3 987
KHARE27 CINEMATICS - 6 hours ago
This is so good that I putting this as my ringtone fam put this on Spotify please
Real GodZZ
Real GodZZ - 6 hours ago
Pls put it on Spotify
BAꓘA - 7 hours ago
Release more songs like this please. Having this on repeat on SoundCloud for 2-3 days and I’m still not bored
Shawn. • Txp
Shawn. • Txp - 9 hours ago
press four and i shift shift shift... $$$ thats a bar!
Chxtzy - 9 hours ago
is this on spotify pls
Hyperium - 10 hours ago
Get this on Spotify!!
pop bubble
pop bubble - 10 hours ago
please add this to spotify
DREAMWRLD - 12 hours ago
that like ratio tho
Chase Bush
Chase Bush - 13 hours ago
tbh this is my 2nd fav song by quad but my all time fav by him is of course the og insecure diss track on ksi i can rap that whole entire track
Guder - 13 hours ago
So u know Quadeca, I stared at u for 2 minutes and 39 seconds. I’m sure I’m not the only one
teroot - 14 hours ago
This is my favorite song from you pls put it on spotify
Badly - 18 hours ago
I might be stupid but at the end it sounds like hes yelling "1,2"
bryce drip
bryce drip - 6 hours ago
That's what I thought when I first heard it
Damion Garcia
Damion Garcia - 18 hours ago
lux - 19 hours ago
How u sit there for so long? Even if it’s just 2 minutes I’d be crying lol
bryce drip
bryce drip - 19 hours ago
The video is slowed down
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose - 20 hours ago
You will never know now what this used to say.
Urmom Gay
Urmom Gay - 20 hours ago
I can vibe to this shit non stop
Ren. - 21 hour ago
Please tell me im not the only one that listens to this 3 times in a row.
Colby Froude
Colby Froude - 22 hours ago
0.75 speed 😭
Badly - 18 hours ago
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose - 20 hours ago
On loop since the minute it came out .
Tidey Pods
Tidey Pods - 22 hours ago
Ok guys if u know any more songs that are amazing like this tell me cause I love this genre :o
Tidey Pods
Tidey Pods - 9 hours ago
@bryce drip wtf why does quadecas music make my hear melt
bryce drip
bryce drip - 22 hours ago
Man on my Left Shoulder, Alone Together
Mr .S
Mr .S - 23 hours ago
i don't care that this a leftover. i want this on all streaming platforms like apple music and spotify... not just soundcloud my guy
TheMiniME - 23 hours ago
Hurry up and put it on Spotify
GD Malouf
GD Malouf - Day ago
i wish this was on spotify
Akhil Anand
Akhil Anand - Day ago
When is FMTY Coming
No Name
No Name - Day ago
I really like when he sings in his music
Tjaart Visagie
Tjaart Visagie - Day ago
Put on streaming services
ChUnKyMiLk - Day ago
I believe they're forcing him to sell his soul for fame or quit.
yung jj
yung jj - Day ago
This is lowkey my favorite song
ManLikeJosephi - Day ago
He’s so underrated
The Greek Hades
The Greek Hades - Day ago
Ya'll are talking about how this flame is a leftover, but i want to know why this isn't on SPOTIFY yet.
Cole Howard
Cole Howard - Day ago
Axe Chill
Axe Chill - Day ago
I need this on Spotify
Alec Dixon
Alec Dixon - Day ago
How's this not got more views????
Naman Sethi
Naman Sethi - Day ago
On loop since the minute it came out .
Booznstuff - Day ago
You gotta get a drake feature dude
Nerday Unicorn
Nerday Unicorn - Day ago
Had a nigga wish real quick
Wonder if they live like this
Hear my life go tick-tick-tick
Tryin' to give a couple Christmas gifts
Now I'm hanging on a rope all covered in gold
I know you could never drip like this
Whippin' in Tokyo
Feeling like life wanna drift-drift-drift
Wonder if they live like this
Feelin' like a hypocrite
Nobody gotta know
I think I'm all alone
Press four and I shift-shift-shift
Tryin' to tell you that I live like this
Something I want to hold
And I think I'm all alone

Drip all covered in gold
Feelin' like they want my soul
Yeah, tryin' to handle this shit
Feelin' like I'm not controlled
Yeah, not controlled
Feelin' like they want me home
I think I'm all alone
I think I'm all alone

Had a nigga wish real quick
Wonder if they live like this
See you in the mist-mist-mist
When my wrist go tick-tick-tick
Now I'm hanging on a rope all covered in gold
You don't care for all the drip like this
Put a hand on my heart and it tore me apart
All she wanted was this, this, this
I know I told you things
I got gold all over my soul
But it feel like the coldest thing
Feel like the only thing, yeah
I took a walk with you
Fuck all these tracks, I don't wanna rap
I just wanna talk with you
Just wanna talk with you, yeah, yeah

Wonder if they live like this
Feelin' like I missed my fix
Whenever you call my phone
Think maybe I'm not alone
Press four and I shift-shift-shift
I don't think I wanna live like this
I tell you I gotta go
Like, maybe I'm not alone, yeah

