Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things by Car! EXPERIMENT: FISH VS CAR

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Dragon Gaming
Dragon Gaming - 8 days ago
Stupid click bait why do you Evan put it on there if your not going to do it and why do you you keep doing it it's just making all of us mad because YOUR NOT DOING IT just stop your a very VERY bad person
Jorge andres Monardes
Jorge andres Monardes - 29 days ago
A la próxima ayuda a la gente
Jorge andres Monardes
Jorge andres Monardes - 29 days ago
Desgasta lo que todo el mundo necesita jugetes comida hay tanta gente que se esfuerza por eso
ENRG Brothers
ENRG Brothers - Month ago
Jackson Berkley
Jackson Berkley - Month ago
This is the third clickbait fish video I’ve seen by you and there is probably going to be more
Pato Lpz
Pato Lpz - Month ago
X X - 2 months ago
MXORS SQUAD - 3 months ago
dic like and no sb
Anchal Goyal
Anchal Goyal - 3 months ago
This video is bloody wastage of food and things 😡😡😡😡😡
Mathieu Tassera
Mathieu Tassera - 3 months ago
Quelle gaspillage
dualshock - 3 months ago
This man
ClickBaited a fish...Showed the fish FROM THE THUMBNAIL, ONLY TO CLICKBAIT US....BRUH
Karla Yesel Sanches Vazquez
Simple tgs
Simple tgs - 3 months ago
You are so a mo*****cker only clickbait fu
Rudresh Vn
Rudresh Vn - 3 months ago
Nim iyin
Romina Kalyn
Romina Kalyn - 3 months ago
No digan lo que no van a cumplir hicieron creer que ivan a aplastar el pescado
Astro Boi
Astro Boi - 3 months ago
I wish he broke his tire
Nancy Anderson
Nancy Anderson - 3 months ago
Everyone in the comments over here like "clickbait!!!", and "how is this trending?!", but can we PLS discuss:
a.) HOW?,
b.) WHYYYY?!?!?!....
this channel has OVER 7 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS?!?!? I just don't get it...🤔🤔🤔
Luca R
Luca R - 3 months ago
Fish no but iphone 11 pro yes meeeean
Luca R
Luca R - 3 months ago
Fuck you men!!!!
Diviertete con luna y cami Feliz
Es mala educacion pisar la comida las cosas que tenemos le cuesta a dios darnolas👎👎👎
Mr John
Mr John - 3 months ago
This is how you lose subs
Siraj Ahmed
Siraj Ahmed - 3 months ago
I dont like your videos bcoz u west eating thing u can share this food to the poor mr...
ViCiOUs_ ADI - 3 months ago
Christian are always telling lie! 🤬 and a dishonest person, we always fuxck Christian
Entre por el pescado
Franchesca Jaimes
Franchesca Jaimes - 3 months ago
This is liberal media
Crazy Nunukiya
Crazy Nunukiya - 3 months ago
0:48 What a unbreakable plate 🤺
joh n
joh n - 3 months ago
Sokkor Fokir
Sokkor Fokir - 3 months ago
Love u bro
Sokkor Fokir
Sokkor Fokir - 3 months ago
Heard 😲
Lucas Games é Israel games os visiadod
Manax fel he by thai
슬혬シ - 3 months ago
이사람이 조회수 늘릴려고 이러는거봨 ㅋㅋ
rani malla
rani malla - 3 months ago
Fake video¡
محمد القرني
محمد القرني - 3 months ago
احس صاحب القناة مريض وش ذا المحتوى 🖕🏻
Itz Panda
Itz Panda - 3 months ago
That’s not okay to animals
Itz Chocolate Hannah
Itz Chocolate Hannah - 3 months ago
You better give that food and lollipops to childeren!🍭
Rude people in 2019!🙄
Jayson J
Jayson J - 3 months ago
MD AWEAS - 3 months ago
Plate doesnt dreak
MD AWEAS - 3 months ago
Pyro_ Graves
Pyro_ Graves - 3 months ago
shadow 12
shadow 12 - 3 months ago
anil kumar
anil kumar - 3 months ago
Dud. Don't waste food....
brian blaze
brian blaze - 3 months ago
Clickbate frick you
Nyan Kitty
Nyan Kitty - 3 months ago
Aww come on you always say don’t run over animals
Артур Карапетян
Mi-Suk Kim
Mi-Suk Kim - 3 months ago
minute 1:27 rest in peace ducky WHAT THE POOR PATITO DID NOT MAKE YOU !!!
Andi Nurul
Andi Nurul - 3 months ago
Shivam verma vlogs
Shivam verma vlogs - 3 months ago
Chepna ka bhoot sok haa
Xx Gamer Feliz xX
Xx Gamer Feliz xX - 3 months ago
Que desperdicio de supromentos
Florentin Lachapelle
Florentin Lachapelle - 3 months ago
Les video trop inutiles mdrrr sa oue la merde😂😂😂
Edoardo Mariucci
Edoardo Mariucci - 3 months ago
Anti Greta Thunberg
Anti Greta Thunberg - 3 months ago
Phil Raymond Ignacio
Phil Raymond Ignacio - 3 months ago
Its just too wasteful...
jikookrelated kookminrelated
That's not cool people need foot!!!!? Dont do this boy
rana androud jamali
rana androud jamali - 3 months ago
Hay puliss dont fish kile ok your crazy but your lol land i am fuck you ok i am fuck mader
gaming master android
gaming master android - 3 months ago
Fuck you bro you are crazy
Rockstar Miami
Rockstar Miami - 4 months ago
1:22 The JDM Community is not happy...
Corrupted Warriors
Corrupted Warriors - 4 months ago
Lol this video has more dislikes then likes😂😂
Anthony deadnote
Anthony deadnote - 4 months ago
Es metira del pescado
・Blue Mintz・
・Blue Mintz・ - 4 months ago
All that delicious food 🤤🥺
Aureliano Rodrigues
Aureliano Rodrigues - 4 months ago
eu não gostei desse canal
77 go
77 go - 4 months ago
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