The Hardest Part of Door Shopping

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Studio C
Studio C - 12 days ago
So...what's on the other side of the Door to the Unknown? 🤔
Molly Bravo
Molly Bravo - Day ago
Kalen Klippel
Kalen Klippel - Day ago
I have no idea!
Stickman Coop
Stickman Coop - 2 days ago
The lobster bisque shop!
Daniel Lamping
Daniel Lamping - 2 days ago
Dave Redacted
Dave Redacted - 3 days ago
Roman Mac
Roman Mac - 4 hours ago
Jeramy needs to keep his mom in that portal.
Jasmine Lee
Jasmine Lee - 14 hours ago
What was the white dome in 2:30? Was it a diffuser? It looked a bit out of place.
Mary Lois Carroll
Mary Lois Carroll - 2 days ago
Do I actually get a cooler if I subscribe? 😂
Parker Phillips
Parker Phillips - 2 days ago
I can’t believe I hadn’t subscribed
Jack Beecher
Jack Beecher - 3 days ago
arctic wolvz
arctic wolvz - 3 days ago
We all know the bird thing is Stacey XD
Skylor - 3 days ago
Where my free cooler bro

Lol jk i subscribes four years ago
Block Games YT
Block Games YT - 4 days ago
This was disturbing
derp33squid - 5 days ago
I saw the bird come in/out of the portal.
I think it's a furry dimension
rylie dayton
rylie dayton - 5 days ago
It's so funny how Natalie has no idea about what is happening right behind her!! 😂
Ben V
Ben V - 6 days ago
Where was this filmed?!
0bn0xi0us - 7 days ago
Was anyone else really confused?
Parker Han
Parker Han - 7 days ago
What the heck did I just watch?!
jackoer - 7 days ago
where is my cooler ?
Kelfoi - 7 days ago
They all left :(
FortniteGal 0104
FortniteGal 0104 - 7 days ago
So were do I hit u up studio c for key free cooler and dog survive vest 🐶😊
gangstaKatten F. D. J.
gangstaKatten F. D. J. - 7 days ago
I think this is the first time I’ve ever wondered how in the world this came to exist.
Geekie gamer
Geekie gamer - 8 days ago
i subscriped give me my free cooler... and service dog leach
Maddi Rae Russell
Maddi Rae Russell - 8 days ago
I have that same shirt Natalie's wearing lol.
purplecatlover1825 randompizza
I couldnt skip the ad before this because it contained my childhood
It was a PBS kids app ad
Navy - Gacha
Navy - Gacha - 8 days ago
Can I have my cooler now? I don't have cooler allergies.
Hannah Ellis
Hannah Ellis - 8 days ago
SchattendragonflyPL - 8 days ago
I was sure after he showed the cooler, he woudl say something like "fine. but now GIVE ME YOUR LIVERS! " ;)
Everest •
Everest • - 9 days ago
I'm.... still waiting for my free cooler and service dog vest....

Even though I've been subscribed ...

for 5 years....

I still get one though right...?
Emanuel Salagean
Emanuel Salagean - 9 days ago
I want that cooler
Fail Tube
Fail Tube - 9 days ago
I would just like to state on the inter webs that Steven looks like a young Elton John
Fire Bros
Fire Bros - 9 days ago
So the original cast ended up not leaving at all?
Toki - 9 days ago
this awfully reminds me of furries PFF
NoProblem 23
NoProblem 23 - 10 days ago
Ahh... I am allergic to coolers. ☹️
Nicole Sihler
Nicole Sihler - 10 days ago
Do Kyle's birthday or Kyle at a job interview or Kyle doing sports or worst bus driver or worst barista or worst electrician
GavWrecker - 10 days ago
Still waiting for my free cooler. It’s been 2 days and still have no sign that it’s coming. No email or anything. I’m disliking, this is outrageous.

jk lol
C. W. Johnson Jr
C. W. Johnson Jr - 10 days ago
Is that Korie in the chicken suit?
Arro's Art
Arro's Art - 10 days ago
What did I just watch lol
jog foof
jog foof - 10 days ago
You guys should do a skit where its "harry potter class reunion" like if u agree
Chloe Guerre
Chloe Guerre - 10 days ago
wheres my cooler??? 😂
Fiona M
Fiona M - 10 days ago
So I was told I would get a free cooler?
Samantha Keegstra
Samantha Keegstra - 10 days ago
When it said Door shopping, I thought it meant window shopping
Ya so cute I love this channel Boi
Where did you get all those doors and who played the weird moster
spotted panther
spotted panther - 10 days ago
mastersleib - 10 days ago
The ending was so great :D
MoomMoo Maddie
MoomMoo Maddie - 10 days ago
chain kick
chain kick - 10 days ago
Great sketch, Jeremy!! 😂
Mystery - 10 days ago
I subscribed but please don’t give me a cooler I have cooler allergies. LOL
YANLIN QIAN - 10 days ago
thats pretty creepy...
TacoCrisis - 10 days ago
Where’s my cooler and service dog
Mya Hart
Mya Hart - 10 days ago
Don't get me wrong, still love Jk Studios and Studio C, but don't you think they are running out of ideas? Leave a quick comment to share you opinion!
KanKeaKakes - 10 days ago
Yo is it just me or does it seem like Tori is in that costume
Copy Rose
Copy Rose - 10 days ago
The Hardest Part of Door Shopping, what is a door?
The HoneyQueen
The HoneyQueen - 10 days ago
Oh heck I want a cooler
Zach Meeds
Zach Meeds - 10 days ago
hoastbeef - 10 days ago
I used to be a door to door Door Salesman.

