw At teh djehfd
Lekváros Buksi
Lekváros Buksi - 4 days ago
Liza Attard
Liza Attard - 4 days ago
Im pissed about the food, because there is alot of people that don't have food in this world.
Aashish Kushwaha
Aashish Kushwaha - 5 days ago
Juliana Vidotti
Juliana Vidotti - 5 days ago
Follow grandpa kitchen, he use his money to feed childrens on Índia
Sans #3899
Sans #3899 - 5 days ago
*peta would like to know your location*
João Pedro
João Pedro - 5 days ago
Calma aqui está seu comentário brasileiro kkkkkk
Amara Simpson
Amara Simpson - 5 days ago
**searches for comments that lead to the fish**

Me:realizing that the fish is *fake*
Caronita kids
Caronita kids - 5 days ago
Porque não doa para as pessoas que não tem condições 👏👏👎👎👎
Maja YT
Maja YT - 5 days ago
MsYolo Bel
MsYolo Bel - 5 days ago
How did the plate not break ?
Oki Doki
Oki Doki - 5 days ago
Hurensohn kanal 🤬🤬🤬🤬🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
Saisunal - 5 days ago
Please don't tell me they're bird eggs which he stole. 0:42
Jadduck - 6 days ago
this guy reuses clips from his other videos
ana_ banana
ana_ banana - 6 days ago
1:29 save the turtles😂
K Sullysvan
K Sullysvan - 6 days ago
Dude destroys 100k worth of groceries but draws the line at a 2 dollar fish. The logic is strong with this one. 😀
Sharveshwaran U.S.
Sharveshwaran U.S. - 6 days ago
TheAbbyC - 7 days ago
I’m already disappointed that you didn’t run over a raw chicken, and now you won’t even run over a fish
Lauris yo!
Lauris yo! - 7 days ago
Oye supongo que la comida está vencida
Francisco M.E.
Francisco M.E. - 7 days ago
Like si eres español
MISSLADIS ANICA - 7 days ago
Pendejos xque no pescado lo pusieron igual que el payo verga
Roque Nista
Roque Nista - 7 days ago
Fake 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Tenes q apla Star a las gallinas es un reto
Cool GamerYT
Cool GamerYT - 7 days ago
Kassandra Kim
Kassandra Kim - 7 days ago
This is such a waste of food
Teh Puput
Teh Puput - 7 days ago
Konten miceunan duit
Android Gamer
Android Gamer - 7 days ago
Amazing bro
How the fuck Did I
How the fuck Did I - 7 days ago
Don’t subscribe cuz of how he wastes food
Neel Vanhoof
Neel Vanhoof - 7 days ago
Krukbuk Movies
Krukbuk Movies - 7 days ago
*0:47* OMG the plate is a beast!
lip - 7 days ago
Wow what a waste of food... just spend the money you get from the video.
nasar Alkbeeri
nasar Alkbeeri - 7 days ago
No good
nasar Alkbeeri
nasar Alkbeeri - 7 days ago
هناك فقراء ومساكيين هم أولى بهذه النعم وبالتصدق عليييهم ليش ذا كله كم من فقير يتابع هذا المقطع وانت تهدر بالنعم لن يفيدك عدد المتابعيين الي ماينصحووونك ماذنب سعادة المتابعيين على حساب حززن كل فقير جائع
lerannt - 7 days ago
Ask Me Everything
Ask Me Everything - 7 days ago
Fuck u idiot
Human Being
Human Being - 7 days ago
Fish : i am a joke to you ?
BC Gilbert
BC Gilbert - 7 days ago
Everytime I see something crushed I say
"You're a piece of s*it"
john benedict portugal
john benedict portugal - 7 days ago
Not tha gtr nuuuuuu😂
Zacharias Manickam
Zacharias Manickam - 7 days ago
What the f*** is wrong with you? What did those bird eggs do to you?What's with food?Still millions sleep empty stomach all over the world!Stop this shit.Try with something else!Why don't you lie under the car tyre!!?
JU1CY - 7 days ago
Is this a fetish?
Jay K
Jay K - 7 days ago
What an absolute waste of food. Who the fuck enjoys this garbage content?
Braydon Gaumer
Braydon Gaumer - 7 days ago
Nayara Rafaella
Nayara Rafaella - 8 days ago
Eu precisando de um refrigerante e a mulher joga fora
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