Drip all covered in gold
Feelin' like they want my soul
Yeah, tryin' to handle this shit
Feelin' like I'm not controlled
Yeah, not controlled
I don't ever wanna go
Maybe I'm not alone
Maybe I'm not alone!
Luminous Kiwi 🥝
Luminous Kiwi 🥝 - Day ago
Gladiox lmaoo
Luminous Kiwi 🥝
Luminous Kiwi 🥝 - Day ago
Bruh he didn’t say the n word 😂😂😂
Gladiox - Day ago
Had to make a wish real quick not the n-word dumbass
June 18
June 18 - Day ago
holy fuck this is some good quality shit
Wavy - Day ago
Quadeca out here changing the definition of a leftover to a banger
Saad_Meliti - Day ago
this needs to get out there
Kyar - Day ago
this should be a bonus track on the album
French Fries
French Fries - Day ago
BertyBoy - Day ago
lil uzi inspired, but finally sounds like a quadeca track, no disrespect, his authenticity is shining throuh....dis a leftover, watch this space cos ksi fully just set a standard for yters lol, own the moment if youre reading this quadeca, you finna break through
JJModerea - Day ago
I haven't always been the biggest Quadeca fan but if this is just a leftover, FMTY is gonna be a great album
Shuja Rauf
Shuja Rauf - Day ago
John Davidson shaquees shquile III
This is ass
The Gamers Squad
The Gamers Squad - Day ago
Mario Cristian Dociu
Same bro i'm sick of hearing it, and i'm deaf smh
Limited - Day ago
leftover? wtf bro
Yarn - Day ago
I need this on SPOTIFY! PLEASE
Bruv - Day ago
am i the only one who heard him say nigga like the very first bar
Johnny Lazo
Johnny Lazo - Day ago
"Had to make a wish real quick"
Lonttano - Day ago
who else coming back to this to hear it over again?
? - Day ago
My friends hate on me for listening to quadecas music, just cause he’s a “YouTube Rapper”
Luminous Kiwi 🥝
Luminous Kiwi 🥝 - Day ago
Same, they’re gonna catch onto the wave once his album drops tho, hopefully he blows up
Guder - Day ago
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss - Day ago
Quadeca: This is a leftover Everyone: I dont think I wanna LIVE LIKE THIS
Erik - Day ago
What’s the original soundtrack? I swear to god I’ve heard it before I just can’t remember
Ninja Kiwi
Ninja Kiwi - Day ago
The fact that not many Youtubers Are Reacting To this makes me upset😥
Mnzwahnii Gaylor
Mnzwahnii Gaylor - Day ago
Release this on iTunes
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss - Day ago
I listen to this everyday.
DJ Benz
DJ Benz - Day ago
omg please drop it on Spotify
Chappy III
Chappy III - Day ago
Please add this to Spotify & Apple Music.
Believe me, we gonna stream the hell out of this.
Trisha Ann
Trisha Ann - Day ago
Nice voice yo....
Luckygamer 711
Luckygamer 711 - Day ago
Who else found this from quads insta
kiral f salsabil
kiral f salsabil - Day ago
Need this on Spotify.
Uzxmki Edits
Uzxmki Edits - Day ago
if u release a deluxe can u put this on?
Atrocity - Day ago
Lol guy goes and sits there for 2:50 seconds just for the video
BuffAzi - Day ago
Who hurt this man 🥺🥺
yung nerfgun
yung nerfgun - Day ago
ima need this on apple music asap 👀
Ace Kim
Ace Kim - Day ago
his production is firee does he do this mostly himself ?
bryce drip
bryce drip - Day ago
Yep, his upcoming album is mostly self produced Quadeca said
Luke Barrette
Luke Barrette - Day ago
Anyone keep coming back becuz this shit heat?!
Vo1D Vibez
Vo1D Vibez - Day ago
Spotify PLZ
lil Nelson
lil Nelson - Day ago
Someone reply when this is on Spotify, this song is a fucking banger
Jamess ジ
Jamess ジ - 2 days ago
Need this to be on spotify i will give my soul for it
Suezex - 2 days ago
I listen to this everyday.
dc camoh
dc camoh - 2 days ago
Did he say the n word at the start
Nibs - Day ago
@dc camoh he didn't say shit
dc camoh
dc camoh - Day ago
Cuz he's white?
he he
he he - Day ago
No and why does it even matter?
Jamie McCabe
Jamie McCabe - 2 days ago
Where do u hear the n word he clearly doesnt
Jesse Mastropasqua
Jesse Mastropasqua - 2 days ago
If were getting a Deluxe album, I hope this makes the cut
Austin Niedermaier
Austin Niedermaier - 2 days ago
All I want is a date for the album bruh please
Zidane Choudhry
Zidane Choudhry - 2 days ago
He NEEDS to put this on Spotify
Robert Hernandez
Robert Hernandez - 2 days ago
Please put this on Spotify
Ahmad Hakim
Ahmad Hakim - 2 days ago
This shit is breathtaking
Asia Walker
Asia Walker - 2 days ago
If this a leftover I want a whole meal
bryce drip
bryce drip - Day ago
The whole meal will be his upcoming album
Jort Post
Jort Post - 2 days ago
Spotify plssssss
Mohammed _khader
Mohammed _khader - 2 days ago
Why ain’t this on spotify
That guy Jxsh
That guy Jxsh - 2 days ago
this is a leftover ? goddamn
wheres that spotify tho
Yt_xity - 2 days ago
if this is a throwaway the. the album gonna be mad
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