But when I knocked on people's doors, I realized they didn't need one.
Derpy Shark
Derpy Shark - 10 days ago
Make a sketch about breaking the forth wall in a cartoon
Laura Livingston
Laura Livingston - 10 days ago
Bryon Self
Bryon Self - 11 days ago
Studio C is trending!! Great work guys!
Kristen Teagarden
Kristen Teagarden - 11 days ago
My reaction to this video: "what was that??" 😂
Edward P. Shikles
Edward P. Shikles - 11 days ago
But...who was the bird/monster?
Forrest Hassell
Forrest Hassell - 11 days ago
U trending
Ethan Choi
Ethan Choi - 11 days ago
Don't get me started on window shopping.
[MG] Smasher
[MG] Smasher - 11 days ago
I didn’t understand the whole cooler thing...
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson - 11 days ago
Can someone give me a breakdown on why this is trending?
Olivia Kresno
Olivia Kresno - 11 days ago
That’s freaked my out a little
Angela Nadauld
Angela Nadauld - 11 days ago
I hope everyone is having a great day.
Caitlin Cunningham
Caitlin Cunningham - 11 days ago
That was different
Annabelle Mesecher
Annabelle Mesecher - 11 days ago
Congrats on 39th on Trending!
Casey Wellington
Casey Wellington - 11 days ago
Manaus125 - 11 days ago
Umm.. Where can I get my free cooler?
Peridotmuffin 575
Peridotmuffin 575 - 11 days ago
I thought Steven was going to jump in and on the other side was Canada
Kung Fu
Kung Fu - 11 days ago
Studio C, the sketches seem to keep getting weirder.
Michael Adenusi
Michael Adenusi - 10 days ago
Kung Fu that’s the point
AGATHA SADEWA - 11 days ago
Can't believe it's on TRENDING!!!
Mr Crabbyface
Mr Crabbyface - 11 days ago
I work at a door and moldings retail shop and this is funny af lol
Ldbeastmode 06
Ldbeastmode 06 - 11 days ago
Who do you think was in the costume?

I think it Whitney
Paul Meyer
Paul Meyer - 11 days ago
Am I the only one who noticed the Pi number in the calculator? ^^
Chainz - 11 days ago
this was filmed in my home town of Springville!
Fish & Chips
Fish & Chips - 11 days ago
Love these people. So funny and talented, and i have watched them for a long time. Keep it going guys!
Theater Nerds
Theater Nerds - 11 days ago
nice job
cpl 2b
cpl 2b - 11 days ago
wtf is this
Lonewolf Nighthunter
Lonewolf Nighthunter - 11 days ago
I saw the bird creature do a small jump and instantly thought TORI! IT'S TORI!
Catie Lincoln
Catie Lincoln - 11 days ago
My friend Kristina showed me u guys and I fell in love ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I ❤️ u guys so much and u r SOOOOOOO HILARIOUS 😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I WISH I COULD MEET U ALL IN PERSON
The Seven Sided Snowflake
People do have cooler allergies, those people are allergic to freezers.
David Stobbe
David Stobbe - 11 days ago
I bet Tori was the one in the costume. Haven’t read any of the comments, incase that was given away.
David Stobbe
David Stobbe - 11 days ago
Now I have read the comments and I was right! 😂😁
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance - 11 days ago
Hello, Humans. A boy runs into the woods. That boy is greeted by ten people, all of whom are adults. The adults kill the boy. Shortly after the boys death, it is revealed the boy didn't have any friends. The boy went into the woods, in Hope's of making friends with the various animals around. When the animals discovered the boy was dead, the animals got angry. Even though the boy was trying to be friends with the various animals, the animals already considered the boy a friend, because he fed them and spent time with them. The animals tracked down the people that killed the boy and killed them all. When it was all set and done, the boy's spirit thanked the animals. The boy found peace, where he had many friends, animals and people alike.
yeet nostirvic
yeet nostirvic - 11 days ago
That bird perfectly fits Jason 😂😂😂
WatcherMagic - 11 days ago
Wowza, can get a door like that!?
Samantha Haley
Samantha Haley - 11 days ago
I'm imagining them just having to ask the people at the 'door company' to use their store
Oddmartian2 - 11 days ago
There's another porthole in the cooler, isn't there?
Dancing Girl
Dancing Girl - 11 days ago
I’ve been watching the Divine Comedy sketches and you guys have hardly changed a bit! Except Jeremy, Jeremy’s changed a lot over the years
LegendWeaver25 - 11 days ago
Me An INFP - 11 days ago
It was good but the last part didn’t make any sense
Julian Moriarty
Julian Moriarty - 11 days ago
Jeremy made me laugh so hard. 😂 Love ya Jeremy!!
Julian Moriarty
Julian Moriarty - 11 days ago
*Stephen and Natalie see weird sci-fi movie-like portal to a place they "don't want to know"*
0:47 Natalie: "Honey, it's probably just some employee-only area."
Wilbur The hedgehog
Wilbur The hedgehog - 11 days ago
Is that a service dog?! 😂
Wilbur The hedgehog
Wilbur The hedgehog - 11 days ago
Wow on trending! Great job guys!
Heather Toomey
Heather Toomey - 11 days ago
Wonder where they got the cooler from
WillowGurl510 - 11 days ago
How dare you I am deathly allergic to coolers. Disgraceful
colorfulboxhadez kenway
colorfulboxhadez kenway - 11 days ago
Can I have the cooler now? 😁😁
Sofia Rodriguez
Sofia Rodriguez - 11 days ago
Wow this is number 34 on trending! Great video!
Elise Jones
Elise Jones - 11 days ago
oooooh #33 on trending! congrats!
Abby P
Abby P - 11 days ago
who wants to bet Jason is in the bird suit
awkward monkey 86
awkward monkey 86 - 11 days ago
It was Tori
Myriah Joy Grabish
Myriah Joy Grabish - 11 days ago
Big Bird's evil asides...
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